Imatges de pÓgina

and tood before the ark of the covenant of king and his household: each man his month the Lord, and offered up burnt-offerings, in a year made provision. and ofered peace-offerings, and inade a fealt 8 And these are their names: The lon of to all his fervants.

Hur in mount Ephraim. 16 $ Then came there two women that were 9 The fon of Dekar in Makez, and in barists unto the king, and ttood before him. Shaalbim, and Both-shemeth, and Elon-beth

17 And the one woman said, O my lord, hanan. I and this wanan dwell in ond houle, and 10 The son of Hefed in Aruboth; to him i was delivered of a child with her in the pertained Sochoh, and all the land of Hepher. hoafe.

11 The son of Abinadab in all the region 18 And it came to pass, the third day after of Dor, which had 'Taphath, the daughter of that I was delivered, that this woman was Solomon, to wife. delivered alto: and we were together; there 12 Baana, the son of Ahilud; to him perou no ftranger with us in the house, save tained Taanach and Megiddo, and all Beth#ctwo in the house.

fhean, which is by Zartanah, beneath Jez19 And this womans child died in the reel, from Beth-fhéan to Abel-meholah, even aight; becaufe the overlaid it.

unto the place that is beyond Jokneam. 20 And the arose at midnight, and took 13 The son of Geber in Ramoth-gilead : av foto from befide me, while thinc hand to him pertained the towns of Jair, the

fon said lept, and laid it in her bofom, and of Manasseh, which are in Gilead: to him ad her dead child in my bofom.

also pertained the region of Argob, which is u And when I arole in the morning to in Bathan, threescore great cities with walls, sve my child fuck, behold, it was dead,

but and brafen bars. when l'had considered it in the morning, be- 14 Ahinadab, the son of Iddo, had Mahanaim. freded, it was not my for which I did bear. 15 Ahimaaz was in Naphtali; he also took ** And the other woman said, Nay; but Basmath, the daughter of Solomon,

to wife. des living in my son, and the dead is thy 16 Baanah, the fon of Huthai, was in Ather lat, And this fáid, No; but the dead is thy and in Aloth. Un, and the living is my son. Thus they 17 Jehofhaphat, the son of Paruah, in Isachar, akt before the king.

18 Slimei, the son of Elah, in Benjamin, Then said the king, the one faith, This 19 Geber, the son of Uri, was in the country **Ryfon that liveth, and thy fon is the dead: of Gilead, in the country of Sihon king of the and the other faith, Nay;

but thy fon us the Amorites, and of Og king of Bafhan; and he lazd, and my fon" is the living.

was the only officer which was in the land. 2. And the king faid, Bring me a sword. 20 1 Judah and Ifrael zvere many, as the And they brought a sword before the king. fand which is by the fea in multitude, eat.

And the king faid, Divide the living ing and drinking, and making merry: ad in two, and give half to the one, and 21 And Solomon reigned over all king.

doms, from the river unto the land of the 28 Then (pake the woman whose the liv. Philiftines, and unto the border of Egypt:

did was unto the king, (for laer bowels they brought prefents, and served Solomon married upon her son, and the faid, O my all the days of his life. * gire her the living child, and in no 12 And Solomons provision for one day ** lay it: but the other said, Let it be was thirty measures of fine flour, and three har mine nor thine, but divide it.

fcore meafures of mcal. Then the king answered and faid, Give 23 Ten fat oxen, and twenty oxen out of latte living child, and in no wife slay it: the paftures, and an hundred sheep, belide At the mother thereof.

harts, and roe-bucks, and follow-deer, and 18 And all Ifrael heard of the judgment fatted fowl. skich tàc king

had judged, and they feared 24 For he had dominion over all the region God was in hisn to do judgment. de king: for they faw that the wisdom of on this side the river, from

Tiphfah even to

Azzah, over all the kings on this fide the CHAė. Iv.

river: and he had peace on all sides round Siemenu princes : 7 his twelve officers: about him. * iarzeness and peace of his kingdom : 25 And Judah and Ifracl dwelt fafely, og his tijden.

every man under his vine, and under his king Solomon was king over all Ifrael. fig-tree, from Dan even to Beer-theba, all ud; Atariah, the son of Zadok the priett; 26 í And Solomon had forty thousand

Eliareph and Ahiah, the fons of shitha, ftalls of horses for his chariots, and twelve seribens Jebethaphat, the son of Ahilud the thousand horfemen.

