Imatges de pÓgina
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and the curious, the young and the old, for ranges of sublimity. In philofophic dilhim who wanis exercise, and he who is quifition, the fiat of God he pronounced worn out for want of relaxation. Medi- to be the last link in the chain of effects tating these good things for his neighbours, and causes; and to the Word of God he' and ever revol. ing on a great literary bowel as to the first moving power in the work for himself, our philosopher Thewed system of moral action. In the ordinary symptoms of the alarming progress of lvis occurrence of good things, he never failed conftitutional malady. To occasional in. to give God the praise; and, in the more teníeness of thinking, and profound ob- folemn dispensations, he cloíed his obserItraction from external objects, he had al- vations, or repressed his feelings, by a ways been subject; but as years multiplied, purpose of resignation to God's will. Thus as budiiy exercise became irksome, and lived and thus died this great and gond as, by retirmg from public business, he man, Let us imitate his piety, praisiag drew back from the occasion of fresh ideas, God for the loan of such excellence, and his intelleciual powers seemed to turn the humbly resigning ourselves under its re. more in upon themselves, and the more fumplion. And may all, who take to eagerly to destroy their own energies. themselves the name of philosophers, go Mrs. Brownrigg was of too delicate a and do likewise! frame, and too irritable habits, to see, Feb. 10. In his 57th year, Cardinal Alwithout the symptoms of mortal anxiety, ieri. He renounced his dignity while Roone the melancholy degradation of her hul- was in the hands of the French; which step band's understanding. Her earthly exist- he repented publiviv, previous to his death, ence seemed involved in his mental superi- in a printed painphler, in which ority ;, as that declined and mouldered

treats the pardon of God and the Church away, so did the. And how true were for his fear of men. their mutual sympathies may be judged 21. In her 57th year, after a reign of

4 hence, that tlie laat symptoms of worldly years, the Princess Abbels of Lindau, Bafeelinig which he shewed were a flood of roness of U'Im. tears when the cor pie of his excellent wife 24. At her house in Dover-Atreet, in was brought forth for her funeral. After her Soth year, Elizabeth Douglas Houlten, this event, he walked aboul, under the Counteís-dowager Brooke and of W31care of a couple of valuable relatives, for wick, eldest daughter of Lord Arhubald about five years, a monument of departed Hamilton, the youngest son of Anne, genius, but, a piclure of most affiduous Duchess of Hamilton on her own right, good-manners, of perfect politeness of de- and William Douglas, Earl of Selkirk, portinent, and of all the urbanities which created Suke of Hamulion in 1661 Lady adorn the gentleman and the scholar. Archibald Hamilton, her mother, was the Strange, very strange, that these manners daughter of James Eurl of Abercro, deand difpofitions thouild to long survive the icended from Claud Hamiliun, yourgest occasions and babits which gave them two of James Ham.lton, Earl of Arial, birth! But Aranger itil it was, that, a. and Duke of Chatellierault. She w.s, ly inidst the general wreck of all thought, hier own direction, interieu in a very priand diffolution of every association of fer- vate manner in Westminster ibhey, where fible ise 5, a natin of religion should thew her remains have been deposited with ih se itself to the last ! fiante columna. Upon of her maternal grandfather and grandmobis ou n eancit enticity, he was allowed ther, in the Ormond vault in Henry the by his attendant to refort to the place of Seventh's chapel. public worth p. He was precise, collected, 28. Benj. Everard, Thoemaker, of Leidevou!, od fel vent, Compared with cefter, drowned himself in the river Soar. wbat, a few minutes before, he was with- He had for some time been in a delponding out those wails, le seemed as one of the fate, and the gloom was considerably ag. juit made pertect. And when returned, gravated by reading many of those vicious he vinced a pou er of retaining somewhat political publications, which have been ciroi ile tumi sis, as u ell as the ideas, which culated amung the lower claties with lo God bad crowed from his holy place! much avidiiy.He left his bed about six Indeed, the religious sentiment was always o'clock in the morning, walked down to uppermot with the good Doctor. And in the river, in his night-cap, and having his brightest days, though the cləflicks of pulled ott his coat and shoes, committed Greece, Rome, and Briain, were present himself to the deep :- he was found {uon to his tancy, and enlivened ard enriched afterwards, but too late for medical as. his converfa:):)!!, yet the Sacred Scriptures fiftance. He has left a wife and three were the topicks of bis delight, and the children w iament his untimely departure. objects of lis veneration : and as his quo- Marcb I. Suddenly, aged 72, Mrs. Eliza.' tations of Vigil and Milton bore testimony beth Lunn, of Cambridge, mother of Mr. to the elegance of his taste, and the feryour L. bookseller, of Oxford-street. of his genius; lo, when Job and Isaiah Miss Gatty, only daughter of Mn G. of were brought forward, he lhewed what Wandsworth, Surrey. his imagination would aspire at in the


