Imatges de pÓgina

10. Who have been expelled from the connexion this year?

11. Who have withdrawn from the connexion this year?

12. Are all the preachers blameless in life and conversation?

13. Who have died this year?

14. What numbers are in society?

15. What amounts are necessary for the su perannuated preachers, and the widows and orphans of preachers, and to make up the deficiencies of those who have not obtained their regular allowance on the circuits? 16. What has been collected on the foregoing accounts, and how has it been applied? 17. What has been contributed for the support of missions, and what for the publication of Bibles, tracts, and Sunday school books?

18. Where are the preachers stationed this year?

19. Where and when shall our next conference be held?

Quest. 7. Is there any other business to be done in the yearly conferences?

Answ. The electing and ordaining of deacons and elders.

Quest. 8. Are there any other directions to be given concerning the yearly conferences?

Answ. There shall be twenty-two conferences in the year. See Second Part, Sect. 1. A record of the proceedings of each annual conference shall be kept by a secretary, chosen for that purpose, and shall be signed by the president and secretary; and let a copy of the said record be sent to the general conference.


Of the Election and Consecration of Bishops, and of their Duty.

Quest. 1. How is a bishop to be constituted?

Answ.. By the election of the general conference, and the laying on of the hands of three bishops, or at least of one bishop and two elders.

Quest. 2. If by death, expulsion, or otherwise, there be no bishop remaining in our Church, what shall we do?

Answ. The general conference shall elect a bishop; and the elders, or any three of them, who shall be appointed by the general conference for that purpose, shall ordain him according to our form of ordination.

Quest. 3. What are the duties of a bishop? Answ. 1. To preside in our conferences. 2. To fix the appointments of the preachers for the several circuits, provided he shall not

allow any preacher to remain in the same station more than two years successively; except the presiding elders, the general editor, the general book steward and his assistant, the editor and assistant editor of the Christian Advocate and Journal, the supernumerary, superannuated and worn out preachers, missionaries among the Indians, missionaries to our people of colour and on foreign stations, those preachers that may be appointed to labour for the special benefit of seamen, also the preacher or preachers that may be stationed in the city of New Orleans, and the presidents, principals, or teachers of seminaries of learning, which are or may be under our superintendence; and also, when requested by an annual conference, to appoint a preacher for a longer time than two years to any seminary of learning not under our


3. In the intervals of the conferences, to change, receive, and suspend preachers, as necessity may require, and as the discipline directs.

4. To travel through the connexion at large. 5. To oversee the spiritual and temporal business of our Church.

6. To ordain bishops, elders, and deacons. Quest. 4. To whom is a bishop amenable for his conduct?



Answ. To the general conference, who have power to expel him for improper conduct, if they see it necessary.

Quest. 5. What provision shall be made for the trial of a bishop, if he should be accused of immorality in the interval of the general conference?

Answ. If a bishop be accused of immorality, three travelling elders shall call upon him, and examine him on the subject; and if the three elders verily believe that the bishop is guilty of the crime, they shall call to their aid two presiding elders, from two districts in the neighbourhood of that where the crime I was committed, each of which presiding elders shall bring with him two elders, or an elder and a deacon. The above mentioned nine persons shall form a conference, to examine into the charge brought against the bishop: and if two-thirds of them verily believe him to be guilty of the crime laid to his charge, they shall have authority to suspend the bishop till the ensuing general conference, and the districts shall be regulated in the mean time as is provided in the third and fifth sections; but no accusation shall be received against a bishop except it be delivered in writing signed by those who are to prove the crime: and a copy of the accusation shall be given to the accused bishop.

Quest. 6. If a bishop cease from travelling at large among the people, shall he still exercise his episcopal office among us in any degree?

Answ. If he cease from travelling without the consent of the general conference, he shall not thereafter exercise the episcopal office in our Church.


Of the Presiding Elders, and of their Duty. Quest. 1. By whom are the presiding elders to be chosen?

Answ. By the bishops.

Quest. 2. What are the duties of a presiding elder?

Answ. 1. To travel through his appointed district.

2. In the absence of the bishop, to take charge of all the elders, and deacons, travelling and local preachers, and exhorters in his district.

3. To change, receive, and suspend preachers in his district during the intervals of the conferences, and in the absence of the bishop, as the Discipline directs.

4. In the absence of a bishop, to preside in the conference; but in case there are two or more presiding elders belonging to one

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