Imatges de pÓgina

Aged 88, the Rev. Jeremy Pemberton, chief seat was Tbame Park, 37 miles from of Trumpington, rector of Girion, near Londo!), which came into the family by Cambridge ; furinerly of Emanuel college, the marriage of his Lordihip's ancestor where he proceeded B. A. 1735, M.A. 1739. Sir Richard (Sheriff of the couocy of

2.5. Ac Hiecking on, co. Lincoln, Mr. Oxford, 1562,) with label, eldest daughWm. Elkington, jun. farmer.

ter and co-beiress of Juho Lord Williams, Aged 45, Mrs. Brown, of Castle By- of Thame, Lord Cumberlain to King than, co. Lincoln.

Philip, and President of the Council in la Saville-row, Mrs. Montague, eldest the principality of Wales, &c. &c. Mar. daughter of the late Hon. Henry Hobart, garet, the second daughter of Lord Wila M. P. for Norwich.

liams, married, Henry Norris, created Of a violent putrid fever, the Hon. Col. Lord Norris 1572, whose grandson by her Rawdon, M. P. for the city of Lincoln, was created Viscount Thame, and Earl of brother to the Earl of Moira, and nephew Berk hire. Sir Richard Wenman, grandto the late Earl of Huntington; and tra- son of Sir Richard W. and the Hon. Isabel ced, in his very illustrious ancestry, the Williams, for his galiant behaviour on the blood-royal of the Plantagenets.

taking of Cadiz in 1596, where he served At Hackney, the Rev. William Stuck, as a volunteer and sheriff of the county of 28 years pastor of the congregation of Pro- Oxford, was created to the Viscounty and tettaut Diflen'ers at Dorking, Sus'y. Barony July 30, 1628.

As deservedly respected by his friends 27. Mr. James Robinson, maltéter, of and acquaintance, as fincerely lamented by St. James's lune, Nottingham. his very oumerous family, Mr. Jareph Gra. At Ayfton, co. Rutland, in her 8 sth ham, upholder, of St. Paul's churchyard. year, Mis. Facon.

26. At her hause in Upper Grosvenor- 28. AL OM Aberdeen, in her sist year, street, the lady of Sir Thomas Miller, hart. Mis. Catharine Anderson, reliét of the

Suddenly, at Castle Menzies, co. Parth, Rev. George Ogilvy, late minister of New Sir John Menzies, bart. He has left a wi- ther Banchory. dow without any issue, Lady Charlotte, At Edinburgh, Mrs. Anne Blair, wife of eldest daughter of the Duke of Athol. The Wm. B. esq. W. S. title and eftare devolve to Robert Menzies, MF.Jn.Cherincon, of Queen-ft Cheapfide. crq. of Edinburgh.

After having endured many years of afe Athis Loruthip'sapartments, in Millom. Aigion, aged 35, Mis. Orme, wife of Walstreet, Bath, Philip Wenman, . feventh den 0. csq. of Edithwetan, co. Ruiland. Lord Viscount Wenman, Baron Wenman, In consequence of a fall from his horse, of Kilnaynham, and a Baronet. He was Mr. Lectice, surgeon, of Wellingborough. bora April 18, 1742, and was un ted Suddenly, Mr. Robert Dale, auctioncer July 7, 1966, 1o the Lady Eleanora Bertie, and sadler, of Lynn. fifth daughter of Willoughby, Eirl of In her goth year, Mas. Hawes, of Bo. Abingdon; but,, having no itsue, the title 'terdale, Suffolk. is excuict. He was educated at Oriel college, 20 an advanced age, Mus. Dampier, of Oxford; where he was created D.C. L. Śnei bor ne, Durlet, relict of Mr. D. fora 1741. Our readers will recolleet the long merly of Blackford, Somerset ; who, due and violent conieit, wliich he and Sir Jas. ring the course of her lung life, merited Duthwood suitained with Lord Parker and the elteem and affection of her faniily and Sir Edw. Turner, to represent the county friends, retaining her faculties unimpaired of Oxford, April and M.14, 1754 : wher, to the last period of her exifence, whicla after a poll discontinued by the expiration closed in that peace and serepily which alof the time required by the wril, all the four

