Imatges de pÓgina

let him be dealt with in the same manner as is directed in other cases of debt and disputed accounts. See Chap. 1, Sec. 9.

10. At each annual conference next ensuing the passage of this resolution, the presiding elders shall deliver into the hands of the book agents, (or book committee of such conference) for all the books in the several circuits and stations in their districts, the receipts of those persons in whose care such books shall have been left. After the appointments for the year ensuing have been announced, the agents or book committee shall give to each preacher the receipts belonging to his circuit or station, retaining an exact account of the amount called for by such receipts, which shall be charged against said preacher, and accounted for by him at the next annual conference; provided that the several presiding elders shall be at equal liberty to sell any such books on the same terms and principles with other preachers, and shall account therefore with the preachers to whom they have been charged, or with the agents, or the book committees of their respective conferences.

11. The profits arising from the book concern, after a sufficient capital to carry on the business is retained, shall be regularly applied to the support of the distressed travelling

preachers and their families, the widows and orphans of preachers, &c. The general book steward shall every year send forward to each annual conference, an account of the dividend which the several annual conferences may draw that year: and each conference may draw for its proportionate part, on any person who has book money in hands, and the drafts with the receipt of the conference thereon, shall be sent to the general, book steward, and be placed to the credit of the person who paid the same.

12. Any travelling preacher who may publish any work or book of his own, shall be responsible to his conference for any obnoxious matter or doctrine therein contained.

13. No editor, agent, or clerk, employed in the book concern, or in any department belonging to it, shall be allowed in any case to publish or sell books as his own private property.

14. The editors, the general book steward and book committee at New-York, shall be authorized to adopt such measures as they may deem expedient, and as shall be found practicable; to secure the premises on Mulberry street for the uses and purposes for which the purchase was made, and the buildings erected.


Local Preachers to have an allowance in given cases.

1. Whenever a local preacher fills the place of a travelling preacher by the approbation of the presiding elder, he shall be paid for his time, a sum proportional to the allowance of a travelling preacher; which sum shall be paid by the circuit at the next quarterly meeting, if the travelling preacher whose place he filled up, were either sick or necessarily absent; or, in other cases, out of the allowance of the travelling preacher.

2. If a local preacher be distressed in his temporal circumstances, on account of his service in the circuit, he may apply to the quarterly meeting conference, who may give him what relief they judge proper, after the allowance of the travelling preachers and of their wives, and all other regular allowances are discharged.


Of Slavery

Quest. What shall be done for the extirpation of the evil of slavery?

Answ. 1. We declare that we are as much as ever convinced of the great evil of slavery: therefore no slave holder shall be eligible to

any official station in our church hereafter, where the laws of the state in which he lives will admit of emancipation, and permit the liberated slave to enjoy freedom.

2. When any travelling preacher becomes an owner of a slave or slaves, by any means, he shall forfeit his ministerial character in our church, unless he execute, if it be practicable, a legal emancipation of such slaves, conformably to the laws of the state in which he lives.

3. All our preachers shall prudently enforce upon our members the necessity of teaching their slaves to read the word of God; and to allow them time to attend upon the public worship of God on our regular days of divine service.

4. Our coloured preachers and official members shall have all the privileges which are usual to others in the district and quarterly conferences, where the usages of the country do not forbid it. And the presiding elder may hold for them a separate district conference, where the number of coloured local preachers will justify it.

5. The annual conferences may employ coloured preachers to travel and preach where their services are judged necessary; provided that no one shall be so employed without having been recommended according to the form of discipline.

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