Imatges de pÓgina
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(Thermom. Hygrom State of Weather in February, 1800. Wind. Barom.

feet in,

| Days



61 37

16 34 16 32

141 28

10 30


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871 30

98 29



29,13 33 35 14 2.8 heavy showers, after which fun
734 37 37

.8. showers

39 .s delightful day, rain at night 4. W

30,37 | 36 7 delightful day SE

171 30 33 :7 foggy SE

.8 log, fun at intervals SE


.8 fun and pleasant SE

32 3.1

raw gulty air SE


no fun
a 30 32

a little sun
29,881 32 31

fun and pleasant

33 5 fun and pleasant 13 E

63 32

overcan and very cold

32 .8 overcard 15 S

30,0 31 32 .7 rain and Neet SE

29,781 34 34 .5 thaw, fog at night +7 E

701 38 | 39 7 overcast, showers 18 SE

77 35

32 :s fun, but cold air 19 SE

75 39 39 .5 Sun at intervals
561 36 37

.5 fog A. M. San P. M.
54 41 42

sun and pleasant
44, 42

43 4 thowers 23 40 4646

sun and pleasant 24 E

40 37 49 .5 overcast 25 E

57 47 48 4 overcast, feet at night 26 E

7032 33 .4 overcast; very cold 27 E

90 31 32 .5 overcast NW

951 27 30 .6 overcast 1. Motion in the sea, very loud 10 P. M.–2. Ditto 8 P. M. The thirofle ångs.--3Polyanthus flowers.--14. The snow-drop scarcely peeps out: withheld by the chilling frosts.-15. The rain congealed as it fell, anú rendered the roads a cake of ice, not indeed lo complete as on the first day of the present year.- 16. The wind without motion, but the sea in great agitation at 10 P. M.-19. A beautiful horizon at sun set.--21. The throftle fings vigorously, his song hitherto has been but feeble.-23. The filbert in bloom.

N. B. The cold hlafts from the Eafterly wind have caused the throftle, the red robin, and mot of pafforines to cease their warblings. Vegetation too is almost at a Stand. Fall of rain this month 0.25 inches,

J. Holt, Walton, near Liverpool.

20 21 22





METEOROLOGICAL TABLE for March, 1800. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Barom. Weather

Barom, Weather in. pls. in Mar. 1800

in. pts in Mar. 1800,

D. of
8 o'cl.

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27 29 32 * 28

32 M.1

29 2 32 38 3 | 31 | 38 433 39

36 27 32 24 31 28

35 9 29 36 10 31 39

43 53 12 40 43

Mar. o
29 29,78 clo.and windy 13 34 | 38
,81 clowly

14 35 43
30 ,90 cloudy

15 33 | 45 35 ,80 Ifair


32 44 30


35 39 30 172 cloudy


36 38 24


32 37 27 279 Mower of sn.


33 42 26


34 48 27 ,24 fair& highwd.


39 45 30


42 49 39 ,76 small snow

24 46

53 48

,62 thowery 25 3653 37 ,47 fhowery

37 53

,79 fair

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32 30,00 cloudy
36 129,9) cloudy

,82 cloudy

195 cloudy
33 194 cloudy
31 19+ cloudy
38 30,44 cloucy

,06 lair
39 ,68 cloudy
45 201 cloudy
44 29,94 cloruly
38 ,89 tair
42 ,80 fair

»75 fair

197 fair

W. CARY, Oprician, No. 182, near Norfolk Street, S rand.


For MARCH, 1800.

*** In the letter of the Rev. Sir Herbert Croft,, bart. printed in p. 104, are mentioned “ MSS. of Chatterton given to him by Bishop Percy." We are authorized to say, tliat those MSS. had been given to the Bishop either by Dr. Goldsmith or the Rev. Dr. Lort; and that he did not receive them from the family of the author.


Conclufion of a Sermon preached ai vain to think of tifling it, by fay

the Chapel Royal, St. James's, ing, there is no scarcity. This is, on Ath Wednesday last, February at the best, mere matter of opi26th, by obe Bishop OF LONDON. nion; and different

will *****ESIDES the reasons think differently concerning, it.

☆ for the practice of But there is one point, on which all B

religious abstinence, men mutt think alike-that bread is which have here enormously dear, and hardly to be been stated, every procured by the lower orders of

