Imatges de pÓgina

Ift life-guards; John Halden, rith foot; tenant colonel in the 37th foot) to be his Rob. Lethbrucige, both ditto; David Gor- vice-treasurer and commiffioner of acdon, 48h dil!0; Frederick De Chambauli, counts; and Robert Gray, esq. to be delate rogth dito; Alex. Cuniine, 75th dit. puty-commisioner of accounts. Lieut, to; William-Frederick Spry, 77th ditto ; col. George Leigh, of the roth, or Prince's Edw. Musgrave, 76th ditto; Patrick Max- own light dragoons, to be his equerry; and well, 19th ligt dragoons; to be Lieute- Mr. Galkoin to be clerk of the itables. pant-colonels in the Army. -Captains- Whiteball, Feb. 1. Mr. Wm. M'Farlane, Cliarles Duperry, 37th foot; Stephens Colo appointed keeper of the minute-book of bris, 6ift ditto ; Charles Sutherland, 741h the New Seffion-house of Edinburgh, and ditto; Edw. Wood, royal artillery;! Tto. Mr. John Thompson, to be commiffary of Pacerfon, Igth light dragoons; Wm. Keis- the commiffariot f Kirkcudbright, both vice teman, royal engineers; Samuel Swinton, Gordon, dec. Rev. Samuel Kennedy pre74th foot; John-William Evans, 191h dire sented to the church and parish of New to; Malcolm M.Pherson, 77th ditto; Gio. Lie, in the presbytery of Strantawer, and Johnstone, New South Wale corps; Wm. county of Wigton; and Rev. Gilbert Mac Bulle, gw foot; J. Killigrew Dunbar, 69th Ilveen, to the church and parish of Delditto; Sir Geo. Leith, bart. 73d ditto; Geo. mellington, in the presbytery and thire of Cookson, royal artillery ; Philip Riou, dit- Ayr, vice Macmyn, dec. to; Christopher Seaton, 54th foot; George War-effice, Feb. 4. Invalids. Ensign Wm. Calland, 2d life-guards ; to be Majors in Lodge, from the half-pay of the gift foot, the Army.

to be lieutenant in the Hon. Major.geo. War-office, fan. 4. Brevet. Captain the Napier's independent company of invalids Hon. Alexander Murray, to be major in at Guernsey, vice Brigges, dec.-Brevet. the army.

Capt. W. A. Phipps, inspector of the royal War-office, Jan. II. Barracks. Thomas military academy at Woolwich, to be major Fraser, gent. co be barrack-master at Fort in the army.-Hofpital-jaff. Surgeon James George, vice Maclean, superseded. M'Niell, to be ailiftanl-inspector of hospi.

War-office, Jan. 18. Invalids. Lieut. Ro. tals at Surinam.-Barracks. David Scott, bert Bullock, from the half pay of the late gent.deputy barrack-master of Fort George, 1320 foot, to be lieutenant in Capt. Camp- to be barrack-matter of Fort Augultus, bell's "company of invalids at Guernsey, vice Stuart, dec. vice Sawkins, dec.-- Brevet. Major Wal- W'biteball, Feb. 8. Rev. Dan. Robertson, ter Partridge, of the gth foot, to be lieute. presented to the church and parish of Mei. nant-colonel in the army.-- Garrison. Lievt. gle, in the presbytery of Meigle and county Robert Robinson, of the royal fuzilecrs, to of Perthi, vice Playfair, late minister there, be town-major in Prince Edward's Illand, transported to the united colleges of St. Salvice Lyons.--Staff. Major George Stracey vador and St. Leonard, in the University of Smyth, of the 83d foot, to be deputy- St. Andrew; and Rev. John Sangfter, lo quarter-mafter-general to the forces ser- the church and parish of Garvald, in the ving in North America, with the rank of presbytery of Haddington, vice Nesbit, dec. tieutenant-colonel in the army-Hipicado War-office, Feb. 15. His Majesty has been Piaf. Hospital-mate Wm. Tytler, to be apo- pleased to appoint the under-mentioned of. thecary to the forces, vice Venour, promoted. ficers of the East India Company's forces to

War-office, Jan. 21. Invalids. Ensign Pe- take rank by Brevet in his Majesty's army ter Whannell, from the late independent in the East Indies only: Majors Thomas companies, to be enfign in Major Gordon's Holland, John Barton, Nicolas Carnegie, independent company of invalids in Al James Gordon, John Horseford, Richard derney, vice White, dec, Hospital-fiaff. Humphries, Patrick-Alexander Agnew, John Wright, M. D. to be affiitant-impec- Edward Gibbings, Robert Mackay, Joho. tor of hospitals.