ways accompany the good and virtuous. candidates were returned ; and afier peti- About four o'clock this morning, Major Lions had been presented to the House of Ingram, of the fencibles, who has lately Commons, and proceedings had thereon for fold out of the both regiment, fell from a more than 40 com; lete days, between Dec.. two pair of stairs window, No. 5, in the 3,1754, and May 23, 1755the boule voed King's Be cls, and immediately expired. Lord Parker and Sir E.!w. Turner daly elect. The list time he was seen was about half ed by a confiderable majority. This election Patt tiree o'clock drinking in one of the produced a spirit of parly more violent and houses wlicie spirits are sold. He afterLifting ihan has been known for maiyyears, wards knocked at several staircase doors, and hurried both Gues into exculles, which inquiring the way to his own apartment, must always be remembered with regret; and, before he fell, was heard to open the anal in a mob on the occasion a chimney- window, and atk where he was. Upon (weeper's boy lost his life, for which a mi. examins.iol, his hack bone was discovered

tary officer was tried and acquired. See to be broken. Mr. Jones, the Marshad, Vol. XXIV. 289, XXV. 340, and a litt of has committed to the New Gaol three. be numerous publications of the moment" keepers of drinking thops, who will take. a Brit. Top. 11. 98, 99. His Lurdinip's their trial for the offence, as it is Arietly's GENiMac. April, 1800.


year, the

prohibited by a particular Act of Parlia- 29. At Bath, Miss Lucy Goddard, daa.
ment. The Coroner's jury have returned of Ambrose G. esq. M.P. for Wilts.
a verdict of Accidental Death.

At Brentford, aged 83, Mr. Robert Ach-
At an advanced age, at Bernard's-green, by, father of the engraver of that name.
near Malvern, Edmund Dandridge, esq. At Cairobank, near Brechin, aged 101,
barrister at law, and senior fellow of Wor: Alexander Mitchell.
cester-college, Oxford. He proceeded M. A. 30. At Paris, in his 86th year, M. Mon-
Feb. 27, 1760, and soon after fuccceded talembert, the ekleft of the Academy of
to a fellowship on Sir Thomas Cookes' Sciences, and of the French generals.
foundation. Were his former intimates At Berlin, about six o'clock in the even-
now living, in whole society he passed the ing, of the small-pox, in her ist
prime of his youth, and u wlose friend- Princess Frederica.Augufta-Carolina-Árneo
Thip he flourished in the bloom of man- lia, daughter of their Pruffian M jefties.
houd, they would bear the most amplc tel. Ac Glasgow, Mr. Rob. Farie, bookseller.
timony to the generous and liberal feel- At Kensington, the wife of Alex. Baxter,
ings of his heart. From the busy scene esq. conful-general of Russia.
of his profeffion he was hurried into the At Nottingham, in his 6gth year, James
Soft bosom of rural retirement, to eradi. Foxcroft, gent.
cate the seeds of a paralytical indisposi- At his house in West Burton, in the N.
tion which had begun to arrest the rapid riding of Yorkshire, aged 3c, Rev. Jota
progress he was making at the Bar, and Taylor, M. A. late of Trin. coll. Camb.
which proved sufficiently fatal to cloud the Ar Exmouth, Devon, where she had refi.
fair funthine of his oratorical abilities. The ded many years, after a short illness, Miss
infirmities of his feeble conftitution gradu- Mary Winn,of a respectable familyin Yorkth.
ally increased; the excruciating pains of 3I. At Inington, Wm. Nothage, efq.
his body, united with the acute anguish that At his apartments in Martin's- lane, Can-
arole in his mind from so sudden a sepa- non-ftreet, of the gout in his stomach, in
ration from the endearing converse of his his 70th year, Thomas Cairns, esq. of Dar-
literary friends, but too visibly occasioned drennan, co. Galloway, Scotland.
a temporary defection of intellect. So le-

