Imatges de pÓgina


ALL praise to Thee, great God, this night,
For all the blessings of the light :
Keep us, o keep us, King of kings,
Beneath Thy own Almighty wings.

Forgive us, Lord, for Thy dear Son,
The ills that we this day have done ;
That ere we sleep at peace we be
With all the world, ourselves, and Thee !

O may our souls on Thee repose,
And in sweet sleep our eyelids close :
All loose, all idle thoughts cast out,
And make our very dreams devout;

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


How easy, Lord, in solemn phrase

And form to bless Thy Son, To bring up stirring scenes, and praise

What He has said and done :
To publish Him our Light, our Guide,

To shew the path He trod;
To own the truth when undenied,

And call the Lord our God!

The yielding heart, the gentle tear,

The penitent design,
The seeing eye, the hearing ear,

The will that would be Thine,
Are Thine to give, Thine only, Lord;

To Thee our hands we lift,
For Jesus' sake to us accord

Such high and holy gift.
O may thy Spirit grant us here

The heart of innocence !
An open temper, conscience clear,

And void of all offence !
Let all our thoughts and deeds avow

That Spirit's holy sway!
Lord, we are Thine by name! be Thou

Our life, our truth, our way!


“ IT is all too late," the Sinner cries,

Deluded by his sin,
Nor yet believes his Saviour dies

A sinful world to win.

Lord ! turn us to Thy Cross, that so

This dark delusion break; Thy Spirit work in us to know

Salvation for Thy sake.

There is no mystery in faith,

To know, obey, and love, The word that marks our earthly path,

And tells of heaven above.

The mystery is in sin, whereby

We hide us from Thy face: And full of self and woe, deny

The richness of Thy grace.

Have mercy, Lord, that we unlearn

This treacherous mystery,
And deeply own the Cross, discern

The hope that rests in Thee.


THE just and pure and holy God has known
Our frequent sins, our pride, and fleshly will;
Has mark'd our rising up and lying down,
And seen how every thought was evil still,
And every deed. O Lord, in this deep thrill
Of fear, how thankful were our souls to know
Thy great salvation! now for us fulfil

The promise of Thy Spirit ! Let our woe
For Christ's sake at the foot of His Cross lay us low!


There let us learn the lesson of Thy grace,
There silence Thou the tempter, or convert
The tale he tells, of ruin and disgrace,
Of mean hypocrisy, of false desert,
And worse relapse, which often deeply hurt
Our souls, O ! turn this tale, at once begun
In truth and falsehood, able to pervert

Repentance into pride, and duties done
Into remorse, to tell the Cross of Thy dear Son.



To tell that Cross alone! the curse of sin
Remov'd, our souls redeem'd, our ransom paid.
Spirit, most holy! fix and keep therein
Our life, and hope, and happiness. Persuade
Our whole hearts to adopt what Thou hast made
Their righteousness! and, emptied of all pride
And passion, evermore to seek Thine aid,

When memory else were sin, and the strong tide Of reason swept us far from Jesus crucified.


Thou camest in the flesh, and on the Cross
Wert hanging, while creation shudder'd all,
Man, only man excepted. Thee, the loss
Of heaven, the woes of earth might not appal;
For Thou didst know the ignorance and thrall
Of lost mankind; and love and justice, might
And mercy, were Thine own. Unto Thy call
Turn every heart in every

land. Oh! bright Blaze the standard of Thy Cross on every sinner's sight.


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