1800.] Obituary, with Anecdotes, of remarkable Persons. 389


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At Bristol hot wells, Mr. Ifaac Hudson, in his blool. In his right hand he grasped Late of Cheaplide.

a piftol, in his left a handkerchief. They After a short illness, Miss Eliza Mil- sprung their rattles for alliitance to convey Jer, third danghter of John of Ca- the body to the work-house, when, on inrey ftreet, aged 9 years. And, on the 5tii, spection, it appeared that the deceased had Alfs Harriet Miller, his youngeit daughter, placed the pistol to his forehead, and had ageu 5 years.

blown out his brains.-- further enquiry, In her 711t yeur, Mrs. Grace Halford, it turned out to be the person above-men. of Bisby, co. Leicester.

tioned, who was a native of Switzerland, Mr. T. Smare, formerly an eminent ma- had no family, but for some time was obsernufacturer, of Leicester, but had retired. ved to be in a despon:ling way, and that

At Liverpool, aged 85, Mrs. Simplon, despondence daily g ined ground. Two lafiiter to the Rev. · Towers, of Billing- dies, of the name of Adair, with whom he borough, co. Lincoln.

boarded, lodged in his first floor: they asA Hull, in her 26th year, the wife of cribed lis melancholy more to the misfora Johnson Lit'lejale, elu.

tunes of his country than to any derange3. At Paris, the widow of the celebra- ment in his own affairs. This unfortunate fed Mirtheau.

man was rather advanced in years; in his
Aged 8o, Mr. Guest, of Knightsbridge. pockets were found a one, pound note, a

Ai Brackwood, Herts, Mifs Whitham, feven-Thilling piece, and some filver. A bula
Foungeit daughter of Thoinas and let was likewise found in his waiilcoat
Sister to Col. W. of he ist guards.

pocket, and his name and address. Through
After a few days illness, Miss Michelsen, this medium the officers learnt that he role
of New Ormond-street.

out of bed about half after three o'clock in At Whitehave., in his 7ift year, Sa- the morning, drefled himself, and went out Duel Martin, esq.

(as is supposed) for the express purpose of In Cannon-row, Westminster, John committing this rath action, being on willing l'Anl ., -rq. brother to the Rev. Tho. to distress ihe feelings of his lodgers, by Bai kes l’A. rector of Corfe Castle, Dore doing the deed on the premisses.

the piehendary of Wells, wbo died 5. In his 781h year, Mr. Edward TimOn 23, 1799. He was boru 1233; bred to brel, of Cheltenham, Glouceftershire. His the law; marrier! Mary dan, of Mr. Tyler, piety, friendly and charitable difpofitions, Trei hant, of London, who died 1762, by and his st!ention tolle Sumay-schools at whom he had one daughrer, born 1764. Cheltenham, will long preserve his me

Aged 80, Mrs. Johnson, of Charloite- mory. It is remarkable, from his earliest treet, ieint of Dr. Alexander J.

