Imatges de pÓgina

Hardened conscience, what, ii, 380
Harmlessness, what, i, 300-sometimes
substituted for holiness, ii, 459
Hatred, inconsistent with Christian zeal,
ii, 201

Health, injured by too much sleep, ii,


Heart, the, to be true to God, ii, 275-
wickedness of, ii, 473-deceitfulness
of, ii, 475

Heathen, the faith of a, ii, 384
Heathen morality ends where Christian-
ity begins, i, 183

Heathen honesty, what, i, 20
Heathens, ignorance of, ii, 234-not left
in total darkness, ii, 424-character
of, ii, 75-acknowledge a Providence,
ii, 99-believed in the existence of
angels, ii, 133-should not be indis-
criminately doomed to hell, ii, 485-
conversion of the, ii, 80
Heaven, happiness of, i, 133; ii, 16, 87,
463-discovered by faith, ii, 403-new,
what, ii, 83

Heavenly gift, what, i, 214
Heavenly mindedness, lost by worldly
company, ii, 209
Heaviness, spiritual, what, i, 418-the
design of God in permitting it, i, 423
widely different from darkness, i, 424
sometimes needful, i, 425
Heirs of salvation, ministry of angels to
the, ii, 136

Hell, meaning of the term, ii, 417, 466
-discovered by faith, ii, 408-the
punishment of, ii, 148, 227, 464-the
torments of, endless, ii, 16, 153, 467
Hell fire, sinners under the sentence of,
i, 65

Help, not to be found in riches, i, 262
Helplessness, of fallen man, described,

i, 66 of believ rs, i, 121-conviction
of their, i, 125

Helps, enjoyed by the Methodists, ii,

Herbert, quoted, ii, 259, 270, 344; i, 519
Heresy, what, ii, 163
Hesiod, quoted, ii, 133
Hervey, Rev. James, quotation from, i,
175 his doctrine of imputed right-
eousness, ii, 456
"Hidden man of the Heart," injured by
gay apparel, ii, 263

Hinderances to true religion, i, 191, 279
Historians, ancient, referred to, ii, 358
Hoadley, Bishop, his scheme of devotion

censured, ii, 445

Hobbes, Mr., saying of, in death, ii,

Holiness, what, ii, 459, 494-necessity

of, ii, 457-increased in consequence
of the fall, ii, 43-increased by trials,
i, 424-the beauty of, i, 210--never
found but in connection with a single
eye, ii, 445--not the condition of a

sinner's justification, i, 48-injured
by riches, ii, 397-destroyed by the
notion of absolute predestination, i

Holiness of God, described, ii, 430
Holiness of angels, what, ii, 135
Holy Ghost, design of his coming, i, 34
-operations of, ii, 534-how grieved,
ii, 515

Holy things, not to be given to dogs,
i, 282

Homilies of the Church of England,
quoted. i, 50, 172; ii, 389
Honour, desire of, ii, 225-to be render-
ed to all men, ii, 349
Hooper, Bishop, unworthy dispute of,
with Ridley, ii, 292

Hope, implied in the circumcision of the
heart, i, 149-a mark of the new
birth, i, 157-not produced by reason,
ii, 130-influence of, upon the Chris-
tian's conduct, i, 149-confirmed by
temptations, i, 423-impaired by
riches, ii, 256

Hophni and Phinehas, character of, ii,

Horse races, evil of, ii, 528
Hottentots, state of the, ii, 122
Humane Society, account of the, ii, 339
Hume, Mr., his ignorance of human
nature, ii, 477-held the doctrine of
necessity, ii, 473-taught practical
Atheism, ii, 432

Humility, no word for, in the language
of pagan Greece, or Rome, i, 183
described, i, 181, 184-implied in the
circumcision of the heart, i, 148-a
fruit of love, ii, 281-a property of
zeal, ii, 289-necessary for public re-
formers, i, 465 often injured by
riches, ii, 256, 398-motives to, ii,
158-enforced, ii, 125, 347
Hungering and thirsting after right-
eousness, what, i, 191
Hutcheson, Professor, his view of con-
science, ii, 378-writings of, censured,
ii, 274--taught practical Atheism, ii,
378, 387, 433, 474, 477
Hutchinson, Mr., opinion of, referred to,
ii, 118, 179-an abusive writer, ii, 359
Huygens, opinion of, concerning the
moon, ii, 367
Hymns, amorous character of some, ii,

