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in the gate round about, and likewise to the Erne, sans, and end of Ezekiels vifox. arches; and windows were round about iris hal tables, 44 the chambers, 48 the ward:

and upon each port were salm-trees. of the haute.

17 Then brought he me into the outward tive and twentieth year of our cap court, and, lo, there were chambers, and a y, in the beginning of the year, in pavement inade for the court round about: h der of the month, in the fourteenth thirty chainber3 muere upon the pavement, : a that the city was smitten, in the 18 And the pavement by the fide of the e day the hand of the LOAQ was gates, over against the length of the gates, and brought me thither.

was the lower pavement. las vitions of God brought he me in- 19 Then he meatured the breadth, from and of Irael, and let me upon a very the fore-front of the lower gate unto the amtain, by which quas as the frainé forefront of the inner court without an hun. on the fouth,

dred cubits eastward and northwarda de brought me thither, and, behold, 20. And the gate of the outward court, wa man, whose appearance was like that looked toward the north, he measured carance of brass, with a line of fax the length thereof, and the breadth thereof. hand, and a measuring-recd; and he 21 And the little chambers thereot wet! 2 the gate.

three on this fide, and three on that fide ; the man said unto me, son of man, and the pot. thereof, and the arches there with thinc eyes, and hear with thine of, were after the measure of the first gate : de fer thine heart upon all that I thall the length thercof was fifty cubics, and the 20€; for to the intent that I might breadth five and twenty cubits. at unto thee art tbou brought hi. 22 And their windows, and their arches, edare all that thou seeft to the house and their palm trees, were after the measure

of the gate that looketh toward the eart, and 1, heliold, a wall on the outlide of the they went up unto it by feven iteps; and the

and about, and in the man's hand a arches thereof were before them. riggered affix cubits long, by the cu- 23 And the gate of the inner court was over

an hand-breadth: lo he meafured against the gate toward the north, and toward Cath of the building, one reed, and the east ; and he measured from gate to gate ght one reed.

an hundred cubits. Then came lie unto the gate which 24 S After that he brought me toward the

toward the eart, and went up the south, and, behold, a gate toward the fouth; Leteor, and measured the threshold and he meafured the posts

thereof, and the gate, which was one reed broad, and archies thereof, according to thefe mcafures. he threshold of the gate, which was 25 And there were windows in it, and in cd broad.

the arches thereof round about, like those nd every little chamber was one reed windows: the length 2005 fifty cubits, and und one reed broad; and between the the breadth tive and twenty cubits. chambers were tive cubits; and the 26 And there were seven tteps to go up to

d of the gate, by the porch of the it, and the arches thereof were before them: vithin, was one reed.

and it had palm-trees, one on this fidc, and tieasured also the porch of the gate another on that lide, upon the ports thereof. y, one reed.

27 And there was a gate in the inner court co measured he the porch of the gate, toward the fouth: and he meafured from gate cubits; and the potts tlaereof, two cu- to gate toward the south an hundred cubits. and the porch of the gate quas inward. 28 And he brought me to the inner court And the little chambers of the gate eatt. by the fouth gate: and he mealured the south were three or this fide, and three on gate according to these measures; de; the three were of one measure: 29 And the little chambers thereof, and the

poks had one measure on this fide ports thereof, and the arches thereof, accordthat lide.

ing to these meafires: and there were win. ind he meafured the breadth of the dows in it, and in the arches thereof round

the gate, ten cubits; and the length about : it was fifty cubits long, and hve and * ate, thirteen cubits.

twenty cubits broad. hctuace also before the little

chambers 30 And the arches round about were five and ne cubit on this fide, and the fpace was twenty cubits long, and five cubits broad: ubit on that fide; and the little cham- 31 And the arches thereof were toward Art fix cubits on this fide, and fix cu- the outer court; and palın-trees were upon that lide.

the posts thereof: and the going up to it had ucmcafired then the gate from the roof cight tteps. - fittle chamber to the roof of another: 32 F And he brought meinto the inner court endth Tas tive

and twenty cubits, door toward the catt: and he meafured the gate #dogr.

according to these measures. Itc made allo posts of threescore cubits, 33 And the little chambers thereof, and the unto the pott or the court round about polts thereof, and the arches thereof, wore


to these measures, and there were And frora the face of the gate of the en- windows therein, and in the arches thereof , unto the face of the porch of the in- round about it was fifty cubits long, and sates, were fifty cubits.

five and twenty cubits broad. And there were narrow windows to 34 And the arches thereof were toward the Fatle chambers, and to their pofts with outward court; ar.d palm-trect were upon


15 And it was made with cherubims and against the separate place, and over againn les-trees, so that a palm-tree was between the building erub and a cherub; and every cherub 1 And the way before them was like the & two faces;

appearance of the chambers which were to1939 that the face of a man was toward ward the north, as long as they, and as broad

palm-trec on the one fide, and the face as they; and all their goings out were both a young lion toward the palm-tree on according to their fathions, and according to other side: it was made through all the their doors. at round about.