At his apartments in Bridge-ftreet, Weit cluded was he from the world in the little minster, Mr. Clark, many years mellenger hamlet where he abode, that his residence to the solicitor of the Treasury. was scarcely known to its more humble In Nottingham-place, Miss Anna Fredeinhabitants. Long and lonely were the rick, niece of the late Admiral F. hours which he passed in the tedious gloom At Aberdeen, Mrs. llobe! Wishart, wife of a sick chamber; and those hours were of Mr. Thomas M'Combie, merch. there. rendered ftill more melancholy by the pri- Lately, at Calcutta, in the East Indies, yation of his mental faculties, till worn away Wm. Mears, esq. formerly commander of by debility, and exhausted by a severe com- the Royal Bishop Indiaman. plication of maladies, he closed his mortal At Bombay, Leut. J. N. Hewetson, of

Ere the mildew of disease the East India Company's military lervice blighted the flower of his age, he was ad- on that establishment. mired as an ornament to his profeffion; as Drowned in India, while attempring to a splendid instance of classical knowledge in swim ahore from a boat that was leak; his fociety; and as a truly respect-blecha. and sinking, Licut..col. Black, of the 3d racter in private life. His langage at the regiment of cavalry. Bar, though not adorned with the flowery Capt. Torriano and Lieut. Macredie; embellishments of dietin, nor affitted by who, in their zeal to diflodge the enemy the infinuating address of an Erfkin“, dis- from a village near Seringaparam, fell vic. played an accurate acquaintance with the tims to their ardour. Capt. Torriano adleg Nat ire of his country; and, as it poffef- vanced his gun from under cover, and was sec ftre rith of argument,aptly blended with struck by a cannon-shot on the thoulder, the face of reasoning, it feldom failed to which killed trim upon the spot. Lieos: famp a deep and lasting impreflion on thie Macredie, exposing himself to take an ac. minds of those to whom it was addressed. count of the ammunition, soon afterwards paring the latter years of his life his dis. Nared the fame fate, having had his head Solution has been hourly expected, and carried off by a thot from the fame gua. (perliaps pardonably) wished for by maný This important poft was then left withost a youthful academic whose sanguine ex- an artillery-officer; and when Lieut. Warpectations have been deceived by the re- den took charge of it, the situation was

viving sparks of expiring life that long con- found to be so hot, that not a man ** ye.

sinued to linger in his frame. He will at permitted to stand up.

last be succeeded by the senior scholar, At Rhamgur, in the East Indies, after a Ger. Denham Cookes, brother to the meri- few days illness, Thomas Palmer, ela. Mur corious Captain Cookes, who was fure judge of that district, having been lesesal

prised and murdered by a marauding party years in the civil service of the Company
of Cringe-men in the late barpy rebel. at Bengal
dion of our Sister Kingdom.



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1800.] Obituary, with Anecdotes, of remarkable Persons. 395

: At Bengal, the wife of John Melvill, many of his predeceffors, the latter part of elq. of the East India Company's civil ser- his life was {pent in great misery; and he vice, and judge of the district of Jeffore. has left a widow and three children be

At Jamaica, Cap, Taylor, commander hind him, totally unprovided for. The of the Carteret packet.

administrators of the theatre, de Feydeau, Al Zance, one of the inands of the lo- have brought forward two of his works, nian len, in his oth year, P. A. Gnys, for. for the benefit of his family; and the gomerly of Marseilles, secretary to the Frenchvernment has admitted one of his sons into King, inomber of ine Academy of Sciences the Conservatoire, where he will be edu. and Belles Lettres in that city, aud of the cated at the expence of the Republick. French National Institute, and author of the In North Anne-ftreet; Dublin, Mrs. Clos« Voyage litteraire de la Groce," 2 vols. fy, relict of Samuel C. esq. M. P. 12 mo, ir... 3 vols 8vo, 1783; to the 2d At his lent, Valleyfield, in Scotland, Sir

aad zd edirious large additions u ere made ; Charles Preston, birt.

