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be a dwarf than any other thing." The Jan. 10. As Mr. Hobdell, wheelwright, greater number profess themselves of this at Ridge - Hill, in Hertforuthire, was hatiopinion," said the poffeffor of the secret, ly putring on his coat, in fretching out his with a smile.

Gazette de France. arm he struck one of his childrem, of about? The proprietors of an inclofure near two years o'd, who was standing on a chair Montpellier, in digging up a plant ition, dis- at 'he breakfast table; and the poor infaut, covered a tomb in which was inclosed an falling with the back of its head against the alabaster unn, hermetically sealed, and con- edge of a chair, received fo dreadful a hure taining ashes, an alahaiter incente pot, the as to occafton its death the next day, not-' handle of which reprefented the head of a withstanding every possible allistance was ram; a fepulehral lamp, and several pieces afforded. The Coroner's Jury have brought of money, ftruck in the reign of Domitian. in a verliet of Accidental de h. Another discovery, for the amusement of Hertford, Mar. 4. The Affizes finished antiquaries, has also been made in France. here this day, when W. Criswell and James A temple has lately been found, which Burgess received sentence of death for a was dedicated to Ceres, and whicli, ac- burglary in the du'elling-house of Nath. cording to history, was situated on the Camp. It appeared on the trial, that the road from Paris to Chartres.

prosecutor Camp, an old man, with his

wife, rested in a cottage near haif a mile IRELAND.

from Stansted; that it was generally underDublin, Mar. 24. The proceedings upon stood about the country, that lie had acthe question of Union are now drawing to quired money, which lie kept in his house, a close; they will have completely passed which is supposed to have been the reason the Parliament of Ireland in the course of that induced the prisoners to selet him to this week, and an Adjournment will imme- make their prey of; and accordingly, on diately take place for a month or 5 weeks. the night of December 19, when he and

Dublin, Marcó 23. This morning two his wife were in hexi, they broke into the Students of our Univerfity, Messrs. Co:lan hevie, knocked him down with a large and Morcan, in consequence of an unhappy afhen stick, and cot him with a knife in the difpute the preceding evening, met in die neck, and across the calves of his legs; they helds near Harcourt-street. They fired at also cut his wife through her Days and thilt the same moment, when Mr. C.'s thol un- to the fin, and in the neck, threatening, fortunately took place in the temple of his with the most horrid imprecations, to finish antagonist, and killed him on the spot. them by cutting their throats, if they did not

The surviving combatant has been expelled discwer where the maney was; and, after the College, and the seconds rusticate:l. searches lie whole house withont finding

any mrouer, took some spoons and other SCOTLAND.

things, and set the old man in a chair telling Jan. 2. This day there was a heavy fall him he might Qt and bleed to death. They of low in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, and in were ordered to be executed ne'r the spot nearly the whole of Scotland, South of where the wtfence was committed, which Edinhurgh and Glasgow, which impediell was accordingly done, on Friday the 13th, travelling in every direction : the mails amidst the greatest concourse of people could not travel by carriage, nor on horfe- ever allembled in the c 'unty, except at an back; during the right, the snow had so election: the lane, being narrow, was entinearly filled mp the track of the road), and tirely filled. The Criminals behaved in the was fo drifted into one Glens, that no one most daring and abandoned minner. Cola would venture. Two women, on their well, who was a nitive of Houeldon, way from Edinburgh to Glasgow, perished was of gigantic and lavage appearance, in the spow, about three miles from Glaje always a med with a will, and ready fiue gow. Their bodies were found by the every desperate action, and it was found Glasgow carriers. Through the incte neceifury to chain him by the arm in iis celt mency of the Icaron, no fewer than 40 after conviction. Burgets was born it score of Theep have perished on one farm Ware. The wife of the prosecutor had the in Berwickshire.

fairest opportunwy of knou ing the perfons

of both hy to clear liglit of the moon, COUNTRY NEYS.