12 And according to the doors of the cham1. From the ground unto above the door bers that were toward the south, was a door ew cherubims and palm-crecs made, and in the head of the way, even the way directhe wall of the temple.

Iy before the wall toward the eait, as one 11 The ports of the temple were squared, entereth into them.

the face of the lanctuary; the appearance 13 1 Then said he unto me, The north me as the appearance of the other. chambers, and the louth chambers, which 12 The akar of wood zas three cubits high, are before the separate place, they be holy 4 the length thereof two cubits; and the chambers, wliere the priests that approach

een thereof, and the length thereof, and unto the LORD thall eat the most holy Walls thereof, suere of wood: and he things: there shall they lay the mott boly I unto me, This is the table, that is before things, and the meat-offering, and the fin. LORD.

offering, and the trespass-ofiering; for the 3 And the temple and the fanduary had place is holy. doors

14 When the priets enter therein, then 4 and the doors had two leaves apiece, fall they not go out of the holy place into burning leaves; two leaves for the one the outer court, but there they thall lay their , and iwo leaves for the other door. garments wherein they minitter; for they

And there were made on them, on the are holy; and thall put on other garments, and the temple, cherubims and palm- and fall approach to those things which are - like as corre made upon the walls; for the people. & that were thick planks upon the face IS I Now, when he had made an end of the porch without.

meaturing the inner house, he brought me 5 and there were narrow windows and forth toward the gate whose prospect is tosvetrees on the one fide, and on the other ward the eait, and measured it round about. on the sides of the porch, and upon the

16 He meatured the cast fide with the ineaschambers of the house, and thick plauks. suring-reed, five hundred recds, with the CHAP. XLII.

measuring-reed round about. I briefs chambers: 13 the use thereof. 19 17 He measured the north fide five hundred The ontziarà court measured.

reeds, with the measuring-reed round about. 'Hen be brought me forth into the outer 18 He measured the south fide five hundred court, the way toward the north, and he reeds, with the measuring-reed. pugh toe into the chamber that was over 19 He turned about to the wett fide, wird

the separate place, and which was measured five hundred reeds, 'with the meafre the building coward the north. furing.reed. Refore the length of an hundred cubits 20 He measured it by the four tides: it had the forth door, and the breadth was a wall round about, five hundred reeds long, cubite.

and five hundred broad, to make a separaOver against the twenty cubits. which tion between the sanctuary and the profane w for the inner court, and over againit place.. paverpent which was for the outer court,

CHAP. XLIII. callery againnt gallery in three stories. 1 The returning of the glory of God into the od before the Chambers was a walk of temple. 7 The sin of Ifrael hindereth Gods wanita breadth, inward a way of one cu prefence. and their doors toward the north.

Fterward he brought me to the gate, . Now, the upper chambers were thorter:


even the gate that looketh toward the the galleries were higher than there, than eat. lower, and than the middlemott of the 2. And, behold, the glory of the God of Il

sael came from the way of the eaft; and his For they were in three

stories, but had not voice was like a noise of many waters; and ra thc pillars of the courts: therefore the earth shined with his glory; welding was ftraitened more than the

low 3 And it was according to the appearance and the middlernott from the ground. of the vision which i faw, quen according to

And the wall that was without over a. the vision that I saw when I came to destroy ne the chambers, Loward the outer court the city: and the visions avere like the vision the fore-part of the chambers, the length that I saw by the river Chebar; and I fell of war fifty cubits.

upon my face. Fm the length of the chambers that were 4 And the glory of the LORD came into the the outer court was fifty cubits: and, lo, house, by the way of the gate, whose propea ate the temple toere an hundred cubits. is toward the east.

And from under thefc chambers tuas the s So the Spirit took me up, and brought Tm the eart lide, as one gocth into them me into the inner court: and, behold, the n the outer court.

glory of the LORD filled the house. "The chambers were in the thickness of 6 'And I heard him speaking unto me out *all of the court toward the catt, over of the house; and the man food by me.


