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HE Old and New Testament connected in the

History of the Jews and the Neighbouring Nations, from the Declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judab to the Time of Christ. By Humphrey Prideaux, D. D. Dean of Nerwich. In Two Volumes in Folio.

Origines Ecclefiafticæ: Or the Antiquites ef the Christian Church. Vol. I. in two Books, whereof the first treats of Christians in general, their several Names, Distinctions, and Degrees of Catechumens, Laity and Clergy: The second gives a particular Account of the several superior Orders and Offices of the Clergy in the Primitive Church.

Vol. II. Giving an Account, I. Of the inferior Orders of the ancient Clergy. II. Of the Manner of their Elections and Ordinations, and the particular Qualifications of such as were to be Ordained. III. Of the Privileges, Immunities and Revenues. IV. Of the several Laws relating to their Employment, Life, and Conversation.

Vol. III. In Two Parts. I. An Account of the ancient Asceticks and the Original Monks succeding them, with the several Laws and Rules relating to the Monastick Life. II. An Account of the ancient Churches, their Original Names, Parts, Utenfils, Consecrations, Immunities, &C. III. A Geographical Description of the Districts of the ancient Church: Or an Account of its Division into Provinces, Dioceses, and Parishes, and of the first Original of these. The whole Illustrated with Cuts, Maps and Indexes,

Vol. IV. In Three Books, giving an Accoun", I. Of the Institution of the Catechamens, and the first Use of the Creeds in the Churches. II. of the Rites and Customs observed in the Administration of Baptism. III. Of Confirmation, and other Rites following Baptism before Men were made Partakers of the Eucharift.

Vol. V. In One Book, giving an Account of things relating to the Ancient Liturgy: Shewing the object of Divine Worship to be each Person of the Holy Trinity, and those only; That Divine Service was always perform'd in the Vulgar Tongue, that Liturgies, and set Forins of Prayer, are of Primitive Ule in the Church. Here also is treated of Habits and Gestures, and other Rites and Ceremonies. Also of the Times of Religious Assemblies, of the Original of Canonical Hours and the Order of their Daily Morning and Evening-Service.

Vol. VI. In Two Books, giving, I. An Account of the Misa Gatechumenorum and its several Parts. The Psalmody, the Hymns, the Readings of the Scriptures, the Preaching, and the Prayers of the Penitents, Energumens, ando Catechumens, called the first or Ante. Communion-Service. II. An Account of the Missa Fidelium, or whole CommunionService of the Ancient Church, To which are added, Two Discourses of Preparation to the Commu-' nion, and of frequent Communion, out of the Ancient Writers of the Church.

Vol. VII. Giving an Account of the Unity and Discipline of the Ancient Church.

Vol. VIII. Giving an Aceount of the Discipline of the ancient Church. To which is annexed, Two Sermons, and Two Letters to the Lord Bishop of Winchester, concerning the Nature, and Necessity of the several Sorts of Absolution; Shewing how far. that Neceflity extends, and where it ceases N: B. These Eight Volumes, together with the

other Works of Mr. Bingham, are printed in Two Volumes in Filio.

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CH A P. I.
Of the Church of England, its Rife, Corrupa

** tion, and Reformation.
Vulgar Tradition has prevail'd, that
Christianity was first planted here by
Jofeph of Arimatbea : But this is a

Story that has no antient or credible Author to atteft it, and feems to have been invented by the Monks of Glaffenbury, to raise the Reputation of their Monastery : For the Tale goes, that Jofeph and bis Companions bad that place given them for their Abode, where they built a Church, which was confecrated by Cbrift Jefus, and by bim dedicated to his . tber.

But'tis on all hands allow'd, that Christianity was received here, during the Lives of fome of the Apostles; and that at farthest within 61 or 62 Years after the Birth of Chrift; as likewise,



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