which came intoh:rondrough iwo opJar. 5. Yesterday, as the children of pofite windows, to that the triat was thori. the Rev. Mr. Jenkins, of Bridgewater, Waters was execined on the Wednefitay were playing in the nursery, the foot of a for robbing the Duke of Leeds's iteward, heatriful little girl, about three years old, on the highway near North Mianms. Inpt, and the fell upon the fire. The nur- Cbelm ford, Mar. 7. The bulmess at Nih lery maid, who was in the adjoining room, Prius, bétore Mr. fuftice Heatii, finod being alarmed by the screains of the chile this day with a Traverle before a Special dren, fled to the poor girl's affittance, but Jury, gaindi Mesirs. Williams and Hughes, she was fu dreadfully burnt that we expired of Peres-ticule, Cambridge, and Meltis. is the greateft agonies this morning, Purple and Gues, uf Duumow', iu Ellex,


for a riot in Duomow, on the ift of August cannot be estimated. The fire commenced lart, after the review of Captain Pepper's in the Mali-kiln, but whether by accident troop of Yeomanry Cavalry, and assaulting or otherwise cannot be ascertained. An several gentlemen of that and other corps; anonymous letter, threatening defraction when, after a hearing of fix hours, they to their premises, &c. has been received were all found Guilty.

by the proprietors of another extensive On the Crown fide, Henry Hunsdon, brewery in that city ; to discover the wria the boy of eleven years of age, who tole ter of which every effort is at present ma. the various Bank notes out of the letters, king; and we fincerely hope it will be effrom the Post Office at Chelmsford, was fectual. We are form to add, that the on Friday convicted and received sentence Maltfter is supposed to be buried in the ruins. of death; hut Baron Hotham, in the most The stone arch, which formed the floor humane manner, informed him, there was of the White tower over the east gate at great reason to believe that he would receive Lynne, suddenly fell, while the ropemakers, the Royal Mercy. The little convict fainted who dress hemp under it, were gone to away, and was supported in the Gaoler's dinner: to prevent farther danger, it is arms, while sentence was pailing upon him. thought adviseable to take down this orna

A remarkable occurrence happened to- ment of the town. wards the close of these Affizes : John Marcb 31. The long N. E. winds bave Taylor had been arraigned and tried on the brought with them an immense quantity of charge of uttering a forged note, in the Caterpillar Spawn, which a few warm pame of Bartholomew Browne, for 8201. days will bring into life, to the destruction Jos, with an intent to defraud the Bank of of the vegetable would. The nests of these Cricket and Co. at Colchester, of which insects are to be found under the ridges of the Jury found him Guilly ; but just as walls and pent-houses, and may now be Baron Hothain was about to put on his easily destroyed by the careful gardener. black cap, and to pass sentence of death on the prisoner, one of the Barristers, not re- DOMESTIC OCCURRENCE 5. tained on the trial, happening to turn over Exact report of the number of Prisoners the forged note, law it figned Bariw. under the charge of the French Commiffary Browne; and throwing his eye immediate- Dec. 21, 1799, the day when they were ly on the Indictment, perceived it written delivered over to the Transport Board, the therein Bartholomew Browne. He imme. Consular Governmont refusing to provide diately pointed out the circumstance to Mr. for them any longer : Gačrow, Counsel for the Prisoner, who Plymouth

7,477 rose up and Kated the variance as fatal co Portsmouth

10,128 the Indictment; in which the judge con- Liverpool

2,293 curred, and discharged the prisoner ; but, Stapleton

693 as he was fill liable to a new indictment, Chatham

1,754 and immediately arrested fordebt, his friends Yarmouth

50 paid the latter lo save him from the former. Edinburgh

208 Mar. 8. This morning a fire broke out Norman Cross

3,038 at the brewery of Messrs. Williams, in Batb, which, in a short time, destroyed the whole

25,646 of that extensive building, ingether with When the whole number of prisoners near 20,000 bushels of malt and barley, have beon sent back to France under the 1400 barrels of beer, &c. Their store. late Convention in Holland, there will still boules on the opposite side had taken fire, remain about 24,000 men in our prisons. and would have unquestionably have thared The Marine Society, which has filed the same fate with llie brewery, had they out for the sea service $1,000 men and not been saved hy the very active and un boys, have cloathed and sent into the fercommon exertions of Mr. T. Williams. vice of their country, from the zoth The neighbouring bills, illuminated by the September to the 31st of December, 1799, flames and the immense body of fire 87 distressed boys, and 251 men. thrown op when the malt floor fell in, pre