Tendal Evans, Hector Macleane, Robert War-office, Jan. 24. Brevet. Majors Hugh Cameron, Thomas Dallas, John Torin, Bowens, on half-pay; Henry Procłor, of Keith Macalister, Charles-Frederick Man. the 43d foot; John Brown, royal engineers deville, Richard Gore, Francis-William in Ireland; Joleph Walker, royal artillery Bellis, Jolin Little, John Wiseman, Henry in Ireland ; Wm. Hutchinson, 49th foot; Oakes, Thomas Marshall, Charles Reye Taylor White, 81st foot; Daniel Seudon, nolds, Burnaby Boles, George-William Migo 22d light dragoons; to be lieutenant.colo- nan, William Home, Andrew Anderson, nels in the army.-Staff. Col. Geo. Milner, Charles Boylc, John Macdonald, James of the foot-guards, to be brigadier-general Romney, Henry Long, Jacob Thompson, in the island of Jersey only.-Hospital.jtaff. Jeremiah Hau kes, John Baillie, Joseph - Hospital-mates William Warcup and Peter Bland, and William-Henry Blashford, to Travers, to be apothecaries to the forces, be Lieutenant-colonels. Captains Richard vice White and Robertson, promoted. Walker, Edward Pennington, Thomas PolCarlson-bousc, Jan. 29. His Royal High- hill

, Alexander Legertwood, Andrew Franefs the Prince of Wales has been pleased fer, Edward Tolfrey, Samuel Jeannerett, to appoint John M'Mahon, esq. (late lieu, John Chalmers, and George Knox, to be


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Harvey, R

ajors.-Brevet. Capt. Charles N. Cook.

CIVIL PROMOTIONS. fon, of the royal artillery, to be major in R. Charles Taylor, elected secretary in the army.--Garrifon. Lieut.-gen. David to the Society for the EncourageDundas, to be governor of Landguard fort, ment of Aris, Manufactures, and Com. vice Trelawny, dec.

merce, vice Moore, dec., Feb. 18. Staff. Quarter-matter William Thornto', esq. elected a direcJoseph Kelsall, on the half-pay of late 8117 tor of the East India Company for two ft. to he quarter-master at Hilsea barracks. years, vice Fitzhugh, dec.

St. James's, Fcb 21. Right Hon. Thomas The Marqus of Bute, elected a trustee Lord Bolton, took the oaths on heing ar- of the British Museum, vice Sir William pointed lord-lieutenant of the county of Musgrave, bart, dec. Southampton, and of the town of South- Edw. King, esq. of Lincoln’s-inn-fields, ampton and county of the same, vice the appointed vice chancellor of the duchy and Earl of Wiltshire.

county pelatine of Lancifter. War-office, Feb. 25. Brevet.' Major Sir Rev. Wm. Howorth, elected master of William Lowther, bart, to be lieutenant- . the free grammar school al Ipswicii, vice colonel in the army.

Ingram, resigned. Whiteball, March 4. Dr. Wm. L. Brown, Mr. Philip Holdsworth, under-marthal principal of Marefchal college in Aberdeen, of the city of London, appointed upperto he one of his Majesty's chaplains in or- marshal thereof, vice Hollier, dec.; and dinary in Scotland.

Mr. Wm. Camver, elected under-marthal. War-office, Marcb 4. Staff. Col. Jolin Stewart, of the royal artillery, to be bri- ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. gadier-general at Gibraltar only.

EV. William Kirwan, deanry of Kil.

lala, in Ireland, vice Thompson, dec. of Park, esq. to be Theriff of the county of Rev. Henry Wollaiton, son of Dr. W. Anglefea, instead of Evan Hughes, of prebendáry of Peterborough, Pafton R. co. Gwdryn, efq.; and James-Lloyd Harris, Northampcou; and Rev. W. E. Sims, B A. of Bryngwin, esq. to be meritf of the licensed to the perpetual curacy of Naycounty of Radnor, instead of Johan Brew- land, Suffolk ; both vice Jones, dec. tter, of Calcoh, esq.