27 And those oflicers provided vi&ual for And Benaiah, the for of Jehoiada, was king Solomon, and for all that came unto ter the Doft; and Zadok and Abiathar were king Solomons table, every man in luie

month: they lacked nothing. S Antu Azariah, the son of Nathan, was over 28 Barley also and straw, for the horses and the others, and Zabud, the son of Nathan, dromedaries, brought they unto the place

where the officers were, every man according 6 And Ahilhar was over the household; to his charge. ad Adoniram, the son of Abda, was over 29 And God gave Solomon wisdom and

understanding exceeding much, and largeAnd Solomon had twelve officers over nefs of heart, even as the land that in ** Hirael, which provided viduals for the the sea thore.


ad to the other.

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30 And Solomons wisdom excelled the wife between Hiram and Solomon; and they tsa dom of all the children of the eaft country, made a league together. and all the wisdom of Egypt.

13.1 And king Solomon raised a lery or 31 For he was wifer than all men; than of all Ilrael; and the levy was thirts thouEthan the Ezrahite, and Heman, and chal- fand men. col, and Darda, the fons of Mahol: and his 14 And he sent them to Lebanon, ten thou fanie was in all nations round about. fand a month by courses; a month'they set

32 And he spake three thousand proverbs : in Lebanon, and two months at honne : and and his songs were a thousand and five. Adoniram was over the levy.

33 And he spake of trees, from the cedar 15 And Solomon had threescore and ten tree that is in Lebanon, even unto the hyflop thousand that bare burdens, and fouricerc that springeth out of the wall: he fpake also thousand hewers in the mountains: of beants, and of fowl, and of creeping things, 16 Befides the chief of Solomons offices and of fithes.

which were over the work, three thouhand 34 And there came of all people to hear and three liundred, which ruled over the the wisdom of Solomon, froin all kings of people that wrought in the work. the earth, which had heard of his witdom. 15 And the king commanded, and they CHAP. V.

brought great stones, coftly itoncs, and how * Hiram Sendeth to congratulate Solomon, ed ttones, to lay the foundation of the house.

7 and fiirntheth timber to build the temple. 18 And Solomons builders and Hirams 13 Solomon's workmen and labourers. builders did hew them, and the ftoac-lauraA

Nd Hiram king of Tyre sent his servants rers; so they prepared timber and ftones to

unto Solomon; (for he had heard that build the houle. they had anointed him kin, in the rooin of

C H A P. VI. his father;) for Hiram was ever a lover of The building of Soloniens temple : 5 she chan David.

Orrs thereof: Gods promise unto it : 15 il 2 And Solomon sent to Hiram, saying, ceiling and adorning of it: 23 the chambers

3 Thou knoweft how that David my father 37 the time of building: could not build an house unto the name of Nd it came topafs, in the four dundred about him on every fide, until the LORD put liael were come out of the land of Egypt, thein under the foles of his feet.

in the fourth year of Solomons reign orci 4 But now the LORD my God hath given Ifrael, in the

month Zif, which is the second me rest on every tide, so that there is neither month, that he began to build the house c! adversary nor evil occurrent.

the LORD. 5 And, behold, I purpose to build an house 2 And the house which king Solomon buiit unto the name of the LORD my God, as the for the LORD, the length thereof sear three LORD spake unto David my father, saying, {core cubits, and the breadth thereof twenty Thy fon, whom I will let upon thy throne cubits, and the height thereof thirty cučits in thy room, lie thall build an holife unto 3 And the

porch before the temple of the my name.

house, twenty cubits u'as the lengti thereu 6 Now, therefore, command thou, that they according to the breadth of the bonse; . hew me cedar-trees out of Lebanon, and my ten cubits was the breadth thereof befor servants thall be with thy fervants; and unto the house. thee

will I give hire for thy servants; accord 4 And for the house he made windows ing to all that thou thalt appoint: for thou narrow lights. krowell that there is notamongus any that can 5. And againft the wall of the hour kill to hew timber like unto the Sidonians. he built chambers round about, and tha

