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'Tis music in his ears,

"Tis life and victory:

New songs do now his lips employ,
And dances his glad heart for joy.
Stung by the scorpion, sin,
My poor expiring soul
The balmy sound drinks in,

And is at once made whole:

See there my Lord upon the tree!
I hear, I feel he died for me.

O unexampled love!

O all-redeeming grace!
How swiftly didst thou move
To save a fallen race;

What shall I do to make it known,
What thou for all mankind hast done!

O for a trumpet voice,

On all the world to call!
To bid their hearts rejoice

In him who died for all!

For all my Lord was crucified,
For all, for all my Saviour died!

HYMN 35.

C. M.

ESUS, thou all-redeeming Lord,
Thy blessing we implore;

Open the door to preach thy word,
The great, effectual door.

2 Gather the outcasts in, and save
From sin and Satan's power;
And let them now acceptance have,
And know their gracious hour.

3 Lover of souls! thou know'st to prize
What thou hast bought so dear:
Come, then, and in thy people's eyes,'
With all thy wounds appear!

4 Appear, as when of old confest,
The suffering Son of God;
And let them see in thy vest,
But newly dipt in blood.

5 The hardness from their hearts remove
Thou who for all hast died;
Shew them the tokens of thy love,
Thy feet, thy hands, thy side.

6 Thy feet were nail'd to yonder tree,
To trample down their sin;
Thy hands stretch'd out they all may see
To take thy murderers in.

7 Thy side an open fountain is,
Where all may freely go,

And drink the living streams of bliss,
And wash them white as snow.

8 Ready thou art the blood to' apply,
And prove the record true:

And all thy wounds to sinners cry, "I suffer'd this for you!"

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OVERS of pleasure more than God,
For you he suffer'd pain;

Swearers, for you he spilt his blood,
And shall he bleed in vain?

2 Misers, his life for you he paid,
Your basest crimes he bore:
Drunkards, your sins on him were laid
That you might sin no more.

3 The God of love, to earth he came,
That you might come to heaven,
Believe, believe in Jesu's Name,
And all your sin's forgiven.

4 Believe in him that died for thee! And sure as he hath died,


Thy debt is paid, thy soul is free,
And thou art justified!

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ESUS, the Name high over all,
In hell, or earth, or sky;

Angels and men before it fall,
And devils fear and fly.

2 Jesus, the Name to sinners dear,
The Name to sinners given;
It scatters all their guilty fear;
It turns their hell to heaven.

3 Jesus the prisoner's fetters breaks,
And bruises Satan's head;

Power into strengthless souls it speaks,
And life into the dead.

4 O that the world might taste and see
The riches of his grace:
The arms of love that compass me,
Would all mankind embrace.
3 His only righteousness I show,
His saving truth proclaim:
'Tis all my business here below,
To ory," Behold the Lamb!"
6 Happy, if with my latest breath
I may but gasp his name;


Preach him to all, and cry in death,
Behold, behold the Lamb!"


HYMN 38.

6 lines 8's.

GOD, of good the' unfathom'd Sea!
Who would not give his heart to thee? ́:
Who would not love thee with his might!
O Jesus, Lover of mankind,

Who would not his whole soul and mind,
With all his strength, to thee unite?

2 Thou shin'st with everlasting rays;
Before the insufferable blaze,
Angels with both wings veil their eyes;
Yet free as air thy bounty streams
On all thy works, thy mercy's beams
Diffusive, as thy sun's, arise.

3 Astonish'd at thy frowning brow,
Earth, hell, and heaven's strong pillars bow:
Terrible majesty is thine!

Who then can that vast love express,
Which bows thee down to me, who less
Than nothing am, till thou art mine!
4 High thron'd on heaven's eternal bill,
In number, weight, and measure still
Thou sweetly order'st all that is:
And yet thou deign'st to come to me,
And guide my steps, that I with thee,
Enthron'd may reign in endless bliss.
5 Fountain of Good! all blessing flows
From thee; no want thy fulness knows :
What but thyself canst thou desire?
Yes; self-sufficient as thou art,
Thou dost desire my worthless heart:
This, only this dost thou require.

6 Primeval Beauty! in thy sight,
The first-born fairest sons of light,
See all their brightest glories fade:
What then to me thine eyes could turn,
In sin conceiv'd, of woman born,
A worm, a leaf, a blast, a shade!
7 Hell's armies tremble at thy nod,
And, trembling, own the' Almighty God,
Sov'reign of earth, hell, air, and sky!
But who is this that comes from far,
Whose garments roll'd in blood appear?
"Tis God made man, for man to die!

8 O God, of good the unfathom'd Sea!
Who would not give his heart to thee?
Who would not love thee with his might ?
O Jesus, lover of mankind,


Who would not his whole soul and mind, With all his strength, to thee unite?

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NATHER, whose everlasting love, Thy only Son for sinners gave; Whose grace to all did freely move, And sent him down a world to save:

2 Help us thy mercy to extol,

Immense, unfathom'd, unconfin'd;
To praise the Lamb, who died for all,
The general Saviour of mankind.

3 Thy undistinguishing regard
Was cast on Adam's fallen race:
For all thou hast in Christ

Sufficient, sovereign, saving grace.

4 A world, he suffer'd to redeem :
For all he hath the' atonement made:
For those that will not come to him,
The ransom of his life was paid.

5 Why then, thou universal Love,
Should any of thy grace despair?
To all, to all, thy bowels move,
But straiten'd in our own we are.

6 Arise, O God, maintain thy cause!
The fulness of the Gentiles call:
Lift up the standard of thy cross,
And all shall own thou diedst for all.

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