Imatges de pÓgina

3 Let thy blood, by faith applied, The sinner's pardon seal; Speak us freely justified,

And all our sickness heal; By thy passion on the tree,

Let all our griefs and troubles cease :
O remember Calvary, &c.

4 Never will we hence depart,
Till thou our wants relieve,
Write forgiveness on our heart,
And all thine image give!
Still our souls shall cry to thee,
Till perfected in holiness,
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.

HYMN 549.

C. M.

JESU, at whose supreme command,

We now approach to God,

Before us in thy vesture stand,
Thy vesture dipt in blood.
Obedient to thy gracious word,
We break the hallow'd bread,
Commem❜rate thee, our dying Lord,
And trust on thee to feed.
2 Now, Saviour, now thyself reveal,
And make thy nature known,,
Affix thy blessed Spirit's seal,
And stamp us for thine own.
The tokens of thy dying love,
O let us all receive,

And feel the quick'ning Spirit move,
And sensibly believe.

3 The cup of blessing, bless'd by thee, Let it thy blood impart :

The bread thy mystic body be,
And cheer each languid heart.

The grace which sure salvation brings,
Let us herewith receive;

Satiate the hungry with good things,
The hidden manna give.

4 The living bread sent down from heaven, In us vouchsafe to be;

Thy flesh for all the world is given,
And all may live by thee.

Now, Lord, on us thy flesh bestow,
And let us drink thy blood,
Till all our souls are fill❜d below,
With all the life of God.

HYMN 550.

C. M.

NOME, Holy Ghost, thine influence

1 COME, shed,


And realize the sign;

Thy life infuse into the bread,
Thy power into the wine.
Effectual let the tokens prove,
And made by heavenly art,
Fit channels to convey thy love
To every faithful heart.

HYMN 551.

6 lines 8's.

ICTIM Divine, thy grace we claim,
While thus thy precious death we


Once offer'd up, a spotless Lamb,

In thy great temple here below: Thou didst for all mankind atone, And standest now before the throne. 2 Thou standest in the holy place, As now for guilty sinner's slain; The blood of sprinkling speaks, and prays, All prevalent for helpless man ; Thy blood is still our ransom found, And speaks salvation all around.

3. The smoke of thy atonement here, Darken'd the sun, and rent the veil ; Made the new way to heaven appear, And shew'd the great Invisible: Well pleas'd in thee, our God look'd down, And calls his rebels to a crown. 4 He still respects thy Sacrifice,

Its savour sweet doth always please: The offering smokes through earth and skies, Diffusing life, and joy, and peace; To these, thy lower courts it comes, And fills them with divine perfumes. 5 We need not now go up to heaven,


To bring the long-sought Saviour down ; Thou art to all already given,

Thou dost even now thy banquet érown: To every faithful soul appear,

And shew thy real presence here.

HYMN 552. 8 lines 7's, 6's, & 1-8.

JESUS drinks the bitter

The wine-press treads alone;
Tears the graves and mountains up,
By his expiring groan:

Lo! the powers of heaven he shakes
Nature in convulsions lies;
Earth's profoundest centre quakes;
The great Jehovah dies!

2 Dies the glorious Cause of all,
The true eternal Pan;

Falls, to raise us from our fall,
To ransom sinful man!

Well may Sol withdraw his light,
With the Sufferer sympathize;
Leave the world in sudden night,
While his Creator dies!

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3 Well may heaven be cloth'd in black, And solemn sackcloth wear; Jesu's agonies partake;

The hour of darkness share: Mourn the' astonish'd hosts above; Silence saddens all the skies; Kindler of seraphic love,

The God of angels dies!

4 O my God, he dies for me,
I feel the mortal smart!
See him hanging on the tree,—

A sight that breaks my heart!
O that all to thee might turn!
Sinners, ye may love him too;
Look on him ye pierc'd, and mourn
For one who bled for you.

5 Weep o'er your desire and hope,
With tears of humblest love :
Sing, for Jesus is gone up,

And reigns enthron'd above:
Lives our Head, to die no more;
Power is all to Jesus giv'n;
Worshipp'd as he was before,

The' Immortal King of Heaven.

6 Lord, we bless thee for thy grace,
And truth, which never fail ;
Hastening to behold thy face,
Without a dimming veil:
We shall see our heavenly King,
All thy glorious love proclaim;
Help the angel-choirs to sing
Our dear triumphant Lamb.

HYMN 553. 8 lines 8's.
On the Resurrection of Christ.

E dies! the Friend of sinners dies!

HL Salem's daughters weep around!

A solemn darkness veils the skies,

A sudden trembling shakes the ground: Come, saints, and drop a tear or two On the dear bosom of your God: He shed a thousand drops for you; A thousand drops of richer blood. 2 Here's love and grief beyond degree, The Lord of glory dies for man! But, lo! what sudden joys I see! Jesus, the dead, revives again. The rising God forsakes the tomb; The tomb in vain forbids his rise! Cherubic legions guard him home,

And shout him, "Welcome to the skies!" 3 Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell How high your great Deliverer reigns: Sing, how he spoil'd the hosts of hell, And led the monster death in chains. Say," Live for ever, wond'rous King! "Born to redeem, and strong to save!" Then ask the monster, "Where's thy sting?" And "Where's thy victory, boasting grave ?"

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HYMN 554. L.M.
On the Ascension of Christ.

OUR Lord is risen from the dead

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Our Jesus is gone up on high!
The powers of hell are captive led;
Dragg'd to the portals of the sky;
There his triumphant chariot waits,
And angels chant the solemn lay:
Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates,
Ye everlasting doors give way.


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