Imatges de pÓgina
[blocks in formation]


The Greenlander Kainaek-His awakening-Greenland nobility

-Misery of the almost Christian-Kainaek seeks to extinguish

his convictions-His cruelty to Kuanak-Kainaek, with a band

of murderers, visits New Herrnhuth-His convictions revived

-Another alarming visit- Kainaek visits the brethren-His

convictions again revived—Is visited in Kangek— The world

insufficient to satisfy the desires of the heart_Sufficiency of the

Gospel— Kainaek solicits baptism-His journey to New Herrn-

huth-His baptism-Exemplary regard to the Sabbath- Many

Greenlanders drawn to the Missionaries by the report of Kai.

paek's conversion-His growth in grace-Wonderful change of




Opposition of the Angekoks to the Gospel-Arbalik, a disciple of

an Angekok, is awakened by the preaching of the Missionaries

--Also the Greenlaud woman Pussimek-Her removal to New

Herrnhuth-Her mother and sister-Pussimek advances in the

knowledge of God—Is baptized, and named Sarah-Her labours

in the congregation- Death of her mother-Removal of her

sister Issek to New Herrnhuth-Her conversion and baptism-

Baptism of Arbalik- Removes with his mother to New Herrn-

huth, Family arrangements - Arbalik’s labours in the Gospel

-Death of his mother_Sarah's zeal - Her fall and repentance

-Her marriage with Arbalik-Progress of Issek— Voyage of

the Greenland family to Europe- Their arrival at Herrnhuth-

Death of Sarah and Arbalik— Voyage to London and America

- Visit to the congregations-Converted Indians- Return to

Greenland Issek induces the single sisters to live together-

Her sickness-Death-Conclusion.......





Angusina's birth--His education-Disadvantages under which he

Jaboured— His conversion-Hindered in his desire to join the
believers—He is baptized, and receives the name of Daniel
His removal to New Herrnhuth-Baptism of his wife His
admission with his wife to the Lord's supper-Daniel falls into
temptation-His repentance - Becomes an evangelist His let.
ters and sermons— His anxiety for the conversion of his rela-
tions-His journey to the North— He becomes proud of his
gifts— His repentance- Death of his daughter- His sickness
and edifying death_Funeral solemnities--Conclusion, 257–286

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