man muft, at this the people. It is of no moment, to moment, feel himself under pecu- them, whether the scarcity be real har obligations, to observe a more or artificial ; they feel an actual than ordinary degree of abftemi- calamity prelling upon them, and ousness, both in the quantity and they care little about the reasonings quality of his diet. It has pleased of speculative men. This being the Almighty, to affli& this land the case, it would be as prepostewith an unusual scarcity of one of rous for us to fit ftill with our arms the most essential necessaries of life. folded, and suffer the mischief to Whether this scarcity may not have advance upon us, without any efbeen exaggerated and increased, fort to repress it, as it would be to by the arts of unfeeling and ava- make no preparations of defence rícious men, I will not take upon against an enemy landed on our me to lay : but whether it be real coasts, for fear it should spread a or artificial, or (what is perhaps talle alarm over the country. The nearer the truth) a compound of enemy, we have at present to enboth, the effe& is the fame; a real counter, is actually in the niidst of evil results from it. It has ren- us, is at every man's door ; but afdered the price of bread excessive, fails, with peculiar violence, the and placed it almost beyond the cottage of the poor. We are, reach of the poor. It is, therefore, therefore, loudly and imperiously a duty we owe to them, and to the called upon, to resist him with vipublic at large, to exert our best gour; and it behoves the higher endeavours, to lower this exorbi- clafles, more efpecially, to give tant price, as much as pollible. every allilance in their power to

There is no danger, I conceive, the lower orders: which in truth of exciting, by these exertions, any they seem perfectly well disposed needless alarm. The alarm has to do. long fince gone forth; and it is in One mode of relief suggested *

has * The following is a copy of the resolutions moved by his Grace the Archbishop of Carrerbuy in the House of Lori's, and adopted vnanimoudly : Die Jevis, 20° Februarii, 1:00. It was moved to resolve, that, in consequence of


has been that, of the highest and to the relief of our neceflitous brethe middle ranks of men limit- thren ; and render our frugality the ing, to a very moderate proportion, fource of their plenty. This woald the quantity of bread used in their be a species of abstinence, highly relpective families. This is, cer- pleasing in the light both of God tainly, in every point of view, á and man; and would, at once, very

wise and benevolent expe- contribute most essentially to dient. The lefs bread is consumed health, to virtue, to content of by the rich, the more, of course, mind, and to the comfort of all there will be left for the poor; and around us.

the less demand there is for this This would be indeed the faft particular article, the less tempta- which God has chofen, and which tion will there be to hoard it up, is fo sublimely described by the and the greater probability there is, prophet Isaiah, in terms perfectly that the price will fall. Besides applicable to our present situation ; this, when the lower orders fee and full of consolation and support that their superiors voluntarily deny to those, who, in conjunction with themielves fome of the comforts of other Christian , virtues, exercile life for their fakes, they will more that truly evangelical one, of charireadily and patiently submit to the table abßinence. " Is not this," privations they mufi necessarily en- says the Prophet in the name of the dure.

Almighty *, “ is not this the fast It is to be hoped, therefore, that that I have chosen? Is it not, to this falutary regulation, this wile deal thy bread to the hungry, and and humane act of abstemivusness, that thou bring the poor that are will. universally prevail, among cast out, to thy house? when thou thole whom Providence has blefled feest the naked, that thou cover with affluence, or with compe: biu;, and that thou hide not thytence,

self from thine own Aeth? Then But let us not stop here. let us hall thy light break forth as the go a little further still. Let us car. morning, and thine health thall Ty our hoftilities into the head quar- spring forth speedily, and thy ters of the enemy; let us extend righteousness thall go before thee; par retrenchments to all the super- the glory of the Lord thall be thy Auities, and luxuries, and needless rere-ward. Then fhalt thou call, delicacies, of the table; not,, for 'and the Lord Mall answer; thoil the purposes of parsimony or ava- thalt cry, and he shall say, bere ! rice, but for the directly opposite am.--If thou draw out thy soul to purposes of generosity and benefi- the hungry, and satisfy the afdicted cence; that we may apply the fa- soul; then shall thy light riie in vings arising from these reforms, obfcurity, and thy darkness be as the the high price and deficient fupply of wheat and other grain, it is expedient to adope fuch features as may be pract'ca le for diminishing the consumption thereof, during the continuance of the present preffure, and fur jutroducing the ufe of such articles as may conveniently be substituted in the place thereof.

“ Che lame was agreed to, and resolved accordingly nemine diffentiente.

" Then it was moved to rer Ive, tisa the agreement liereunto suhjoined be ingrossed, and laid upon the table of this luule, in order to be subscribed by any lord of this house who Thall think fit to ubscribe the same himself, or in fuis ó ume by any other lord.

• In consequence of the high price of grain, aid the evils arising therefrom, we the pnderligned agree, that until the tenth day of October next, we will not confume, car permit to be consumed, in any week, within our respective families, more wheaten bread than in the proportion of oue quartern loaf for each of ihe individuals of whom our faid families may be composed; and also, thai, during the same period, we will discouli. nue and cause to be discontinued within our said families, al paftry.'

* The laine was agreed to, and resolved accordingly nemine diffenticnte.

" Ordereri, ibut a mellige be sent to the House of Commons, to ..cquaint them that this House has come to the said relulution and agreement.". * Maiah Irii. 6-18.


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noon-day: and the Lord shall Τυδι χαριν προγονους βαρβαρος ώδε gide thee continually, and fatisfy Φαντασια, τιλλεσα κομας, σερνον το ελαthy soul in drought, and make fat

γέισα, thy bones; and thou shalt be like a Φορμιγξος τρομερων νευρον απωσε χιροι, watered garden, and like a fpring όφρα σνοη λιβυρα ψιθυριζεν, « Zη μαλα ef water, whose waters fail not."