Rev. Henry Jones, curate of Chatham, War-office, Marcb 8. Staff James Gore Darent V. Kent; and Hon and Rev. Jacob don, clerk, in be chaplain of ihe garrison Mirtham, D.D. Wilmiogton V. in the same of Foit George, vice Alexander Gordon, county; both vice Dinne, dec. dec. W. Boeth, to be alliftant-commif- Rev. R. Postlethwaite, author of “The sary of accounts.

Grammatical Art Improved,” St. Roche War-office, March 11. Hospital.fiaff. Hof. R. co. Cornwall. pital-mate · Gordon, to be a publiecary Rev. Sir John Head, bart. Rayleigh R. to the forces.

co. Elsex St. James's, March 14. Rowlard Jones, Rev. Mr. Prohy, third portion of Wadof Weltgloddfawr, esq. to be sheriff of the desden R. co. Bucks. county of Carnarvon, vice Rice Edwards, Rev. William Oter, M. A. Sturmer R. of Porthyregwl, efq. dec."

Suffolk, vice Parry, «lec. Downing-fireet, March 15. Hon. Arthur Rev. Rowland Hoyle, Saltfeet St. ClePaget, to be his Majesty's envoy-extraor- ment R. co. Lincoln. dinary and minister-plenipotentiary at the Rev. William-Joho Burford, B.A, TocCourt of bis Sicilian Majesty.-Hon. Wil tington V. Norfolk, vice Scott, dec. liam F. Wyndham, his Majesty's envoy- . Rev. William Nesfield, Brancepeth R. extraordinary at Florence, to assume the co. Durham, vice Shaftoe, dec. additional character of minister-plenipo. Rev. William Farish, M.A. St. Giles V. tentiary at that Court.-Archiball M‘Niell, with St. Peter annexed, at Cambridge, elq. to be his Majcsty's consul at Leghorn. vice Hodgson, dec.

- Joseph Pringle, esq. to be his M jesty's Rev. Nalbanuel D'Eye, M.A. Thander. agent and conful-generat in the illands of stone R. Suffolk, vice Palgrave, dec. Madeira, vice Munay, resigned.

Rev. Tho Garnier, fellow of All Souls, War-office, March 18. Hospital-faff. Geo. Oxford, Froyle V. Hants, vice Pollen, dec. Hazleton, M. D, from hall-pay, to be in- Rev. Crowther, elected to Christ spector of hospitals to the forces; and Church V. in Newgite-street, London, Acting-depury-purveyor Samuel Gibbons, vice Bell, resigned. to be deputy-purveyor to the forces.

Rev. Samuel Perhall, rector of Morton Wbileball, Mareb 19. Robert Coney and Baggor, co. Warwick, Olsborough R. co. Robert Hickes, together with Charles A. Worcester, vice Brittain, dec. gar, John Pouchet, and Richard Bevan, Rev. Rob. Trotman Co.tes, D.D. Yarn. esqrs. to be bis Majesty's commillioners for ton V. co. Oxford, vice Tesh, dec. appeals and regulating the duties of excise. Rev. Laurence Panting, M. A. elected

Carlton-burise, Narcb 22. Sir Walter Far- evening-preacher at the Asylum in St. quhar, bart. toʻhe physician to his Royal George's fields, vice Bracken, resigned. Highness the Prince of Wales.



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Rev. Henry Bodd (son of Richard B. Rev. Francis Knire, B. D. San'. She his M. D.) elected chaplain :0 Bridewell hof- Eflex, vice Lewis, dec.; and Rev. Joha pital, vice Bowen, dec.

Hunt, Ockington V. vice Knipe, resigned. Rev. John White, of Salisbury, Langford R. vice Watkins, dec.

DISPENSATIONS. Rev. John Towníon, M. A. Normanton EV. Tho Horilby, M.A. to hold se. V. co. York, vice Holdsworth, dec.

cond por:ion of Waddesden R. Bucks, Rev. Richard Turner, B.D. licensed to with Ravenhorpe V. co. Northampton. the curacy of Creat Yarmouth; and Rev. Rev. Thomas Crafter, M. A. prebendary J. Ives Day, M A. Yelverton Norfolk; of Lincoln, to hold Ketilethorpe R, with both vice Cooper, dec.