7 9 And it came to pass, when Hiram walls of the house round about, bath ti. heard the words of Solomon, that he rejoiced temple and of the oracle? and be mad greatly, and said, Blessed be the Lord this chambers round about. day, which hath given unto David a wise 6 The nethermoft chamber tuas five et son over this great people.

birs broad, and the middle was 6x cuba: 8 And Hiram sent to Solomon, saying, I broad, and the third was seven cubits broad have considered the things which thou sent. for without in the wall of the house he mau eft to me for: and I will do all thy dctire narrowed retts round about, that the bas concerning timber of cedar, and concerning thould not be fattened in the walls of tt timber of tir.

house. 9 My fervants Mall bring them down from 7 And the house, when it was in building Lebanon unto the sea; and I will convey was built of stane made ready before it thein by sea in floats unto the place that brought thither; so that there was neith thou shalt appoint ine, and will cause them hammer, nor axe, nor any tool of iron, bear to be discharged there, and thou thalt re- in the house while it was in building. ceive them : and inou thalt accomplith my 8 The door for the middle chamber me Gclire in giving foed for my household. the right side of the houle: and they wer

10 So Hiram gave Solomon cedar-trees, up with winding stairs into the middle cher and fir-trees, according to all bis defire. ber, and out of the middle into the thint.

u And Solomon gave Hiram twenty thou 9 So he built the house, and finished in sand measures of wheat for food to his house and covered the houlewich beams andbou hold, and twenty measures of pure oil : thus of cedar. gave Solomon to Hiram year by year.

10 And then he built chambers againit 12 And the LORD gave Solomon wisdom, the house five cubits high; and they tutt As he promised him; and there was peace on the house with timber of ccdat.

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11 | And the word of the LORD came to 32 The two doors also were of olive-tree: Soluzion, faying,

and he carved upon them carvings of cheru. 12 Concerning this house which thou art in bims, and palm-trees, and open flowers, and baiding, if thou wilt walk in my itatutes, overlaid them with gold, and spread gold upon and execute my judgments, and keep all the cherubims, and upon the palm-trees. Dr commandments to walk in them; then 33 so also made he for the door of the will I perform my word with thee, which I temple pofts of olive-tree, a fourth part of fake inte David thy father :

the quall. 13 And I will dwell among the children of 34 And the two doors were of fir-tree : lsrael, and will not forlake my people Ifrael. the two leaves of the one door were foldingi

14180 Solomon built the house, and fin- and the two leaves of the other door were inedit.

folding. 15 Aod be built the walls of the house 35 And he carved thereon cherubims, and mtbin with boards of cedar, both the floor palm-trees, and open flowers; and covered of the house, and the walls of the cieling them with gold fitted upon the carved work. and be covered them on the infide with 36 , And he built the inner court with wod, and covered the fibor of the house three rows of liewed ftone, and a row of ceo vitb planks of fir.

dar-beams. 16 And le built twenty cubits on the fides 37 4 In the fourth year was the founda

we house, both the floor and the walls, tion of the house of the Lord laid, in the with boards of cedar: he even built

them for month Zif : Ivakin, even for the oracle, even for the 38 And in the elçventh year, in the month matt holy place.

Bul, (which is the eighth month,) was the 15 and thc house, that is, the temple be- house finished throughout all the parts there fore it, was forty cubits long.

of, and according to all the fashion of it. So 18 And the cedar of the house within was was he seven years in building it. and with knops and open flowers: all was

CHAP. VII. teder; there was no ftone scen.

1 The building of Solomons house, 2 of the 1 And the oracle lic prepared in the house of Lebanon, 8 of the house for Pharaohs ale within, to set there the ark of the co daughter. 13 Hirams works. want the LORD.

