The Physician Examines the Bible

Kessinger Publishing, 1 de set. 2004 - 404 pàgines
1950. Man stands at the gate of a new age. Shall he take the Bible with him across the portal? This book answers this question. The physician examines the Bible as to etiology, diagnosis and prognosis. Medical subjects in the Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha are presented and compared with present day practices. Dr. C. Raimer Smith, now a physician in general practice, was for several years a specialist in pathology and clinical laboratory science. He was also a teacher in medical, dental and nurses' training schools. His hobby was the study of the Bible he has taught young people's church school classes and is an elder emeritus in the Christian Church. He wanted to be able to answer the questions of youth in regard to the Bible and its relation to science, not in general terms but in detail.

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