Imatges de pÓgina

1e was called to the Bar, which took place and liberality. He was created a Baroner n Eafter Term, 1772. He was never in in 1789; and is succeeded by his eldest son, parliament; hut his practice at the bar was now Sir F. Buller Yarde, who changed his very considerable; and he distinguished name for an estate of coofiderable value. himself also as a literary character, by his His remains were deposited on the ulli, "Introduction to the Law of Nifi Prius,” in a vault in St. Andrew's burial-ground. which has always enjoyed a high degree of 6. In Queen-square, Bath, James Lloyd, reputation. On the 24th of Nov. 1777. he esq. of Mabus, co. Cardigan. This valu. was appointed one of his Majesty's Coun- able man attained the age of 79: Juring fel learned in the Law; on the 27th of the which period, he lived a bletling to his fame month, Second fruge of the Chester couptry, the friend of the poor, the peace. circuit; and, in Easter Term (May 6) 1778, maker and conciliator of every difference by the patronage of Lord Mansfield, was in the neighbourhood. made a judge of the Kirig's Bench, in the At Peterborougii, after a very long ill. Toom of Sir Richard Afton. During the nefs, the Rev. Wm. Drury Skeeles, chapindifpofition of Lovril Mansseld, for the lait 'lain to Ld. Strathmore, vicar of Garthorpe, 3 or 4 years that he held the Chirf Justice- co. Leicester, 1987, rector of Polebrook, thip, Mr. Justice Buller did almost all the co. Northampton, 1790, a minor canon of bufinels atine fittings at Niti prius, wish Peterborough cathedral, and late fellow great ability. Lord Man: field left him a and Tutor of Pembroke-hall, where he ivm of 2oool. by his will, which we believe proceeded B. A. 1778, M. A. 1781. At Mr. Justice Bulier had declined receiving at Polebrook, which is in the gift of the Bi-. the hards of his Lorihip when offered as shop of Peterborough, he fucceeded the a compensation for his trouble. His expec- Rev. Samuel Harper, of the British Mutations were, not unreasonably, directed to seum, who exchanged it for a living in wards the fucceflion to the high and im- Lincolnshire. portant office which had been filled by his Rev. R. Assheton, D. D. warden of the Kobie Patron, and to which he could not, collegiate church in Manchester, and recve tiink, have done any discredit. He was for of Middleton, in the gift of the late Sir universally allowed to be a sound and able Ralph A. bart. 1757. He was of Brazenose Lawyer, and his Speeches from the Bench coll. Oxf.; M.A. 1751, B. and D.D. 1782. form a very valuable part of our modern 7. Suddenly, Mrs. Hubbard, wite of Mr. Reports. In June, 1794, in consequence H. carpenter, of Uftington, near Stafford. of his declining Atate of health, whiclı ren- At his house in York-street, Portlandpred him unequal to the laborious duties place, afer an illness of 30 hours, though of that Court, he was, on the deathof Judge fonie months declining, the lady of Peter Gould, removed to the Court of Common Calveri, esq. one of the daughters of the Pleas, and was fucceeded in the King's late Thomas Reeve, M. D. Bench by Sir Souklen Lawrence. His ill 8. At Chriftchurch, Hants, whither The Hate of health continuing to increase, and had gone for the recovery of her health, hiving rendered him unable to attend to his which had been much affected by a comstice during the course of the present year, plaint in her lungs, Lovisa Lady Bagot, he had obtained his Majesty's leave to resign only daughter of John Viscount St. John, bis seat, which would have taken place and filter to Frederick the present Viscount on Friday the 6th of this month, had not his Bulingbroke and St. John; married to deutli, which happened on the 4th, pre

