Imatges de pÓgina

April 1826.





Voyages, Travels, Geography, and

PERSONAL NARRATIVE of TRAVELS in COLOMBIA: embracing Details of the Geography, Climate, Population, Vegetable and Mineral Productions, &c. &c. of that Country. By BARON DE HUMBOLDT.

From the Original French, by HELEN MARIA WILLIAMS.

In 8vo. Vol. VI. Parts 1 and 2, with a General Map of the Republic of Columbia, from the latest Observations and Discoveries, &c. &c. price 25s. Bds.

By the same Author,

The first Five Volumes of the PERSONAL NARRATIVE, price 41. 1s. Bds. RESEARCHES concerning the INSTITUTIONS and MONUMENTS of the ANCIENT INHABITANTS of AMERICA; with Descriptions and Views. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. Bds.

POLITICAL ESSAY on MEXICO. 3d Edit. 4 Vols. 8vo. with Sections and Maps. 31. 13s. 6d. Bds.


NARRATIVE of a JOURNEY into KHORASAN; including some Account of the Countries to the North-East of Persia: with Remarks upon the National Character, Government, and Resources of that Kingdom. By JAMES B. FRASER, Esq. Author of a "Tour in the Himala Mountains," &c. In 1 Vol. 4to. with a new Map by Arrowsmith, 37. 38. Bds.

TRAVELS among the ARAB TRIBES inhabiting the Countries East of SYRIA and PALESTINE. Including a Journey from Nazareth to the Mountains beyond the Dead Sea; from thence through the Plain of the Hauran to Bozra, Damascus, Tripoli, Lebanon, and Baalbeck, and by the Valley of the Orontes to Seleucia, Antioch, and Aleppo.

By J. S. BUCKINGHAM, Esq. Author of "Travels in Palestine," &c. 1 Vol. 4to. with a Map of the Author's Route, and other Illustrations. Price 31. 138. 6d. Bds.

TRAVELS in PALESTINE, through the Countries of Bashan and Gilead, East of the River Jordan; including a Visit to the Cities of Geraza and Gamala, in the Decapolis. In 2 Vols. 8vo. the 2d Edition, with Maps, Plates, and Vignettes. Price 14. 118. Gd. Bds.


SKETCHES of CORSICA; or a Journal written during a

Visit to that Island; with an Outline of its History; and Specimens of the Lan guage and Poetry of the People. With Plates.


1. Vol. 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. Bds.

RECOLLECTIONS of FOREIGN TRAVEL, on Life, Literature, and Self-Knowledge, By Sir EGERTON BRYDGES, Bart. &c. &c. 2 Vols. post 8vo, 18s. Bds.


Voyages, Travels, Geography, and Topography.

A VOYAGE performed in the Years 1822-23-24; containing an Examination of the Antarctic Sea to the 14th Degree of Latitude: and a Visit to Terra del Fuego, with a particular Account of the Inhabitants. To which will be added, much useful Information on the Coasting Navigation of Cape Horn, and the adjacent Lands, with Charts of Harbours, &c.

By JAMES WEDDELL, Esq. Master in the Royal Navy. In 1 Vol.8vo. 188. JOURNAL of a RESIDENCE in CHILE, and VOYAGE from the PACIFIC, in the Years 1822 and 1823; preceded by an Account of the Revolu tions in Chile, since the Year 1810, and particularly of the Transactions of the Squadron of Chile under Lord Cochrane.

By MARIA GRAHAM, Author of a "Residence in India," &c. &c.
In One Volume, 4to. with Engravings, Price 27. 12s. 6d. Bds.

there, during Part of the Years 1821, 1822, and 1823; including an Account of the
Revolution which brought about the Independence of the Brazilian Empire.
By MARIA GRAHAM. In 4to. with Plates 21. 28. Bds.

TRAVELS in BRAZIL, in the Years 1817, 18, 19, and 20. Undertaken by the Command of His Majesty the King of Bavaria, and Published under his special Patronage. By Dr. JOHN VON SPIX, and Dr. CHARLES VON MARTIUS, Members of the Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences. Translated from the

German. Vols. I. and II. in 8vo. with Plates. Price 11. 48. Bds. TRAVELS in the INTERIOR of SOUTHERN AFRICA.


With an entirely new large Map, numerous coloured Engravings, and 50 Vig. nettes, from the Author's original Drawings. In 4to. Vol. II. (which concludes the Work) Price 4l. 148. 6d. Bds. Also, Vol. I. Price 4l. 148. 6d.

