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Author of the "Life of Mohammed."

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Prof, A. P. PEABODY 32,

"Entered, according to Act of Congress, June 20, in the year 1832, by JOHN P. HAVEN, in the Office of the Clerk of the Southern Dis trict of New-York."



From what does the second Book in the order of the Sacred Canon derive its title?

Ans. From the principal subject of which it treats, viz. The Exode, or Departure of the Children of Israel from Egypt. By the Jews it was termed 'Velle Shemoth,' and these are the names, from the initial words of the Book, or sometimes simplyShemoth,' the names. The title 'Exodus,' like that of Genesis,' originates in the Greek version of the Seventy.


How long a period is embraced in the history which forms the subject of this book?

Ans. One hundred and forty-two years, as appears from the following computation:


From death of Joseph to birth of Moses, 60
From birth of Moses to departure from Egypt, 81
From departure from Egypt to Tabern. erected, 1


Some make the period from the death of Joseph to the birth of Moses to be 64 years, but the difference is too slight to make it necessary to state the grounds of either calculation. It is to be observed, however, that nearly the whole book is occupied in the detail of the events which occurred in the last year of the period above mentioned.

What are the principal subject matters of the book?

Moses having, in the preceding book, described the creation of the world, the propagation of the nations, and the origin of the church, now proceeds, in the Book of

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