William Lord Bagot Aug. 20, 1760, by Vented it. As a professional man, he was whom she had 6 fons and 3 daughters. allowed to puffers great quickness of per- Rev. Mr. Swayne, rector of Milton Lilception, and to be happy at anticipating the borne, near Marlborough, Wilts. drift of an argument at the firit glance : 9. Aged 75, after a very long and severe though sometimes somewhat 100 hatty in illoess, the Rev. Henry Good, D. D. One drawing his conclusions. A little ditpute of the ministers of Wimborne-Mintter, and that happened between him and his former rector of Shro!on and Cann, Dorset. He popil, Erskine, on the famous trial of the was of Emanuel co!l ge, Cambridge; B.A. Deal of St. Afaph, subjected him to a 1746, M.A. 17:4, S.T.P. 9773. charge of perulance of disposicion. His con- 10. At his houfe in Lansdown crescent, duct, however, on the trial of tne State Pri. Bain, in his 86th year, T. Coward, ela. Joners at Maidstone, convinced aid candid lite of Spargiove, co. Somerset, upwards men of his moderation. And is 1.5 very of 60 years in the commitfion of the peace. fingular, that a man, formerly twipected of Il. At Allnton, near Graulham, Mr.

leaning towards despotism, moull from Robert Lyon, grazier, late of Newark. that occafion become considered as being 12. At Leicester, Mrs. Bruokes. too little attached to prerogative For some 13. Allier houie in Pimlico, Mrs. Sam. time past, Sir Francis has chiefly resided at pey, relict of fatin S. esq. of King-itreet,

liis country feat, partly unbending from the St. James's. Tetraint of bis profeflion, and enjoying the 14. Io his 70th year, Jolin Cranke, esq. dignified pleasures of life with chearfulness of Petersham, Surrey,

At his seat at Wollaton, co. Nottingham, of the East India Company; and himseif in his 74th year, Henry Willoughby, Baron was partner in the banking-house of For. Miduletor, of Middleton, co. Warwick. He ter and Lubbock. His disconfolate widow is succeeded by his only son, Henry W. (who at the time was absent at Norwich,

15. At bis house on Putney-hill, Surrey, to console au affectionate mother on the Gooschall Johnson, esq.

death of her lifter) was Charlotte-Eliza, 16. Ju Moore place, Lambeth-road, Mr. one of the co-heirelles of John Ives, eíq. af C. G. Bencken, of Blog-lane.

Norwich, to whom he was married les. 17. Al Sunbury, Thomas Fornell, esq. 6, 1787. In the history of the viciffitudes

At his mother's house at Enfiell, in his of human life, a more melancholy instance 33d year, the Rev. Frederick Maurer, of of the fileeting nature of felicity cannot be Trinity college, Cambridge, B. A. 1790, adduced than in this; a family, who a few only child of Frederick M. esq. who died Jays fipce presented the picture ef tempo1772, and was a manufacturer of Norwich ral happines, in one instant plunged into ftuffs, in partnership with Mr. Thomas Dix, the abyss of wretchedness!

S. of Windsor-fir. Bishopsgate Without, who 22. At Queen's Elms, Chelsea, after a died this year. May his premature end be severe and lingering illness, Tho. Crichton, a warning to those of all ranks, but espe- 'efq. brother of Dr. C. of Clifford - street, cially the clergy, who destroy a good con- 23. At Enfield, in his 730 year, Mr. John ftitution hy to free indulgence of the butClayton, second son of the late Mr. Č. of tle! and to the prelates of our churclı, to Buth-hill, Edmonton. He served his time enquire more strictly into the lives of their to Mr. Samuel Sharpe, the celebrated fur. clergy in the present crisis, when the very geon; but, not fucceeding to his business, existence both of the Establishinent and quitted the profession, and took to paiolChristianity depend on their characters ! ing; exhibited several specimens of his art

18. Aged 25, Wm. Scott, efq. of Mar. in the earlier exhibitions; and loft some ket Overton, Rutland, a lieutenant in the capital pictnres at the fire in the Piazza, Rutlard volunteers.

Covent-garden, March 12, 1769. Since After being delivered of a daughter, which he married and lived retired, in a Mrs. Noble, wife of William N. e14. of house of his brother's, at Enfield, pursuing Curzon-Itreet, May.'air.

gardening and musick; and has left two 19. Mộ. Haptury Potter, one of the Tons and a daughter, poor knigl.ts of Windsor.

