Imatges de pÓgina


In his endeavours to promote the cause of the Vaudois, the Author has received assistance from persons, to whose names he would gratefully assign a distinguished place in this volume, were he permitted to disclose them. Such indeed is the interest which has been excited, and displayed in behalf of the little community, which forms the connecting link between the Primitive and Reformed Churches, and such are the signs of the times, in this case at least favourable to truth, that he is persuaded the day is not far distant, when the Waldensian Church will



He has, therefore, entered into details,

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which might otherwise be thought too prolix, that every thing may be put on record, which is likely to illustrate events in ecclesiastical history, the importance of which cannot fail to be appreciated by the Protestant world.

The Italian mode of spelling the Vaudois villages has been used for the most part in the following pages, as La Torre, not La Tour; Maneglia, not Maneille ; that the reader


avoid the common mistake, and bear in mind, that the Vaudois are Italians, and not Swiss, that they are inhabitants of the Alpine Valleys of Piemont, and not of the Pays de Vaud in Switzerland.

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Feb. 14, 1831.

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