The Spiritualization of the Body

AuthorHouse, 23 de maig 2005
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The Spiritualization of the Body might be called the rapture principle .God wants us whole: spirit, soul, and body. All that He made us to be, in all His perfection, is now ours in Christ Jesus. Yes, all that we have and all that we are is now found in the all-inclusive Christ. God is spirit and His spirit is omnipresent—the very “spiritual substance” and reality of all manifest creation. Our body, in its atomic essence, is spiritual. The spiritual essence of the cell is the key to the rapture principle. Our body is more “spiritual” than our limited senses would have us to believe. Our sense of sight, for instance, is limited and restricted to time and space. It is limited in its range and limited to the surface of an object. It has no penetration. Our personal world as we know it is the limited world of sense perception. Not only is our body a spiritual entity, but it might also be considered the extension and expression of the soul. We have not come out of this world as Jesus commanded and have allowed our soul to become polluted with the sins of worldly living. Our body, in turn, is infected with “sin in the flesh.” Sin is not only destroying the body in a slow death but is a weight holding us earthbound. Our heavenly calling is to come up to ever be in the presence of the Lord!

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