Imatges de pÓgina

Jehovah himself doth invite

To drink of his pleasures unknown;
The streams of immortal delight,
That flow from his heavenly throne,
2 As soon as in him we believe,

By faith of his Spirit we take;
And, freely forgiven, receive
The mercy for Jesus's sake:
We gain a pure drop of his love;
The life of eternity know;
Angelical happiness prove,
And witness a heaven below.

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ERRIBLE thought! shall I alone,
Who may be say d-shall I

Of all, alas! whom I have known,
Through sin for ever die ?

2 While all my old companions dear,
With whom I once did live,
Joyful at God's right hand appear,
A blessing to receive:

3 Shall I,-amidst a ghastly band,
Dragg'd to the judgment-seat,
Far on the left with horror stand,
My fearful doom to meet ?

4 Ah! no:- still may turn and live;
For still his wrath delays:

He now vouchsafes a kind reprieve,
And offers me his grace.

5 I will accept his offers now,
From every sin depart;

Perform my oft-repeated vow,
And render him my heart.

6 I will improve what I receive,


The grace through Jesus given;
Sure, if with God on earth I live,
To live with him in heaven.


Praying for a Blessing.
HYMN 81. 6 lines 8's.

FATHER of omnipresent gray

We seem agreed to seek thy face;

But every soul assembled here

Doth naked in thy sight appear: Thou know'st who only bows the knee; And who in heart approaches thee. Thy Spirit hath the difference made Betwixt the living and the dead; Thou now dost into some inspire The pure benevolent desire: O that ev'n now thy powerful call May quicken and convert us all! 3 The sinners suddenly convince; O'erwhelm beneath their load of sins; To-day, while it is call'd to-day, Awake, and stir them up to pray; Their dire captivity to own,

And from the iron furnace groan.

4 Then, then acknowledge and set free
The people bought, O Lord, by thee:
The sheep for whom their Shepherd bled;
For whom we in thy Spirit plead :
Let all in thee redemption find,
And not a soul be left behind.

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of souls, with pitying eye,

The thousands of our Israel see:

To thee in their behalf we cry,
Ourselves but newly found in thee.

2 See where o'er desert wastes they err,
And neither food nor feeder have;
Nor fold, nor place of refuge near;
For no man cares their souls to save.
3 Wild as the untaught Indian's brood,
The Christian savages remain;
Strangers, yea enemies to God,

They make thee spill thy Blood in vain. 4 Thy people, Lord, are sold for nought; Nor know they their Redeemer nigh; They perish, whom thyself hast bought; Their souls for lack of knowledge die.

5 The pit its mouth hath open'd wide,
To swallow up its careless prey:
Why should they die, when thou hast died?
Hast died to bear their sins away?

6 Why should the foe thy purchase seize?
Remember, Lord, thy dying groans :
The meed of all thy sufferings these ;
O claim them for thy ransom'd ones.
7 Extend to these thy pardoning grace:
To these be thy salvation show'd:
O add them to thy chosen race!
O sprinkle all their hearts with blood!
8 Still let the publicans draw near:

Open the door of faith and heav'n; And grant their hearts thy word to hear, And witness all their sins forgiv'n.

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1 HOU Son of God, whose flaming eyes Our inmost thoughts perceive;

Accept the evening sacrifice
Which now to thee we give.

2 We bow before thy gracious throne,
And think ourselves sincere ;
But shew us, Lord, is every one
Thy real worshipper?

3 Is here a soul that knows thee not,
Nor feels his want of thee?
A stranger to the blood which bought
His pardon on the tree?

4 Convince him now of unbelief;
His desperate state explain:

And fill his heart with sacred grief,
And penitential pain.

5 Speak with that voice which wakes the dead, And bid the sleeper "Rise!"

And bid his guilty conscience dread
The death that never dies.

6 Extort the cry,


"What must be done

"To save a wretch like me?

"How shall a trembling sinner shun
"That endless misery?

I must this instant now begin
"Out of my sleep to' awake;
"And turn to God, and every sin
Continually forsake:

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"I must for faith incessant cry,
"And wrestle, Lord, with thee:
"I must be born again, or die
"To all eternity."

C. M.


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HYMN 84.

YOME, O thou all-victorious Lord, Thy power to us make known; Strike with the hammer of thy word, And break these hearts of stone.

20 that we all might now begin
Our foolishness to mourn;
And turn at once from every sin,
And to our Saviour turn.

3 Give us ourselves and thee to know,
In this our gracious day;
Repentance unto life bestow,
And take our sins away.

4 Conclude us first in unbelief,
And freely then release;
Fill every soul with sacred grief,
And then with sacred peace.

5 Impoverish, Lord, and then relieve,
And then enrich the poor;
The knowledge of our sickness give ;
The knowledge of our cure,

6 That blessed sense of guilt impart,
And then remove the load;
Trouble, and wash the troubled heart
In the' atoning Blood.

7 Our desperate state through sin declare,
And speak our sins forgiven;
By perfect holiness prepare,
And take us up to heaven..

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