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What ANALOGIES between What INSTRUCTIONS are im-
sensible and spiritual things may parted in this parable ? or in this
here be traced ?

metaphor ? What is their prac-
What prophecy is bere ACCOM- tical tendency?
PLISHED: Where is it found? What KNOWLEDGE, or wast
How many years had it been k

of knowledge of human nature is

here particularly manifested :
What BLESSING is here sought
or acknowledged; or promised

What statute, rite, service, or air-
How great! How durable! For L

pendage of the LEVITICAL

DISPENSATION is here menwhom sought? By whom acknowledged ? To whom promised ? On

tioned? Why appointed ? whose account was this blessing|

What LOFTY FLIGHTS of depromised, or received !

votional fervour! What JongWhat trait of moral CHARAC- ings after intimate communion TER is here given? Is it morally

with God are here manifasled! good or ovil Does it belong to a What MIRACLE is here recordnatural, or to a renewed state ed By whom, and for wha: purWhat advantages or disadvan- m pose wrought! In whose name, tages attended it!

and by whose authority? What What DUTY is here enjoined: effect had it on the witnesses ? Ca whom? Is it taught by pre- What is worthy of particular nocept, by example, or by infer-n

tice in this NÁME?
ence? How enforced?
What DIFFICULTY attends the

What ORIENTAL or ancient exposition of this passage? How

custom may here be learned ? or can it be reconciled with some

do you know of one which

will elucidate this passage ? other passages? What EVÅNGELICAL EX- What PROHIBITION is here PERIENCE, or what EXHOR

directly or indirectly made? Why TATION, is here given !

is this deed, or word, or thought

forbidden ! What particular strain of ELO

What prophecy is here REE QUENCE can you point out in CORDÉD? At what period of this paragraph

time! Has it been fulfilled What FACTS are here related How? When ?

Is any doctrine or duty connect- What affecting SCENE is here ed with them?

exhibited ? What feelings should What can you discover here that it produce is commendable or censurable in What SUBLIMITY of thought deod, word, or motive? What ad-s or of language is here? What vantages or evils attended ?

inference follows? What GEOGRAPHICAL infor- What doctrinal TRUTII is here mation is known of this country,

inculcated? Is it directly or inprovince, city, or river, &c. ? directly taught? How illustratWhat HEAVENLY DISPOSI

ed! How applied ? What praeTION is here manifested ?

tical influence should it have! What corresponding affections

What TYPE of Christ, or typi

T does it demand?

cal transaction, can be distinctly What INSTITUTION or ordi

traced here? nance was here appoicted of

What UNJUSTIFIABLE acGod? or was here recognized u

tion in a virtuous character? Or as previously appointed of him?

what unusual excellence in one What was its nature and design?

not pious, is here recorded ! and how was it to be observed!

What VISION is here described Who were under obligations to

To whom and why given ? observe it? Is it still obligatory What WO is here denounced or on any? Is there any connexion executed? or warning given ! or correspondence between this W What is its import? Against and any other institution or ordi- whom denounced, or to whom Dance !

Denotes the propriety of profound attention,

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The Names and Order of the Books of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS

with the Number of their Chapters.

1 The Books of the OLD TESTAMENT. Genesis hath Chapters 50 IL Chron. bath Chap 36 Daniel hath Chapters 12 Exodus 40 Ezra. 10 Hosea

14 Leviticus • 27 Nebemiah

13 Joel Numbers 36 Esther

10 Amos Deuteronomy 34 Job

42 Obadiah Joshua 24 Psalms

150 Jonah Judges 21 Proverbs

31 Micah Ruth 4 Ecclesiastes

12 Nahum 1. Samuel

31 The Song of Solomon 8 Habakkuk II. Samuel 24 Isaiah

66 Zephaniah I. Kings 22 Jeremiah

52 Haggai II. Kings 25 Lamentations

5 Zechariah.

14 I. Chronicles 29 Ezekiel

48 Malachi | The Books of the NEW TESTAMENT. Matthew hath Chap. 28 Ephesians hath Chap. 6 llebrews bath Chapters 13 Mark. 16 Philippians