Ut Solomon building his own house twenty cubits in length, and twenty cubits house. in breadth, and twenty cubits in the height 2 , He built also the house of the forest Derek and be overlaid it with pure gold; of Lebanon; the length thereof was an hun. wife covered the altar which was of cedar. dred cubits, and the breadth thereof fifty 11 So Solomon overlaid the house within cubits, and the height thereof thirty cubits, si pute gold! and he made a partition by upon four rows of cedar pillars, with cedar the chains of gold before the oracle, and he beams upon the pillars.

3 And it was covered with cedar above 32 And the whole house be overlaid with upon the beams, that lay on forty-five pillare, pole, until he had fiudhed all the house: fifteen in a row. to the whole altar, that tvas by th oracle, 4 And there were windows in three rows, kovatlaid with gold.

and light qvas against light in thrce ranks." 39 And within the oracle, he made two 5 And all the doors and pofts were square denboims of olive-tree, each ten cubits high. with the windows, and light was against

24 And five cubits was the one wing of light in three ranks. cherub, and five cubits the other wing 6 1 And he made a porch of pillars; the

the cherub: from the uttermoft part of length thereof was fifty cubits, and the Leone wing, unto the uttermost part of breadth thereof thirty cubits:

and the porch atsther, avete ten cubits.

was before them; and the other pillars and And the other cherub was ten cubits: the thick beam were before them. foth the cherubims were of one meafure, 79 Then he made a porch for the throne, ose fize

where he might judge, even the porch of The height of the one cherub quas ten judgment, and it was covered with cedae Babits, and fo was it of the other cherub. from one fide of the floor to the other. 57 And he fet the cherubims within the 3 ? And his house where he dwcit had hou boufe: and they ftretched forth the another court within the porch, which was

of the cherubims, so that the wing of of the like work. Solomon made also an canc touched the one wall, and the wing house for Pharaohs daughter, whom he had the other cherub touched the other wall; taken to quite, like unto this porche

be their wings touched one another in the All these were of coftly tones (accord. kad the house.

ing to the measures of howed stones, sawed *Axibe overlaid the cherubims with gold. with

saws) within and without, even from 2) Arul be carved all the walls of the house the foundation unto the coping, and so on Desd about with carved figures of chetu- the outside toward the great court,

5 and palm trees, and open flowers, 10 And the foundation was coitly itones, ia and without.

even great ftones; stones of ten cubits, and and the foor of the house he overlaid ftones of eight cubits. web gold, within and without.

11 And above were coftly fones (after tke: 31. And for the entering of the oracle measures of hewed ftones) and cedars. de made doors of olive-tree: the lintel and

12 And the great court round about was ele puts were a Sith part of the wall.

with three rows of hewed itoncs, and a row

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of cedar beams, both for the inner court of and beneath the lions and oxen catto ue house of the LORD, and for the porch oftain additions made of thin work. the house.

30 And every base had four brafen when 13 | And king Solomon lent, and fetched and plates of brals; and the four caree Hiram out of 'Tyre.

thereof had underfetters: under the loa 14 He was a widows son of the tribe of were underletters molten, at the tide of eve Naphtali, and his father was a man of Tyre, ry addition. a worker in brals: and he was filled with 31 And the mouth of it, within the cha wisdom and understanding, and cunning to piter and above, rvas a cubit: but the mark work all works in brals. And he came to king thereof tas round, after the work of tax Solomon and wrought all his work.

bale, a cubit and a half; and also upun de 15 For he caft two pillars of brals, of eigh- mouth of it were gravings with thcú bar teen cubits higli a piece; and a line of twelve ders, four-square, not rouid. cubits did compass either of them about. 32 And under the borders were four

16 And he made tuo chapiters of molten wheels; and the axle-trees of the whes brass, to set upon the tops of the pillars: avere joined to the base, and the height da the height of the one chapiter was five cu- wheel was a cubit and half a cubit. bíts, and the height of the other chapiter 33 And the work of the wheels toas like was five cubits:

the work of a chariot wheel; thcir axle17 And nets of checker-work, and wreaths trees, and their naves, and their fellocs, ani of chain-work, for the chapiters which were their spokes, were all molten. upon the top of the pillars; seven for the one 34 And there were four underletters to the chapiter, and seven for the other chapiter. four corners of one base: and the underiet