Hypocrisy, not essential to the character
of a Pharisee, i, 229

Ideas, clear, not absolutely necessary to
salvation, ii, 485
Idleness, immorality of, ii, 496—of the
Americans, i, 501
Idolatry, what, ii, 431-natural to man.
i, 395-sometimes substituted for ho
liness, ii, 458-produced by richos, ii,

Idols, what, ii, 185
Ignorance, Christians not free from, i,
355-the effect of an evil eye, ii, 447
-a cause of spiritual darkness, i, 412
Ill nature, to be avoided, ii, 345
Image of God, what, i, 400; ii, 69
Immensity of God, incomprehensible to
man, ii, 117

Impatience, inconsistent with Christian
zeal, ii, 292

Imputation of Christ's righteousness,
how to be understood, i, 172
Imputed righteousness, remarks upon,
ii, 456

Incorruptible body, what, ii, 510
Independence, spirit of, natural to fallen
man, ii, 474—general desire of, among
the Americans, i, 502--assumption of,
by the Americans, i, 503
Indian Chief, keen remark of, ii, 65—
remarks of, on Providence, ii, 99
Indifference to congregations, not a ca-
tholic spirit, i, 354
Indifferent things, not the objects of
Christian zeal, ii, 292
Individuals, dispensations of Providence
towards, ii, 123

Indostan, wretched state of the inhabit-
ants of, ii, 121

Industry, an important part of Christian
duty, i, 444

Infirmities, Christians not free from, i,


Ingham, Mr., inconsistency of, i, 497
Injuring our neighbour, to be avoided,
i, 443

Injustice, a disease of human nature. ii,
310-a sin of Great Britain, i, 518
Inquisition, Romish, tortures of, ii, 216
Insects, creation of, ii, 29—our ignorance
of, ii, 120

Instruction, to be given to children, ii,

[blocks in formation]

180-appointed to judge the world,
i, 127

Jew, the faith of a, ii, 384
Jews, conversion of the, ii, 79
Joab, expostulation of, with David, con-
cerning numbering Israel, i, 515
John the Baptist, the faith of, ii, 383,


Johnson, Dr., the manners of, ii, 359
Jonadab, charge of, to his children, ii,


Joy in the Holy Ghost, what, i, 63—an
effectual means of sanctification, i,
416-the loss of, described, i, 409
Joy in the Lord, attacked by Satan, i,

Joy of a Christian, the ground of, i, 105
Judas, the case of, ii, 373
Judging, a hinderance to religion, i,

Judgment, does not take place imme-
diately after death, i, 454
Judgment, general, i, 454-discovered by
faith, ii, 408-circumstances which
will precede the, i, 126-circumstances
which will follow the, i, 131
Justification, defined, i, 47, 385; ii, 40,
236-ground of the doctrine of, i, 45
--distinct in its nature from sanctifi-
cation, i, 47-extensive sense in which
the word is sometimes used, i, 16
Justification by Faith, objections to the
doctrine of, answered, i, 16-abandon-
ed by the university of Oxford, ii, 493
-a doctrine of the church of Eng-
land, ii, 389-the doctrine of, destruc-
tive of popery, i, 18
Justin Martyr, his character of Socrates.
ii, 130
Juvenal, quoted, ii, 471

[blocks in formation]

Knowledge of angels, what, ii, 134
Knowledge of a disembodied spirit, ii,


Kovovia, what, i, 267

Latitudinarianism, not a catholic spirit,
i, 353

Law of God, its spiritual meaning, i, 78
-the origin of, i, 307-the nature of,
i, 308-holy, i, 310--just, i, 310-good,

311-convinces men of sin, i, 312—
brings men to Christ, i, 313--prepares
believers for increased degrees of ho-
liness, i, 313-in what sense believers
are not under the, i, 320-fulfilled by
Christ, i, 222-shall not pass away, i,
222-closely connected with the gos-
pel, i, 223-how established, i, 323,
325, 327-how made void, i, 316, 319,

[blocks in formation]