years he had an aversion to animal food; Ac Exeter, Mrs. Baker, widow of John and palled his long life, with confiderable Pracovis B. esq. of Jamaica.

degree of health and exercise, subhitting on
At M strofe, Mrs. Ogilvy, of Cononfyth. bread, milk, vegetables, and cheese, and

4. At bis h ose jo Sloane-streel, Knights- the sparing life of fermented liquors.
Tiage, of ao infiimmation in his langs, In his 57ın year, after ten days ille
01. Gorges.

ness, at his house in Ne gale-street, Mr.
At Sutton, Surrey, the Rev. Giles Haich, John Jennings, upholsterer ; whoic death
3 years rector of that parih. He was of was occasioned by a cold taken while ap-
terism college, Oxford; M. A. 1769. praising goods (it is presumed) in a danip

Mrs. Edwards, wife of Capt. J. E. of the place, that brought the dropsy on an old
yal nay, and daughter of the late Mr. disease, the afthma, in his breast, which
Tob, of Chipping, Herls.

terminated in his diffolution. He has left a
In Great Portland-street, aged 67, Mrs. widow and leven children, and is the 3d
leriy. Jenior.

person of his faglily who nas died in the
Ai Wendover, Bucks, Miss Amelia Smith, course of 21 mnths; fo that only one
tu geit daughter of the Vicar thereof. brother remains, on his father's side.
Ai Shafietbury, Dorset, Mr. R. Buckland, Rev. Thomas Cray, diffenting-minister,
itorey at law.

of Walkerfold, co. Lancaster.
Mr. Slanier, paper- hanger, Greek-ftreet, Mrs. Spooner, of Grosvenor place,
the, where he had refided some years. Miss E. H. Storey, third daughter of Gco.
bis morning, about four o'clock, as the S. efq. of Bithop Wearmouti, co. Durham,
Krole watch of the parish of St. Martin a young lady of fingular beauty and accom-

the Fields were going their rounds plithments. While dancing at the upper
fough Castle-treet, Leicester-square, they assembly.rooms ar Bath, on the 3d, in the
fie alarmed by the report of a pistol, midst of health and spirits, and without
oceeding from an obscure alley in that ang previous indispofition, the was leized
Bighbourhood. Conceiving it to be only with illness, carried home, and, notwillie
wanton frolick, and meant to frighten standing every allistance, died on the sth.
hem, they went to the spot with an intent 6. Samuel Clay, efq. of Daventry, co.
I take the offender into cu:tody, when Northamplon.
sy found a well-dreffed man weltering Mr. Luciis, apoihecary

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at S

In his 29th year, Mr. Marmaduke Chir. At the house of Mr. Kent, surgeon, of well, bookseller, of Yarmouth.

Great Milton, co. Oxford, of a rapid de. 7. Much lamented, the wife of S. Mad- cline, in his 21lt vear, Mr. Hen. Symons. deri, esq. of S:tareiton logo, cu. Leicester. IO. At her lodgings in 0: mono- ftreet,

At Thorney, near Peterborough, aged 34, aged 42, after having been tapped 72 times Mr. Wm. B. Brown, surgeon.

for a dropsy, Miss Eliz. Wation, only daa. Frances Wright, of North Kyme, near of the late Hon. John W. of St. Elizabeth, Sleaford, co. Lincoln, an infant, aged about in Jamaica; and on the 18th her remains 6 years, who the day before, attemping to were interred in Edmontoo church and take a kettle from the are, was so much in a splendidi manner, burnt and scalded as to occasion her death. Nicholas Lacy Frey, esq. of Streathan,

Mr. Mitchell, of the York theatre. co. Surrey.
Mr. Thomas Hall, woollen-draper, Hull. Al lastings Suflex, aged 71, Mrs. Elz.

