So You Want to Be a Missionary?

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 224 pàgines
Two years in the making, this illustrated work represents Volume One of the Cole Foundation for the Arts search for poets from around the world who collectively mirror the voices of humanity through poetry using an artist's best tools - observation, contemplation and expression.

As the Foundation continues to seek out and sponsor the exceptional talents of poets who otherwise would remain unknown, this first Volume becomes both collector's item and a treasured gathering of many unique and talented authors making The Baker's Dozen a one of a kind book to be both enjoyed and proudly displayed upon any bookshelf.

Truly a book that may be appreciated on many levels, in the classroom or in the comfort of one's home. A collection of thirteen unique poets professionally represented in thirteen equally unique mini-books. Poetry styles range from multi-genre inspirational prose, fantasy, romantic, humorous, and even tragic poetry to intricate Greek and Roman classical poetry - there is even offered here a well researched exploration into the art of Japanese poetry. A must have, and perfect gift, for both aspiring and established writers seeking inspiration and for those also simply seeking - a truly good read!

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