TRAVELS in GEORGIA, PERSIA, ARMENIA, ANCIENT BABYLONIA, TURCOMANIA, BULGARIA, VALACHIA, &c. &c. during the Years 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820. In 4to, with numerous Engravings of Portraits, Costumes, Antiquities, &c. &c. Complete in 2 Vols. Price 91. 98. Bas.


Vol. II. just published, may be had separately, Price 47. 148. 6d. Bds. TRAVELS, comprising OBSERVATIONS made during a RESIDENCE in the TARENTAISE, and various Parts of the Grecian and Pennine Alps, in Savoy, and in Switzerland and Auvergne, in the Years 1820, 1821, and 1822, with Remarks on the present State of Society, Manners, Religion, Agriculture, Cliinate, &c. of those Countries.


In 2 vols. 8vo. with Plates, and Wood-cuts, Price 11. 68. Bds.
By Major A. CRUISE, of the 84th Regiment.

Second Edition. In 8vo. with a Frontispiece. Price 98. Bds.

By JOHN WHITE, Lieutenant in the United States Navy.
In 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. Bds.

MEMOIRS of a CAPTIVITY among the INDIANS of NORTH AMERICA, from Childhood to the Age of Nineteen. With Anecdotes descriptive of their Manners and Customs, and an Account of the Territory westward of the Mississippi. To which are now added, Reflections on the present Condition of the Indians, and a Plan for Ameliorating their Circumstances.

By J. D. HUNTER. The 3d Edition, with a Portrait, in 8vo. Price 12s. Bds. ACCOUNT of an EXPEDITION from PITTSBURGH to the ROCKY MOUNTAINS, performed in the Years 1819-20, by Order of the Hon. J. C. CALHOUN, Secretary of War, under the Command of Major S. H. LONG, of the United States Topographical Engineers. Compiled from the Notes of Major LONG, Mr. T. SAY, and other Gentlemen of the Party.

By EDWIN JAMES, Botanist and Geologist for the Expedition. In 3 Vols. 8vo. illustrated with Maps and Plates. Price 14. 168. Bds. NARRATIVE of a TOUR through the MOREA, giving an Account of the present State of that Peninsula and its Inhabitants. By Sir WILLIAM GELL.

In 1 Vol. Svo. illustrated by Plates, Wood Cuts, &c. Price 156. Bds.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

The TRAVELS of THEODORE DUCAS, in various Countries of Europe, at the Revival of Letters and Art. Part the First-ITALY.

Edited by CHARLES MILLS, Esq.

Author of the" History of the Crusades," and a "History of Mahommedanism.” In 2 Vols. Svo. Price 1. 48,

TRAVELS in various COUNTRIES of the EAST; being a Continuation of Memoirs relating to European and Asiatic Turkey, &c. In 4to. with Plates. Price 31. 38. Bds. Edited by ROBERT WALPOLE, A. M.

MEMOIRS relating to EUROPEAN and ASIATIC TURKEY, and other Countries of the EAST. The Second Edition. In Quarto. With Plates. Price 31. 3s. Bds.

Edited from Manuscript Journals by ROBERT WALPOLE, A: M. SCENES and IMPRESSIONS in EGYPT and in ITALY. By the Author of "SKETCHES of INDIA," &c.

Second Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 12s. Boards.



For Fire-side Travellers at Home. The 3d Edit. In 1 Vol. 8vo. 9s. Bds.

By the same Author,

RECOLLECTIONS of the PENINSULA, containing Sketches of the Manners and Character of the Spanish Nation. Fourth Edition, in 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. Boards. "They offer a genuine, animated description of the life which a soldier leads in the field: they bring before us all the pleasures, the privations, the adventures, even the feelings which belong to such a life.... It is impossible not to feel amused and pleased with the writer."-Quarterly Rev. Apr.

Periodical Publications and Fine Arts.

The GARDENER'S MAGAZINE, and Register of Rural and Domestic Improvement. Conducted by J. C. LOUDON, F.L.S. H.S. &c. In 8vo. with Engravings on Wood, to be continued Quarterly, No. I. and II. 28. 6d. each. CHRONOLOGICAL and HISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS


Containing a Series of Engravings of Views, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details, of all the various Classes of Buildings and Styles of Architecture, that have successively prevailed at different Periods in Great Britain; accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Accounts of entire Edifices, and of their component Parts. By JOHN BRITTON, F.S.A.

