Imatges de pÓgina


The book, I hear with pleasure, is already spare Mr. Jones in a very unexpected working ir, the consciences of private gen.

The work he is the instrument tlemen. When, or in what form, the abufes of crying on in Wiles will not die with too truly complained of in the ahove-named him : when it is removed out of the distreatise will be laid before the great crucc'l torced view of prejudice and errur, it will of the nation, must be referred to Him speak bis prisfes in the gates of just ce and who filteth in the heavens over all, whole equity, and em um dos memory with ways are in the deep, and whole julge- odeurs, ni ch mire fragrant and perm} ments are not known by the fallen cisida nent than those which spring from the dren of fallen p::rents.

mest spicy and balmy mountains and “ It will be a pleasure to you, Sir, to plans of the earth. he acquainted, that the charity schools in I am almost every Tuesday at Mr. Wales are fill supported, and carrying on Broughan's from cleven to one o'clock, the best of conqueits. By means of thee where i hop'd be glad to see you if it fuils nurseries, the name of our blented and

your convertience. deareft Redeemer is made known to many “If I did not acknowledge pour letter Souls, who, before the erect:on of thele before iatt, it was an omiffion io. ide, for schools, may be said to have lived under- which I heg your exofground. The light of the fun of righteous- “O) that we may !, -m le meet, through Bels had never cheared their benighed the merits of our sot holy Saviour, to be mines, nor fortified their fpirirual eye-lght' partakers of the inheritance of the faints to look beyond this perishable fyítem, and in.light, whicre ignorance and fin can find to fix their affections on things above. Mr. no admiffion, where every thing is as it Jones, the prineipal agent, under God, in should be, and love throws an inexpi effible behalf of these schools, is preserved in an beauty on every jouk, word, and action, unexpe&ted manner among us by the ad-

o cvery bright, wile, happy inhabitant. rable goodness of Him who bringech down The Church iriomphant is a city that is at to the grave, and bringeth up.

unity in itself indeed, where ihe whole “ I remain, reverend Sir, your obliged business is joy and love. Tlie bletsed Jesus friend and servant,


is the purchaser of these infinite potiffions. 3. “ Kensington Gravel.pies, July 26, 1743. I remain, dear Sir, your alfactionale “ Rey. and dear Sir,


JOHN THOROLV." “I waited for a few lines from my much honoured friend, Dr. Newton, before I re. Mr. L'RBAN, turned my acknowledgements for your last favour of the 8th of July.


HAVE to inform a Conftae: Rea. “ This day I am fipoured with a letter

der, ihat the common loft foep, or from the Doctor, and :m hereby prepared

sweet soap, and whiong mixed, have to return you a fatisfactory answer in your bern uted with the grea'eft fuices in kind remark on a pailge in the Rules and remving the liairs of wise from Statutes for his Society. Take them Dr. ulino alter it has been wethed, Newtoo's answer in his own words : “ Withs though it wuld be adviseable co spriy regard to the pallare transcribed from your them if politie before in thing. The correspondeni's letter, I have only tuis to

finnin muti be laid on the spoleg say, that the chariina to pa or housekeepers kunt constantly wet, and exposed to utre restrained to inch of them as Mould

the fun and air.

MOLESLY. have attended on the fervice of the churc'), in order to encourage such attendance.

Mr. UaBAN, But, upon a review of thit paflige, I agree

745 6. with the gentleman, and thiok the thought

"HERE is a fighe error in your is too narrow, and can calily forelee mere may be other perfous in Tuch circunstwices uwder the are unt of Kitn Long. The as would become whole who attend most aw ho: of the Purulis uf Literature striAlly on the service of the church not did rot addre's a stier so that emiperon, to overlook. My service to the geile- as where allented, but made vic of the man, whoever lie is, with my thanks for monarch's name, as the supposed wri. his remark. I hope he will be to giul as ter of an cpifle to his Britannic Ma• to suggest to me any cather particulis


j fty, as the very name of the work would have me re-confer.'

sufficiently indic les, viz. " The im. “ Thus you have a specinie. what an

pe lat Epilte fron. Kien Lpg, Emperor open ingenuous fpirit D. Newton is eno dued with, which I could not excule niyo

of China, to George the Third," &c. self from exhibiting to your view, lim

Putritit me io erquise, who was the not insenbble how lovely sucii a behaviour pit picior of Binderion house, in the appears in your eyes.

culty of Sullex, pitvious to its being “ It pleates the gracious Dispenser of purcba'td by Sir James Peachey, ta. life and localit, liksiets and Neatly to ibcr vi Luia St.tea?



