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33 And now I have feni a cunning man, 10 And in the mort holy house he made ducd with understanding, of Huram my two cherubims of image-work, and overlaid

them with gold. 14 The son of a woman of the daugh. U q And the wings of the cherubims were * of Dar, and his father was a man of twenty cubits long : one wing of the one che Te, fulful to work in gold, and in filver, rub was five

cubits, reaching to the wall of biais, o iron, in ftone, and in timber, the house: and the other wing was likewise purple, in blue, and in fine linen, and five cubits, reaching to the wing of the other

crimfon; allo to grave any manner of cherub. aviors and to find out every device which 12 And one wing of the other cherub was I be put to him, with thy cunning men, five cubits, reaching to the wall of the house ; with the cunning men of my lord David and the other wing

avastive cubits also, joinfather.

ing to the wing of The other cherub. * Now therefore, the wheat, and the 13 The wings of these cherubims spread -47, the oil, and the wine, which my themfelves forth twenty, cubits: and they sul bath fpoken of, let him send unto his stood on their feet, and their faces were

inward. * And we will cut wood out of Lebanon, 14 S And he inade the vail of bine, and noch as thou shalt need; and we will purple, and crimson, and fine linen, and

e it to thee in floats by sea to Joppa, and wrought cherubims thereon. #thait carry it ap to Jerusalem.

15 Also he made before the house two • And Solornon numbered all the stran- pillars of thirty and five cubits high, and po that wort in the land of Israel, after the chapiter that was on the top of each + munbering wherewith David his father of them was tive cnbits. * numbered them and they were found 16 And he inade chains, as in the oracle, hundred and fifty thousand, and three and put them on the heads of the pillars; and ofand and fix hundred.

made an hundred pomegrantes, and put them 15 And he fe threescore and ten thousand on the chains.

hem to be bearers of burdens, and four- 17 And he reared up the pillars before the ve thousand co te bewers in the mountain, temple, one on the righe land, and the other bree thousand and fix hundred overseers on the left; and called the name of that on the poppie a work.

the right hand, Jachin, and the naine of that C H A P, III.

on the left, Boaz. le place and line of building the temple.

CHAP. IV. Varafure and ornaments of the house. I The allar of b afs. 2. The moltes fer. 6 The : The cherubims.

ten lavirs, candlesticks, and tables. 19 The uten Solomon began build the house in, ruments of soid.

be Lord at Jerufalem in mount be where the LORD appeared. unto twenty cubits the length thereof, and te his father, in the place that David twenty cubits the breadth thereof, and ten

oved in the threshing-four of Ornan cubits the heigh thereof. jetonte.

2 ( Also he made a molten sea, of ten cu. the began to build in the second day bits from brim to brim, round in compass, Le lecond nionth, in the fourth year of and five cubits the heicht thereof; and a

line of thirty cubits did compass it round * kov there are the things munerein So- abott.

was inftructed for the building of the 3 And under it was the fimilitude of oxen, of God. The length by cubits, after which did compass it sound about ; ten in a ant mealure, Tuas threefiore cubits, and cubit, conipalling the sea round about. Two radth twenty cribits.

TOWs of oan 'il'ere cat when it was caft. And the porch that was in the front of 4 It stood upon twelve oxen, three looking safe, the length of it was according to toward the north, and three looking toward vead.h of the house, twenty cubits, and the west, and three looking tovaru the Reight was ao hundred and twenty: south, and three looking toward the eart: 2 overlaid it within with pure gold. and the lea was set abc ve upon them, and

and the grea?er honle he ceiled with fir all their linder parts were inward. which he overlaid with fine gold, and 5 And the thickness of it was an hand. seon palm-trees and chains.

breadth, and the brim of it like the work of And he garnithed the house with prccious the brim of a cur, with flowers of lilies; and es for beauty : and the gold was gold of it received and held three thoulavd baths.

