Sceptics, Millenarians, and Jews

David S. Katz, Jonathan Irvine Israel
BRILL, 1990 - 293 pàgines
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One of the main consequences of recent work in early modern intellectual and religious history has been a discrediting of the notion of a sudden and dramatic transition to the spiritual world of the Enlightenment. Scholars are increasingly examining the underlying spiritual trends and tendencies which confirm the variety and complexity of the slow movement from Renaissance to Enlightenment, and the profound impact of many of the manifestations of intellectual and religious tension during the early modern period. The essays in this volume are a contribution to this process of reappraisal, focusing specifically on the phenomena of scepticism and millenarianism, especially as part of the more pronounced role of the Jews and their culture.

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Chinese and Christian History in
Descartes An Enthusiast malgré lui? Michael Heyd
Descartes and Others
Dutch Sephardi Jewry Millenarian Politics and the Struggle
Why was Baruch de Spinoza Excommunicated? Asa Kasher and Shlomo
Queen Christina of Sweden and Messianic Thought Susanna Åkerman
A PhiloSemitic Millenarian on the Reconciliation of Jews
Une relation italienne du XVIIème
The Hutchinsonians and Hebraic Fundamentalism in Eighteenth
Priestley the Jews and the Millennium J van den Berg
Social Theory and Gothic Horror in the Writings of SimonNicolas

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Sobre l'autor (1990)

Jonathan I. Israel is Professor of Dutch History and Institutions at University College London. He has written extensively on Dutch, Jewish, and Spanish history and in 1986 was joint winner of the Wolfson prize for History for his "European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism" (1550- 1750) (1985). David S. Katz is Professor in Tel-Aviv University in Israel. Publications: "Philo-Semitism and the Readmission of the Jews to England, 1603-1655" (1982) and "Sabbath and Sectarianism in Seventeenth-Century England" (Brill, 1988)

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