At Lougliborough, co. Leicetter, in his Boys, widow of Samuel B. eiq. of Haws. 74th year, the Rev. William Mildleton, hurst, and daughter of Henny Gailand, ele. rector of Hathern, in that county i of of Suffex. which place he had been curate 15 and At Crakem, co. Stafford, Mrs. Gise rector near 35 years. He was formerly of borne, relict of John G. esq. of Derby. Emanuel college, Cambr.; B. A. 1742• After a short illneis, Mr. Thomas Collis,

8. Ac Cranhoe, co. Leiceiter, aged 66, furgeon, of Spillby, có. Lincoln. Mr. Daniel Warner, a respectable larmer. Suddenly, whilft attending divire (crvice

At his house in Pall Mall, Mrs. Anger- in York cathedral, Mr G:0. Ramil.ew. stein, wife of Jn. Julius A. esq. of Wood- II. At Stapleton-house, co. Glouceite", lands, on Black heatli, in Kent. She was Thomas Smyths, esq. youngest son of the the widow of Thomas Lucas, esq. of Lee, late Sir James S. barc. of Ahton court, in the same county, who died Sept. 29, co. Somerset. 1784, to whom the was the third wife. Ac Prompton, aged 82, Tho. Geary,elq. She was also the second wife of Mr. A. At Chippenham, co. Gloucester, aged and was married in Oct. 1785(LXV.834). 39, the Rev. Chles-Henry Hardwicke,

Rev. John Jacqnes, vicar of Packington B.L. of St. Mary - Il, Oxford ; leaving a Magna, co. Warwick.

widow 3nd four children. At Edinburgh, Mrs. Grant, of Ballen- Suddenly, immediately after performing dalloch, lifter to the lare Countess of Fife, the character of Eivir, in the tragedy vi and aunt to the prefent Earl.

Pizarro,'' at the York theatre, Mrs. Jare Mrs. Piper, wife of Mr. Stephen P. of man, an actress of some merit. Haverhill, Suffolk.

In her 16th year, Miss Elizabeth Ainile, Mrs. Cox, wife of Mr. Rayner C. of youngest daugh. of Dr. A. of Dover-flieci. Millman-Atreet, Bedford-row.

12. At her house in the Forbury, Reas. At Burton-upon-Trent, aged 78, Mr. ing, Mr.S;i er, relict of the Rev. John S. William Worthington, formerly an emi. mister of Reading school, rector of Sulam nent brewer.

and Tidm.rth, Berks, and prebendary of At Kensington, Mrs. Mary Darker, wi. Sarum. dow of John D. ef4. of Gayton, co. North- After a life devoted to the civil branch ampton, formerly M. P. for Leiceller. of the naval service of his country with vo.

After a lingering illness, Mrs. Tubney, equalled abilities, in his 76th year, Peer wife of Mr. T. surgeon, of Little Gonerby, Buit, esq. clerk of the surveys of his M2 near Grantham, co. Lincolu.

jelty's dock-yard at Dcpifurd. Aged 64, Mrs. Coulson, mother of E. F. At Folkingham, c.1. Linc. aged 79, Mrs. merchant, of Hull.

Chambers the only one


570 inhabitans Mrs. Horncastle, wife of Mr. S. H. for who has died there since Sept. 3, 1799. merly post.master of Lynn.

In Bloomsbury-square, aged 72, after a Aged 74, Wm. Edwards, esq. a magis- few days illness, Mrs. Preston, of Jerichotrate of Derby.

h ure, near Inga'eftone, Eflex. 9. In Tanfield-couri, Temple, John At his house in Morar, Scotland, in his Wilkes, esq. a student of the law, and 41st year, Major Simou Macdonald, jun. member of Trinity college, Cambridge, late of the gad foot. where he proceeded B. A. 1798.