May 19.


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Carylaide Inside View of PLEYDELL'S Aile in FARRINGDON Church.


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Letcomb Regis, They lived together sixty years
O&t. 24, 1798.

with great reputation;

and both died A.D. 1701. THE inclosed view of Pley

His grandson, Henry Pye, esq. dell's aile, on the North side

laid this stone over them, of the chancel in Faringdon church,

A.D. 1730." was taken from the staircase leading Against the North wall, towards to the organ-loft, through an arch the East end, is a noble monument in the East wall of the upper North of white marble, with columns of transept.

blue, in the Corinthian order, supIn the middle of the floor is a porting cherubs of alabaster, one of large marble grave-stone, on which them holding a scull. Over the are embofled the figures of a man centre, on variegated marble, the and woman; and under,

arms of Pye impaling Curzon, viz. “ Hic jacet Tobias PLEYDELL, armi- Argent, on a bend Sable three ger, et ELINOR, uxor ejus, qui quidem hawks Or, collared and armed Gu. Tobias obijt decimo octavo die Octobris, -Crest, a crofllet fitché Gules, beanno Domini millesfimo quingentesimo

tween two wings proper. Over octogentefimo tertio. Beati qui moriuntur in Domino." all, an urn adorned with feftoons

of Aowers. Towards the West end is a grave-stone with this,

“ His fubtus jacet

Jana Pys, " Here lieth the body of BARTHOLO

uxor Henrici Pye, MEW YEATE, esq. who departed the 7th

de Faringdon, in comitati Berche of Auguft, an. Dom. 1708, aged 23."

armigeri, At the head of the stone the arms

et Nathaniel Curzon, of Yeate, viz. Embattled per fess,

de Kettleston, in agro Derbionfi, Or and Gules, between three gates


filia patu secunda: changed.

orta ex familia On one of the buttresses of the

propter antiquitatem tower, which projects into the aile, ac intemeratam in ecclefiam fidem is a neat monument with

pariter illustri. “ Hanc juxta columnam dormiunt

Vixit tanquam vicæ cæleftis provida, reliquiæ LIONELLI Rich, generosi ; qui

tanquam ejusdem secura obiit; obiit vicefimo tertio die Decembris, 1942,

in Deum, parentes, conjugem, ætatis 40.

icmper pientiffima. Filius erat natu tertius Lionelli Rich, de

Primâ et præproperâ puerperia immatura Dadswell, in comitatu Gloceftri, armigeri;


falutis humana et uxorem duxi: Annam, Henrici Pye, ar

die Martii isto, annoq. 17o6to, migeri, filiam, quæ marmor hoc voluit

ætatis suz iztio. ex!rui.

In æternam uxoris defideratiffimæ memo. Amoris et gratitudinis monumentum."

riam, atque filii vix matri fuperftitis, The arms on the top are,

supremum hoc amoris dolorisque mgonu. Parted per pale, Sable and Gules,, mentum posuit maritus mættiffimus." a crotllet fitché Or, between four

The next monument, namely, fleurs de lis of the same, impaling the middle one, against the same Pye, Ermine, a bend füfil Gules,

wall, is of most beautiful variegating On a Nab of white marble lying marble. It is lupported by columns on the floor near the North-east of the Doric order, crowned with sorner:

elegant urns. The arms on the top ( Here lies

are Pye impaling Bathurst, viz. Sir ROBERT PYE, knt.

Sable, two bars Ermine, in chief, lord of this manor.

three croffes pattée Or.-Motto. In He was esteemeil a fine gentleman by all who knew him,

glorior.-Creft, as the former. Here also lies

On a small tablet under the arms: Dame ANNE, his wife,

"I H. S. I. daughter of the

ANNA Pyi, famous Mr. Hampden.