Έδραν, ενθα Κασκαι, συν μακαρισσι
INSCRIPTION. “Hμενος ασφοδελω λιμων γεγηθεν ακέων
M, S.

Ειθεα ποιηων ασματαμείβομενων,
Reverendi Colendique Viri

Ωδην Δριδωνε, κιλαλούντ' επινικια Γραια, Collegii Wintoniensisnonitapridem Magiftriz Σπευσηρου γοναχας, σως γλυευπικρα nuperrimè defuncti.

μελη, Cajus figenii dotes;

Θαυμάλα Μιλτον φωνης, υψηχια χορδην (cilicet,

Μαιονιδου κιθαρας, Πινδαρικης τι λυin multiplici doctrina et varietate rerum

Eruditionem locupletiffimam; in Scripris Antiquioribus interpretandis Ele- HEU! heu ! evaniJus periit, periit Virorum gantiam;,


[mulo. in LiterisRecentioribus illuftra.idis Judicium Phæbo, Muris, choroque Mufarum fa- . exquifitijfimum ;

* Tityre, quis uunc Te canet fub undbrulis in LyricisCarminibus scribendisConceptuum fagis

[rediifti? Vim et Ardorem ;

Cantantem in agris paternis, quos tandem literati :

2 Quis nunc lamentabitur, quomodo Galius et cujus Morum virtutes;

amore tabefcebat,

(ribus ? nempe,

Ar Lycoris rideos effugit procul a dolo. facilitzteni, fuavitatem, humanitatem, beton state, et planta arborum, armenta, nignitatem;

greges ovium, [tionem habent. Amici;

Nog morgusexaminum, luavem oblecta. Honore diù profequentur ;

us Ophes ublores, Eurydicesque fatum Mærore did Jefiderabunt.


Pangit, tanquam Maronis politam vocem? HIS SALTEM ACCUMULEM DONIS! Eccho inídnutie nuncians fonum lamentati. Αι, αι, Φρυδος όλωλεν, ολωλεν φιλτατος quam per auram (terrà mortalibus. Ανδρων

[χος. Generibus aëriis, et habitantibus in alia Φουβω, και Μεσαις, Μεσοπολώ το

* Indus abjecit coronam è plumis contex.

tam, fregit sagittas, Τις 'Συν σε σκιεραις υπο φηβοις, Τίλυρε,

Barbarus fic reperidens illius beneficium μιλφει

[αίροις και

in patres fuos collatun. Αδοντ’ και ταιριοις, ές σοτ' ανηλθες, Ś Phantafia, vellens comas, pectusque perΗ τες θρηνησες, Φως Γαλλος έθηκεπ' ερωλι, cassa,

(tudinis, Αλλαγλωσ' εφυΓων τηλε Λυκωρις αχών;

Repulit a tremulis manibus nervum telo Ουκ αρέλος, δενδρων το φυλον, βολα, σοιμνιά υγue dum tatus Canorus fefurrabat, «V

vit omnino filius tuus, [beatis, μηλων,

Sortitus, ubi 6 Frater eft, fedeni cum Ου βομβος σμηνών, ηδια τερψιν εχιι. Affidens in prato quod abundant asphode. Ορφικα τις συνθή, μορον Ευρυδικης το lis, lætatur audire [afiatos, Βρίθαννου

Poetarum alternantium cantus numine

Odam Drydeni, sonaoria epinicia 7 Graii, "Αρμοζει, γλαφυραν ώςε Μαρωνος οπα και

Spenseri fufpiria, carmina quàm dulcia Ηχο φθιμα γοων λεκιν αγέλεσα παρ'

Διηul et acerba, dee

Miranda Miltoni vocis, altisonam chordam Φυλοις αεριων, αλλοδαπους τί βρόλων. Mæonidis citharæ, Pindaricæque lyræ." Ινδος απερρίψε θερινον σεφος, ηξε» οϊσες, Wint. Col. Feb. 15, 18οο. G. Ι. Η.

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• Refpiciimt hæc er sequentia ad Poeticam Interpretationem Virgilii Bucolicorum et Georgicorum a Wartono noftro deflendo compositam; Odas ab eodem fcriptas ; et Poetas ab ipso laudatos et amatos.--Vid. Ecl. 1.

2 Vid. Εcl. 1ο. 3 Vid. Libros 1, 2, 3, 4, Georgicorum. * Vid." The Dying Indian." 5 Vid.“ Ode to Fancy."

6 Th mas Wartanus; eximia cujns ingenii poetici specimina lunc hzec ; “ The Tri. umph of Ilis;" " The Pleasures of Melancholy;" " The Cruia Je;"The Grave of King Arthur. 1 Vid. " The Bard."" To triumph, and to die, are mine."


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