Nos. I. to X. Price 128. each, Medium 4to.; and 12. Imperial 4to. The 11th Number, to complete the Work, will appear shortly. This Work will form the Fifth Volume of the Architectural Antiquities. The CATHEDRAL ANTIQUITIES of ENGLAND; or, an Historical,Architectural, and Graphical Illustration of the English Cathedral Churches.


Price 128. per Number in Medium 4to.: and 17. in Imperial 4to. 32 Numbers are already published. Each Size to class with the Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain. The following are complete, and may be had separate, viz.

Salisbury Cathedral, with 31 Engravings, ined. 4to. 31. 3s. imp. 4to. 5l. 58. cr, fol. 81. sup.-roy. fol. 11. Bas.

Norwich, with 25 Plates, med. 4to. 2l. 10s.; imp. 4to. 4l. 4s.; cr. fol. 64. 10s.; sup.-roy. fol. 8. 168. Bds.

Winchester, med. 4to. 37. 38.; imp. 4to. 51. 5s.; cr. fol. 8l.; sup.-roy. fol. 11. York, with 35 Engravings, med. 4to, 31. 15s.; imp. 4to. 67. 6s.; cr. fol. 91. 98.; sup.-roy.fol. 12. 128. Bds.

Lichfield, with 16 Engravings, medium 4to. 3l. 158.; imperial 4to. 61. 68. Bds.
Oxford, med. 4to. 1. 48. imp. 4to. 21. 28.; sup.-roy. folio, 41, 48. Bds.
Canterbury, med. 4to. 34. 38.; imp. 51. 58.; sup.-roy. fol. 104. 108. Bds.

Wells, with 24 Engravings. Med. 4to. 2. 10s; imp. 47. 48. sup. roy. fol. Sl. 8s.or with proofs and etchings, 167. 168.

Exeter, Nos. 1, 2, and 3, are published, and the 4th Number to complete, will be ready in the course of the summer.

Periodical Publications, and Fine Arts.

The ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES of GREAT BRITAIN, displaying a Series of Select Engravings, representing the most beautiful curious, and interesting ancient Edifices of this Country, with an Historical and Descriptive Account of each Subject.


In 4 Vols. Medium 4to. 217.; or Imperial 4to. 32l. half-bound.


Comprehending the Biography of all the principal Characters. Interspersed and illustrated with a Variety of original Letters, Documents, and Anecdotes. Vols. I. to IX. for 1817, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, & 25, Price 158. each.

Vol. X. for 1826, just published, Price 158.

The EDINBURGH REVIEW and CRITICAL JOURNAL, No. 1 to 86. Price 68. each.

A PICTURESQUE VOYAGE ROUND GREAT BRITAIN; containing a Series of Views of the prominent Features of the Coast.


The FIRST VOYAGE contains 28 Plates, illustrative of the Coast from the Land's End, Cornwall, to Holyhead, with descriptive Letter-press, 72. 10s. half-bound. The SECOND VOYAGE (of 1816) comprehends Holyhead and Portpatrick, with the intermediate Parts, illustrated in 28 Plates, and detailed Narrative, 74. 108.

The THIRD VOYAGE (in 1817) comprises 42 Plates, with Descriptions of the Southwest Coast and Part of the Western Isles of Scotland, 72. 108. half-bound.

The FOURTH VOYAGE (in 1818) comprehending the Isles of Skye, Harris, and Lewis; the North-west and Northern Coast of Scotland; the Orkneys; and the East Coast from Duncansby Head to Dundee, with 42 Plates, 72. 108. Vol. V. being a Continuation of the Fourth Voyage, 72. 108. half-bound. Vol. VI. extends to the Mouth of the Thames, 7. 108. Bds.

Vol. VII. embraces the distance between Sheerness & Weymouth, 74 108. Bds. Vol. VIII. to the Land's End, 77. 108. Bds. An Index Chart to the Work, 6s.


By M. MALTE BRUN, Editor of the "Annales des Voyages," &c. Parts 1 to 10. To be completed in Fourteen quarterly Parts, forming Seven Svo. Volumes, price 78. 6d. each Part.

In the First Volume a Luminous Philosophical Theory of Geography is developed; the Second and half the Third contain Asia; the last part of the Third, the regions situated in the great ocean between Africa, Asia, and America; the Fourth, Africa and its Adjacent islands; and the Fifth, North and South America, and the West Indies.

The Theory of Geography, and the description of Asia, Africa, and the Continent of Europe, have been corrected and improved by the Author expressly for this translation; while the description of the British Empire, and of North and South America, under the revision of Gentlemen belonging to these Countries, will assume, in a great measure, the character of an original work.

