Parodies: An Anthology from Chaucer to Beerbohm--and After

Dwight Macdonald
Random House, 1960 - 574 pàgines

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Revisió d'Usuari  - AlanWPowers - LibraryThing

My long history with this book, first purchased in Minnesota, a couple years after attending fellow-grad student parties with Garrison Keilor, who was a couple years older, and in Journalism, not ... Llegeix la ressenya completa

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Revisió d'Usuari  - xenchu - LibraryThing

Ah, time is fleeting! Nowhere is that better demonstrated than in this book. Most of the authors being parodied i knew at least by reputation if not by reading. Most of those writing the parodies were ... Llegeix la ressenya completa


GEORGE HERBERT Christopher Hervey
ROBERT BOYLE Jonathan Swift
ALEXANDER POPE Isaac Hawkins Browne

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