6 He made aito ton lavers, and put tive le overlaid also the house, the bcarns, on the right hand, and five on the left, to

, and the walls thereof, and the wash in them : such things as they offered thereof, with gold ; and graved Cheru- for the burnt-ottering they waired in them; 20 the walls.

but the sea ruas for the plesio wath in. Lad be made the moft holy house, the 7 And he made ten enndlesticks of gold 15 hereof was according to the breadth according to their form, and let them in the boufe, twenty cubits, and the breadth temple, five on the right hand, and five on

tucnty cubits; and he overlaid it with the left. Picoba, amounting to fix hundred talents. 8 He made alsoten tables, and placed them

at the weight of the nails tras fifty in the temple, five on the right side, and five of gold. And hic overlaiıthe upper on the left and he inade an hundred talons abers with gold.

of gold,

9 5 Futhermore, he made the court of 6 Allo king Solomon, and all the congres the priests, and the great court, and doors gation of Ifrael that were alsсmbled wata for the court, and overlaid the doors of them him before the ark, facrificed theep and with brais.

oxen, which could not be told nor mums 19' And he set the sea on the right ide of bered for multitude. the catt end, over againft the south.

7 And the prietts brought in the ark of the 11 And Huram made the pots, and the covenant of the LORD unto his place, to the shovels, and the bafons. And Huram finith- oracle

of the house, into the most holy me ed the work that he

was to make for king even under the wings of the cherubima Solomon for the house of God;

8 For the cherubims spread forth their 12 To wit, the two pillars, and the pom- wings over

the place of the ark, and the mels, and the chapiters which were on the cherubims covered the art, and the tara top of two pillars, and the two wreaths thereof above. to cover the two pommels of the chapiters 9 And they drew out the Itaves of the ærl, which were on the top of the pillars. that the ends of the flavcs were feen fraa

13 And four hundred pomegranates on the the ark before the oracle, but they were not two wreaths ; two rows of pomegranates on seen without. And there ir is unto this day. each wreath, to cover the two pommels of 10 There was nothing in the ark Live the the chapiters which were upon the pillars, two tables which Mofes put therein at 1.

14 He made also bales; and lavers made reb, when the LORD made a covenany with Ne upon the bases;

the children of Ifracl, which they came out 15 One fea, and twelve oxen under it ; of Egypt.

16 The pots allo, and the thovels, and the 11°f And it came to pass, when the price Aelb-looks, and all their initruments, did were come out of the holy place; (for 10 Huram his father make to king Solomon, for the priests that were present were fandiried the house of the LORD, of bright brafs. and did not then wait by courfe ;

17 In the plain of Jordan did the king 12 Also the Levites, which were the one cait them, in any clay-ground between Suc- ers, all of them of Afaph, of Heman, of coth and 2eredathah.

dathun, with their fons and their brethres 18 Thus Solomon made all these vessels being arrayed in white linen, Having cyrchal, is great abandlande : for the weight of the and pfalteries, and harps, ttood ar the car brats could not be found out.

end of the altar, and with them an hundred 19 | And Solomon made all the vesels and twenty prieits founding with trumpets that were for the house of God, the golden 13 It came even to pars, as the trumpetan altar also, and the tables whereon the thew and fingers tuere as orie, to make eac laord braid was set ;

to be heard in praising, and thanking the 20 Moreover, the candlesticks with their LORD, and when they

lifted up their voks lamps, that they thould burn after the man- with the trumpets, and cymbals, and intranier before the oraclu, of pure gold; ments cf inufick, and praised the LORD Jan

21 And the flowers, and the lamps, and ing, For he is good; for his mercy endant the tongs, made he of gold, and that perfect for ever: that then the house was filled with gold;

a cloud, even the house of the LOND; 22'And the suffers, and the bafons, and 14 So that the priests could not itand roc spoons, and the confers of pure goid : minister by reason of the cloud; for the gley and the entry of the house, the inner doors of the LORD had filled the houk of God. thercof for the mott holy place, and the doors

C F A P. VI. of the houfc of the temple were of gold. 1 Solomon having bleted the people, liefe Get: CHAP. V.

14 his prayer at the confecration of the tesels 1 The dedicated treasures and The beginning T that he would dwell in the thickdaranen

hath praised, giveth a fogn of favour.