Thorpe-on-the-Hill R. co. Lincoln. Rev. Spencer Madar, rector of Ibstock, co. Leicefter, and of St. Fhilip in Bir- Mr. URBAN,

Cambridge, March 9. mingham, collated to a prebend. I fall in Presume on your indulgesice to transmit the cathedral-church of Peterborough; on tú you some account of the character of which occafion he resigns the chancellore the late Dr. Robert Glynn Clohery, fellow fhip of that diocese.

of King's college in this university, and of Rev. John Barılam, M.A. Beoly V. co. the Royal College of Physicians. He was Worcester; and Rev. Tbomas. Lambert born Aug. 5, 1719, at Kelland, near Budo Snow, Barcheston R. in the same county, min, in Cornwall, of an antient and re. of which rectory Mr. S. is parron ; both spectable family, and educated ai Eton on vice Apperley, dec.

the foundation; was admitted scholar of Rev. Arthur Homer, D. D. Whitchurch King's college, on the marriage of the R. co. Warwick, and licensed to the pere late provoft, Dr. Sumner, father of the petual curacy of Preston upon-Stower, co. present provolt, in 1737 ; B. A. 1741; Gloucefler, both vice Kenwrick, dec. M. A. 1745; M. D. 1758 ; and fellow of

Rev. James Binoilter, Iddeleigh R. co. the College of Physiciaus 1763. He first Devon, vice Tasker,dec.

praétifed physick at Richmond, and after. Rev. William Hendry, M. A. Boughton wards al Cambr dze, where he continued R. Norfolk, vice Daville, dec.

till his death, Feb. 8, 1800. Dr. Glynn Rev. G. A Thomus, rector of Woolwich, changed his name to Clobery in perfuanica Wickham R. Hants, vice Warton, dec. of the will of a relation, who beque thed

Rev. R. C. Whalley, B.D. Chel u ood R. to him some potoperty ; but he was usually co. Somerset.

adureiled a'id known by his paternal name, Rev. William Ctxe, M. A. rector of Be- His life was one uniform course of inte. merton, co. Wilts, Stourton R, in the same grity and berevo'ence. The author of the county, vice Warner, dec.

Pursuits, of Literature," who seems to Rev. James Commeline, rector of Cow- have been intimately acquainted with his ley, co. Gloucester, Redmarley d'Abitot R. merits, has distinguished him by that “af. co. Worcester.

fectionate verle," by which he wishes this Rev. Richard Simcoe Carles, B. A. Ar great and good character may be known ton Cantloe V. co. Warwick; and Rev. to all poterty,

(to name :) Hugh Bennett, M. A. Elmley Cəftle V. co. " While Granta bails (what need the fage Worcester; both vice John Bennett, dec. The lov'd Iapis on the banks of Can*.

Rev. Charles Boutell, of Ormsb, Repps Never was a ine more simply expreflive of cum Bastwick, Norfolk, perpetual curacy,

that heart-felt reverence which was uni. vice Fagerman, dec.

versally due to this “disinierefted, virtuRev. John Gatwick Challen, M. A. ous, and consummate, scholar and p'ıyfi. Bryfingham R. Norfolk.

cian. Though, for a long series of years, Rev. George Thompson, B. D. Bramley his pracr.ce was very extensive, and his V. Hans, and to be principal of St. Ed establishment confined within the walls of mund's hall, in the University of Oxford, a college, on a plan of moft temperate both vice Dowlon, dec.

and Atrict ceconomy, his effects scarcely Rev. folin Waltham, M. A. Darlaiton R. exceeded 10,000l. including the beque it of co. Stafid.

his relation. In what manner he applied Rev. Jarnes Tyley, B. A. Addington the principal part of his profeffinal emoluMagna R. co. Northampton.

ments is known to those who were fup. Rev. W. G. Humfrey, elected a minor ported or aflifted by his beneficence. ! canon of Bristol cathedral, viceEden,resigned. was happy for those around him, that it

Rev. W. Fawileit, B. A. mediety of West pleased Providence to extend his life to a Walton R. Norfolk, vice Framingham,dec. very advanced period. His faculties were

Rev. Charles Gardener, D. D. Sutton R, clear and vigorous within a very short time Surrey, vice Hatch, dec.

of his deceale. During bis illness, fenfible Rev. Edmund Gilbert, installed a pre- of his gradual decay, he expreffed nothing Bendary of the cathedral-church of St. Pe but relignation and kindnels, and expired ter at Exeter.