Saturday, Jan. 11. sented a scene awfully grand and impresive. The daugiter of Mr. Mulcaller, musician, The wind providentially blew from the of St. Martin's le Grand, between 3 and 4 East; had it taken a contrary 'direction, years old, playing with the candle on Christthe whole range of warehouses belonging mas Eve, il caught her mutlin frock, and to Meffrs. Ward, Bond, Tilley, &c together burne her in a moft dreadful manne before with the dwelling house of Mr.]. Williams, atlistance could be given. She lingered in the Baprift Chapel, Bradley's buildings, extreme agony till this day. &c, muit lave added to the confiagration. Mr. Edw. Howard, brother of Mr. H. The immediate loss of Messrs. Williams is Howard, M. P. and nephew to the Duke said to amount to at leait 20,000l. of which of Norfolk, (hy trying an experiment with tum oily 5,8071. is insured; but the lofs, gunpowdler, in a chemical apparatus, which, occasioned by the fagnation of their trade, by baving acquired too great a portion of

heat, is supposed to have affected the ma- came on a sudden and violent gale of winds chine, and occafioned au explosion) has

and the rolling of the thip occafioned an been for fome days deprived of right; but

accident to Capt. Alms, who, while standis likely foon to recover, without any injury ing near the companion-ladder, was throwa to his eye-light. His face is much disnigus down hy it, by which one of his ribs was red, a great part of his hair burnt off, and broken, and he was disabled from doing the right hand has suffered mucha

any farther duty on the thip's deck. For Wednesday, Jun. 15.

two or three days the weather had been fo This morning, about 9 o'clock, a wherry, thick, that it was not puffible to make any with 6 persons in it, upset in going through oblervation, and the current had driven the one of the arches of London Bridge, when

Thip fofar out of her reckoning, liat, a out 3 of the passengers were drowned; the other

12 o'clock on the night of the rolli, the 3 were saved by boats from Billingsgate.

Repu se track on a lunken rock, fupposed Saturday, Jan. 18.

to be the Mare, 25 leagues South-east of This day being appointed for the celebra

Udant. She was then going about fix tion of the Anniversary of the Queen's knots an hour. The thip continued trie Birthday, there was a very splendid and king on the rock near three quarters of an numerous attendance of the Nobility, fo. hour before the could be brought to wear; reign Ministers, and other Persons of Disa and the water rudaed an io fatt, that the tinct on, to compliment their Majesties lower-deck tier was soon forded. By upon the occasion. The guns at the Tower , great exertions, the ship was kept afloat were fired at one o'clock. There was a long enough to be enabled to approach the Ball at Coort in the evening, and Iumi. coak near Quimper; and, at half past ten pations and other public deinonftrations of

o'clock, Capt. Alnis, and the thip's comjoy in London and Wellminster.

pany, quitted her, and made good a landWednesday, March 5.

ing on one of the Glenans Bands, about This day a gentleman's groom, airing his

two miles from the Continent. The pea. matter's horse in Hyde-Paik, and running fantry on the island gave every allittance; 2 race with another groom, by a sudden

and it is supposed the thip's company have turn, the horse fell, and his river, being

been fent prisoners to Quimper. In the throw o off with great violence, broke his contusion of getting on-lbore, one of the back, and expired immediately. Only a

ship's boats uplet, with five seamen, who few minutes preceding this event, another

were drowned. Two others were drowned groom galloping one horse, and leading in- owing to drunkenness; and tour more other, feli, and was so much hurt, that were so drunk, they could not be got out a largeon was sent for lo render him are of the ship. We believe thele are all that Aftance.

per thed. The ift and 4th Lieutenants, Monday, Marcb 17.

2 Midihipmen, and 8 seamen, preferring This evening a fire broke out in Crutched the risk of getting safe to England to the Friers, at the house of John Travers, esq. horrors of a French prifun, berook thema direstor of the Eart-India Company, felves to the large catler, aod, having got which entirely consumed the upper part of

a small supply of provisions and bread, the same, together with all the fui niture. steered for Guernsey. They had got within We are happy to state, that no lives were

8 leagues of ile land on the firtt day, when bort, and, from the activity of the firemen, a gale of wind came on, which drove them and a plemiful supply of water, the flames

towards the French coult; and it was not were prevented from communicating to the

until the fouith day that they reached adjoiniag building. The Volunteer Alloci- Guernsey, after having undergone the anions and the Eait-lødia Company's troops mott levere haruthips during 3 days and attended to afford their afültance in keeping nights; the waves breaking over the boat off the mub. This unfortunate accident is fo inceisantly, that four of the feamen were attributed to the curtains taking fire in the conttantly employed in baling her. The bed-room, where a lady was indisposed.