24. Suddenly, David James, efq. of Ser. Tho. Cable Davis, esq. of Fin - tr.-hill, jeant's inn, Fleet-itreet, attorney. 20. Wm. Lawfin, ery. of Gı ay's-ine. Al his house at Wanstead, Eflex, at an

At his houle in Dyer's-buildings, Holo advanced age, George Farquhar Kinloch, born, Mr. Thomas Whit:le, first clerk of esq. a respectable Scotch merchant. His the aldermen's justice-room at Guildhall. death was occafioned by the shameful

Mr. W. Buuchier, of Saouford, Devon, driving of two rival stage-coaches of the While superintemling his patent bark.mill, neighbourhood on the Lee-bridge road 2. he approached rather tvo near the machi- but a week before, whereby his horre, nery, and becoming entangled in it, his otherwise very Iteady, was so frighted that bead was crushed in fo borrible a manner he threw his rider over his head, and he as to occasion his immedi.te death,

was taken up insensible. 21. At 2 o'clock, at his house in Upper Harley-ftreet, in consequence of a dread. THEATRICAL REGISTER. ful accident lie met with on the preceding Jan. DRURY-LANE. Wednesday night, about 11 o'clock, Wm. 1. The Belles' Scratagem-Lodoikka. Bolanquet, esq. He was making sure al- 2. A Bold Stroke fura Wite-Dirso. terations in his house, and, amongst others, 3. Rule a W fe and Have a Wife--Ditto. had removed the balcony from his back 4. Pizario-The Deaf Lover. drawing-room window: unfortunately for- 6. Love makes a Man-Lodoilka, getting this circumftance, he walked out, 7. Pizarro- The Lying Valet. and immediately fell into the area, and, 8. The Secrei--Lodoiks. in his full, broke the vertebræ of his 9. The Kivals—Dito. back, and was otherwise muft feverely 10. Pizarro-- The Shipwreck. bruted and injured. He was sensible of 11. The Stranger - The Folhes of a Day. his inevitable diffolution, and hore his 13. Hamle:- Luluitka. sufferings with a fortitude of mind almost 14 F zirro-Tne Liar. unparalleled, dictaling, in the ex rernity of 15. Tie Will-Lodoiska. torture, fume additions to his will. Halias 16. The Castle Spéctre-Ditio. Iafa molt amiable lady to uhole viitue, 17. Pizarrg-The Humouritt. benevolence, affection, and sympathy, no 18. A Trip to Scarborough-Lodoi:k 3. words can do juitice) and ten children to 20. Pizarro --The Apprentice. [

M. lamentinis irrepavible lefs. Mr. B. was of 21. The Stranger--The Ring; ex, Lovi mjes a family long known and highly refpccied, 22. A Bold Siroke for a wife-The Prise. the son of the Bank director, and brother 23. The Wheel of Fortune- Ludolika. sf Jacob B. esq. of Bruxsuri, lace chair mau 24. Pizarro The Shipwreck.

23. Adelaide - The Fird Floor.

12. The Inconstant-The Pannel. 2?. Ditto Lodoifka.

13. Indiscretion--Lodoiska. 28. Pizarro-No Song no Supper.

14. The Haunted Tower Bullet of Telafco 29. Adelaide_Lodoiska.

and Amgahi; or, The Peruvian 31. Piztro-The Follies of a Day. [roru. Nuptials--Anacreontic Ballet of Feb. 1. The Castle Spectre-Of Age To-mor- Atalante and Hippomenus; or, The 3. The Stranger --Disto.


[Humourilt, 4. Pizarro-Dict.).

15. She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not-The 5. The Clandestme Marriage--Ditto. 16. The School for Scandal-Lodoika. 6. Rule a Wife, &c.-Lodojska.

