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questions as may be, concerning their state, sins, and temptations.

Some of the questions proposed to one before he is admitted among us, may be to this effect: 1. Have you the forgiveness of your sins? 2. Have you peace with GOD, through our LORD JESUS CHRIST?

3. Have you the witness of God's Spirit with your spirit, that you are a child of God?. 4. Is the love of GoD shed abroad in your heart?

5. Has no sin, inward or outward, dominion over you?

6. Do you desire to be told of your faults! 7. Do you desire to be told of all your faults, and that plain and home?

8. Do you desire that every one of us should tell you, from time to time, whatsoever is in our heart concerning you?

9. Consider! Do you desire we should tell you whatsoever we think, whatsoever we fear, whatsoever we hear concerning you?

10. Do you desire that in doing this, we should come as close as possible, that we should cut to the quick, and search your heart to the bottom?

11. Is it your desire and design to be on this and all other occasions entirely open, so as to speak without disguise, and without reserve?

Any of the preceding questions may be asked as often as occasion requires: the four following at every meeting.

1. What known sins have you committed since our last meeting?

2. What particular temptations have you met with?

3. How were you delivered?

4. What have you thought, said, or done of which you doubt whether it be sin or not? Directions given to the Band Societies, December 25th, 1744.

You are supposed to have the Faith that overcometh the world. To you, therefore, it is not grievous:

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I. Carefully to abstain from doing evil; in particular,

1. Neither to buy nor sell any thing at all on the Lord's day.

2. To taste no spirituous liquor, no dram of any kind, unless prescribed by a physician. 3. To be at a word both in buying and selling.

4. Not to mention the faults of any behind his back, and to stop those short that do.

5. To wear no needless ornaments, such as rings, ear rings, necklaces, lace, or ruffles. 6. To use no needless self indulgence. II. Zealously to maintain good works: in particular,

1 To give alms of such things as you pos sess, and that according to your ability.

2. To reprove those who sin in your sight, and that in love and meekness of wisdom. 3. To be patterns of diligence and frugality, of self denial, and taking up the cross daily. III. Constantly to attend on all the ordinances of God: in particular,

1. To be at church, and at the LORD's table, and at every public meeting of the bands, at every opportunity.

2. To use private prayer every day; and family prayer, if you are the head of a family. 3. Frequently to read the Scriptures, and meditate thereon. And,

4. To observe, as days of fasting or abstinence, all Fridays in the year.


Of the privileges granted to serious persons who are not of our church.

Quest. 1. How often shall we permit those who are not of our church to meet in class? Answ. At every other meeting of the class in every place, let no stranger be admitted. At other times they may; but the same person not above twice or thrice.

Quest. 2. How often shall we permit stran gers to be present at our love feasts?

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Answ. Let them be admitted with the utmost caution; and the same person on no account above twice or thrice, unless he be come a member.


Of Marriage.

Quest. 1. Do we observe any evil which has prevailed in our church with respect to marriage?

Answ. Many of our members have married with unawakened persons. This has produced bad effects; they have been either hindered for life, or have turned back to perdition.

Quest. 2. What can be done to discourage this?

Answ. 1. Let every preacher publicly enforce the apostle's caution, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers," 2 Cor. vi, 14.

2. Let him declare, whoever does this will be put back on trial for six months.

3. When any such is put back on trial, let a suitable exhortation be subjoined.

4. Let all be exhorted to take no step in so weighty a matter, without advising with the most serious of their brethren.

Quest. 3. Ought any woman to marry without the consent of her parents?


Answ. In general she ought not. Yet there may be exceptions. For if, 1. A woman believe it to be her duty to marry: if, 2. Her parents absolutely refuse to let her marry any Christian: then she may, nay, ought to marry without their consent. Yet even then a Methodist preacher ought not to be married to her.

We do not prohibit our people from marrying persons who are not of our church, provided such persons have the form, and are seeking the power of godliness; but we are determined to discourage their marrying persons who do not come up to this description. And even in a doubtful case, the member shall be put back on trial


Of Dress.

Quest. Should we insist on the rules concerning dress?

Answ. By all means. This is no time to give any encouragement to superfluity of apparel. Therefore give no tickets to any till they have left off superfluous ornaments. In order to this, 1. Let every one who has the

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