At Bath, Mrs. Macleo.., widow of Alex Atllington, aged 67,Fleet u ood Bury,esq. M. csq. of Harries. Ai Vauxhall, Mr. Edw. Wetenhall, jun. 13. In Hirt-freei, Bloomsbury, aged

At Hull, Mrs. Carlill, wise of Mi. John 66, of a dropsy, Mis Mary Clarke, spinC. merchant there.

ster. She was the danghter of Stepbes In his 46th year, much respected, Mr. Clarke, ela who had been formerly Poynton, iron merchant, of Leicester. distiller in Drury-lane, St. Giles's; and Ai Leicester, Mrs. Greato.ix.

poflefled a

a very ample furtune and after te At Oundie, after a long and painful ill. Mr. C. Ide notor in Doclurs Commons reís, Mr. John Nichois, schoolmaster. whose for'une a'lo devolved:o her; but the

Mrs. Bryant, wife of Mr. Robert B. of frquently confetled that money was an

cumbrance to her; yet was so afraid of there will be fufficient time for smothering being deprived of it, tha: me and her ser. it with a piece of carpet, &c. or extinvants seldom went to-bed before 5 in the guishing it with water before any injury morning, and no wonder, when lo confi. is sustained so severe as to endanger life. derable a fum (some say 7000l.) was found 14. The wife of John Humberston Caw. in the house after her death. Her habits ley, eiq. of Gwersyll park, co. Denbigh. were fo singular, that she never wished to Aged 78, RJ. Linnecar, esq. of Wakekeep company with those of her own age, field, one of the coroners for the West riding but delighted to see herself surrounded at of Yorkihire. home with the children of those who bad At Sheffield, aged 47, Mr. John Staniformerly been ber servants; and to one of forth, merchant. them the left the bulk of her fortune, and 15. In Charles-Atreet, Berkeley-Square, a confiderable part of into two others, during Dame Sarah Cnapman, second wife (and the minority of all whom it will largely reliet) of Sir Joni C. bart. She has left accumulate.

her manor of Cykenhaich, in Birkway, lo an advanced age, Lady Charlotte which she inherited from the Chelters, Radclyffe, daugiter of the rion. Charles and her house in Charles- ítreet, with her Radclytfe, by the Countess of Newburgh, plate and jewels, to Lady Mills, wife of who was a Scotch peer els in her own right. Sir Francis M. of Chesterfield, an intimac

Miss i. u1a Tierney, second daughter of friend, but not related; 7000l. to ihe relaGeorge T. esq. M.P. for Southwark. tions of her son, Sir John Chapman ;

Acthe idle of Wighi, aged 59, Captain 3000!. to a natural child of a néar relation; Cha. Menzies, of the barrack department. 1000l. to her own maid, who lived with

Sudde:ly, the Rev. Mr. Gaylon, curate her 24 years; and rool, to lier coachman, of Swallowfield ; leaving a widow and who lived with her 22 years. She was nine children.

buried at Bark way. Mr. john Kemp, one of the cooks be. At Huil, afier a short illness, Mrs. Maxlongiog to his Maje:ly's kitchen. He was well, wife of Mr. Richard M. master of walking home with his wife to his resi- the inip Friends, belonging to London. dience in Pimlico, having spent the evening Ac her apartments at the Queen's house, with a friend; and in Mirunt-street, Grore Mrs. Turner, wardrobe maid to her Royal venor-square, was seized with a fit of apo- Highusess the Princeis Augufta. plexy, and expired.

In Serjeant's inn, Fleet-streer, in his 75th In Water-Street, Liverpool, aged 63, year, universally respected, Joseph Baiva after a revious indispofition, Mrs. Anidell, win, elq. many years register of the wife of Mr. Thomas A.--And in Decem- Anicahla Society there, clerk of the Staber lait, on his pairage bome from Africa, tioners Company, and late deputy clerk of aged 34, Mr. Tho. A. jun. son of the above. the Crown in Chancery.

At Riding-ftreet barracks, Kent, aged In Spring-garden, the Hon. Mr. Ponson55, Mr. Joha Titley, quartermatter in the by, brother to the late Earl of Besborough. Derhy hire militia.