Liberality, insufficiency of, without love,
ii, 286-recommended, ii, 272
Liberty, moral, what, ii, 69, 404—not
destroyed by grace, ii, 76
Lie, the nature of a, ii, 276
Lies, different kinds of, ii, 276
Life, human, the great importance of, i,
456-resemblance of, to a dream, ii,
461-the shortness of ii, 360, 454, 460
-uncertainty of, ii, 232
Life of God in the soul of a believer,
what, i, 168

Light, given by Christ to them that
awake from the sleep of sin, i, 30-
first shining upon the mind of man,
i, 78
Light, consequent upon a single eye, i,
257; ii, 446

Light of Christians, to shine before men,
i, 220

Light, natural, our ignorance of the na-
ture of, ii, 118

Lima, earthquake in, i, 510
Linum Asbestum, account of the, ii, 151.
Locke, his Essay mentioned, ii, 127
Anyiera, explained, i, 195, 281, 365
Long suffering, explained, ii, 159—an ef-
fect of love, ii, 282
"Lord, Lord," what the saying of, im-
plies, i, 299

Lord's prayer, explained, i, 236-poet
ical paraphrase upon, i, 243
Lord's supper, a means of grace, i, 145
-duty of constantly attending, ii, 350
-unworthy receiving of, ii, 162
Love, divine, in the human heart, what,
i, 150; ii, 521--not natural to man, i,
395-not produced by reason, ii, 131
-implied in the circumcision of the
heart, i, 150-a mark of the new birth,
i, 159-necessity of, ii, 284-peculiar
excellency of, i, 326-rendered all
things common among the first Chris-
tians, ii, 59-essential to a Christian,
i, 23-the more excellent way, ii, 267
-included in the service of God, ii,
302-Christian righteousness, i, 62—
necessary for public reformers, i, 465
-increased by trials, i, 423-necessa-
ry in giving reproof, ii, 90-destroyed
by the doctrine of absolute predesti-
nation, i, 484-quenched by riches, ii,
256, 397-enforced, ii, 347-the loss
of, described, i, 408

Love, brotherly, characteristics of, i, 193;
ii, 280, 521--springs only from the
love of God, ii, 280

Love of our neighbour, connected with
the love of God, i, 159--what, i, 23—
increased in consequence of the fall,
ii, 44-injured by riches ii, 197-de-
ficiency of, in believers, i, 118-how
to be manifested, i, 208

Love to the Redeemer, a consequence of
the fall, ii, 44

Love of God to man, peculiarity of the,
ii, 45-to fallen man, ii, 37
Love of money, what, ii, 250
Love of the world, natural to man, i, 396
-a disease of human nature, ii, 310,
313-in the heart of a believer, i, 117
Lowliness, what, ii, 158
Lowther, Sir James, property of, ii, 486
Lunacy, remark of a physician concern-
ing, ii, 145

Lunatics, conjecture concerning, ii, 469
AUTη, what, i, 419
Avrai, explained, i, 225

Lust, produced by gay apparel, ii, 261
Lust of the flesh and of the eye, explain-
ed, i, 151. See Desire.

Luther, a saying of, quoted, i, 169; ii,
78-reformation of, ii, 110-did not
separate from the church, ii, 374-
complaint of, ii, 361
Luxury, sin and danger of, ii, 419; i, 519
-of the Americans, i, 501
Lying, to be avoided, ii, 346

Macarius, quoted, i, 386
Madness of Englishmen, during the Ame
rican war, i, 517
Magistracy, benefits of, i, 133
Magnitude of the universe, no argument
against Providence, ü, 366

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Mammon, what, i, 269
Man, what, ii, 466-the origin of, dis-
covered by faith, ii, 407--the design
of God in the creation of, ii, 405, 430
-the original state of, i, 45-the fall
of, ii, 405-in what respect differenced
from brutes, ii, 51-greatness and lit-
tleness of, ii, 479-magnitude of, ii,
364-duration of, ii, 365
Manifestation of the Son of God, ii, 71
Marks by which the children of God are
distinguished, i, 89

Marriage, remarks upon, ii, 307, 449-
does not cancel filial obligations, ii,
317-sanctity of, i, 200-not to be
contracted with an ungodly person, ii,
199, 201