2 but I have built an hoofe of balritarion Hus all the work that Solomon made for thee, and a place for thy dwelling for eve. T'for the house of the LORD

was finish 3 And the king turned his face, and blesd ed; and Sulomon brought in all the things the whole congregation of Ifrael: (and that David liis father had dedicated; and the congregation of Ifrael Mood ;) the tilver, and the gold, and all the inftru 4 And he said, Bledled be the LORD God ments, put he among the treafures of the of Tirael, who hath with his hands fulfies house of God.

that which he fpake with his mouth to my 29 Then Solomon assembled the elders of father David, laying, Ifrael, and all the heads of the tribes, the 5 Since the day that I brought fürth of chief of the fathers of the children of ur people out of the land of Egypt, i chok ne taet, unto Jerusalem, to bring up the ark of city among all the tribes of'

lurael to both the covenant of the Lord out of the city an house in, that my name might be the of David, which is Zion.

neither chofe I any inan to be a mle ore 3 Wherefore all the men of Israel allem- my people Ifrael : bled themselves unto the king, in the feast 6 But I have chosen Jerusalem, thuat may which coas in the feventh month.

name might be there; and have chosen De 4 And all the elders of liracl came; and vid to be over my pcoplc lfrael. the Levites laok up the ark,

7 Now, it was in the heart of David we $ And they brought up the ark, and the father to build an house for the danyc kabernacle of the congregation, and all the the LORD God of Israel. Holy veels that were in the tabernacle, thefe 8 But the LORD faid to David my father did the prietts and the Levices bring up Forasiguch as it was in tline ticart to build

- house for my same, thou didit well in 24 And if thy people Macl be put to but it was in thinc heart :

the worse before the enemy, becaule they Notwithstanding, thou thalt not build have linned against thee, and thall return he house, but thy fon, which thall come and confels thy name, and pray and make

oth oat of thy 'loins, he shall build the supplication before thee in this lioule : suse for my name.

25 Then hear thou from the heavens, and to The LORD therefore, hath performed forgive the lin of thy people Ifrael, and is word that he hath (poken; for I am bring them again unto the land which thou Ien up in the room of David' my father, gaveit to them, and to their fathers. ad am let on the throne of Israel, as the 26°9 When the heaven is shut up, and ORD

promifit, and have built the house for there is no rain, because they have linned be narke of the LORD God of Ifrael: against thee ; set if they pray toward this 11 And in it lave I put the ark, wherein place, and confefs thy name, and turn from the covenant

of the LORD, that he made their lin when thou dont ami&t them : with the children of Ifrael.

27 Then hear thou from heaven, and for13 And he ftood before the altar of the give the fin of thy fervants, and of thy pee3D, in the presence of all the congrega- ple lfrael, when thou hatt taught them the - of Ifrael, and spread forth his hands : good way wherein they should walk; and 03 For Solòmnon had made a brafen

fcaf- fend rain upon thy land, which thou haft of fire cubits long, and five cubits given unto thy people for an inheritance. wad, anul three cubits high, and had set 28 9 If there be dearth in the land, it in the midtt of the court; and upon it there be peftilence, if there be blafting,

tood, and kneeled down upon his knees or mildew, locults, or caterpillars; if their fore all the congregation of lfrael, and enemies belege them in the cities of their

ad forth his hands toward heaven, land; whatsoever fore, or whatsoever sick, 14 And Caid, O LORD God of Israel, there nefs, there be : so god like thee in the heaven, nor in 29 Then what prayer, or what supplication carth; which keepeth covenant, and foever, shall be made of any man, or of all

Teeå mercy unto thy fervants that walk thy people Ifrael, when every one thall know are thce with all their hearts:

his own sore, and his own grief, aha thall I Thou which halt kept with thy servant fpread forth his hands in this house, id my father, that which thou bast pro- 30 Then hear thou from heaven thy dwellfed him; and spaket with thy mouth, ing-plaće, and forgive,

and render unto evead hat fulfilled it, with thine hand, as á fy man according into all his ways, wholc this day.

heart thou knowelt; (for thou only knowett 16 Xon therefore, O LORD God of lfrael, the hearts of the children of men ;) with thy servant David my father, that 31 That they may fear thec, to walk in tuch thou haft promised him, faying. There thy ways so long as they live in the land

not fail thee a man in my light to fit which thou gaveft unto our fathers. pon the throne of Israel ; yet so that thy 32 Moreover, concerning the stranger, Andren take heed to their way to walk in which is not of thy people Israel, but is come 47 lax, as thou hart walked before me.

froin a far country for thy great names fake, 17 No* then, O Lord God of Ifrael, let and thy mighty hand, and thy Arctched o* ay word be verified, which thou haft [po. arm; if they come and pray in this house : uito thy fervant David.