a wanflativo in 3 vols. 12mo u ss published At Perth, Elspet Walfon, at the great
in 1772.

age of 115. She was born in 1685, in the
Ac Oldenburgh, in Germany, the Right reign of James II. and is probably the last
Hon. Lady Isabella-Henrietta de Ginkell, Scotish subject born in the reign of that
fourth daughter of the Earl of Athlone, prince. She was undoubtedly one of the
and fitter of Lord Aghrim. Her Ladyship smallest, or rather shortest women in the
was, some time back, wiced to her reli- three kingdoms. When in the prime of
tion, Baron W. T. de Reede. The fignal life, he did not exceed two feet nine inches
gallantry and extraordinary courage of her in height. She has not had any other way
Ladyship's ancestor, Godere de Ginkell, of living, for many years, but begging her
the first and the celebrated Earl of Athlone bread from door to door; and so strong a
(wbo, by the glorious battles of Athlone predilection had the for this way of life,
and Aghrim, &c. &c. against the Irith and that the went her usual rounds till within a
Freach, headed by Sl. Ruth, accomplished few weeks of her death, although she had
the reduction of the whole kingdom of more than 301. sterling of ready call in her
Ireland in 1692, for which he received the poffeffion when the died.
thanks of the English and Irish Houses of At Eaten, near Leominster, co. Here-
Commons, immense grants of forfeited foru, aged 109, Margaret Mapp. She re-
lands, and the nobly-merited digoities of rained her faculties to the latt, and, having
Earl of Athlone and Baron of Aghrim) a very retentive memory, could repeat,
throw a lustre over the historic pages of with wonderful precision, many circum-
that period.

stances that happened in the reign of
At Berlin, in his 81st year, the Pruffian Queen Anne.
minister of state, Count Blumenthal. He Aged 105, Thomas Colton, of Liscard,
had retired from the greater part of his in Cheshire, well known in the fish mar-
public functions some time, and only re- ket at Liverpool, having brought thell-filh
tained the inspection of the royal treasury.

and mushrooms to it for nearly 60 years.
At Vienna, Count Nadafti, Imperial At Rattery, in Devon, aged ros, a man
field-marshal 1:eurenant, and proprietor of named Cocker. Till within two days of
a regiment of infantry.

his death he retained the use of his limbs At Nice, of absolute want, the artist Cor- and faculties. He was carried to the bion, master of the celebrated Viotti. grave by his grandsons, and followed by

At Paris, Guillemain, the famous comic 139 of his children, grandchildren, and 1", writer, author of 368 theatrical pieces. great-grandchildren.

In France, aged 90, Citizen Turpin. At Chelsea, aged 98, Rubert M'Furlon. He was author of a vast number of histori. In May, 1916, he elitered on board the cal works, but has not been placed how. Panther, Capt. Leftock; after which he erer in the rank of distingu Thed historians. entered into the army. He was in several His principal labours are, “The History of battles with thr Duke of Marlborough, and the Koran, &c.;" i History of the Life of a serjeant of a regiment of foot with Gen.

Mahomet, the Arabian Legiflator;" “ Ci- Wolfe, at Quebec. There are some living
hin!") vil and Natural History of ihe Kingdom of in Poritmouth, who remember him fol.

Siam;" " Hittory of the Governments of lowing the vocation of a dancing-master,
the Antient Republick;" “ The French in 1769.
Plutarch." Foi fome time he carried on At Botcherhy, near Carline, aged 93,
“ The Lives of the Illustrious Men of Mrs. Miry Holme, a maiden lady, one of
France." He was near 80 when he pub- the people calleu Quakers. During the
Wished the continuation of “ The Revo- courie of her long hite, The had never been
lutions of England."

