Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle, Volum 87


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PÓgina 109 - Love my memory, cherish my friends; their faith to me may assure you they are honest. But above all, govern your will and affections, by the will and Word of your Creator; in me, beholding the end of this world, with all her vanities.
PÓgina 9 - ... melt into pity and love. That he should not be conscious of the abilities with which Providence had blessed him was impossible. He felt his own powers ; he felt what he was capable of having performed ; and he saw how little, comparatively speaking, he had performed. Hence his apprehensions...
PÓgina 343 - Heat of the parts of the metal, so reduced to chips, ought not only to be changed, but the change undergone by them should be sufficiently great to account for all the Heat produced. But no such change had taken place; for I found, upon taking equal quantities, by weight, of these chips, and of thin slips of the same block of metal separated by means of a fine saw, and putting them at the same temperature (that of boiling water) into equal quantities of cold water (that is to say, at the temperature...
PÓgina 163 - In the fituation now described, the fquadron continued till the night of the zoth iiift. when the capitulation was returned finally ratified and confirmed by the Governor, which enabled us to proceed on the following day with the...
PÓgina 9 - Britons shall continue to be characterised by a love of elegance and sublimity, of good sense and virtue. The sincerity of his repentance, the steadfastness of his faith, and 'the fervour of his charity, forbid us to doubt, that his sun set in clouds to rise without them: and of this let us always be mindful, that every one who is made better by his books will add a wreath to his crown.
PÓgina 49 - And the author of the firft book of Maccabees exhibits many ftrong marks of hiftorical knowledge and fidelity. The ftatement of particulars contained in the prefent chapter ftrongly fuggefts the duty of gratitude to God, for having attefted, by fo many proofs, the Divine authority of the canonical books of the Old Teftament, " which are able to make us wife unto fal...
PÓgina 8 - ... of this wonderful man, the scholar should learn humility. It was designed to correct that pride which great parts and great learning are apt to produce in their possessor. In him it had the desired effect. For though consciousness of superiority might sometimes induce him to carry it high with man (and even this was much abated in the latter part of life), his devotions have shown to the whole world how humbly he walked at all times with his God.
PÓgina 474 - he had not attempted to kill the king. He had fired his pistol over the royal box. He was as good a shot as any in England ; but he was himself weary of life ; he wished for death, but not to die by his own hands.
PÓgina 261 - England adopted the forms in the middle of the last century, or an exhortation to recall to the throne that family whom their birth had placed there, and whom a revolution compelled to descend .from it.
PÓgina 13 - Henceforth the kingdom of God is to be taken from the Jews and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

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