At Clapham, Sarity, aged 64, after At Edinburgh, Mrs. Campbell, wife of many years painful illusels, Mrs. Murch, Lieu!. Rohert C. of the 36!h foot, The reliet of John M. esq. late of Tower-hill, death of this Izdy was occifioned by the and one of the danght"rs of the late Mr. accident of a finall piece of burning coal Morgan Morse, attorney at law. from the grate falling on and selling fire At Woolley, near Bradford, John Basa to the hinder part of the train of her mulin kerville, eiq. many years a deputy.licute, gown, from which the flames spread ra- nans of Wiirs. pidly upwards, communicated to her neck. At Bristol hot wells, of a rapid decline, kerchief, head dress, &c. and were not M:s. Palmer, wite of the key. Williana P. extinguished till great part of her apparei of Reading, Berk s. was cousu ned. In case of any such acci- At an advanced age, in consequence of deat happening, it is enjoined, as a matter a fall from his horse some weeks before, of the utmost importajice, to keep in re- Jo!u Sherwin, esq. of Nottingham. membrance, that either running from place 16. In his roth year, Hercules Moore tv place, or itanding in an upright posture, Boulibee, secoud son of Jofeph B. esq. of not only rapidly increases the violence of Springfield-house, cn. Warwick. the flame, but gives it the most deftructive Ac Mottat, in Scotland, the Rer. Alexe direction-whereas, by lying down on the Brown, miniter of that parith. floor, (taking care always to keep the At Stirling, aged 81, David Doig, LL.D. burning part of the cloaths uppermost) the rector of the grammar-schoul there. direction of the fame is turned away both At his house at Hampton court, aged 78, from the body and the cluaths, and thus Mrs. Mariha Mann, widow of Ri. M. esq. the Aame, having no longer any fupply of 17. At Stoke Newington, Mli. Greece fresh fuel above it, its progress and vio- ing, lottery otħce keeper in Oxford Street. lence will instantly be so much checked, At Bath, aged 8?, Lady Hawkins, re. that it will either die away of itself, or lict of Sir Cælar Hawkins, of Kelltone,


bart. lo created 17-8, who died in 1986, Dowdeswell, co. Gloucester; by wliom he Mortly after the death of his eldeft fon, had no issue. He puhlilled, 1. “An Erwho was father of Sir John, the present say upon the Effects of Camphire aod Cabaronet. She was the mother of many lomel in Fevers, 1772," tvo; 3. • Pracchildren, of whom Charles Hawkins, esą, tical Ellys upon Intermit ng Fevers, formerly of Pali-mall, surgeon, now of Dropsies, Diseases of the Liver, rie EpiHemel Hempstead, Haris, is probably the lepsy, the Celic, Dysenteric Fluxes, and only survivor Two of her grandfons, Cæ- the Oneration of Calomel, 1772," Svo; far and Charles, died at ichool in July and 3. * Farther Observations on the Effects September, 1793. A nepliew of her hus. of Camphire and Calomel, 1777," Svo. baid's, the only surviving fon of Major His fortone, which is confiderable, devolves Hryvkins, who was formerly settled in the to his eldest nephew the Rev Dan. L. F.A.S. medical profeffiou at Salisbury, died a few Mr. William Palmer, late of Abchurchmonths ago in London, much respected, lane, dry-alter. and of amiable manners.

At his house in Devonfire-place, after a At Edinburgh, Alexander Campbell, esq. mort illuers, in his 66th year, George Strat. of Barcaldi e.

ton, esq. of Tew park, co. Oxford, many * At Wisbech, Mr. Green, dealer in oil years governor of Madras. and pickles; who, for near half a century, At Farnham, Surrey, aged 80, Mr. Dz. never mifled Midlent fair at Stamfori. niel R. ftow.

18. At Vienna, in his 6h year, the he-, 21. Suddenly, at his house on Stepney reditary Prince, son of the Grand Duke caulew'.y, in his 68th year, Joseph Brown, of Tuicanya

efy. fail-maker, and captain of the Raf. At Reevesoy, co. Lincoln, aged 54, Mr. cliff volunteers. John Mackinder, razi:r.

