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HYMN 16. L. M.

Part First.

HAPPY the souls that first believ'd,

To Jesus and each other cleav'd;

Join'd by the Unction from above,
In mystic fellowship of love.

2 Meek, simple followers of the Lamb,
They liv'd, and spake, and thought the same;
They joyfully conspir'd to raise
Their ceaseless sacrifice of praise.
3 With grace abundantly endu'd,
A pure, believing multitude;
They all were of one heart and soul,
And only love inspir'd the whole.
40 what an age of golden days!
O what a choice, peculiar race!
Wash'd in the Lamb's all-cleansing blood,
Anointed Kings and Priests to God!.

5 Where shall I wander now to find
The successors they left behind?
The faithful, whom I seek in vain,
Are 'minished from the sons of men.
6 Ye different sects, who all declare,

Lo here is Christ, or Christ is there!"
Your stronger proofs divinely give,
And shew me where the Christians live.
7 Your claims, alas! ye cannot prove;
Ye want the genuine mark of love:
Thou, only, Lord, thine own canst show,
For sure thou hast a church below.

The gates of hell cannot prevail;
The church on earth can never fail ;


Ah, join me to thy secret ones!
Ah, gather all thy living stones!
9 Scatter'd o'er all the earth they lie,
Till thou collect them with thine
Draw by the music of thy Name,
And charm into a beauteous frame.


10 For this the pleading Spirit groans,
And cries in all thy banish'd ones;
Greatest of gifts, thy love impart,
And make us of one mind and heart.
11 Join every soul that looks to thee,
In bonds of perfect charity:


Now, Lord, the glorious fulness givé,
And all in all for ever live!

[blocks in formation]

JESUS, from whom all blessings flow,

Great Builder of thy Church below,

If now thy Spirit moves my breast,
Hear, and fulfil thine own request!
2 The few that truly call thee Lord,
And wait thy sanctifying word;
And thee their utmost Saviour own,
Unite, and perfect them in one.
3 0 let them all thy mind express,
Stand forth thy chosen witnesses:
Thy power unto salvation shew,
And perfect holiness below.
4 In them let all mankind behold,
How Christians liv'd in days of old ;
Mighty their envious foes to move,
A proverb of reproach-and love.

5 Call them into thy wond'rous light, Worthy to walk with thee in white! Make up thy jewels, Lord, and shew Thy glorious, spotless church below! 6 From every sinful wrinkle free, Redeem'd from all iniquity;

The fellowship of saints make known,
And, O my God, may I be one!
7 O might my lot be cast with these ;
The least of Jesu's witnesses!

O that my Lord would count me meet
To wash his dear disciples feet!

8 This only thing do I require :

Thou know'st 'tis all my heart's desire, Freely what I receive to give, The servant of thy church to live. 9 After my lowly Lord to go, And wait upon thy saints below; Enjoy the grace to angels given, And serve the royal heirs of heaven. 10 Lord, if I now thy drawings feel, And ask according to thy will ; Confirm the prayer, the seal impart, And speak the answer to my heart. 11 Tell me, or thou shalt never go,


Thy prayer is heard; it shall be so :” The word hath pass'd thy lips, and I Shall with thy people live and die.

HYMN 18.



8 lines 7's & 6's.

AKER, Saviour of mankind,
Who hast on me


An immortal soul, design'd
To be the house of God:


Come, and now reside in me,
Never, never to remove: 765
Make me just, and good, like thee,
And full of power and love.

2 Bid me in thy image rise,

A saint, a creature new :
True, and merciful, and wise,
And pure, and happy too:
This thy primitive design,
That I should in thee be blest;
Should, within the arms divine,
For ever, ever rest.

3 Let thy will on me be done;
Fulfil my heart's desire,

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Thee to know, and love alone; And rise in raptures higher: Thee, descending on a cloud, Till with ravish'd eyes I see: Then I shall be fill'd with God, To all eternity.

HYMN 19..

10's & 11's.

REJOICE evermore, With angels above In Jesus's power, In Jesus's love; With glad exultation, Your triumph proclaim Ascribing salvation To God and the Lamb. 2 Thou, Lord, our relief In trouble hast been: Hast sav'd us from grief, Hast sav'd us from


The power of thy Spirit Hath set our hearts


And now we inherit All fulness in thee.

3 All fulness of peace, All fulness of joy, And spiritual bliss, That never shall cloy; To us it is given, In Jesus to know

A kingdom of heaven, Of heaven below.

4 No longer we join, While sinners invite, Nor envy the swine Their brutish delight; Their joy is all sadness, Their mirth is all vain, Their laughter is madness, Their pleasure is pain.

50 might they at last, With sorrow return, Thepleasures to taste For which they wereborn; Our Jesus receiving, Our happiness prove, The joy of believing, The heaven of love! 6 lines 7's.


HYMN 20.

WFrom the central point of bliss,

YEARY souls that wander wide,

Turn to Jesus crucified,

Fly to those dear wounds of his : [God. Sink into the purple flood: Rise into the life of Find in Christ the way of peace, Peace unspeakable, unknown; By his pain he gives you ease, Life by his expiring groan:

[in alt

Rise exalted by his fall, Find in Christ your all


O believe the record true,

God to you his Son hath given,!

Ye may now be happy too;

Find on earth the life of heaven;

Live the life of heaven above, All the life of


glorious love.

This the universal bliss,

Bliss for every soul design'd!

God's original promise this,

God's great gift to all mankind: [nity!

BlestinChrist this moment be! Blest to all eter

HYMN 21.


6. lines 6's & 2-8's.

YE simple souls that stray,

Far from the path of peace,

That unfrequented way,
To life and happiness:


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