4 The Epistle of James 5 Luke. 24 Colossians

41. Peter John 21 I. Thessalonians 5 II. Peter

3 The Acts of the Apos. 28 11. Thessalonians 31. John

6 The Epis. to the Rom. 16 I. Timothy

6 II. John

1 I. Corinthians 16 II. Timothy

4 III John

1 II. Corinthians 13 Titus

3 Jude Galatians . 6 Philemon

1 Revelation

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HINTS. It is highly desirable, that all, who have the REFERENCE BIBLE should become familiar with the KEY SHEET and TABLES subjoined. For this purpose, each reference letter should direct the eye to the corresponding letter with its questions in the Key sheel, till all those questions suggest themselves as soon as the levier is seen. Every proper pame, about the pronunciation of which there can be any hesitancy, should be examined in the Table till the correct pronunciation of it becomes fa miliar. All words found in the Etymological, Geographical, and Miscellaneous Tables, should be traced from the text to those Tables, and when found on the maps, to those likewise. When reference is made to prophecy, either as recorded or as accomplished, the Reference and Chronological Tables are to be consulted. Should it be sometimes thought, that either the Printer or the Editor, had inserted a urong letter in the margin, if the person using it is induced by the existence of that letter, to candidly and prayerfully inquire and ascertain what the Holy Ghost does teach there, ihe great end of the marking will have been answered. Should heads of families extensively supply the members with each a Reference Bible, and after the services on ihe Lord's day, read in turn two or three chapters, asking the younger members questions about the facts, and miracles recorded; and older members questions about the doctrines, precepts, traits of character, &c. which come into the portion read, interspersing the whole with familiar explanations and practical remarks, we believe incalculable good would result. Clergymen and others most acquainted with the word of God, may derive important advantages from perusing the Scriptures in the order suggested by the Harmonies. This order might be profitably used for the instruction of Bible classes.

The First Book of MOSES, called GENESIS.

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13 And the evening and the N the beginning God created morning were the third

day. the heaven and the earth. f 14 | And God said, Let there t 2 And the earth was without be lights in the firmament of the form, and void ; and darkness was heaven, to divide the day from the upon the face of the deep: and night; and let them be for signs, the Spirit of God moved upon the and for seasons, and for days, and face of the waters.

years. S 3 And God said, Let there be 15 And let them be for lights in light: and there was light. the firmament of the heaven to

$ 4 And God saw the light, that give light upon the earth : and it it was good : and God divided the was so. light from the darkness.

16 And God made two great 5 And God called the light Day, lights; the greater light to rule the and the darkness he called Night : day, and the lesser light to rule and the evening and the morning the night : he made the stars also. were the first day.

17 And God set them in the fire 9 6 1 And God said, Let there be mament of the heaven to give à firmament in the midst of the light upon the earth, waters, and let it divide the waters 18 And to rule over the day, from the waters.

and over the night, and to divide 7 And God made the firmament, the light from the darkness: and and divided the waters which were God saw that it was good. under the firmament from the wa- 19 And the evening and the ters which were above the firma- morning were the fourth day. ment: and it was so.

f 20 And God said, Let the wa8 And God called the firmament ters bring forth abundantly the Heaven: and the evening and the moving creature that hath life, and morning were the second day. fowl that may fly above the earth f9 1 And God said, Let the was in the open firmament of heaven. ters under the heaven be gathered 21 And God created great together unto one place, and let whales, and every living creature the dry land appear: and it was that noveth, which the waters

brought forth abundantly after 10 And God called the dry land their kind, and every winged fowl Earth;

and the gathering together after his kind: and God saw that of the waters called he Seas : and it was good. God saw that it was good.

22 And God blessed them, say. 11 And God said, Let the earth jing, Be fruitful, and multiply, and bring forth grass, the herb yield- fill the waters in the seas, and let ing seed, and the fruh tree yielding i fowl multiply in the earth. fruit after his kind, wAdse seed is 23 And the evening and the in itself, upon the earth : and it morning were the fifth day.

f 24 And God said, Let the earth 12 And the earth brought forth bring forth the living creature afgrass, and herb yielding seed after ter his kind, cattle, and creeping his kind, and the tree yielding thing, and beast of the earth after fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind : and it was so. his kind : and God saw that it was 25 And God made the beast of good.

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the earth after his kind, and cattle

was so.

after their kind, and every thing in it he had rested from all his that creepeth upon the earth after work which God created and his kind : and God saw that it was made. good.