Martyr, account of a, by Dr. Geddes, ii,

faith of a, ii, 384-misery of

Martyrdom, insufficiency of, without
love, ii, 287
a, ii, 386
Matter, in a sense, eternal, ii, 14
Marfield, Mr., separation of, from Mr.
Wesley, i, 497

Meals, how to be received, ii, 270
Means of grace, what, i, 137; ii, 237—
manner in which they are to be used,
i, 146

Medical men, should not trifle with the
lives of their patients, i, 444
Meek, the, shall inherit the earth, i, 190
Meekness, what, i, 188, 212-ii, 220-to

be exercised in society, i, 212-a fruit
of love, ii, 281-a property of zeal, ii,
289-necessary in giving reproof, ii,
90-often injured by riches, ii, 256,
398--enforced, ii, 348
Melancthon, remarkable account given
by, ii, 232

Merchant, London, anecdote of a, ii, 487
Merciful, character of the, described, i,

Mercy, criminally neglected in Great
Britain, i, 519

Men of learning, often ignorant of their
spiritual state, i, 77
Metaphysical terms. in reference to the
foundation of religion, censured, i,
Methodism, what, i, 493-the religion of
the Bible, i, 493—the religion of the
primitive church, i, 493-the religion
of the church of England, i, 494-rise
and progress of, i, 491; ii, 77, 95, 111,
388, 391
Methodists, first, attachment of, to the
Bible, ii, 388-doctrine of, ii, 389-
helps enjoyed by, ii, 391-discipline
of, ii, 392-persecution of, ii, 393-
original, strict churchmen, ii, 369-
origin of the name, i, 492-at Oxford,
conduct of, ii, 195, 273, 440-duty of
the, to reprove sin, ii, 93-the poor

among the, might be all relieved by
the rich, ii, 439-state of religion
among the, ii, 437- deficient in self
denial, ii, 440 — unfaithfulness of
many, ii, 112, 394-ought not to in-
dulge in gay apparel, ii, 262—solemn
charge to the, concerning dress, ii,
263, 328-address to the, ii, 255, 395
-address to, concerning faith and
love, ii, 285-address to, concerning
riches, ii, 451, 490-address to, con-
cerning marriage, ii, 450
Methodist Preachers, inadvertency of
the first, ii, 385-unfaithfulness of, ii,
439-address to, ii, 115

Methuselah, remark upon the age of, ii,

Milton, quoted, ii, 365
Ministering spirits, who, ii, 467
Ministers, who teach men to break the
commandments, i, 225
Ministry of angels, ii, 136
Minute Philosophers, inquiry of, respect-
ing the conflagration, i, 132--objec
tions of, answered, ii, 29
Miracles of Christ, signs of his Messiah-
ship, ii, 94
Mischievousness of the notion that there
is no sin in believers, i, 124, 390
Misery of man, described, ii, 36-con-
nected with sin, ii, 230-occasioned
by the want of a single eye, ii, 448
Misery of the people, during the Ameri-
can war, i, 516
Misery of the wicked, in a future state,
i, 131

Mistake, incident to fallen man, ii, 33,

Mistakes, may consist with religion, ii,
20; i, 356-among Christians, occasions
of, i, 171
Mohammedan, the faith of a, ii, 384
Mohammedans, character of, ii, 75-con-
version of, ii, 79-- should not be indis-
criminately doomed to hell, ii, 485
Money, the sin of wasting, i, 445-not to
be expended in gay apparel, ii, 263—
the love of, ii, 188
Montanus, probable character of, ii,


Moon, opinion of Huygens concerning
the, ii, 367

Moral law, of perpetual obligation, i,


Moral sense, what, ii, 378—objections to
the term, i, 101
Morality, the true value of, ii, 495-dif-
ferent from Christianity, ii, 485
Moravians, character of the hymns of,
ii, 443

More excellent way, what, i, 217; ii,

Motion, all, ascribed to Christ, ii, 178
Motive, purity of, requisite in public re-

formers, i, 466. See Single eye.