At his apartments in the Treasury, Mr. Aged 82, Mrs. Giant, of Uppingham. , Thomas Wood, a' Exchequer messenger.

Mr. Ward, a r't Ipeciab e farmer and gra- At Coggelhall, Effex, T. Bridge, esq. zier at Bridgend, near Billingborough.

Mrs. Law, a widow lady, of Spaiding. At Peddesly punk, co. Stafford, Fisher Aged go, Mr. Thomas Walker, farmer Lili eton, erg broli ei of Sit E. L. hart.

and grazier, of Farndon, near Newark. Aged 70, the wife of Diniel Boulier, Aged 52, Mr. Francis Dring, Landing formerly a filversmith at Yarmouth, and w iter in the customs at Hull. oue of the people called Quikers.

Aged 37, Mr. J. Kitchenet, a very worAt his father's house at Cheatley, of a' furgton at Fly. consumption, agedi 28, Mr. Wm. Payne. 22. At Alford, co. Lincoln, in bis 68th

At Birnels, in Scotland, aged 64, Mr. year, Mr. Edman, formerly an eminent Robert Garden.

grazier at Beesby, but had retired. At Pailley, Mrs. Jean B'ackburn, wife Found dead in his bed at his apartments of Mr. John Lellie, and daughter of the in college, the Rev W. Wilson, B. D. fel. late Francis Blackburn, esq. of Porcelton. low of St. John's college, Cambridge, and

19. In Cavendishi-squiue, Lady Jones, of rector of Martin cum Gratton, co. York Ramsbury manor, Wilts.

He had been well fome weeks, but was In Buittrode fieer, Mrs. Smith, relict of not thought dangerously iil. Wiliam S. elq.

At Leithl, John Scougall, efq, merchant. At Carlion, co. Northampton, aged 84, 1. Great Cumberland-treel, May-fair, Thomas Hales, who had livedl 35 years as Mrs. Mary Stoddart. keeper io Sir John Palmer's family.

In Berkelcy-syure, after a severe illoefs At Swinstead, co. Lincoln, aged 72, Wale of two year's, T. Thornhill, efq. of Fixby, ter Cope, mare than 50 years a faithiul do- in Yorkihire. mellick in the Duke of Ancaster's family. William Birch, esq. of Charlotte street,

20. At Bail, in his 74th year, Daniel Bloomsbury, formeriy an eminent solicitor Lylons, M.D. He was the cidest son of Dan. in De 10-itieer, Soho. L. eiq. of Henipsteed, co. Gloureller, In Holles-treet, Civendith square, the and brother of the Rev. Mr. L. rector of wife of the Rev. Wm. Lockwood Mayd. Rodmerton. He was entered a gentleman well, of Geldington, co. 'Northampton commoner at Magdalen college; whicnce he 23. At Teitenhu, ile relict of Thomas was elected fellow of All Souls, where he Cock, esq. formerly a Hamborgh mere took the degree of B.C.L. May 2, 1755; chant, who died Dec. 1791.

liceuce lo practice pliyrick, July 5, 1756 ; A: Hull, aged 79, Thomas Green, esq. : D.C.L., Feb..., 1759, which be exchanged of Ferriby:

for M.D. Oct. 24, 1769. He practiseal for Al Hillborough, 0. Norfolk, aged 82, a few years at Gloucester, and was phy- Mrs. Mary Nelson, aunt to Lord N. lician to the infirmary there.

Miss Lakin, of Leicester, late of Birmingh. years ago, he leliked at Bath, and, in 1730, ? 4. Aged 79, Mr. Joseph Godherd, of was elected ove of the physicians to the Leicefter. General Hospital al char place. He married Very fuddenly, Lieut. Harrison, upwards Mury, daugliter of Richard Rogers, ely, of of 40 years in the first w. York militia.

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