33 Then hear thou from the heavens, et'en 19 But will God in very deed dwell with 'from thy dwelling-place, and do according -11 on the earth! Behold, heasen, and the to all that the iteanger calleth to thee for; ***€71 of heavcns, cannot contain thee; how that all people of the earth may know thy hlefs this house which I have builded?) name, and fear thee, as doth thy people If 19 Have respect, therefore, to the prayer of racl; and may know that this house, which

forvant, and to his supplication, o LORD I have built, is called hy thy name. my God, to hearken unto the cry and the 34 If thy people goout to waragainst their TIC which thy servant prayeth before enemies by the way that thou ihalt lend

them, and they pray unto thee toward this 10 That thine eyes may be open upon this city which thou hart chofen, and the house of day and night, upon the place whereof which I have buil', for thy name: Salut Taid, that thou wouldest put thy name 35 Then hear thou froin the heavens their hor, to dearken unto the prayer which

thy prayer and their supplication, and inaintain STvant prayeth towards this place.

thcir caufc. 1 Harken, therefore, unto the fupplicati- 36 If they fin againit thee, (for there is no 1% of thy servant, and of thy people Ifrael, man which linneth not,) and thou be angry

y thall inake toward this place; with them, and deliver them over before Paarthou from thydwelling-place, even from their enemies, and they carry them away Caren; and, when thou heareft, forgive. captives unto a land far off or icar : *TIT a man fin againft his neighbour, 37. Yet if they bethink theinselves in the d an oath be laid upon him to make him land whither they are carried captive, and tu, and the oath come before thine al turn and pray unto thecin the land of their Dar in this house:

captivity, saying, We have finncd, we have 31.Then hear thou from heaven, and do, done amils, and have dealt wickedly; tad judge thy servants, by requiring the 38 If they return to thee with all their wicked, by recompenting his way upon his heart, and with all their foul, in the land oma head, and, by justifying the righteous, of their captivity, whither they have catby spring his according to his righteousness. ried them captives, and pray toward the

tand, which thon gaveft unto their fathers, 11 Thus Solomon finished the house. and forward the city which thou haft chofen, LORD, and the kings honfe : and a and toward the house which I have built for came into Solomon's heart to make to thy name:

house of the LORD, and in his own un 39 Then hear thou from the heavens, even he prosperously effected. from thy dwelling-place, their prayer and 12 And the LORD appeared to Soor their lupplications, and maintain the cause, by night, and said unto him, I lavt and forgive thy people which have finncd thy prayer, and have chosen this pace against thee.

myself for an house of sacrifice. 40 Now my God, let, I beseech thee, thinc 13 If I shut up heaven that there be eyes be open, and let thine cars be attent

un- rain, or if I command thc locufts to de to the prayer that is made in this place. the land, or if I send peftilence among

41 Now therefore, arife, O LORD God, in people; to thy refting-place, thou, and the ark of 14 If my people, which are called by tbyttrength : let thy priests, O LORD God, name, shall humble themselves, and a be cloathed with salvation, and let thy saints and seek my face, and turnirom tbeiry rejoice in goodness.

ed ways; then will I hear from heaven, 42 O LORD God, turn not away the face will forgive their fin, and will he stitcir La of thine anointed : remember the morcies Is Now, mine eyes shall be open, and of David thy servant.

ears attent anto the prayer 1 CHAP. VII.

this place. 1 God, giveth teftimony to Solomon's prayer, the 16 For now have I chosen and a

people worship him.' 4 Solomons sacrifice. this house, that my name may be there N

ow when Solomon had made an end ever: and mine eyes and mine beart E.

of praying, the fire came down from be there perpetnally. Acaven, and consumed the burnt-offering 17 And as for thee, If thou wilt and the facrifices ; and the glory of the fore me, as David thy father walked LORD filled the house.

do according to all that I have comma 2 And the prietts could not enter into the thee, and lialt obferve my natute an house of the LORD, because the glory of the judgments; LORD had filled the LORDK house.