ift Lieutenant was liniled at Weymouth The Master, Wardens, and Court of on Sunday. The Repulle had, the 16th, Affittants of the Company of Bakers have

on the day preceding the accident, re-capftated, that the Operation of the late Act of tured the Princeis R.yal packet, from the Parliament has bad a very material effect Leeward Islands, on-bourd of which the on their trade, inasmuch as it has reduced 31 Lieutenant and ten feamen had been the Consumption at least one sixth part. lent. Some apprehenfions are entertained

The following are the particulars of the on account of her, as ibe is not yet arrived. unfortunate loss of his Majesty's ship Re. The French prize.matter was carrying her pulse, of 64 guns, Capt. Alnis, one of the

in:o Nantes. The mail nad been taken out ibips belonging to the Channel Acet, but by the privateer which captured her. had been Jetached by Sir Alan Gardner lo

Friduy, March 21. cruize off the Penmarks, for the purpose A furious fire nioke out in a brothel, in of interceptiog provifion vefsels going to James-itreet, opposite the Tenors-court. Brett. On Sunday, the gth of March, there An alarm being given about 11 o'clock, che



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proprietor of the Eidophufikon, Mr. Chap

Tbursday, March 27. man, (husband of Mrs. C. of Covent-Gar- With great concern we have to notice a den Theatre ) went over the whole of his mutiny on-board his Majesty's fhip Danae, piemises, but evuld discover no (igns of an which has been carried into Breft by the aj preaching conflagration, of erwise than villains who obtained poffeffion of her. by a trong buong smell, which appeared The Pui ser of the ship arrived at the Adto come from James-It eet. Apprehensive miralty this day with the The inof approaching danger, he went to the dignation which every honeft mind muf houses at the back of the exhibition, and on feel at the conduct of the mutineers it searching the house alluded to, discovered would be d fficult to find language to express. one of the bed-rooms on fire, which in a The axle-:ree of Mrs. Hunt's carriage few minutes after hurft into a flame. Every this day hrcaking in Bond-treet, the coach. exertion, with buckets of water, was made man was thrown off the box, and, the wbeels to prevent is increase, until the engines ar- paffing over his head, was killed on the sived, which was about 12 o'clock. By this spot. The body of the coach, in which time, the bouse where the fire began, the were Mrs. H. and another lady, was over adjoining, and the Eiduphurikon, were in- turned, and they were slightly bruised. volved in the general conflagration. About

Monday, Marcb 31. half an hour after, the public-house called The following is the result of Mr. Ar. the Hole-in-the-Wall, in, Panton-ftreet, thur Young's Enquiry, on a subject on caught fire, and was, in the space of an which his experience muft, in this inbour, destroyed; as was the house of a stanice, be considered as correct. He contallow.chandler next door, The iallow ad- siders the deficiency in the lait year's crops ded fiesh vigour to the devouring element, to be in the following proportions, aflualthouglunoexertion was omilied to remove ming 20 as the general average crop: it. A strong corrent of air, which arose

Deficiency. foon after one o'clock, feemed to threaten Ellex

6 i-half in 20 destruction to the surrounding neighbour- , Kent

6 hood ; many of the houses being extremely Norfolk

6 2-34s old, and mostly improvided with party u alis. Suffolk

8 The diead and horror which took pofleffion Suflex of the minds of the inhub.tanis began to Surry abate, after being kept near an hour in a Berks fate of furpence, and soon totally-lublidtd, Hants

6 2-3ds - 20 by the file heing got under without doing Bedford

6 2-3us

- 20 any further damage of consequence. This Cambridge

5 I-half may be solely imputed to the unwearied Hertford

5 i-half

20 exertions of the firemen and many persons Hunts


- 20 present. The loss sustained by the pro- Average of this great prietor of the Eidophusikon is supposed to Corn Dittrict

6 1-4th be at least 6ool. no part of which was in-. Lincoln

8 1 half Tared. One person left his life in perform- Gloucester

8 ing an act of humanity; a serjeant of the Devon

7 2d regiment of Fout Guards, of the name


6 2-3ds of Pole, who was a lifting the landlord of Bucks

62-305 the Hole-in-the Wall, in the removal of Oxford

6 2-3ds his furniture over the tops of the houses, the Lancaster

7 Imoke ini peding his lig'i, be unfortunately Wefimoreland

7 stept on a ry-light upon the foot of Mr. Durbam Falwaflci's house, a clemitt in the Hay- York,W.R..