Rev. Richard Dreyer, LLB. Thwaite R. * Pursuits of Literature, gth cdit. p. 420. co. Suffolk.


enemy, oprügçie or a groan. Agreeably lies. To the art and judgement of a phy. to his repeated directions, he was interret sician, he added the solicitude of a friend, in the vault of the chapel, in a private and the charity of a benefactor. While manner, between 10 and in o'clock at his hand raised the amicted from the bed night. On this occasion, the members of of sickness, it was extended also lo pro. the coltege only attended. But though, vide sublistence for the indigeix futterer. in this instance, it was the laudable duty He had a largeness of mind superior to any of his executor to comply with his deure, indirect or fordid views, and which often yet the voice of public gratitude required belreyed him into a zeal against the opi. some more eminent mark of respect to be nions and conduct of orhers who were less paid to so bright and unprecedented an ex- liberal or lets firm than himself. Far be ample of public virtue. The Vice-chan- it from me to disguise his infirmities, which celor, therefore, Dr. Mansel, actuated hy he had too much fincerity to diffemble, his fincere regard to the memory of his in- and too much forticude to deoy. But his valuable friend, rod by that liberaluy of warmth was the sensibility of an ardent. sentiment which should always diftinguish advocate for truth against fállhood; it was those who are appointed to preside over the avo ved prepollethon of a free and ho. our seats of learning, communicated to neft heart agaioft all who practised and all the gentlemen of the university his in- who palliated vice. His eminence as a tention to accompany the friends of Dr. fchular was not known by any oftentatious Giydo, in mourning, from Trinity colc display of his literary taste or attainments, lege to Sc. Mary's church, on the follow- in which he excelled from his earliest ing Sunday. The procellion consisted of years, but by the uniform encouragement the heais of houses, the noblemen, and a of whatever could contribute to the revio numerous body of masters of arts. On val, the importance, and the support, of this occafien, a sermon was preached by useful and elegant learning. He law, and Mr. Mitchell, Fellow of King's college; often inculcated, the necessary union of who closed a plain and serious discourse on science with morality, which the indo. the vanity of the present work, and the lence or the ignorance of modern refineglories of the next, with an encomium on ment has endeavoured - to separate from the deceased. He first remaked, that each other with too much success. In conSuch confiderations prets upon the heart nexion, therefore, with his love of literawith peculiar force in those moments of lure, he was an allertor of that liberal dire deep regret, when they whom we have cipline, that rational restraint, that temreverenced or loved are separated from Perate and qualified subordination of you'd us by death ; and that we couli not for- to age, of inexperience to authority, which, bear from yielding to such impressions, in in concurrence with the illustrious founders recollecting the character of him to whose of our esta'lishments, he confidered as the memory they were then bearing a univer- hans and security of all literary inftitutions. fal testimony of unfeigned refpect." It But were such sentiments in him the result is not," added the preacher, " from a for- of austerity or pride? So far removed was mal appeal to the ondivided opinion of the be from such an imputation, that his friend. World xa the general merits of a good and ship and familiarity were solicited by none exalted name; it is not from the voice of more than by young persons. They sought périal intimacy, that I would appreciate his fociety; they courted his approbation; bis eminent talents, or more eminent be- they acquiesced in his judgement. If his nepok-nce; but it is from all those whom admonitions were received with anxiety, it he has honoured with his friendship, facc- was an anxiety mixed with reverence for Lioned by his patronage, reiseved by his his wisdom, with affection for his tenderskill, gunded by his wisdom, or blefied by ness. The frown of just reproof was his bounty, that I would endeavour to sweetened by the parting smile of benigform a faint delineation of his venerable nity and confidence. The candid integrity character. In the discharge of his public of the monitor was, at the same tune, both duty, the abilities, which it pleased God confirmed and softened by the sympathy of to communicate to him, were well exer- a parent. His fagacity was remarkably ciled for the benefit of his fellow-creatures. exemp.ified in his discrimination of cha. Many are the instances which his disinter- racters, even on their first appearance in ested kindness anxiously concealed, and in these seats of learning. Among those whom which the objects of his professional care he distinguished by his preference, and owed to him, as the instrument of their who wished to repay that preference by happiness, not only the preservation of every mark of esteem, gratitude, and at. their lives, but the support of their fami- tachment *, we may enumerate many,


This alludes to Mr. Pitt's offer to bim of the professional chair, but which Dr. G. declined in consequence of his advanced age. For many years his tea.table was frequented by young men of the highest ranks and character, who have since beca raised


