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Page A BELIEVER free from care • 442 Chief Shepherd of thy chosen sheep 515 Afflictions do not come alone 456 Come, my soul, thy suit preparo 341 Aflictions, though they seem severe 421 Confirm the hope thy word allows - 661 A garden contemplation suits 561 Constraip'd by their Lord to embark 432 A glance from beav'n, with sweet Coald the creatores help or ease us 408 effect

550 Courage, my soul! bebold the prize 541 A shelter from the rain or wind - 562 Ab! what can I do

• 576 Darkness overspreads us bere 447 Alas! Elisha's servant cry'd . · 352 Day of judgment, day of wonders! - 542 Alas! by patare how deprav’d 492 Dear Jord! accept a sinful heart - 597 A lion, though by nature wild - 559 | Destruction's dangerous road • 648 Almighty King! whose wondrous Does it not grief and wonder move • 476 hand

312 | Does the Gospel-word proclaim . 585 Altbough on massy pillars built - - 533 Amazing grace! (how sweet the Elijab's example declares

346 sound)

353 Elisha, struck with grief and awe 482 Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat - 583 Encourag'd by thy word

394 As birds their infant brood protect = 385 Epsnar'd too long my heart has been 486 As needles point towards the pole 556 Ere God bad built the mountains 364 As once for Jonah, so the Lord. 388 As parcbed in the barren sands 380 Far from the world, O Lord, I flee · 618 As some tall rock amidst the waves 439 Father, forgive, (the Saviour said) - 427 As the serpent rais'd hy Moses 374 Father of angels and of men

667 As the sun's enliv’ning eye

537 Fervent persevering pray'rs 441 As wheu the weary trav'ller gains 631 Fierce passions discompose the mind 451 A word from Jesus calins the sea 401 Fix my heart aod eyes on thine! 638 A worldling spent each day

422 Forest beasts, that live by prey • 604

For mercies countless as the sands - 362 Before Elijab's gate 350 From Egypt lately freed

· 615 Begone, unbelief



· 608 From pole to pole let others roam • 382 Bebold the throne of grace ! 343 From Sbeba a distant report 344 Beneath the tyrant Satan's yoke · 488 Beside the Gospel pool

430 Gladness was spread through Israel's Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth 471 host

514 Be still, my heart! these anxious Glorious things of thee are spoken · 372

613 Glory to God the Father's name 668 Bitter, indeed, the waters are 322 God gives bis mercies to be spent 368 Bleak winter is sobdu'd at length 495 God, with one piercing glance, looks Blinded in youth by Satan's arts 567 through

543 Breathe from the gentle south, 0 God moves in a mysterious way - 586 Lord

582 God of my life, to thee I call 590 By various maxims, forms, and rules 454 Grace, triumphant in the throne 646 By faith in Christ I walk with God. 310 Gracious Lord, our children see - 475 By the poor

widow's oil and meal • 347 By whom was David taught - 325 Happy are they, to whom the Lord 512

Hark, my soul! it is the Lord 437 Cheer

op, my soal, there is a meroy- Hark! how time's wide-sounding bell 467 seat

582 Happy the birth where grace presides 633





Page Heal us, Immanuel, here we are 323 Manna to Israel well supply'd 323 Hear what God the Lord hath spoken 379 Martha ber love and joy express'd - 416 Hear wbat the Lord, the great Amen 460 Mary to her Saviour's tomb

436 He who on earth as man was knowu 371 May the grace of Christ our Savioar 666 Here at Bethesda's pool the poor 431 Mercy, O thou Son of David! 411 His master taken from his heard 539 | My barns are full, my stores iucrease 419 Holy Lord God! I love thy truth 636 My former bopes are fled

579 Honour and happiness unite - 623 My God! how perfect are thy ways! 381 Honey though the bee prepares - 368 My God! till I receir'd thy stroke - 381 How blest the righteous are - 329 My barp unton'd and laid aside • 517 How blest thy creature is, o God 617 My song shall bless the Lord of all - 502 How David, when by sio deceiv'd - 339 My soul once had its plenteous years 319 How burtful was the oboice of Lot - 311 My soul, this curious bouse of clay - 540 How kind the good Samaritan 415 | My soul is beset

- 580 How lost was my condition

375 My soul is sad and much dismay'd - 591 How soon the Saviour's gracious call 650 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 370 Nay, I cannot let thee go

318 How tedious and tasteless the bours 358 No strength of nature can suffice - 634 How welcome to the saints, when No words can declare

568 press'd 510 Not to Sinai's dreadful blaze

663 Hungry, and faint, and poor 662 Now, gracious Lord, thine arm reveal 470

Now let us join with bearts and I am(saith Christ) your glorious head 435 tongues

502 I ask'd the Lord that I might grow - 607 Now may fervent pray'r arise 472 If for a time the air be calm - 553 Now may the Lord reveal bis face 657 If Paul in Cæsar's court must stand - 444 Now, Lord, inspire the preacher's If Solomon for wisdom pray'd 342 heart

- 661 If the Lord oor leader be

316 Now may be who from the dead - 665 If to Jesus for relief

610 Incarnate God! the soul that knows 359 | Of all the gifts thine hand bestows - 652 lo ev'ry object here I see

670 Often tby public means of grace - 663 In evil long 1 took delight

522 | Oft as the bell, with solemn toll • 539 In mercy, vot iu wrath, rebuke 357 Oft as the leper's case I read 396 In themselves, as weak as worms 526 Oft iu vain the voice of truth 469 In vain my fancy strives to paint 538 | O God, whose favourable eye - 641 Israel in ancievt days

4520 David's Son, and David's Lord 483 I thirst, but not as once I did 634 O Lord, oor languid souls iuspire • 508 I was a grov'ling oreature once 623 O Lurd, bow vile am I

578 I will praise thee ev'ry day

371 O Lord, my best desire fulfil 600 I wonld, but cappot, sing

446 thou at whose almighty word · 481 Jesus Christ, the Lord's anointed 391 | O happy they who know the Lord 511 Jesus, to what didst oboa submit 429 o speak that gracious word again - 625 Sesus who boogbt us with bis blood 485 | Oh! for a closer walk with God • 309 Jesus, whose blood so freely stream'd 331 Ob, may the pow'r which melts the Jesus, wbere'er thy people meet 509 rock

530 - Jesus is mine! I'm now prepar'd · 664 O bow I love thy holy word 588 John in a vision saw the day 544 Once a woman silent stood

414 Joy is a fruit that will not grow - 354 Once on a time a paper kite 669

Once perishing in blood I lay 383 Kindle, Saviour, in my beart 598 Once, wbile we aim'd at Zion's songs 513 Kindred in Cbrist, for his dear sake 536 On man, in bis own image made


On the same flow'r we often see 557 Legion was my name by nature 407 One awful word which Jesus spoke - 413 Let hearts and tongaes unite 596 One glance of thine, eternal Lord 614 Let me dwell on Golgotha

521 One there is, above all others - 365 Let us adore the grace that seeks - 484 Oppress'd with unbelief and sins 449 Let us love, and sing, and wonder 653 Our Lord, who knows full well - 423 Let worldly minds the world pursue 632 Lord, my soul with pleasure springs 622 Pensive, doubting, fearful heart - 376 Lord, thou hast won, at length I yiela 440 Physician of my sin-sick soul - 397 Lord, who hast suffer'd all for me 599 Pleasing spring again is here

. 496 Lord, wbat is man! extremes how Poor Esau repented too late - 315 wide

660 Poor sinners! little do they thipk - 387

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