Imatges de pÓgina

Is mor an luać sin.

That is a great price. Is mait is fiu sin iad uile. They are well worth it. Sin duine air cosnuuil a Here is a person who beit diol eic.

seems to be selling a

horse. Labram leis.

Let us speak to him. Go de bias tu ag iarraig How much do you ask

air a capall sin? for that horse. Ta se saor air da fitcid Fie is cheap of forty nginiġe.

guineas. Go de an aois ata aige? How old is he? Beid se an seact go di. He will le exactly seven,

reac, teaċt na bealtine at nevt May.

so čuguinn. Togair dansa go bfuil os I take him to be more;

a ceann; cuaid se he is 'past mark of

tairis comarta beil. mouth. Dearbuiğim duitse gurab I assure you that is his

è sud a aois, oir do age, for I reared him beataig me fèin è.

myself. A ndean se sodar mait? Does he trot well? Ni se siubal, sodar, is He can either walk, trot,

cosanairde, conait le or gallop, as well as aoin eac istir.


horse in the coun

try. Gabamsa orm è best I warrant him perfectly

iomlan fallan, agus sound, and free from saor a droic beas.

vice. Cuinnig--go mbuaileam Hold-let me strike your do laim.

hand. Sin cùig ġinid dèag is There are thirty-five fitce duit air:

guineas for him. O citear go dtaitnean mo As you seem to like my

capall leat, ġeaba tu horse, you shall have è air oċt nginig dèag him for, thirty cight is fitce.

guineas. Ni glacam ni is luğa.

I will take no less. Ala beirim an uirid sin If I give you so much,

duit, is eigin duit you must return me a bonnaiġ mait a pron- good luckpenny. pad ofm.



Feidir sin a fagbail ag You may leave that to mo deigmein fein.

my own good will. Agus deana me amlais. I shall do so. Sin agad oċt nginid Well, there are thirty dèag is fitée.

cight guineas. Pronnainsa air ais ortsa Of which I return you

leit ġinig mar bonn half a guinea as a dutract.

luckpenny. A mbeara me an capull Shall I take the horse to

cum do tig fèin? your own house? Ni tugair, beid mo giolla No, my groom will be

fèin ann so air ball, here presently, and glacfaid seisean uait è.

receive him from you. Sead, a duine uasal, do Well, Sir, I have bought ceannaiġ mise capallo

a horse since you left d' fag tu me. Agus do diol mise mo And I have sold my cows.

cuid bo, A bfuair tu uirid orrta is Did you get as much as bi sùil agad fagail?

you expected for them? Ni bfuair me sin amac Not quite as much.

orrta. Fuair me da ġinig dèag For the milch cows I

air gaė ceann dona got twelve guineas per buaib bliučt.

head. Air na bat seisg, ni For the dry ones only

bfuair me acd deic ten,

nginid. Bfuil siad air son a mar- Are they fit for killing ?

bad? Ma cuirtear a bforais If put into good pasture,

nait iad, beid siad làn they will be fat in less saill faoi miosa.

than a month. Saoilim gur diol tu go ro I think you have sold mait iad.

them very well. Ta me sasta.

I am content. Sin muca maite.

There are some good pigs. Fiafraiğim gò de luać Let us ask the price of doib.



Gode ta tu iarraig air an What do you ask for that, muc breac sin?

black and white hog? Tri ponta, agus cuig Three pounds fifteen shilsyilline dèag

lings. Agus ca meud air crainn And how much for this siolaiġ so?

breeding sow ? Ta duil agam a diol, mar Į intend to sell her, with aon le na hail banban

her.. litter of young ta sa cliab sin.

pigs that are in this


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Ma ta siad uait, ġeaba If you want them, you tu faoi na luac iad. shall have them worth

money. Nil siad a dit orin şan I do not want them at am ceadna.

present. Nil agam anois aċd càil I have now only to buy caorac a ceannac.