17. Pizarro-The Apprentice. 7. Pizarro—The Lying Valet.

19. Merchant of Venice-Devil to Fay. 8. The Will-The Apprentice.

20. Pizarro-Of Age To-morrow. 10, Isabella-The Children in the Wood. 21. She Stoops to Conquer-The Deserter. 11. Pizztro-My Grandmother.

22. Indiscretion-Lodoiska. 12. School for Scandal - Virgin Unmask'].'23. The Haunted Tower-The Sultan. 13. The Secret-Of Age To-morrow. 24. Indiscretion-The Follies of a Day.' 14. Pizarro-Ditio. 15. Rivals-Ditto. 25. Castle Spectrem Of Age Tomorrow. 17. The Castle Spedre-Ditto.

27. The School for Scandal --No Song No 18. Pizarro-Di to.

28. Iodiscretion--Lodviska. (Suisper. IG. A Trip to Scarborough-Ditto. 29. Egyptian Festival-Strangers at Home. 20. The Clandenftine Marriage--Ditto. 30. The Country Girl--Silvetter Dagger21. Pizarro.Ditto.

wood-The Shipwrecka 22. The Caftle Spectre-Ditto.

June 2. Castle Spectre-Of Age To morr. 24. As You Like It-Ditto.

· 3. She Wou'll and She Wou'd Nu2 5. Pizarro--Ditto, 27. Ditto-Ditto.

Robin Hood. Murcb 1. Ditto-Ditto. 3. Ditto-Ditio. 4. The Country Girl-The Shipwreck. 4. The Stranger-Dit'o.

5. The Clandestine Marriage-Prize. 6. The Rivals-Blus Beard, (morrow. 6. Siege of Belgrade_Of Age To-mor8. Blue Beard-Lying Valet-Of Age To. 7. The Inconftant-Ronina. [row. 10, The Country Girl-Blue Beard.

9. Indiscretion Of Age To-morrow. I, Fgyptian Festival - The Liar,

10. School for Scandal-Silvelter Daggerw. 13. Ditto-The Wedding Day.

11. Mountaineers--Citizeo. (Shipwreck. 15. Ditto-The Virgin Unmaiku.

12. Child of Nature-igh Life. ---Rolina. 17. Dillo-Citizen. 18. Ditto-Apprent. 13. Trip to Scarboroug';--Of Age Tro-mur. 20. Ditto-The Wedding Diy.

14. The Haunted Tower - The Citizen. 22. Love for Love-Of Age To-morrow. 16. The Belles Stratgen-Shipwreck. 24. Egyptian Festival.--The Devil lo pay. 17. Love for Love-The Follies of a Day. 25. The Gamefier--Of Age To.morrow. 18. The Child of Nature-Othello. 27. The Egyptian Festival-Tlie Pannel. Jan. COVENT-GARDEN. 29. Pizarro-Of Age To-morrow.

'1. Management- The Volcano. 31. The Egyptian Festival. --The Prize, 2. The Wife Man of the Eart--Ditto. April 1. The Stranger--Tlie Solcan.

3. The Road to Ruin-Dilbile 3. Love for Love-The First Floor. 4. The Birth-Day-The Horse and the Wi5. Pizarro. The Liar,

6. Inkle and Yarico-Dio. [dow-Dicio. 14. The London Merciant-Lodoiska. 7. The Beaux Stratagem--Ditto. 15. A Bld Stroke for a Wife- Ditto. 8. The Snipicious Husband--Dillo. 16. As You Like II.-Of Age To-morrow. 9. The Birt - Days ::o. 17. Jane Shore-Lodoiska.

10. Every One has his Fault-Ditto. 18. A Trip to Scarborougı-Ditto,

11. Abroad and at Home --Duto. 19. Pizarro-Of Age To-morrow.

13. A Cure for the Heart-Ache-Ditto. 21. The Merchant of Venice-Deferter. 14. Birth-Day-Horse and Widow-Dico, 22. Pizarro The Apprentice.

15. The Wise Man of the East-Dillo. 23. The Will Of Age To-morrow. 16. Joanna--The Intriguing Chambermaid. 24. Pizarro-The Wedding Day.