18 And he made the pillars, and two rows ters were of the very base itfeil. round about upon the one net-work, to 35 And in the top of the base teas there cover the chapiters that were upon the top a round compass of half a cubit high: and on with pomegranates: and so did he for the the top of the base, the ledges thereof, anul other chapiter.

the borders thereof, were of the same. 19 And the chapiters, that were upon the 36 For on the plates of the lodges thered top of the pillars, were of lily-work in the and on the borders thereof, he gravad ebo porch, four cubits.

rubims, lions, and palm-trees, according to 20 And the chapiters upon the two pillars the proportion of every one, and additions had pomegranates also above, over againtt the round about. belly which was by the net-work and the 37 After this manner he made the tea pomegranates everé two hundred in rows baies : all of them had one casting, onc round about upon the other chapiter. sure, and one fize.

21 And he fet up the pillars in the porch 389 Then made he ten lavets of brals: of the temple: and he set up the right pil- one laver contained forty baths; and cray lar, and called the name thereof jachin; laver.was four cubits; and upon every oned and he set up the left pillas, and called the the ten bases one laver. name thereof Boaz.

39 And he put five bases on the right fide 22 And upon the top of the pillars nues lily- of the house, and five on the left fide of the work: so was the work of the pillars finished. house; and he fet the sea on the right side of

23 9 And he made a molten sea, ten cu- the house eastward, over again the fouth. bits from the onc brim to the other : it was 40 7 And Hiram made the lavers, and the round all abont, and his height was five cu novels, and the bafons: fo Hirain made an bits; and a line of thirty cubits did compat end of doing all the work that lie made king it round about.

Solomon for the house of the LORD; 24 And under the brim of it round about 41 The two pillars, and the taxo bawb of there were knops compaffiog it, ten in a the chapiters that were on the top of the two cubit, compassing the sea round about: the pillars; and the two net works, to cover the knops were caft in two rows when it was two bowls of the chapitcrs which were upon

the top of the pillars; 25 It stood upon twelve oxen, three look 42 And four hundred pomegranates for toward the weft, and three looking toward granates for one net-work, to cover the two ing toward the north, and three looking the two net-works, even two rows of pome the south, and three looking toward the east: Bowls of the chapiters that were upon the and the sea was set above upon them, and pillars ; all their hinder parts were inward.

43 Ánd the ten bases, and ten lasers on 26 And it was an hand breadth thick, and the bases; the brim thereof was wrought like

the brim 44 And onc sea, and twelve oxen under of a cup, with flowers of Illics: it contained the lea; Iwo thousand baths.

45 And the pots, and the shovels, and the 27 | And he made ten bases of brass : batons: and all these yenels which Hiram Pour cubits was the length of one bafe, and made to king Solomon for the house of the four cubits the breadth thereof, and three LORD, were of bright brass. cubits the height of it.

46 In the plain of Jordan did the king can 28 And the work of the bases was on this them, in the clay ground between Succoth manner : they had borders, and the borders and Zarthan. were between the ledges:

47 And Solomon left all the vefsela sam 29 And on the borders that were between weighed, because they were exceeding many : the ledges were lions, oxen, and cherubims: neither was the weight of the brals foun and upon the ledges there was a base above; mir.

45 Aad Solomon made all the vessels that 131 have Yurely built thee an house to dwen pericined unto the bouse of the LORD: the in, a fettled place for thee to abide in for ever. iltar of gold, and the table of gold, where 14 And the king turned his face about, and apan the thew-bread reas,

bleted all the congregation of Ifrael : (and 49 And the candlesticks of pure gold,

five all the congregation of lfrael ttood :) on the right fide, and tive on the left, beforc 15 And he laid, Blessed be the LORD God the cracle, with the flowers, and the lamps, of Israel, which spake with his mouth unto and the tongs, gold,

David my father, and hath with his hand So And the bonis, and the snuffers, and fulfilled il, saying, the balons, and the spoons, and the censers, 16 Since the day that I brought forth my of pure gold; and the hinges of gold, both people Ifrael out of Egypt, I chose no city for the doors of the inner house, the most out of all the tribes of Vrael to build an body pai, and for the doors of the house, house, that my name might be therein; but Soul, of the temple.