8 maiket; wiat with his own weight and York, E.R. the kau he carried, he was precipitaled Dorset

7 through upon a flighi uf Itairs, 'ne fall and Dei hy

5 the conc: iron brokerho of his ribs and his Northumb. 'neck he was immediately bied, but life General Average 73d ja 20 was gone.

A Coronei's jury wis sum. JUN!ys. -- Another Candidate for the moned on the body on Sailirdiy, when they

vacant lioncuis of this name is now pretled brought in a verdict of Accidental Death. forward. The Rev. P. ROSENHAGEN, a On the 25th, his reinalns were interreu

man well known at Stockdale's, and the Co- ! in St. John's Burying-ground, Weflminfter.

603-Ties Cluh, and who w.8, we believe, Befines the Sergeants and Corporals of his

a contributor to a filly paper which yet exsegiment, his obsequies sere attended by ilts, is laid to bare leh behind him a colthe respectable Society of Freemasons, to

lection of MSS. and papers which prove the number of rx y; one Cori oral and 12 him to have been the suihor of these celeof the Life Giards, car in their regalia, brated letters. These papers he bequeatheu also accomșanying their deceased brother,

to Metirs. Chace, Sewer, and Chace, and who was unives tally refected.

they are now on their way from India.





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273 GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. Campbell, late 132d dito; Arthur Robert

Tis Majesty has been pleased Dilloin, late 115th dito; Hon. George CarJan. I. to appoint negie, late 110h ditto; Thomas-Partridge lonels Wm. Gooch, of the 4th dragoons; Thorpe, on hali-pay; Duncan Darrock, Henry Chaytor, ift foot-guards; Stapleton Roublay an 1 Caithness fencibles ; Fredericks Cotton, 29th ligne dragoons; Samuel Dile, Delme, date 103d foot; John Grey, late rymple, 3d foot-guar's; Wm. Johnston, 113th font; William-Henry Pringle, 4th ditto ; George-Frederick Koehler, royal ar- dilio; Hon. Rob. Clive, lite rroth ditto; tiliery; Frederick-William Wollation, 22d Wm, Hutchinson, on balf-pay; Anthony light dragoons; Rowland Hill, goch foot; Egan, late Irish brigade; Count Philip Wm. Stewart, &gth ditro; Hon. Wm. Sca- Walli, ditto; David Barry, ditto; William pleton, 3If light dragoons; Denzell On. OʻShee, ditto; Jas. Conway, ditto; Frane flow, late 97th foot; John Murray, 84th cis Stewart, 79th foot; Geo. Jackson, late ditto ; Win. Twifs, royal engineers; Hon. 26th ditto; Wm. Tomlinson, late gift ditCharles Hope, th dragoon-ghards; Rich. to; Gordon Skellev, Scotch brigade; Tho. Mark Dickens, 34th foot; Sir Geo. Pigot, Hockley, Suffolk fencibles; Hugh Antrobart. late 130th disto; Frederick Maitland, bus, Somerset fencible infantry; Jr. Mur. 27th ditto ; John Leveson Gower, on half- rav, late 1o8th foot; Arthur Aylmer, 2d pay; Martin Hunter, 48th foot; John Lu. Marix fencibles ; Wm. Maxwell, 32d foot'; Elphinitone, 26th ditto; Richard Viscount Wm. Say, late 99th ditto; Jolin MackenDonoughmore, late 112th dillo; John A- zie, 78:h ditlo; Edward Barnes, late 99th bercrombie, 53d ditto; Richard-William ditto; Henry Zouch, late 121ft foot; John Talbot, 2 3d ditto; George. Charles Braith. Shee, 330 ditto; Edmund Reily Cupe, waite Boughton, on half.pays Carr Beres. late Dublin regiment; Henry Davis, 9th ford, 88th foot; John Evelegh, royal en- fool: Hon. E. M. Packenham, 230 light gineers; Orlando Manley, royal artillery apps Nonn Bagwell, late zoth ditto ; Alexander Shand, ditto ; George Earl Priæneas Baal, late 128th foot; Rob. Bell, Dalhousie, 2d foot; Tho. Baker, late 11 * 86th ditto, Rob. Campbell, late 2d battaditto ; Geo. Porter, late 117th ditto; Jas. liga 821 ditia William Brooke, late 96th Erskine, 15th light dragoons ; Henry