* confined an hour by fickness; anů of the
At Paris, C. Planterre, author of several day on which the died she spent a conside-
dramatic works. He wrote che “ Midas rable part in fpirning, her constant em.
an Parnasse, Agnes de Chatillon, les deux ployment for amusemept for some years
Hermites, et la Famille indigente. Like past.

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Ai Southampton, Mr: Hartley, wine-mer. writers. Daring a period of more than go Matheus Atkinson, esq. of Southampton. years, with the moft exemplary conduct, At Bath, James De Lancy, orq.

and the most unremitting attention to his At Hertford, after a lingering illness, duty in his paftor.I offire, he lived respected aged 43, Miss Sarah Banlon, 2d daughter by many, and died, l'amenteil hy all. He of the late Mr. B. brewer.

was of St. John's colleg“, Camhridge; B. A. At her house in King. Atreet, Covent. 1742 ; M. A. 1746. The former living garden, Mrs. Rackett, reliet of the late is in the gift of Lord Turringtom; the latMr. R. army taylor, and mother of Mr. R. ter was, 1770, in that of George Smith vicar of Spottesbury, Dorser.

King, .esq. *. Edward Williams, esq. formerly part- At Hatcliffe, near Hesket, New Market, ner with the late Alu. Kirkman, of London. of a malignant fore throat, the infaut fon

Aged 73, Mr. John Williams, of Ox. of Thomas Alcorn, aged fwur years and ford-itreet, sadler to her Majesty.

five months, whose weight, at his death, Rev. Mr. Lowe, of Winwick, co, Lanc. was pine fone! He measured in length

Rev. Mr. Lloyd, rector of Sianftcad, co. four feet five inches; and, though very Suffolk.

corpulert, poffelled wonderful bodily acAt the palace. Maidstone, in his 74th tion, wth uncomnion it: ength; his mental year, Mr. John Denne, eldeit son of the cap. cily furpaffing that of his years. For archdeacon, and elder brother to Samuel the last two years his food coniltu prin. D. who died Aug. 3, 1799. He was per- cipally of bread, Dulk, and water; the petual curate of Maidone, by presenta- latter of which he dra ik duly at a favourite tion of Abp. Herring, and chaplain to spring, and in great quantities. the gaol there, 1752 ; and relor of Cop- April 1. Mr. John Rider, prinier, of ford, Eflex, 17'54, in the gift of the Crown. Little Britain. Returning home froin StaIn the desperate riot in Maditone gaol, toners-hall, he dropped down in an apo. A g. 7, 1765, when several persons and pleetic fit in Warwick-lane, Neugite-fir. two prisoners were killed by the fire of and instantly expired. the towris people in their own defence, At Glasgow, Mr. Jo. Stilen, jun. sadler. two desperate Italians, under sentence of At Friendship farm, Mrs. Mary Skene, death, 'having stahbed the 6.oler to the reliet of the deceased Ardrew Thomson, heart, feized his arms, and failed forth, efq. of Banchory, in Scotland. firing on all who opposed them, and Al Burghley, near Stamford, co. Lincole, marches to Sevenacks, where the two aged 68, Mr. Burdon, farmer to the Earl ruffians abovenientioned, their ring!eaders, of Exeter. were shot dead. Mr. D. who was alcend- At Boxford, Rev. Henry Darby, M. A. ing the malcfactors officially previous to At Uppingham, cp. Ruland, in his their execution, had so earrow an escape 65th year, the Rev. John Parker, rector with his !fe, that the fright brooght on of Luton, near Oundle, co. Nulhampooing what his brother properly Nyled an inter- in the gift of Lord Sondes (into which he mirting fever of ihe minil, in which fate was inducted about (wo years age, on bis he continued the last 35 years of his life. resigning Rinkinyum, in the same coun. He married Mary, daughter of Dr. Lynch, ty), and vicar of Slawiton (co. Leicester), physician, of Canterbury, who died before given liim hv George, fourih Earl of Care him, Oct. 5, 1798. He published ore fer- diga, lale Duke of Montage; the princimon, on the election of a mayor, 175;, pal parishioners of Slawson signing a pe. vom i Tim. ji, 1, 40.