I chose David to be over my people Ifrael. $1 so was ended all the work that king 17 And it was in the heart of David my Solomon made for the house of the LORD. father to build an house for the name of And Solomon brought in the things which the LORD God of Israel. Parid his father had dedicated; even the 18 And the LORD said unto David my failver, and the gold, and the vetíels, did he ther, Whereas it was in thine heart to build mong the treasures of the house of the an house unto my name, thou didft well that

it was in thine heart: CHA P. VII.

19 Nevertheless, thou shalt not build the 1th dedication of the temple. 12, $5 Solo- house; but thy fon, that shall come forth out s Nejung: 22 kis prayer : 02 his facri- of thy loins, he thall build the house unto peace offerings.

my namne. Thee Solomon affembled the elders of 20 And the LORD hath performed his

Krael, and all the heads of the tribes, word that he spake; and I am riten up in te chie of the fathers of the children of the room of David my father, and fit on rad, unto king Solomon in Jerusalem, the throne of Israel, as the LORD

promised, that they might bring up the ark of the and have built an house for the name of the wenant of the LORD out of the city of LORD God of Israel. Dawid, which is Zion.

21 And I have set there a place for the And all the men of Israel assembled them ark, wherein is the covenant of the LORD, feta mto king Solomon at the feaft, in the whích he made with our fathers, when he the Ethanim, which is the seventh month. brought them out of the land of Egypt.

3. And all the elders of Israel came, and 22 | And Solomon ftood before the altar the priefia took up the ark.

of the LORD, in the presence of all the And they brought up the ark of the congregation of Israel, and spread forth his Lab, and the tabernacle of the congre hands toward heaven: ratim, and all the holy vefsels that were 23 And he said, LORD God of Israel, there w the tabernacle, even those did the priefts is no God like thee, in heaven above, or on the Levites bring up.

earth beneath, whó kecpeth covenant and S and king Solomon, and all the congre- mercy with thy fervants, that walk before an of frael, that werc assembled unto thee with all their heart'; ze with him, before the ark, facri. 24. Who haft kept with thy servant David

* Acep and oxen, that could not be my father that thou promiledit him: thou Ad our numbered for multitude.

Spakett also with thy mouth, and haft fulAt the priekts brought in the ark of the killed it with thine hand, as it is this day: convenant of the LORD unto his place, into the 25 Therefore now, LORD God of Ifrael,

the house, to the moft hoy place, kcep with thy servant David my father that under the wings of the cherubiins. thou promisedft him, saying, There shall

For the cherubims fpread forth their two not fail thee a man in my light to fit on a sve the place of the ark, and the the throne of Israel;

so that thy children antarw covered the ark, and 'the Haves take heed to their way, that they walk


fore me, as thou haft walked before me. Ant they drew out the staves, that the ends 26 And now, God of Israel, let thy word, kaves were feen out in the holy place I pray thee, be veriticd, which thou spakeft se ike otacle, and they were not scen unto thy fervant

David my father. cet: and there they are unto this day: 27 But will God indeed dwell on the » Tere tea, nothing in the ark save the earth? Behold, the heaven, and heaven of tables of ftans, which Mofes put there heavens, cannot contain thee; how much & when the LORD

made a covenant less this house that I have builded! 0x children of Ifrael, when they came 28 Yet have thou respect unto the prayer le laad of Egypt.

of thy fervant, and to his supplication, o 13 And it came to pass, when the prietls LORD' my God, to hearken unto the cry

came out of the holy place, that the anu to the prayer which thy fervant pray. metllad the houfe of the LORD,

oth before thee to-day: so that the prietts could not ftand to 29 That thine eyes may be mpen toward ter because of the cloud : for the glo- this house night and day, even toward the the Logo had filled the house of the place of which thou haft laid, My name thall

be there: that thou mayeft hearken unto ** Then ipaks Solomon, The LORD said the prayer which thy fervant thall make

he would dwell in the thick darkodas. toward this place

sted above.

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