11 And he said unto me, son of man, the the border round about: thus falt tha place of my throne, and the place of the foles cleanse and purge it. of my feet, wliere I will dwell in the midit 21 Tlou fhalt take the bullock also of the first of the children of Ifrael for ever, and my offering, and he thall burn it in the appaim holy name hall the house of Ifrael no more place of the house, without the lanciary LE denle, neither they, nor their kings, by their 22 And on the fecond day thou shalt whoredom ncr by the carcasses of their kings in their high places,

kid of the goats without blemish for a

offering, and they fhall cleanse the altar, 8 In their letting of their threshold by my they did cleanse it with the ballock thresholds, and their poft by my pofts, and the 23 When thou haft made an end d dlar de wall between me and them, they have evening it, thou shalt offer a young blocks detiled my holy name by their ahominations out blemish, anda ram out of the flocket that they have committed: wherefore I have out blemish. confumed them in mine anger.

24 And thou shalt offer them before 9 Now let then put away their whore. LORD, and the priests feall cat alte dom, and the carcases of their kings, far them, and they hall offer them w from me, and I will dwell in the midit of burnt offering unto the LORD. them for ever.

25 Seven days shalt thou preparece 10 Then son of man, few the house to day a goat fur 1 fin-offering: they & the house of Israel, that they may be asam- prépare a young bullock, and a rana ed of their iniquities; and let them measure the flock, without blemish. the pattern,

26 Seven days fhall they parge the alt And if they be ashamed of all that they and purify it; and they shall contactar have done, thew them the form of the house, themelves. and the fashion thereof, and the goings-out 27 And when these days are espired, thereof, and the comings-in thereof, and be, that upon the eighth day, and so forte all the forms thereof, and all the ordinan- the prieits shall make your burialces thereof; and all the forms thereof, and upon the altar, and your peace-offerings all the laws thereof : and write it in their I will accept you, láith the Lord God. fight, that they may keep the whole form

CHAP. XLIV. thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and The eaf gate affigned only in the press do them.

Idolaters incapable of the pright per 12 This is the law of the house; Upon the Ordinances for the priefis. of round be mort holy. Behold, teprofi the mountain the ophole limit there. Thendes brong lot rue back näitura this is the law of the house.

looketh toward

the eart, and it was the 131 And there are the measures of the 2 Then faid the Lord unto me, Tipo altar after the cubits: The cubit is a cubit fhall be thut, it fall not be openze, a and an hand-breadth; even the bottom thall man thall encer in by it; became the be a cubit, and the breadth a cubit, and the the God of Wrael, hath entered in by is border thereof by the edge thereof round therefore it all be fout. ahout shall be a span, and this shall be the 3. It is for the prince; the prince de higher place of the altar.

in it to eat bread before the LOER ME 14 And from the bottom upon the ground enter by the way of the porch den even to the lower settle shall be two cubits, and

shall ge out by the way of the web and the breadth one cubit; and from the 4. Then brought ite me the ardila leffer sertle etren to the greater fettle fhall be north gate before the house and I'm four cubits, and the breadth one cubit. and, behold, the glory of the Lorail

15 30 the altar shall be four cubits; and the house of the LORD, and I felt from the altar and upward shall be four face. horns.

And the LORD said to me, sonde 16 And the altar Mall be twelve cubits mark well, and behold with thine eral, long, twelve broad, square in the four hear with thine ears, all that I fax una squares thereof.

concerning all the ordinance of the house 17 And the settle shall be fourteen cubits the LORD, and all the laws thereof, and Jong, and fourteen broad in the four squares well the entering in of the foule, with thereof; and the border about it shall be half going forth of the fan&nury. a cubit; and the bottom thereof shall be a 6 And thau Thalt lay to the rebellion cubit about; and his flairs shall look toward to the house of Ifrael, Thus faith the the caft.

Gov. Oye house of Ifrael, let it din 18 1 And lie said unto me, Son of man, of all your aboininatiocs, thus faith the Lord GOD, These are the or 7 In that ye have brought ints myle isances of the altar in the day when they ftrangers, uncircumcised in heart, and thall make it, to offer burnt-offerings there- circumcifed in ilesh, to be in my hand on, and to fprinkle blood thereon.

to pollute it, even my henfe, when 19 And thou thalt give to the pricfts the my bread, the fat and the mind, 25 Levibes that be of the feed of Zadok, which have broken my covenant, trecante approach unto me, to minister unto me, your abominations, Falth the Lord GOD, a young bullock for a 8 And ye have not kept the darges fin-offering,

hely things: but ye have let kerpara 20 And thou Malt take of the blood there- charge in my aanduary for your des of, and put it on the four horns of it, and 21 Thus faith the Lord GOD, Nofs on the tour corners of the settle, and upon uucircunciled in heast, so uncironne

deiti, fha! enter into my sanctuary, of any mother, or for fon, or for daughter, for ranger that is among the children of Ifrael. brother, or for sitter that hath had no huf

10 And the Levites that are gone away far band, they may defile themselves. loom me, when Ifrael went attray, which 26 And after he is cleansed they thail reckon rent aftray away from me after their idols; unto him seven days. hey thall eren bear their iniquity.