thlion to his lor«ship for that pur pole in Rev. Mr. Kirkham, rector of Sawford, 1960. Mr. P’s disorder was at first a fenear Clipping Norton, co. Oxford, and ver; and reing soon afterwards leizea with Jate of Queen's colege, Oxford. He will the gout at his domach (a complaint with he succeeded in the rectory by the much- which he had bean before frequently al. serpected Dr. Thomas Naib, of Cawley tacked), it lerminated his life after three honle, in right of bis uw'r presentation. weeks illness. He was a man of a quick

Al See hiil, in his 834 year, 'the Rev. and peaceable disparition, al ways avoiding Lawrence Smyth, Vicar of the united pa. thole matters which tend to breed quarrels rifes of Southill, and Old Warden, co. and contentions between ministers and the Bed'ord; bighly diftinguished in his neigl, people committed to ibeir charge, and bourhood, as a clergymán, by the value Happily faw the good effects thereof. Fracand dignity of his character. He was a tising that henevolence which his discouries gentleman and a scholar, which are not inculcated, he lived respected, and died 12always united ; an able and found Divine, mented by them. 'Mi, P. had readed at and pullefsed much valuable knowledge on Upping ham all the sime he was vicar of miny important subjects; a true and faith- Slawston; aid was fermerly usher of the fuifiierd to his religion having carefully school at Upping ham. He held another beexa und the evidences of it, he would nefice either in Huntingdon or Cambridge: Dever infter his mind to be tainted by the fires. It is believed he was of St. Jolin's Halle and frimfy suggestions of Infidelo college, Cambridge; B. A. 1759.

2. Mrs.

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2. Mrs. Kerrich, wise of the Rev. T. X. guvernment with the hope of visiting this rector of Bavham, Norfolk.

his native country to procure a restoration Al rexham, co. Denbigh, Mr. Thomas of his health, Vlentine, organist to Sir Waikin Williams Su idenly, Mrs. Hall, of Newark, relict Wynne, at R*:u. hon, and son of the late of the late Rev. Mr. Hall of WellesboMr. Johu V rorican, of Leicester. rough, co. Leicester, and sister to Dr. Dar

Ai Chigwell sic rage, Efex, Mr. Henry win, author of “Zoonomia,” &c. &c. Lavton, hronger of the Rev. Thomas L. Aged 79, M:Allen, wife of Alderman

3. At Snugh, Bucks, aged 5, the eldest A. of Samford, co. Lincoln. fon f William Douglas, esy.

Thom is M lle! Cli, cfg of Lynn, Mrs. Wrwick, mother of the Mifles W. Ai her house in St. Jimes's square, Bath, of the ladies' boarding-chool in Caitle-fr. aged 72, Mrs. Wickham, mjdow of the late Salisbur , and lately of Sherborne, Dorfet. Rev. Jn. W. rector of Hornoston, Somerset.

4. ti Glasgow, Mrs. Elizabeth Douglas, At his house in Piinl.c.), M., Maxwell, wilow of Thomas Wallace, ely. merchant. one of the clerks of the Admirally.

Al Banff, Scotland, J mes Wisem in, tíq. 9. At lier mother's house, Lady Mary Jate Heutenant-colonel of the 91it foul. Juliana Howe, 24 daugh. of the late Earl

Aged 8:, Mr. Lamb, formerly a grecer it born 1765, and, from 1791 till 5798, at Leiter.'

one of the ladies of the wedchambes to the Aged 55, Tho. Wright, M.D. of Statiord. Princesses. This amiable young lady was

A. 452, Mr. Thoms Lefter, 27 years not married to the Earl of Morton, as faced fchoolmatter of St. Luke, Old-street. by mistake in po 282, from all the public

Rev. Francis-Marias West, LL.D. of St. papers; but that event was to have takea Mary-hall, Oxford, rector of Dauntley and place in a few days. Draychic-Cerne, Wid's.