Mourners, Christian, described, i, 185-
deemed melancholy by the world, i,


Murmuring, the danger of, ii, 218
Music, recommended, ii, 272
Mystery of the Trinity, inexplicable, ii,|
21-the belief of the, not required by
the Bible, ii, 23
Mystery of iniquity, the working of,
ii, 57

Mystics, peculiarities of, ii, 445-deny
the imputation of Christ's righteous
ness, i, 175-error of the, refuted, i,
416, 422

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Name of God, how to be understood, i, Offences, what, i, 434
238-how to be hallowed, i, 238
Narrow way, described, i, 289
Nathaniel, the character of, described,
ii, 275

Natural man, state of the, i, 76
Natural Philosophy, recommended, ii,


Necessity, the doctrine of, ii, 473
Neighbour, sin of injuring our, i, 193-
duty of reproving our, ii, 88
Nervous disorders, a cause of spiritual
heaviness, i, 420

New Birth, what, i, 160, 162, 401; ii,
390, 484-necessity of, i, 403, 406—
not baptism, i, 404-not always con-
nected with baptism, i, 405-not the
same as sanctification, i, 405-marks
of, i, 154-distinct from justification,
i, 162

tion, answered, ii, 29-to the doctrine
of redemption, ii, 567-to the doc-
trine of salvation from sin, answered,
i, 359-to the doctrine of the witness
of the Spirit, answered, i, 97—to the
doctrine of indwelling sin, answered,
i, 111-to the use of the means of
grace, answered, i, 142-to constant
attendance at the Lord's supper, an-
swered, ii, 351-to Christian perfec-
tion, answered, ii, 170-to fasting,
answered, i, 251-tó social religion,
answered, i, 216-to the Society for
Reformation of Manners, answered,
i, 461

North Americans, suffering of, during
the war, i, 503

Novels, remark upon, ii, 272
Nunes, Dr., remark of, ii, 279

Oxywpwvres, explained, ii, 219
OXOKλnpo, explained, ii, 224
Omnipotence of God, ii, 439
Omniscience of God, ii, 430
Omnipresence of God, described, ii, 101,
411, 429--practical uses of the, ii, 414
--incomprehensible to man, ii, 117
Omission, sins of, Christians chargeable
with, i, 120 the cause of spiritual
darkness, i, 410

Opinion, not religion, ii, 20
Opposers of Christian Perfection, expos
tulation with, ii, 174

Origin of man, discovered by faith, ii,

New Creation, what, ii, 83
New Creature, described, ii, 192
New England, work of God in, i, 499
Newspapers, the reading of, ii, 272
Newton, Bishop, mistake of, ií, 361
Newton, Sir Isaac, saying of, ii, 117—
views of gravitation, ii, 179
Nonpara, what, i, 449
Nonconformists, the case of the, ii, 374
North America, the first Methodist

preachers that were sent to, i, 500-Parents, the term defined, ii, 317—obe-

dience due to, ii, 317

character of the people in, i, 501-
work of God in, i, 499

Original corruption, extent of, ii, 65
Original sin, i, 401. See Sin.
Order, the, in which men are generally
brought to God, i, 76

Orthodoxy, or right opinions, not true
religion, i, 20-sometimes substituted
for holiness, ii, 459

Ovid, quoted, ii, 472

Owen, Dr., testimony of, concerning the
Puritans, ii, 111

Пaidia, explained, ii, 184
Pain, the effect of sin, ii, 32
Paradise, the inhabitants of, ii, 469

Parliament, time of meeting in the se
venteenth century, i, 519
Parnell, quotation from, ii, 136
Παροξυσμος, what, ii, 61

Parsnips, account of a person who lived
upon, ii, 487

Partiality, in the primitive church, ii, 60
Passionate temper, to be avoided, ii,


Ο εσω ανθρωπος, what, i, 80
O SN, explained, i, 180
Oath, the, taken by the members of the
university of Oxford, ii, 497
Oaths, use of, not absolutely forbidden
by Jesus Christ, i, 201
Obedience, included in the service of
God, ii, 302-a fruit of love to God,
i, 160-must be entire, i, 224-due to
parents, ii, 317-due to pastors, ii,

Objections, to the goodness of the crea

Pastors, Christian, duties of, ii, 324-
obedience due to, ii, 325
Paterculus, quoted, ii, 63
Пados, explained, ii, 432
Patience, Christian, defined, ii, 219-
necessary for public reformers, i, 464
-a property of zeal, ii, 289-often in-
jured by riches, ii, 256, 399-enforced,
ii, 514

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