Imatges de pÓgina


WE learn from the Mosaic record, that the first act of creative power gave existence to the mighty nucleus of our globe, and that, before the revolution of seven days, the herbless granite was clothed with vegetation; moving creatures then passed through the waters, and winged fowl were seen to fly across the heavens; cattle, and creeping things, and beasts of the earth, walked forth in all the vigour of their new existence, and, lastly, man, created in the image of his Maker, had dominion over every living thing.

All then was perfect; but man fell, and with him fell the fresh and beautiful Creation.

My meditations on this subject have led me to pass on to the present condition of the earth,

and to consider its animal and vegetable productions with an especial reference to the benefits which they confer on man. I have further observed their adaptation to different portions of the globe, and how wonderfully the most inhospitable regions are rendered habitable by the location of some peculiar species. Remarkable phenomena on the surface of the earth have been also pointed out; and in so doing I must confess my obligations to the learned author of the Comparative Estimate of the Mineral and Mosaical Geologies, and to Cuvier's Essay on the Theory of the Earth.

Throughout this volume, I have ever kept in view, that the heavens, and earth were finished, and all the host of them in six days; and that no theory, however plausible, can be admitted in opposition to the Divine Record.

mit of Dinas Braw at Llangollen-Migratory birds;
subserviency to the use of man-Sketches of the coun-
tries to which they resort-Songs of birds-Pass of
Llynberris in North Wales-Voice of the Cuckoo-Poetry
-Migrations of Water-fowls-Very important to the natives
of different regions-Peculiar construction of water-fowl
-Bill and pouch of the pelican.

Construction of fish-Their fitness to a watery element-Their
migrations to different portions of the globe, in accordance
with the wants of the inhabitants-Longevity of fish-
Closing remarks.

Cetaceous animals-Spitzbergen-Poetry-Icebergs-Descrip-

tion of the whale: whale fishery, dangers connected with it

-Loss of the ship Essex-Ancient mode of building with

the ribs of whales-Observations-Remarks on the seal-

Anecdote, brief sketch of the morse and grampus-Happi-

ness equally diffused: no-where more conspicuous than among

the natives of the deep: illustrative observations-Beau-

tiful scenery of the Mediterranean; sketch of the dolphin;

of the grampus, and porpoise-Closing remarks

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