17. Dicto.-The Spoil's Child. 25. Cattle Spectre--No Song No Surper. 18. Dirto.--The Prisoner at Large. 26. Pizarro--The Virgin Unmask'd. 20. Ditto.Volcano. 21. Dit!!)--Ditto." 28. She Woud and She Wou'd Noi-Tbe 22. Birth-Day-- Horse and Widow-Duto.

Give them obeir Hay - 23. Joanna--The Volcano. 29. De Montfort-Purse. [Silv. Daggerw. 24. Ditto-Ditto. 25. Ditto-Ditto, 30. Dillo-The Devil to Pay.

27. Ditto-Dillo. 28. Dito--Ditio. May Wheel of Fortune-Who'sthe Dupe? 27. The West Indian--Peeping Tom. 2. De Montfort-The Citizen.

31. Joanna--The Volcano. 3 Dito-Of Age To-morrow,

Feb. 1. DittoDicta. S. Di'to-Dillo. 6 Dillo - Wedding Day. 3. The Myfteries of the Cattle-Guardian. 7. Dillo-Of Age To-morrow. [mother. 4. Ramah Dinne-Barnaby Britile. 8. A Bold Stroke for a Wife-My Grand- 5 Joanna--The 'Turnpike Gate.

9. Du Montfirl--Of Age Tomoi ruw. 6. Birth-Day--The Glrott---Spoil'd Child. 14. Inulifcretion-The Liif.

7. Joanna-- Poor Soldier.

8. Spred

Cbildren; or,

8. Speed ibe Piough-Rolina.

24. Secrets Worth Knowing-LockandKey. jo. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.

25. Speel the Plougl--Oscar and Malvina. II. Dillo—The Turnpike Gate.

26 The Heir at Low-The Social Sungiters 12. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.

The Castl of Sorrento. 13. Ditto Ditto.

28. Speed the Plough-Raymondand Agnes. 14. Dic!O--The Jew and the Doctor. 29. Douglas Lovers' Quarrels. 15. Ditto- A Divertisment.

30. Th: Rage - The Criiic. 17. Ditto--Raymond and Agnes.

Muy 1. The Miser-Panel and Virginia 18. Ditio-T Spoil's Child.

Raymond and Agnes. 19. Ditto-True Friends. 20. Dicto-Ditto. 2. The Deferied Danghier-The Social 21. Ditto Dito. 22. Ditto-Ditto.

Songters-Nelley Abbey. 24. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.

3. Speed ilie Plougl-Paul and Virginia. 25. Ditlo-frue Friends.

The Good-natured Man--Dito. 27. Ditto-Blunders at Brighton.

6. The Heir at Law--The Anacreonticks 28. First Grand Selection of Sacred Music.

Revived-The Castle of Sorrento. Marcb 1. Speed the Plough– Netley Abbey. 7. The Woodman -- The Siege of Acre 3. Dilto_Raymond and Agries.

The Jew and the Doctor. 4. Ditio-Oscar ad Malvina.

8. Good-natured Man-Paul and Virginia. 5. Second Grand Selection of Sacred Mufic. 9. Speed the Plongh--Dico. 6. Speed the Plough-Oscar and Malvina. 10. School for Wives--The Honeft Thieves 7. The Melfiini

-The Soldiers Festival. 8. Speed the Ploughi-Oscar and Malvina. 12. Liberal Opinions-P. ul and Virginia 10. Ramah Droog-Jew and the Doctor.

The Horse and the Widow. 11. Speed the Plougl-Oscar and Malvina. 13. Cymbeline-Ch. of Nat.--Soldier's Fest 13. Ramah Droog-Hartford Bridge. 14. Liberal Opinions... Paul and Virginia– 14. Alexander's Feaft-Miscellaneous Act.

The Horsend the Widow.
15. Speed the Plouzh--Oscar and Malvina, 15. The Birth Day-Tre Follies of a Day-
37. The Birth-Day-The Devil to Pay-

Sr. David's Day.
Raymond and Agnes.