18 Then will I ftablifo the throne :: 3 And

when all the children of Ifrael saw kingdom, according as I have corenarbu. how the fire came down, and the glory of with David thy father, saying. That : the LORD upon the houle, they bowed them- not fail thee a man to be ruler in Tirael. felves with tbeir faces to the ground upon 19 But if ye turn away, and fortske the pavement, and worshipred, and praised ftatutes and my commandments, vt the Lord, saying, For he is good; for his have set before you, and shall go and E mercy endurelt for ever.

other gods, and worship them; 4 i Then the king and all the people of 20 Then will I pluck them up by the fercd facrifices before the LORD.

out of my land which I have given the 5 And king Solomon offered a sacrifice of and this house, which I have landific L twenty and two thousand oxen, and an my name, will I cast out of my fight, hundred and tweaty thonsand theep: So the will make it to be a proverb, and a b king and all the people dedicated the house among all nations. of God.

21 And this house, which is high, fall be 6 And the prietts vaited on their offices; astonishment to every one that pada the Lerites also with inftruments of musick lo that he ihall say, Why hath the Loape of the LORD, which David the king had thus unto this land, and unto this badir made to praise the Lord, because his mercy 22 And it shall be answered,

Becaafet endureth for ever, when David praised by forsook the LORD God of their father. w their miniftry; and the priets founded trum- brought them forth out of the land of Egy pets before them, and all Ifrael stood, and laid hold on other gods, and worthiner

Moreover, Sclomon hallowed the mid- them, and served thern : therefore tach dle of the court that was before the house of brought all this evil upon them. the Lord: for there he offered burnt-offer

CHAP. VIII. ings, and the fat of the peace-offerings, be- i Solomons buildings. 7 The Cazacite si cause the brasen altar wlich Solorron had tributaries.' 12 Solomous yearly (42TE". inade, was not able to receive the burnt-of- Nd it came to pass at the end of twee terings, and the ineat-offerings, and the fat.


years, wherein Solomon had built 8 $ Allo, at the same time Solomon kept house of the LORD, and his own heak. the fcast seven days, and all Ifrael with him, 2 That the cities which Huram had a very great congregation, from the entering stored to Solomon, Solomon built them, the in or Hamath unto the river of Egypt. caused the children of Israel to dwe to:

9 And In the eiglith day they made a so- 3 And Solomon went to Hainath ma iemn aisembly : for they kept the dedication and prevailed againf it. of the altar leven days, and the feaft seven 4 And he built Tadmor in the wilderna days.

and all the tore-cities which he built 10 And on the three and twentieth day of Hamoth. the seventh month, he sent the people avay 5 Allo he built Betb-horon the urpes, into their tents, glad and merry in heart, Beth-heron the nether, fenced citie, for the goodness that the LORD had thewed walls, ates, and bars : unto David, and to Solomon, and to Israel 6 And Baalath, and all the fort-cities,

Solomon had, and all the chariot-citio,

bis pcople.

e cities of the horsemen, and all that so- 2 And Solomon told her all lier questions: mon defired to build in Jerulalem, and in and there was nothing hid from Solomon anon, and throughout all the land of his which he told her not. minion.

3 And when the queen of Sheba had seen 11for all the people that were left of the wisdom of Solomon, and the house that - Hirzites, and the Amorites, and the Pe- he had built, zites, and the Hivites, and thc Jebafites, 4 And the meat of his table, and the fitting ich dere not of Ifrael,

of his servants, and the attendance of liis 8 But of their children, who were left af: minifters, and their apparel, his cup-bearers

them in the land, whom the children of also, and their apparel; and his ascent by tacl cordumcd not, them did solonon which he went up into the house of the wake to pay tribute until this day.