Aged gr; Henry Walker Yeoman, ely. In Malcox-itreet, the Rev. Hen. Berners, in the commiffion of the peace for the N. LL. B. 1761, lale of Christchurch, Oxford, riding of Yorkshire, and late lieutenantmany years rector of Hambledon, Bucks. colonel of the Whithy batalion of volunteers.

5. At Marke Overton, co. Rutland, Mrs. At Mile end, Mr. William Keith, many Wing, of Barrow, mother of the Rev. Mr. years organist at West Ham, Effex. w. of Stamford, co. Lincoln, reelor of Miss Harrier-Conflantia Prevoli, eldert Ştibbingen, co. Huntingdon.

daughter of Gen. Prevoft. Ai Kirk Ella, after a lingering illness, Between 8 and 9 o'clock this evening, Mrs. Peale, wife of Robert Coupland P. Mrs. Lane, wife of a glass-cu'ter in Bishop's erg of Hull.

court, Aylesbuy-ftreet, Clerkenwell, threw At Edinburgh, aged 74, Mr. James Cun. herself into the New River,and w»sdrowned. pingham, late of Hyrdhope.

A1 Rotherhithe, altera low hours illness, At Wilbaríton, co. Northampton, of a aged 77, Mr. Jono Davis, len.; a gentlemortificat on which began in his fvot some man of extensive knowledge, and well weeks before, in his 69th year, Mr. Mate kr.own as an able mathematician. His thew Ellis, farmer and grazier.

suavity of manners endeared him to all 6. After a long and painful illness, Hen. who had the pleasure of his acquaintance ; Cranke, elq. auditor-general of Bridewell and his loss is severely fett and regretted in and Bethlehem hospitals.

the parish, to which he had acted with the At Forfar, Scotland, Mrs. Mary Bower, umoftin'egrityus veftry-clerk near 50 yeass. wife of John Richie, esq. late a master in 10. Al his lodgings near Kilburn wells, the royal navy, and present provost there. in his goth year, John-Francis Cra xford,

At the royal military academy at W.ol. esq. of the inland of Antigua. wich, if a violent fever, aged 16, Thomas John Perled, esq. banker, of Pontefract. Roberts, eldest fun of the Rev. Thomas R. Sam. Bailward, esq. of Horong'on, Som. sector of St. Peter's, Cornbill, and vicar II. Atb-r house at Bath, Mrs. Richards, of Tottenham, Middlesex.

reliet of P. R. esq. of Penryn, Cornwall. 7. In his 88th year, Dr. John Chalmers, Mr. Fox, miller and baker, of Harring: of Sclattie, in Sco:land, principal of King's worth, near Uppingham. college, Aberdeen. He became a professor At Windsor, Mr. Dick, one of the poor in 1941, and has held the office of princie knights of Windsor. pal ever since 1746.

At Kennington, Mr. John Poynder, of At his hoose in Mount-street, Grosvenor- Great Eastcheap, plumber, brother to Mr. square, after a few days illness, aged about P. bricklayer to the East-ladia Company; 60, Mr. Weft, apothecary.

leaving a widow and eight children. Aged 42, Mr. Philip-John Price, one of At Ba:h, ot a rapid decline, Ladies Mary the writing-mafters of Christ's hospital ; a and Julia Colyear, Janghieis of the Earlar man bighly valuable to that house, and much Portmore, and sisters of Lord Mlfingtown esteemed by a numerous acquaintance. M. P. for Button, co. Lincoln. Lady Julia

8. At Liverpool, in his si year, George had been watching the momen:arily-exPaynes Ricketts, esq. governor of the isand pected diffolution of her amiable Alter, of Barbaros. He had landed at Liverpool when on a sudden the arose, rau into an ad. only a few days before, having quitted his


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