16. Liberal Opinions-Pavland Virginia 78. Speed the Ploughi - The Turnpike Gate.

The Horse and the Widow. 19. Third Grand Select on of Sacred Music. 17. Speculation - Marian--Soldier's Feftiv. 26. Speed the Plouzlı-Raymond and Agnes. 19. Speed the Plough Paul and Virginia. 21. Acis and '

Gilare: --- Miscellaneous Alts. 20. The Rivals-Hartford Bridge. 22. Speed the Plough-Ccmus,

21. St. David's Day-Liberal Opinion 24. Ditto-Raymond and Agnes.

Paul and Virginia. 25. Dito-50 David's Day; or, the Honest 22. Abroad and at Home-Turnpike Gate. 26. The Mofiah.

["el fimun. 23. The Child of Nature-The Dramatist 27. The Bulles' Stratagem-Two Strings to The Mouth of the Nile. 28. Tbe Creation.

(your Bow. 24. Ramah Droog-Gloft-Poor Soldier. 29. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day. 26. Speed the Ploug!ı-Paul and Virginia. 31. Management-Dillo.

27. Wild Oats-The Deserter of Naples. pril 1. Speed the Plough-Ditto.

28. Wives as tbey were, and Maids as they 2. The Creation.

are-St David's Day-Hermione. 3. Speed the Plough-St. David's Day. 29. Chap.ofAccidents—Spoil'd Chil-D”. 4. The Creation.

30. Laugh when you can-Love in a Camp. 5. How to Grow Rich--The lermione; or, jure 2. Fashionable Levitiesne Whitsun l'alour's Trium, bent-A Peep be.

Festival--Five Thousand a Year. liind ihe Curtain. [The Herniione. 3. Every Ore has bis Faul-The Farmer. 14. Speed the Plough-Si. Divid's Day -- 4. School for Wives-Maid of the Mill. 13. The WoodniaTbs Rendezvous; 6, 5. Lovers' Vous - Oftar and Malvina.

Tars Regaling-Jew and Doctor, 6. The Bi1111-Day-The Deferter of Na. 16. Speed the Plouglı-St. David's Day.

plesa-Si. David's Day. 17. The Votary of Wealth--Tom Thumb. 7. The Busy Body-The Inih Mimick. 18. Speed the Plough.--St. Davil's D.y. 9. Speed the Plough--Pzul and Virginia. 19. Lovers' Vows-Salurday Night at Sea, 10. The Beggar's Opera.---The Guardian. Lock and key

11. The Road to Ruill-Turnpike Gate. 21. Sneed the Plongle--St. David's Diy. 2. The Lie of:be Di Tluee Wecks afier 22. Goodnatured M20-Canp-- Hermione.

Mariiige-i'aul and Virginia. 23. Inkle and Yrico-The Child of Na- 13. Dilenda --Sultan-Auimated Statue.

ture-The Soldier's Feliival. 16. Britaunia, au Oratorio.

Bill of MORTALITY, rom May 27, to June 24, 1800.


5 135 | 50 and 60 123 Males 817 2 Males

5 and jo 43

60 and 70 132 Females 7765'593 Females soz}

10 and 20 49 70 and 8o 80 Whereof have died under two years old 365 20 and 30 07 | 80 and go 40 Peck Loaf 6s. lv

30 and 40 117 go and 100 7 Salt, 14s. per bulhel; 3. per round. 40 and 50: 141




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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending June 21, 1800.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans

W'heat Rye Barley Oats Beans d. s. d.) s. d.

s. d. s. d.

