Imatges de pÓgina

Go d'as? go de an meud Why? how much do you

a bias tu ag iarraig ask for them?

orrta? Diar me da fitċead ponta, I asked forty pounds, go beact, orrta

eractly, for them. Dearbtuiğim duit 'nać I assure you that you

bfuigfea an uirid sin, would not get so much, air aonac san contaig.

at any fair in this

county. Masead, atair Phadruic, Well, father Patrick, if

mas é do toil, labair you please, say sometusa focail eigin ead- thing between us.

ruinn. Tuigim, a saoi, ġo raib I understand, Sir, that

mo comarsac agus tusa my neighbour and you a gcumain fa càil cao- · were bargaining about rac.

some sheep. Do bamurne, a deas We were, good Sir, but

duine, acd ni dtiucfa I could not make a liom conrad a deanam bargain with him; I léis; fritim flor cruaid find him very hard.

è. Ca meud ata eidrib? How much is between


Ata iomadaid eidrinn; There is too much beatà cùig ponta.

tween us; there are

five pounds. Tiucfa tusa anuas, a John, you must come

Shein, fa da fïtċead down about forty shib

sgilline, go haitrid. lings, at least. Deantar do toilse, atair Your will be done, father Phadruig

Patrick Bheire mise ponta eile I shall give him another

do, air d'focal sa. pound, on your account. Anois nil aċd da ponta Now there are but two

eadrib; agus is i an pounds between you; comairle beirimse oru- and I advise you to diib, rannaigid an barr- vide the difference in aideact an da leit. two equal parts.


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for you.

of ale.

Ta mise sasta: Go de I am satisfied. What say deir tusa?

you? Ta mise sasda fòs. I am satisfied likewise. Ta reid so duit an tair. Here is the money ready

giott. (io raib rat do margain I wish you much luck ort.

of your bargain. Anois ta do ġnotaid reid, Now your business is filliom na baile.

done, let us return

home. Motaiġiomsa me fein Ifeel fatigued, and would

tuirseac, is ba maït wish to take a draught .: deoc leanna ol. Ta leann flor riait, ag There is some very good comarta an tairb duib. at the sign of the Black

Bull. Agiolla, tabair čuguinn Waiter, bring us a bottle curraigin don learn is

of your best ale.
fearr a bfuil agad.
Gheaba sib


e, You shall have it immea daoine caisle.

diately, Gentlemen. Is saiṁ an deoc i sin, That is a pleasant draught san aimsir teït se:

in this hot weather. Deanam anois, biom dul Come, let us return home.

na baile. Go de ta len ioc? What is to be paid ? Deic bpiġnid, daoine Ten pence, Gentlemen.

uaisle. So duit e.

Here it is for you.
Go de mur mian leat na How do you intend to have

caoirige a dtabairt na your sheep brought

home? Fuigfe me ann foraois I will leave them in a

comgarać a noét iad; convenient pasture toagus bearaid mo buać. night; and to-morrow, aillige fein na baile my men will bring iad a marać.

them home. An feidir feur mait fa- Can good grass be got gail sa gcomarsnactsa? in this neighbourhood ?

Flor tait, ačel to daor. Very good, but very dear. Anaircis na lugnota beid Towards Lammas it will si nios saoire.

be cheaper. Slàn leat, a duine uasail. Farewel, Sir. Slàn de leatsa, a duine Sir, good day to you. mait.


Ca hait a raib tu? Where have you been? Thainic me anois on I have just come from margad.

the market. Go de ceannaig tu ?

H'hat did you buy? Spoll caoir feola, sliasad A leg of mutton, a sirmaistfeoil

; js ceatram loin of beef, and a uain.

quarter of lamb. An bfuil feoil daor anois? Is meat dear now? Dioltar caoirfeoil air oċt Mutton sells for eight

bpignig an pomta, pencc per pound, beef mairt feoil air sè pigin for sir-penoe half-penis leit pigin, agus uain- ny, and lamb for seven Fooit air seact sgilline shillings per quarter.

an oeatram. Go de an luać ata air an What is the price of muic feoil?

pork? Nil a dadam de air an There is none in the margad.

market. Sud fear ag iomčairt There is a person carry

èanlaite; glaoc air ing fowls; call him to

cugam. Go de na heanlaite so What fowls are those agad?

that you have? Giorcoga oga ta ionnta. They are young chickens. Go de meud iarras tu How much do you ask orrta?

for them? Deić bpiġnid an ceann. Ten pence a-piece. Ma glacan tu iad uile, if you take them all, I

beara me air oċt bpiğin will give them for déag an dis jad.

eighteen pence a couple. Nac bfuil gèid no turc. Have you no geese or aiġeana agad?




Ta cail do gèide bread, I have sovine femei fat ramarsan in baile agam,

geese at home, and a agusta comarsnac damn neighbour of mine has a bfuil realta do tur- a fock of turkies

caigeanuib aige. Do bi locana agam fòs, I had some ducks also, aèd do tog an sion- but the fox has carnac iad uile air siubal ried them all

away. »

leis. Ba mor an truaig sin. That was a great pity. Nit neart air sin aidis. There is no help for it

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Saoilinnse sè piġin dèag I think sirteen perce

an dis go leor air na a couple enough for giorcoga sin.

the chickens. Nia beataiġ me riam air I never reared them for sin iad.

it. Ni tugum nios mo orrta. I will give no more. Tarr annso leis an jasg Come hither with these sin.

fish. So bric maite, ur as an Here are good: trouts, uisge.

fresh out of the water. Nač bfuil bradain agad? Have you: no salmon ? Ni raib aon ceann sna There has not been one in

lion tuib le niomnad lao the nets for several tib.

days. Aċd go bfuilliatoga, odo But flat fish, haddock

ga codoga toivlionta. and cod are abundant. Agus feadar oisrignid, is Oysters, crabs and lob

crubainid, is partain sters also may be had

fagail saor go leor. cheap enough. Nil aon don tseort sin I want none of that kind.

uaim. Go de mend glacas tu air. What will you take for

san meise breac sin? that dish of trouts ? Tri sgilline go beact. Exactly three shillings. Bheara me an do agus I will give you tuo shida se, piğin duit.

lings and sir pence: Is leatsa iad a'saoi. They are yours, Sir.

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Cuir fios air bainne agus Send to the dairy for

air im gus an lactairm. milk and butter. Tabair carta uactair leat, Bring a quart of cream,

agus tri carta leam- three quarts of new načta, agus da ponta milk, and two pounds ime.

of butter. Nač mbiad grut is meag will you have no curds uait?

and whey? Ni bìann, is fearr liom No, I prefer old English

sean cais Shasanac. cheese. An bfuil aon dadari d'im Has the house-keeper got sailte ag mnaoi an

any salt butter? tige? Cheannaiġ si crucan de She bought a crock of it

la an margaid so cuaid last market day. • torainn. Go de d'ioc si air? What did she pay for it? Aon. piġin déag is leit Eleven pence" halfpenny

piġin, air an ponta. per pound. Feuc an bfuil aran go See that there be bread leor astig.

enough laid in. Ta go leor, idre geal is There is enough, both ruad, mion is mori white and household,

large and small. Ta aimread fòs làn loin The larder is well stored

mait d'ioliomad ean- also with variety of laite fiadain.

wild fowl. Ba mait liom ceatram I should wish to have a d' feoil fiadaig

haunch of venison. Gheaba mise sin duit, I will procure one for

ag an 'forais fiadaig. you at the deer park.


VI.' Of Health, &c.

Go de mur ta tu, oga- How do you do, Sir? naig?

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