27 And in the day that he gocth into the 1 Yet they thall be minifters In my fanc- sanduary, unto the inner court, to minitter Sury, having charge at the gates of the in the fan&uary, he hall offer his fin-offering,

le, and ininittering to the house: they faith the Lord God. hall lay the burnt-offering and the sacrí. 28 And it shall be unto them for an inhe. ker for the people, and they thall itand be- ritance; I am their inheritance: and ye more them to ininiiter unto thein.

thall give them no pofleffion in Ifrael; I am 11 Because they miniftered unto them be their poffeffion. (ope their idols, and caused the house of if 29 They thall eat the meat-offering, and

to fall into iniquity; therefore liavel the fin-offering, and the trespass-offering;

up inine hand againt them, faith the and every dedicated thing in lirael thall be ord Gop, and they fhall bear their iniquity. theirs.

And they thall not come near unto me 30 And the firit of all the firit-fruits of 3 do the office of a priett unto me, nor to all things, and every oblation of all, of every de near to any of my holy things, in the fort of your oblations, thall be the prietts: of holy place; but they inail bear their ye hall also give unto the priett the

tirit of ame, and their abominations which they your dough, that he may cause the bletling wsc committed:

to reit in thinc house. 14 But I will make them keepers of the 31 The prietts thall not eat of any thing harge of the house, for all the service there. that is dead of itself, or torn, whether it be , and for all that shall be done therein. fowl or beatt. 11 But the priests the Levites, the cons

CHAP. XLV. 1 Ladek, that kept the charge of my fanc. The portion of land for the

sanctuary, 6 for Liry when the children of Israel' went the city, 7 and for the prince. minister under her hand corners than ang Mother

and for inheritance, je lah'orier te me to offer unto me, the fat and the an oblation unto the LORD, an holy portion sed, faith the Lord God:

of the land: the length shall be the length 16 They shall enter into my fan&uary, and of five and twenty thousand reeds, and the buy (all come near to my table to minister breadth shall be ten thonland. This shall be uto me, and they thall keep my charge. hoiy in all the borders thereof round about.

17 And it shall coine to pars, that, when z' of this there thall be for the sanctuary bey enter in at the gates of the inner court, five hundred in length, with five hundred in hey fall be clothed with linen garments; breadth, (quare round about; and fifty cubits ai no wool thall come upon them whiles round about for the suburbs thereof. hty minifter in the gates of the inner court, 3 And of this measure thalt thou measure 35 within.

the length of five and twenty thousand, and & They shall have linen bonnets upon the bruidth of ten thousand and in it thall * heads, and thall have linen breeches be the landuary and the inoit holy p'ace. *ad their loins; they shall not gird them. 4 The holy portion of the land Thall be for

with any thing that causeth sweat. the priests the minifters of the sanctuary, 19 Anul when they go forth into the outer which hall come near to minifter unto the ** ter into the outer court to the people, LORw; and it thall be a place for their houses. - dal put off their garments wherein and an holy place for the sanctuary. - miniftered, and lay them in the holy 5 And the five and twenty thouland of umbers, and they thall put on other gar- length, and the ten thousand of breadth,

; and they sbali not fanctify the people shall allo the Levites, the minifters of the their garments.

house, have for themselves, for a poilellion o Mother fhall they save their heads, ner for twenty chambers. Yet their locks to grow long; they shall 0 1 And ye thall appoint the pofferion of En poll their heads.

the city five thoufand broad, and five and 11 Neither thall any priest drink wine twenty thousand long, over againt the oheen they enter into the inner court. lation of the holy borlion: it thall be for 12 Neither thail they take for their wives a the whole house of ifracl. Eltw, nor her that is put away: but they

7 And a portion shall be for the prinee take maidens of the feed of the house on the one side and on the other side of the trael, or a widow that had a prier before. oblation of the holy portion, and of the pof3 And they thall teach my people the dif fetion of the city, helore the oblation of - between the holy and profane, and the holy portion, and before the polietion of

them to difcern betwcen the unclean the city, from the weit ide weit ward, and the clean,

froin the eait fide eastward; and the length * And in controversy they shall fland in all be over again one of the portions, graent, and they shall judge it according from the west border unto the cati border. y judgments: and they thall keep my 8 In the land thall be his poflction in I. and my ttatutes in all mioc afsemblies; rael: and my princes ihall no more oppref's they than hallow my fabbaths. my people; and the rest of the land 'tha

And they shall come at no dead person they give to the house of lfracl according cüle themselves; but for father, or for to their tribes.


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