A very

whose extraordinary talents have been press, and afterwards in an ocche his providentially employed in honouring and tion of these prize poems. Dr.G. inu reite fupporting the caute of God, aod the in- ed himfeif much in the Chattertonian busitereits of our country. To this short ai di ness, and is said to have been some time jadequate representation of his more con- confined with a violent cold caught in vi1picuous qualities, of which the most pre- fiting the depositary of the Rowleian MSS. dominant feature was bener-olence of temper, and to hi've courributed much information esmbined with a clear and decisive underfund- and affinance to Mr. Mathias in his learned ing, permit me to add one teftimony of a and comprehensive effiy on that subject.more private and personal observation, but A portrait of him, by Mr, Kerrich, was which a pious justice to his memory for. engraved by Facius in 1783. bids me to suppress. As he approached that hour in which he was fummoned to Vol. LXIX. p. 994. Captain Lancelot appear before his Eternal Judge, conscious Skynner, late commander of his Majefty's that man, in his best tale on earth, walk. frigate La Lutine, was the eldest son of a ech in a vain shadow, he expresied, with clergyman now living, who is equally the most fervent humility, an averfion to known for his learning and piety; and hear from othe:s, or to cherish in himself, was nephew to an officer of the same any opinion of his past services.

name, who fell, in the service of his coun. Ions and very vigorous life, *xhausted in try, towards the close of the war of 1756, the dignified duties of a mott laborious when commanding the Bideford frigate, in profeffion, could only suggest to him the an engagement, off the coast of Portugal, utter inability of the heart to derive any with a French ship of far superior force. fubftantial comfort from the mere retro- The particulars of this action are recorded spect of human excellence or human ef- in the Annual Register for the year 1760, forts. He seemed, in the fpirit of Chris- and are worthy of being adverted to *, as tian hope, to deprecate all dependence up- they exhibit an instance of heroism as on his own works, and to trust to the striking as any to be found in the annals of mercy of God alone for pardon, for peace, naval valour. -Capt. Skynper, the subject and for salvation.” The writer of this ar

of this sketch, entered, early in life, into ticle begs leave to conclude this tribute of the fea-service, and had the good fortune refpe&t to one, whom he has long loved to be patronized by oficers the best qualiand revered, with the very apposite Greek fied to form the seaman and the man of quotation, inserted in the Puriuits of Lite. honour. In the year 1990 he was appointterature, P 146, nole (-), gth edit. and ed lieutenant of the Cygnet loop, then which he recommends as a monumental serving in the West Indies. On the com. infcription over the remains of his departed mencement of hoftilities his zeal prompted friend. It is the echo of every heart that him to seek for active service. Io Novembas known, and admired, and felt, the ber, 1794, he was appointed by Sir John exemplary virtues of the “ lov'd lapis." Jervis, whose title of Earl St. Vincent latexuales , p.a.duços, kas aduçodoxnías, his services and recording his glorious at

ferves the double purpose of rewarding Q12071 9:, yaratos, vowy drogbalimis, os 10!, Chievements, to the command of the Exdouxvos, svoribns, vis arpov tas wardesas periment, on the Leeward INand Station, εληλακως. .

Admiral Caldwell, who succeeded Earl CANTABRIGIENSIS. St. Vincent in the chief command in that Dr. Glynn lias hequeathed to his college quarter, removed Capt. Skynner into the goool. ; to his fervanit koul; and to his ex- Zebra floop early in the fullowing year. ecutor, the Rev. Mr. Keriich, of Magdalen In the month of March in that

year, college, 5ocol. He was a character of long Zebra was ordered to the protection of and distinguished celebrity in the Univer- 'the island of St. Vincent, which was 21 fity of Cambridge, though the printed ter- that time in the most imminent d'anger, timories which ile puhlick potless of liis from the successful irruption of the Chakerary merit are but few. He obtained, raibs. On his arrival off that ifland, Capt. in 1957; the Seronian prize for a poetical Skynner found the enemy in pofleffion of Estay on the Dy of Judgement, which is the Itrong poft on Dorfeithire hill, which one of the moit excelleut compositions pro. was almost within gun-fhot of the princiduced hy that insti'ution, and rauks with palcown. He observed the peril to which the fublime and heautiful productions of the inhabitants were exposed, and that Christopher Smart on the same occasion. they could only be preserved by regaining This ellay was printed at the Univerfity, the post in question. The position of the to the fist offices in Church and Slate. The suggestions of his experience were fo tempered by the urbanity of bis manners, that his fociety had a very visible influence upon the direction of their studies and conduct. To him, perhaps, they were indebted for much moral and literary acquisition, which has proved an oi nament to themsilves, and a bletliog to the world, . See allo Gent. Mag. vol. XXX. p. 247.



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