Imatges de pÓgina

2 Oft did I with the assembly join,
And near thine altar drew;
A form of godliness was mine,
The power I never knew.

3 I rested in the outward law;
Nor knew i's deep design:
The length and breadth I never saw,
And height of love divine.

4 To please thee thus, at length I see,
Vainly I hop'd and strove;
For what are outward things to thee,
Unless they spring from love?

5 I see the perfect law requires
Truth in the inward parts;

Our full consent, our whole desires,
Our undivided hearts.

6 But I of means have made my boast;
Of means an idol made;
The spirit in the letter lost,

The substance in the shade.

7 Where am I now, or what my hope?
What can my weakness do?
Jesus, to thee, my soul looks up:
"Tis thou must make it new.

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HYMN 92. C. M.

TILL, for thy loving-kindness, Lord,

SI in thy temple wait:

I look to find thee in thy word,

Or at thy table meet.

2 Here, in thine own appointed ways,
I wait to learn thy will:

Silent I stand before thy face,
And hear thee say,

"Be still!!!!

3"Be still! and know that I am God!"

'Tis all I live to know;
To feel the virtue of thy blood,
And spread its praise below !

4 I wait my vigour to renew,
Thine image to retrieve!

The veil of outward things pass through,
And gasp in thee to live.

5 I work; and own the labour vain ;
And thus from works I cease:
I strive; and see my fruitless pain,
Till God create my peace.

6 Fruitless, till thou thyself impart,
Must all my efforts prove!
They cannot change a sinful heart;
They cannot purchase love.

7 I do the thing thy laws enjoin,
And then the strife give o'er;
To thee I then the whole resign,
I trust in means no more.

8 I trust in him, who stands between
The Father's wrath and me;
Jesu, thou great eternal Mean,
I look for all from thee!


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IMT thee what shall I say?

Y gracious, loving Lord,

Well may I tremble at thy word,
And scarce presume to pray.

Ten thousand wants have I;

Alas! I all things want;

But thou hast bid me always cry,
And never, never faint,

2 Yet, Lord, well might I fear,
Fear ev'n to ask thy grace;
So oft have I, alas! drawn near,
And mock'd thee to thy face:
With all pollutions stain'd,
Thy hallow'd courts I trod :
Thy name and temple I profan'd,
And dar'd to call thee God.

3 Nigh with my lips I drew ;
My lips were all unclean :
Thee with my heart I never knew;
My heart was full of sin :
Far from the living Lord,
As far as hell from heaven;
Thy purity I still abhorr'd,

Nor look'd to be forgiven.

4 My nature I obey'd;

My own desires pursu❜d: And still a den of thieves I made The hallow'd house of God. The worship he approves, To him I would not pay :

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My selfish ends, and creature-loves,


Had stole my heart away.

My sin and nakedness
I studied to disguise;

Spoke to my soul a flattering peace,

And put out my own eyes:
In fig-leaves I appear'd,

Nor with my form would part: But still retain'd a conscience sear'd, "A hard, deceitful heart.

6 A godly, formal saint

I long appear'd in sight:

By self and Satan taught to paint
My tomb, my nature, white.

The Pharisee within

Still undisturb'd remain'd:

The strong man, arm'd with guilt of sin,
Safe in his palace reign'd.

7 But, Oh! the jealous God
In my behalf came down ;
Jesus himself the stronger shew'd,
And claim'd me for his own.
My spirit he alarm'd,

And brought into distress;

He shook and bound the strong man, arm'd In his self-righteousness.


Faded my

virtuous show,

My form without the power:
The sin-convincing Spirit blew,
And blasted every flower:

My mouth was stopt, and shame
Cover'd my guilty face:

I fell on the atoning Lamb,
And I was sav'd by grace.
HYMN 94.


C. M.

HE men who slight thy faithful word,
In their own lies confide;

They are the temple of the Lord,

And heathens all beside!

2 The temple of the Lord are these, The only church and true:

Who live in pomp, and wealth, and ease, And Jesus never knew!

3 O would'st thou, Lord, reveal their sins! And turn their joy to grief!

The world, the Christian world convince Of damning unbelief.

4 The formalists confound, convert,
And to thy people join:

And break, and fill the broken heart
With confidence divine!

SECTION II. Describing Inward Religion.`

HYMN 95.

L. M.

AUTHOR of faith, eternal Word,

Whose Spirit breathes the active flame;
Faith, like its Finisher and Lord,
To-day, as yesterday the same:
To thee our humble hearts aspire,
And ask the gift unspeakable:
Increase in us the kindled fire,
In us the work of faith fulfil.

By faith we know thee strong to save:
(Save us, a present Saviour thou!)
Whate'er we hope, by faith we have,
Future and past subsisting now.
To him that in thy name believes,
Eternal life with thee is given;
Into himself he all receives,

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven.
5 The things unknown to feeble sense,
Unseen by reason's glimmering ray,
With strong, commanding evidence,
Their heavenly origin display.

5 Faith lends its realizing light,
The clouds disperse, the shadows fly
The' Invisible appears in sight,
And God is seen by mortal eye.



HYMN 96.

S. M.

OW can a sinner know
His sins on earth forgiven?
How can my gracious Saviour shew
My name inscrib'd in heaven?
What we have felt and seen,
With confidence we tell

And publish to the sons of men
The signs infallible.

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