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NOTWITHSTANDING that the series of British Poets, to which this edition of Dr. Johnson's biographical work is intended as an accompanyment, differs in some respects from the plan followed by that illustrious writer, it has been thought eligible to publish complete his · Lives of the most eminent English Poets.'

While, however, such a degree of respect seemed due to the labours of the father of our Poetical Cri. ticism, some amendment, as to the selection of authors, long since demanded by the general voice, appeared indispensubly requisite to the perfection of any new plan for the publication of our national poetry. This improvement will certainly be attempted in the enumeration of those writers who are designed to form the subjects of the present undertaking.

What remains to be effected, in consequence of this deviation from preceding systems, towards the farther illustration of the Lives of the Poets, will be offered to the Public in a distinct Work.

November 1, 1805.


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