LORD ; there was no more fpirit in her. Bet of the

children of vrael di Solomon 5 And the Caid to the king, it was a true wake na fersants for his work : but they report which I heard in mine own land of

pre nen of war, and chief of his captains, thine acts, and of thy wisdom: a captains of his chariots and horsemen. 6 Howbeit, I believed not their words

1. And there were the chief of sing Solo- until I caine, and mine eyes had seen it: - 2 ofácers, even two hundred and fifty, and behold, the one half of the greatness of at bare rule over the people.

thy wisdom was not told me: for thou ex13 And Solomon brought up the daugh- ceedelt the fame that I heard. of Pharaoh out of the city of David,

unto 7 Happy are thy men, and happy are these toale that he had built for her : for he thy servants, which it and continually before

My wife shall not dwell in the houfe of thee, and hear thy wisdom. nd king of Ifrael, because the places are 8 Blessed be the LORD thy God, which de a whereunto the art of the LORD hath lighted in thee to set thee on his throne, to

be king for the LORD thy God: because thy 12? Then Solomon offered burnt-offerings God loved Ifrac), co eitablish them for ever,

the LORD, on the altar of the Lord, therefore made he thee king over them, to 2b he had built bevre the porch; do judgment and justice. *1 Even after a certain rate every day, 9 And the gave the king an luundred and tag according to the commandsnent of twenty talents of gold, and of spices great let, on the fàbbaths, and on the new- abundance, and precious stones : neither was pes, and on the solemn scasts, three times there any such fpice as the queen of Sheba

ise year, even in the feaft of unleavened gave king Solomon. -d, and in the featt of wecks, and in the 10 And the servants also of Huram, and of tabernacles.

the servants of Soloins, which brought gold 44 9 And he appointed, according to the from Ophir, brought algum-trees, and pre

of David his father, the courses of thc cious stones. be to their service, and the Levites to 11 And the king made of the algum-trees es charges, to praise and ininifter before terraces to the houiè of the LORD, and prais, as the duty of every day required; to the kings palace, and

harps and pfalteries portet's also by their courses, at every for fingers; and there were none luch seen me for so had David, the man of before in the land of Judah. manda.

12 And king Solomon gave to the queen 13 And they departed not from the com- of Sheba all her defire, whatsoever the alked, ément of the king unto the prietts and belides that which the had brought unto the crites, concerning any matter, or concern- king: fo the turned, and went away to her the treasures.

own land, the and her servants. 16 Nom, all the work of Solomon was 13. Now, the weight of gold that came Tared unto the day of the foundation to Solomon, in one year, was lix hundred and the house of the LORD, and until it was threescore and fix talents of gold;

al: je the house of the LORD was 14 Befides tha! which chapmen and mereded.

chants brought : and all the kings of Arabia, 17 * Then weat Solomon to Ezion-geber, and governors of the country, brought gold ad to Eloth, at the fea-lide in the land of and silver to Soloinon. Z dom,

IS I And king Solonnán made two hundred 19 Ant Pluram fent bim, by the hands of targets of beaten gold; fix hundred slicacis of

eru ants, thip, and fervants that had beaten gold went to one target. 1 sowledge of the fea; and thty went with 16 And three hundred thields made he of

fervants of Solomon to Ophir, and took beaten gold; three hundred /hekels of gold che four hundred and fifty talents of gold, went to one shield: and the king put them and brought there to king Solomon.

in the house of the foreit of Lebanon. CHAP. IX.

17.9. Moreover, the king made a great The queen of Sheba admireth Solomons avif- throne of ivory, and overlaid it with pure 13 tis riches : 31 his death.

gold. Akele on solumen, fine cene dove

N when the queen of Sheba lieard of 18 And there ruere fix fteps to the throne, Woman with hard queftions at Jerusalem, to the throne, and ttays on cach tide of the tik a very great company, and camels that sitting-place, and two lions ilanling by ine use from, and gold in abundance, and pre- ttays. texta torc; and when she was come to Solo- 19 And twelve lioas food therс on the one ', the comingned with himn of all that side and on the other, upon the x feps

There was not the liks made in any kingdong.

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