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Thither may we repair,
That glorious bliss to share!
We shall see the welcome day,
We shall to the summons bow:
Come, Redeemer, come away: 1
Now prepare, and take us now !

HYMN 53. 8 lines 8's.
On the Death of a Widow.
IVE glory to Jesus our Head,

GWith all that encompass his throne;

A widow, a widow indeed,

A mother in Israel is gone!
The winter of trouble is past;
The storms of affliction are o'er;
Her struggle is ended at last,

And sorrow and death are no more.
2 The soul has o'ertaken her mate,
And caught him again in the sky:
Advanc'd to her holy estate,

And pleasure that never shall die :
Where glorify'd spirits, by sight,
Converse in their happy abode;
As stars in the firmament bright,
And puré as the angels of God.
3 Behold! what a triumph is there,
Where all in his praises agree;
His beautiful character bear,
And shine with the glory they see!
The glory of God and the Lamb,
(While all in the ecstacy join,)
Darts into their spiritual frame,
And gives the enjoyment divine.
4 In loud hallelujahs they sing,

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And harmony echoes his praise!
When, lo! the celestial King
Pours out the full light of his face;

The joy, neither angel nor saint
Can bear, so ineffably great;
But, lo! the whole company faint,
And heaven is found at his feet.

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HYMN 54. 8 lines 7's & 6's.

EARKEN to the solemn voice,
The awful midnight cry!

Waiting souls, rejoice, rejoice,
And see the Bridegroom nigh!
Lo! he comes to keep his word,
Light and joy his looks impart :
Go ye forth to meet your Lord,
And meet him in your heart.

2 Ye who faint beneath the load. Of sin, your heads lift up ;


See your great redeeming God:
He comes, and bids you hope;
In the midnight of your grief,

Jesus doth his mourners cheer;
Lo! he brings you sure relief;.#
Believe, and feel him here.

3 Ye whose loins are girt, stand forth,
Whose lamps are burning bright
Worthy in your Saviour's worth,
To walk with him in white;
Jesus bids your hearts be clean;
Bids you all his promise prove;

Jesus comes to cast out sin,
And perfect you in love.

4 Wait ye all in patient hope,
Till Christ, the Judge, shall come
We shall soon be all caught up
To meet the general doom:
In an hour to us unknown,
As a thief in deepest night,
Christ shall suddenly come down,
With all his saints in light.

5 Happy he whom Christ shall find
Watching to see him come;
Him the Judge of all mankind,
Shall bear triumphant home:
Who can answer to his word?
Which of you dares meet his day?
Rise, and come to judgment!"-Lord,
We rise, and come away.

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HYMN 55.

1 TH


NHOU Judge of quick and dead, Before whose bar severe, With holy joy, or guilty dread, We all shall soon appear; Our caution'd souls prepare For that tremendous day; And fill us now with watchful care, And stir us up to pray.


2 To pray, and wait the hour,
That awful hour unknown;
When rob'd in majesty and power,
Thou shalt from heaven come down ;
The' immortal Son of Man,

To judge the human race;

With all thy Father's dazzling train,
With all thy glorious grace.

3 To damp our earthly joys,
To increase our gracious fears,
For ever let the' Archangel's voice
Be sounding in our ears;
The solemn midnight cry,
"Ye dead, the Judge is come!
Arise, and meet him in the sky,
"And meet your instant doom!"'

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4 O may we thus be found,
Obedient to his word:

Attentive to the trumpet's sound,
And looking for our Lord!
O may we all insure

A lot among the blest;
And watch a moment to secure
An everlasting rest!

HYMN 56.

4 lines 8's.

H'The seventh trumpet speaks him near:

E comes! he comes! the Judge severe !

His lightnings flash; his thunders roll;
How welcome to the faithful soul!

2 From heaven angelic voices sound;
See the Almighty Jesus crown'd!
Girt with omnipotence and grace;
And glory decks the Saviour's face !
3 Descending on his azure throne,
He claims the kingdoms for his own;
The kingdoms all obey his word,
And hail him their triumphant Lord!

4 Shout, all ye people of the sky!
And all the saints of the Most High:
Our Lord, who now his right obtains,
For ever and for ever reigns.

HYMN 57.

L. M.

1 HE great Archangel's trump shall


(While twice ten thousand thunders roar,) Tear up the graves, and cleave the ground, And make the greedy sea restore.

2 The greedy sea shall yield her dead, The earth no more her slain conceal Sinners shall lift their guilty head,

And shrink to see a yawning hell.
3 But we, who now our Lord confess,
And faithful to the end endure,
Shall stand in Jesu's righteousness:
Stand, as the Rock of Ages sure.

4 We, while the stars from heaven shall fall,
And mountains are on mountains hurl'd,
Shall stand unmov'd amidst them all,
And smile to see a burning world.

5. The earth and all the works therein,
Dissolve, by raging flames destroy'd
While we survey the awful scene,
And mount above the fiery void.
6 By faith we now transcend the skies,
And on that ruin'd world look down:
By love above all height we rise,
And share the everlasting throne,

8 lines 7's & 6's.
FESUS, faithful to his word,

HYMN 58.


All heaven's host their glorious Lord,
Shall joyfully attend.

Christ shall come with dreadful noise,
Lightnings swift, and thunders loud
With the great Archangel's voice,
And with the trump of God.

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