With these advantages superadded to the well-known talent of M. Malte Brun, and the acknowledged merits of the French Work, the publishers do not hesitate to avow their expectation that the present translation will prove the most complete body of Geographical science ever given to the public.

"M. Malte Brun is probably known to most of our readers as the author of a Systematic Work on Geography; he is besides the editor of Nouvelles Annales des Voyages: the first is as much superior to the compilations of our Guthries and Pinkertons, as the other is to the garbled productions of our Trusters and Mavors.". Quarterly Review, No.52.

"Its design is to bring together the whole of Ancient and Modern Geography.. But immense and difficult as the undertaking is, the Author has done and is doing it ample justice. It is at once a System of Geography for every day use, and at the same time an example of enlarged philosophical views. It is alike calculated to gratify those who read merely from curiosity, and those who seek its pages for the more definite purposes of education and scientific intelligence.... It is admirable in its original form, it is well translated, it is printed in a fair style; and, in fine, it is a work that neither library nor family, nor school should be without." Literary Gazette.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.


The MODERN THEATRE; or, a COLLECTION of SUCCESSFUL MODERN PLAYS, acted at the Theatres Royal, London. Printed from the Prompt-books. Selected by Mrs. INCHBALD.

In 10 Vols. royal 18mo. to correspond with Inchbald's British Theatre, and Collection of Farces. Price 24. 108. and on fine Paper, Price 31. 158. Bds.

A COLLECTION of FARCES, and OTHER AFTERPIECES, acted at the Theatres Royal, London. Selected by Mrs. INCHBALD.

In 7 Vols. royal 18mo. 14. 158. Bds. or on fine Paper, with Portraits, 24. 12s. 6d.

History and Biography.

GIBBON'S HISTORY of the DECLINE and FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE; adapted to the Use of Families and Young Persons; in which the Civil, Political, and Military Transactions of the Empire are given in the powerful Language of the Author; but the indecent Expressions, and all Allusions of an improper Tendency, have been erased. By THOMAS BOWDLER, Esq.

F.R.S. &c. 5 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. 38.

MEMOIRS of the LIFE of the Right Hon. RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN. By THOMAS MOORE, Esq. Author of Lalla Rookb, &c. The 4th Edit. in 2 Vols. 8vo. with a Portrait. 14. 11s. 6d. Bds.

MEMOIRS of the LIFE of J. P. KEMBLE, Esq. including a HISTORY of the STAGE, from the Time of Garrick to the present period. By J. BOADEN, Esq. Author of the Enquiry into the Shakspeare Portraits, &c. In 2 Vols. 8vo. with a Portrait, 17. 88. Bds.

A COMPENDIOUS CHART of ANCIENT HISTORY and BIOGRAPHY; designed principally for the Use of Young Persons.

By Mrs. JOHN HURFORD, of Aitrincham.

Neatly engraved on a Plate, Two Feet Six Inches by Two Feet, and carefully Coloured. Price 8s. 6d. in Sheets; 10s. 6d. folded in Boards; and 128. on Canvas and Roller, or in a Case. Also, A BRIEF SUMMARY of ANCIENT HISTORY, as a Companion. 38. Half-bound.

MEMOIRS of ELIZABETH STUART, Queen of Bohemia, Daughter of King James I. with Sketches of the State of Society in Holland and Germany, in the 17th Century.

By MISS BENGER. 2 Vols. 8vo. with a Portrait, 12. 48. Bds. MEMOIRS of MARY QUEEN of SCOTS, with Anecdotes of the Court of HENRY the SECOND, during her Residence in France.


The 2d edit. in 2 Vols. 8vo. with a genuine Portrait, never before engraved, 14. 4s. MEMOIRS of the LIFE of ANNE BOLEYN, Queen of Henry VIII. 2d Edit. In 2 Vols. small 8vo. Price 16s. Bds.

MEMOIRS of the



In 2 vols. 8vo. The 6th Edit. Price 11. 58. Bds.


In 2 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait. The 34th Edition. Price 14. 48. Bds.

The HISTORY of the REIGN of GEORGE the THIRD. Completed to the Death of the King. In 6 Vols. 8vo. A New Edit. 34. 38. Bds.


The PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL CORRESPONDENCE of CHARLES TALBOT, Duke of SHREWSBURY, Minister to King William. By the Rev. Archdeacon COXE.

In 4to. with a Portrait of the Duke of Shrewsbury. Price 31. 38. Bds.

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