With;m. Bor lonby, 5th dragoon-guards; liams, late 120th foot ; Hon. Geo. Nagieren Tho Molynaix, late 104th foot; Wm. Rolate Londonderry regiment ; Francis Bank berts, late sth ditto; Hugh Billie, 86th Conyngham, ditto ; Hon. John Vaughan diite; Edw. Macdonnell, 46th ditto; Edlate Loyal Sheffield regiment; Cha. Baillie, and Tuwin Colman, 84th ditto; Hon. J. gift foot ; Hon. Alex. Hope, 14th ditto; Butler Wandesford, late 104th ditto; Geo. John-Thomas Maddison, late Loyal Kello A. Armstrong, on half-pay; James-Francis regiment; Peter Heron, late zd battalion Bland, late 107th footAugustus Fitzgeosth foot; Roh, Lawson, royal artillery ; rald, ditto; Charles Smith, 22d light draTho. Peter, on half-pay; Rob. Montgó- goons; John Bainbridge, Durham fencimery, 9th foot; Edw. Fage, royal artillery; bles; Jonn-Shaw Maxwell, 23d light draHon. Montague Mathew, late 114th foot ; gnons; Benjamin Forbes, 75th foot; John. John Ramsay, 3d foot-guards; William Charles Tuffnell, on half pay; John PopEarl Bulwer, on half-pay; John Delves ham Watson, late nigth foot ; Haviland Brougiiton, late 106th foot; Wm. Dyott, Smith, late Corsican corps; Wm. Peachy, 25th ditto ; Ronald Cranfurd Ferguson, late 108th foot; Geo. Vigoreux, late Core 31 ft ditto; Andrew Gammell, of Col. Ed. fican corps; Tho. Skinner, royal engineers; wards's fencibles; Rob. M‘Farlane, 720 Thomas de la Beeche, late 123d foot; Cha. foot; Peter John-James Dutens, Minorca Newton, late 134ch ditto; George-Lewis regiment; Samuel Achmuły, 75th foot; Hamilton, royal artillery; George Hart, jas. Thewles, 4th dragoon-guards; John-' 36ib foo!; Humphry Dennis, 9th dragoons; Guftavus Croibie, 22d foot; to be Colonels Geo. Glasgow, roval artillery; Geo Johnin the Army.--Majors Rowland Edwards, fun, 28th foot; Hen. T. Thompson, royal 9th fuot; Henry Baird, 54th ditto ; Hon. artillery; Rich. Donaldson, gth dragoons ; Alexander Murray, 4th ditto; Wm. Cul- Abraham Duvernette, royal artillery; Jas. leo, Scotch brigade; R. Sacheverell New- Butler, dito); Win. Inglis, 57th fout; Da. -son, gth foot; John Wingfield, 4th drs- vid Rubertion, 74th foot; Jas. Br.ig, royal 3001s; William-Charles Fortescue, on half- artillery; Wm. Douglas, 741h foot ; Mat. pay; Andrew Ross, Reay fencibles; Ger. thew Jenonr, 39th dillo; James Wynch, tard Gosselin, late 130th foot; Rich. Lee, 4th diito; Chales Robison, royal artillery ; late 124th disco; H. Lewis Dickenson, Tho. Judson, ditto; Wm. Benthani, dicio; 84th ditto; Wm. Pearce, late 123d ditto; William-Frederick M‘Bean, 6th foot; Joha Wm. Alexander, Effex fencibles; Lord Vincent, 4gth ditto; Wm. Booth, royal enHeary Murray, late 2d battalion goth foot; gineers; John Borthwick, 7.ft foot ; Tho. Andrew Hay, of a fencible regiment; Tho- Ballett, sih ditto ; William Wade, 3d dramas-Robinson Grey, 20th foot; Frederick- goons ; Geo. Lewis, royal artillery ; Wm. Philip Robinson, late 134th ditto ; Charles Fyers, royal engineers; Sherborne Stewart, GENT. Mag. Marob, 1800.

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