some sheep. So sgafta do caorcuib Here is a flock of very su? maite.

good sheep. A gceanaca sgafta caorac Will you buy a-flock of i uamsa?

sheep from me Go de an seort caoiriġ IVhat sort of sheep are iad so agad?


have got? Ni bfuil nios fearr air There are none better.

bit. Go de deir tu? Nać What do you say? Are

bfuil siad adbail beag? they not very small? Ta siad ro ramar. They are very fat. Ca meud cinn'.sa tread How

How many have you in sin agad?

that flock? Ata an deic is fitée. There are thirty. Go de an meud a biadfa How much would you

ag iarraig air a tiom- ask for the whole flock?

lan? Bheara tu cùig ponta is You will give forty five da fitcearl orrta.

pounds for them. Ni tugam, na moran I will not, nor much over tairis a leit. 2002

the hulf.

you think

Ą leit! go de an donas The half! what the plague a duine, is cosmuil nać

man, it seems you do bfaic tu iad.

not see them. Chim mait go leor iad. I see them well enough. Gab anall, agus beir air Come hither, and lay a diulač sa.

hold on this fellow Motaid meud feola agus Feel what flesh and fleece lomart ata air an molt

are upon that wether. sin. Anois go de saoileas tu Now what do de sin?

of that one.? Saoilim nac olc an molt I think he is not a bad

è; act ca meud cinn wether; but how many

don tseoirt sin agad? have you of that kind? Ta do dèag ann sin air There are twelve there in aon crut.

the same case. Ca bfuil siad? Ni faicim Where are they? I do iad.

not see them. Dearc air do cùla; sin Look behind

Look behind you; there ceann aca;

sin birt air is one of them; there do laṁ cli; agus cùig- is a couple at your left mear eile tall ud.

hand; and five more

beyond there. Measam gur sean raičin I suppose this horned

a giolla adarcać sa, fellow is an old ram. Meallta ta tu, is molt è. You are mistaken, he is

a wether: Beir greim adairc air. Catch him by the horn. Beir fein greim cluais Eay hold on him yourself

agus urbait air, agus by the ears and tail, fiać e.

and examine him. Ma ta feim airgiott ort, If you want money, asli iar-ni is cosmuille luać

something like the vado čaoirig.

lue of your sheep Go de is fiu caint? buail IPhat avails talking ? immo laim.

strike Cuingiġ amać do bas; Hold put your hand,

sin cuig ponta deag there are thirty five air 'fïtcead duit.

pounds to you.


my hand.


Say away.

Faicim do laim; beirid Let me see your hand;

tu da fïtċead ponta you shall give me forty dam, no beid tu gan pounds or want them.

iad. Ni beirid a caoidee, go I never will, indeed; so

deimin; mursin faigim fare you well, and I slan agad, is go raib wish you luck of your

ra't do cuid ort, Fan, go naîtreasa me Stay, till I tell you what duit gò de deanas me

I will do with you. leat. Abair leat. Sin duine uasal ag teact There is a gentleman

a marcaigeaet anuas a coming riding down botar, agus fagamoid the road, and let us fa na breiteamnuis è. leave it to his judg

ment. Ta mise sasta.

I am satisfied • Se do beata, atair Pha- God save you, father druig.

Patrick. Gur beata duit a Shein; You likewise John; what go de an cor so ort?

are you doing? Ataim ag iarraid cunrad Striving to make a bar

a deanam, le duine gain, with a gentleuasal, fa prasgain cao- man, about a parcel rac, ata agam ann so; of sheep that I have is ni 'tig linn a teact here; and we cannot cum crice.

come to an end. Agus go de án meud a And how much did he dfurail se duit?

offer you? Niar furail se acd cùig He offered only thirty

ponta dèag air fit- five pounds, for those ċead, air déic thirty sheep.

gcaoirige fitcead sin. Agus nar beag leat sin? And did you think that

little? Ba ro beag liom è, go I thought it too little deimin,




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