154 1 These are the generations ** 26 | And God said, Let us of the heavens and of the earth make man in our image, after our when they were created, in the likeness: and let them have do- day that the LORD God made the minion over the fish of the sea, earth and the heavens, and over the fowl of the air, and 5 And every plant of the field over the cattle, and over all the before it was in ihe earth, and ev earth, and over every creeping ery herb of the field before it thing that creepeth upon the grew: for the LORD God had nos earth.

caused it to rain upon the earth, t 27 So God created man in his and there was not a man to till the. own image, in the image of God ground. created he him ; male and female 6 But there went up a mis created he them.

from the earth, and watered the 28 And God blessed them, and whole face of the ground. God said unto them, Be fruitful, d 7 And the Lord God formed and multiply, and replenish the man of the dust of the ground, carth, and subdue it: and have and breathed into his nostrils the dominion over the fish of the sea, breath of life; and man became a and over the fowl of the air, and living soul. over every living thing that mo- 88 And the LORD God planted veth upon the earth.

a garden eastward in Eden; and 6 29 And God said, Behold, I there he put the man whom he have given you every herb bear- had forined. ing seed, which is upon the face f 9 And out of the ground made of all the earth, and every tree, in the LORD God to grow every tree the which is the fruit of a tree that is pleasant to the sight, and yielding seed; to you it shall be good for food; the tree of life alfor meat.

so in the midst of the garden, and 30 And to every beast of the the tree of knowledge of good and earth, and to every fowl of the air, evil. and to every thing that creepeth g 10 And a river went out of upon the earth, wherein there is Eden to water the garden: and life, I have given every green herb from thence it was parted, and befor meat : and it was so.

came into four heads. 131 And God saw every thing that g 11 The name of the first is Pi. he had made, and behold, it was son: that is it which compasseth very good. And the evening and the whole land of Havilah, where the morning were the sixth day. there is gold; CHAP. II.

12 And the gold of that land is of THUS the heavens and the good : there is bdellium and the

earth were finished, and onyx-stone. all the host of them.

g 13 And the name of the second 2 And on the seventh day God river is Gihon: the same is it that ended his work which he had compasseth the whole land of made; and he rested on the se- Ethiopia. venth day from all his work which 14 And the name of the third he had made.

river is Hiddekel: that is it which I 3 And God blessed the seventh goeth toward the east of Assyria. day, and sanctified it: because that And the fourth river is Euphrates.

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d 15 And the LORD God took the the field which the LORD God had man, and put him into the garden made: and he said unto the woof Eden, to dress it, and to keep it. man, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall

16 And the LORD God command- not eat of every tree of the gared the man, saying, Of every tree den? of the garden thou mayest freely 2 And the woman said unto the eat:

serpent, We may eat of the fruit p 17 But of the tree of the know- of the trees of the garden : ledge of good and evil, thou shalt p 3 But of the fruit of the tree not eat of it: for in the day that which is in the midst of the garthou eatest thereof thou shalt den, God hath said, Ye shall not surely die.

eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, f 18 1 And the LORD God said, lest ye die. It is not good that the man should 4 And the serpent said unto the be alone : I will make him a help woman, Ye shall not surely die : meet for him.

5 For God doth know, that in 19 and out of the ground the the day ye eat thereof, then your LORD God formed every beast of eyes shall be opened ; and ye the field, and every fowl of the shall be as gods, knowing good air, and brought them unto Adam and evil. to see what he would call them; f 6 And when the woman saw and whatsoever Adam called eve- that the tree was good for food, ry living creature, that was the and that it was pleasant to the name thereof.

eyes, and a tree to be desired to 20 And Adam gave names to all make one wise, she took of the cattle and to the fowl of the air, fruit thereof, and did eat; and gave and to every beast of the field : also unto her husband with her, but for Adam there was not found and he did eat. a help meet for him.

7 And the eyes of them both f 21 And the LORD God caused were opened, and they knew that a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, they were naked : and they sewed and he slept; and he took one of my leaves together, and made his ribs, and closed up the flesh themselves aprons. instead thereof :

C 8 And they heard the voice of 22 And the rib, which the LORD the LORD God walking in the garGod had taken from man, made he den in the cool of the day : and a woman, and brought her unto Adam and his wife hid themselves the man.

from the presence of the LORD 23 And Adam said, This is now God amongst the trees of the garbone of my bones, and flesh of den. my flesh : she shall be called Wo! 9 And the LORD God called man, because she was taken out unto Adam, and said unto him, of man.

Where art thou ? 24 Therefore shall a man leave c 10 And he said, I heard thy his father and his mother, and shall voice in the garden : and I was cleave unto his wife : and they afraid, because I was naked ; and shall be one flesh.

I hid myself. § 25 And they were both naked, 11 And he said, Who told thee the man and his wife, and were not that thou wast naked ? Hast thou ashamed.

eaten of the tree whereof I comCHAP. III.

manded thee, that thou shouldest TOW the serpent was more not eat ? subtile than any beast of 12 And the man said, The wo


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