Henrici Pye, de Faringdon Magn. Cont. Mag. June, 1809.


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in com. Berch, arm.

politeness in his manners, with an opea uxor altera et desideratiffima;' bepevolence and generosity in his difpofie Benjamin Bathurst, in agro Northampton, tion, which plainly denated him militis,

The true English Gentlernan. filia unica;

He married, first, Jane, daughter of Sir honoratiflimi Allen Bathurst, baronis, Nathaniel Curzon, bart. who died and left furor chariffima.”

no issue. The sorrow he felt at her death Under this, on a large table be- he affectionately expressed by the monotween the columns :

ment he erected to her memoix But this

lors was abundantly supplied by his happy “Siste gradum, viator !

union with Anne, daughter of Sir BerjaEcce

min Bathurst, knt, and sitter of Allen variolarum fpolia!

Lord Bathurst, of Cirencester, in the nunquam, eheu, fplendidiora !

county of Gloucester; a union more intiUxorum lectiffimain, optimam, mately endeared to him by a noinerons amicam cordate sinceram,

offspring of fixteen 'children, thirteen of matrem pientiflimam

whom lived to share Iris active love and fuftulerunt;

zeal for their welfare after the severe loss omnium, quibus nota, delicias.

of a mott affectionate mother, to whose Familiarium decus,

remembrance le confecrated the adjoining inopum patronam,

monument. He married also, in tile year amoverunt;

1732-3, Isabella, daughter of War. rei economicæ pertiflimam,

ren, esq. who survived him, and lies bufidei Chriftianæ colentiffimam, ried near this place. pietatis omnimodæ observantiffimam,

His second son, Vice-admiral Thomas eripuere.

Pye, erected this marble in teftimony of Virtutes tamen remanent intactæ; his grateful duteous respect to bis father, his illa

who died January 6, 1749, aged 65 non amplius fungi poteft,

And in memory of WILLIAM Pye, a in æternum vero fruitur ;

brother he loved and lamented, who fought his nos

and fell, as became a soldier, in an engage, haud amplius frui poflumus,

ment near Bengal, in the East-Indies, ca fed perpetui fungamur.

Feb. 5, 1759, aged 30." Sia dotes eximiæ tam animi quam corporis defiendæ fint,

Several efcocheons and funeral Luetui conjugis nullus erit modus.

flags are dispersed in various parts Ob. 6to Octobris, anno Dom. 1729,

of this aile, whose armorial bearætat. fuæ 39."

ings are nearly the fame as those Below all :

already noticed. J. STONE, “ Caro huic nomini fuum poftremo superaddi voluit Mr. URBAN, Aug. 17, 1799. conjux amantiilimus

OOKING over fonie paper Henricis Pye;

the other day, which I brought ut idem marmor, quod cineribas pretiofifiimis ante- with me many years ago from Gerhac sacraverat,

many, I found the inclosed antient mutua nomina,

puzzle (fig. 2); which, as a matter mutuam fidem et amorem, of curiosity, I hope you may think pofteris annotaret.”

deserving of a place in your Maga. Westward of the last-mentioned, ziue; and shall be glad to see an againt the same wall, is a grand' explanation of it from some of your obelisk of grey marble finely em- correspondents. Julius. bellished with suitable ornaments, particularly a capital buit in alio

Mr. URBAN, May 21. relievo of the late Admiral Pye, TO obviate and set right an in. over a superb urn of white marble:

nocent error is near of kin to “ Here lieth the body of HENKY Prs, the advancement of truth. In your of this place, and afterwards of Knotting, latt volume, p. 1022, “ A Lover of in the county of Bedford, esq. He was Cathedrals and Choir Worship" has descended of a very ancient family, whose dignity he fustained and adorned with the given us a valuable though brief added' merits of his own amiable virtues. description of the cathedrals in He had a gracefulness in his person, an af- Ireland, pastly from his own knowmbilay in bis demeanour, a courtesy and ledge. Whether the writer is ao




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