The Land of the Czar

Chapman and Hall, 1875 - 389 pàgines

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Pàgina 348 - But the effluence of Thy light divine, Pervading worlds, hath reached my bosom too ; Yes! in my spirit doth Thy spirit shine, As shines the sunbeam in a drop of dew.
Pàgina 347 - Upheld by thee, by thee inspired with breath ! Thou the beginning with the end hast bound, And beautifully mingled life and death ! As sparks mount upward from the fiery blaze, So suns are born, so worlds spring forth from thee, And as the spangles in the sunny rays Shine round the silver snow, the pageantry Of heaven's bright army glitters in thy praise.
Pàgina 348 - I can command the lightning, and am dust! A monarch, and a slave ; a worm, a god...
Pàgina 347 - And thought is lost ere thought can soar so high, Even like past moments in eternity. Thou from primeval nothingness didst call First chaos, then existence : Lord, on thee Eternity had its foundation ; all Sprung forth from thee, — of light, joy, harmony, Sole origin. All life, all beauty, thine...
Pàgina 348 - Thou art! — directing, guiding all— Thou art! Direct my understanding, then, to Thee; Control my spirit, guide my wandering heart; Though but an atom midst immensity, Still I am something, fashioned by Thy hand ! I hold a middle rank 'twixt heaven and earth — On the last verge of mortal being stand, Close to the realms where angels have their birth, Just on the boundaries of the spirit-land! The chain of being is complete...
Pàgina 395 - OF 1857. ^First Principles of Observational Seismology, as developed in the Report to the Royal Society of London, of the Expedition made into the Interior of the Kingdom of Naples, to investigate the circumstances of the great Earthquake of December, 1857.
Pàgina 387 - Assaying : As applied to the Manufacture of Iron from its Ores, and to Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, and Steel, as found in Commerce.
Pàgina 348 - Creator yes ! Thy wisdom and Thy word Created me ! Thou source of life and good ! Thou spirit of my spirit, and my Lord...
Pàgina 347 - Yes! as a drop of water in the sea, All this magnificence in Thee is lost : — What are ten thousand worlds compared to Thee?
Pàgina 347 - In its sublime research, philosophy May measure out the ocean deep, may count The sands or the sun's rays : but, God, for thee There is no weight nor measure ; none can mount Up to thy mysteries. Reason's brightest spark, Though kindled by thy light, in vain would try To trace thy counsels, infinite and dark ; And thought is lost ere thought can soar so high, Even like past moments in eternity.

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