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member of our Church, for non-payment of debt; when the accounts are adjusted, and the amount ascertained, the preacher having the charge shall call the debtor before a committee of at least three, to show cause why he does not make payment. The com

mittee shall determine what farther time shall be granted him for payment, and what security, if any, shall be given for payment; and in case the debtor refuses to comply, he shall be expelled; but in such case he may appeal to the quarterly meeting conference, and their decision shall be final. And in case the creditor complains that justice is not done him, he may lay his grievance before the quarterly meeting conference, and their decision shall be final; and if the creditor refuse to comply, he shall be expelled.

11. The preacher who has the charge of a circuit shall appoint prayer meetings whereever he can in his circuit.

12. He shall take care that a fast be held in every society in his circuit, on the Friday preceding every quarterly meeting: and that a memorandum of it be written on all the class papers.

13. To license such persons as he may judge proper to officiate as exhorters in the Church, provided no person shall be so licensed without the consent of the leaders'

meeting, or of the class of which he is a member, where no leaders' meeting is held; and the exhorters so authorized shall be subject to the annual examination of character in the quarterly meeting conference and have their license annually renewed by the presiding elder, or the preacher having the charge, if approved by the quarterly meeting conference.


Of the trial of those who think they are moved by the Holy Ghost to preach.

Quest. How shall we try those who profess to be moved by the Holy Ghost to preach? Answ. 1. Let the following questions be asked, viz. Do they know God as a pardoning God? Have they the love of God abiding in them? Do they desire nothing but God? And are they holy in all manner of conversation?

2. Have they gifts (as well as grace) for the work? Have they (in some tolerable degree) a clear, sound understanding, a right judgment in the things of God, a just conception of salvation by faith? And has God given them any degree of utterance? they speak justly, readily, clearly?


Are any truly con

3. Have they fruit? vinced of sin, and converted to God, by their • preaching?

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As long as these three marks concur in any one, we believe he is called of God to preach. These we receive as sufficient proof that he is moved by the Holy Ghost.


Of the matter and manner of preaching, and of other public exercises.

Quest. 1. What is the best general method of preaching?

Answ. 1. To convince: 2. To offer Christ: 3. To invite: 4. To build up: And to do this in some measure in every sermon.

Quest. 2. What is the most effectual way of preaching Christ?

Answ. The most effectual way of preaching Christ, is to preach him in all his offices; and to declare his law, as well as his gospel, both to believers and unbelievers. Let us strongly and closely insist upon inward and outward holiness in all its branches.

Quest. 3. Are there any smaller advices which might be of use to us?

Answ. Perhaps these: 1. Be sure never to disappoint a congregation. 2. Begin at

the time appointed. 3. Let your whole de portment be serious, weighty, and solemn 4. Always suit your subject to your audience. 5. Choose the plainest text you can. 6. Take care not to ramble, but keep to your text, and make out what you take in hand. 7. Take care of any thing awkward or affected, either in your gesture, phrase, or pronunciation. 8. Do not usually pray extempore, above eight or ten minutes (at most) without intermission. 9. Frequently read and enlarge upon a portion of Scripture; and let young preachers often exhort without taking a text. 10. Always avail yourself of the great festivals, by preaching on the occasion.


Of the duty of Preachers to God, themselves, and one another.

Quest. 1. How shall a preacher be quali fied for his charge?

Answ. By walking closely with God, and having his work greatly at heart : and by understanding, and loving discipline, ours in particular.

Quest. 2. Do we sufficiently watch over each other?

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Answ. We do not. Should we not frequently ask each other, Do you walk closely with God? Have you now fellowship with

the Father and the Son? At what hour do you rise? Do you punctually observe the morning and evening hour of retirement? Do you spend the day in the manner which the Conference advises? Do you converse seriously, usefully, and closely? To be more particular: Do you use all the means of grace yourself, and enforce the use of them on all other persons? They are either instituted or prudential.

I. The instituted are,

1. Prayer private, family, and public; consisting of deprecation, petition, intercession, and thanksgiving. Do you use each of these? Do you forecast daily wherever

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