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W 0 0 R KS B r Hannah Whitall Smith

Living in the Sunshine

12mo, Cloth,
The author writes especially for those who have, as
D. L. Moody used to say. "Just enough religion to make
them miserable." The book will bring many to a full

realization of the wonderfuljoy of living a Christian life. My Spiritual Autobiography

or, How I Discovered the Unselfishness of God. 12mo,
"Full of most delightful pictures of her childhood home;
her spiritual experience following her awakening, and

her theories of the higher life." - Interior. The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

ramo, cloth, 16mo, gilt, white vellum,
leather, Popular edition, cloth,

Also in Ger man, Swedish and Danish-Norwegian. Each, cloth,

"To commend this book is superfluous."-Evangelist. The Open Secret

or, the Bible Explaining Itself. 12mo, cloth,
“Mrs. Smith has an international reputation as an ex-
pounder of the Bible, She has an instructive way of
going to the heart of things."

- Christian Advocate, (N. Y.) Every Day Religion

12mo, cloth
"Practical;' written with clever and pungent force, and

every day sense."-Independent.
Old Testament Types and Teachings

Bible Readings in the Old Testament. 12mo, cloth, Frank; the Record of a Happy Life

Being Memories of Franklin Whitall Smith by his mother.

12mo, cloth, Child Culture

or, The Science of Motherhood. 16mo, decorated

Envelope Series of Tracts

Chapters from “The Christian's Secret of a Happy
Life." Per dozen,


H. W. S.
Author of The Christian's Secret of a Happy
Life," " My Spiritual Autobiography," etc.

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