Middiel. 136
051 8 45 1166 4

134 0163.60

2/44 10158
Gurley 138 800 ooo 049 10:0

6 Rent


0143 6162
Hertford 126 8150 059 6.45 665 in Suilex

600 0 48 0143

Bedford 126
2 56 647

051 7114
Hunting. 124 6100
057 4'43 060 10

Cambrid.n15 ojoo 0138 036 8127
Northam. 107 2177 054

476 6 | Norfolk 113 8.0 49

90 0:0 067 647 680

Lincoln 110 9176 10 240 3105
Leicetier 117 6:00 063 1149 9101 7 York 103 571 8158 248 11 87
Notting. 127 u 186 1062
6156 877

iso 860 0 50 100

0 56 2 105 O
Northum. 93 973

162 0159 874 4
Stafford 133 400

6 58

2193 Cumberl.115 7190 1084 7195 800

Westmo. 146 093 085 0162

Hereford 122

0173 52 975

oloo 079 462 5188
Worcest. 132 nou

0166 457 985 91 Chefter 119 4100077 8702 1000
Warwick 1 36

57 3189 6 Flint

1191 olvo o oo

8100 c16a

Denbigh 135 600 91 248 ooo
Berks 131
6co 0 48 641 9':8 Anglelta oo


0152 880 3

Car Darv.120 ooo 078 0136 o oo

130 7100 045 046 671 6Merion. 131 2102 390 1164 이이
Montgo. 128 103 892 948 oooo Cardigan 116 sloo 076 oloo
Brecon 124 900 080 042

Pembı oku 121 21CO 974 858 000
Radnor 123 gloo 0177 5'42

Carmart, r31 034 029 TIO
Glamorg.146 000

Glouceit, 116 gloo
Average of England and Wales, per quarter.

0157 11160 468
Somerset 140 600 doo

bo 844 482
1:1 6:86 7165 8148 7176 3

Monm. 155 3100

0 86

134 3160

0164 1040
Average of Scotland, per quarter. Cornwalli23 1000 0159 833 Oloo
94 2174 11160 11151 7187 10 Doriet 130 5loo 066 050 384

Hauts 138 ooo 0152 045 2168, i
AVERAGE PRICES, by which Exportation and Bomey are to be regulated.
Wheat Rye (Barley Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barley Oats | Beans
Districts ds.
d. s. ds. d.) Districts

d. s. d. s. d.
133 1166 556 644 569 2 9 125 086 776

36 1176

?+9 11142 052 II
136 4/36 763 3+ 9176

3 113 886 749
740 962 II

736 761 934 477
A 4
10; 9176 10 58 445 21105 o

7156 846 073 . 5
104 696 1162
653 10174 4 13 95

083 2163 135 991
127 9193 284 864 6176 3 1 14 104 74 112

3 49 890 0

773 962 6188 o


104 0174 0163 855 197
8 128 6102 3187 3149 4176 3 16 84 668 4153 1/45 0173


1055. to 110s. I Middling 80s. to 1205. Horse Pollard
Seconds 98s. 10 106s. Fine Pollard 205. to 245. Bran

178. od.
gos. to 1035. Common ditto

18s. to 205.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lhs. Avoirdupois, 80s. gd.

Kent Pockets

121. os. to 141. 83. Suflex Pockets 121. os. to 141. 35.
os. to 131. os.
Ditto Bags


os. to 121. 125.
Farnham Pockets 121. os. to 16l.

Eilex Bugs

111. os. 10 12l. 125,
St. James's-}{ay 41. Ios. od. to 71. 60.

Aver, 31. 155. 38.
21. 125.

60. to 31. 35. od. Aver, 21. 175. gu.
Average Price of SUGAR, computed from the returns made in the week ending June 18,

1805, is 655. od. per cive.inclufave of the Jury of Customs paid or payable thereou
on the importation thereof into Great-Britain.
SMITHFIELD, June 23. To fink the offal-per fone of slh.
45. od. to gs. 4d. Pork

45. 81. to gs. 6d.
45. 8d. to 55. 6d. Lanab

45. 8d. to 6s. 84,

48. od. to 6s. od.

TALLOW, per ftone of 81b. 35. d.
COALS. Bent in the Pool os. od. to os. od. Sunderland, oos od. to oos, od,

SOAP, Yellow, 765.Motuled, 849,-Curd, 88s.

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