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He will take his information from the mouth of God; teaching us,

That the faichful Minister of God must speak only in the Doct. Lords message; he must see before he lay: he must be first a Seer V and then a Speaker, and he must not go from the instructions which God shal give him to speak more or leffe.

This is our wiledome and understanding, to take our light from the father of lights, to gather our wisedome from him thac is wilest, whose foolifonefle is wiser then man, as the Apostle tellech us.

1. Because of our nature which is corrupt, so our reason and Real.2. judgement;subject to errours and mistakes; as we see in Nathan who encouraged David in his purpose of building a Temple, which in his humane reason seemed a good intention, and Da vid a fie person to undertake it.

But God directed him to repeal that Commission, and to ar. figne that work to Salomon Davids sonne.

2. Because we are Ambasladors from God; and Ambassadours Realiz, go not of themselves, but are fent; and they must remember wbose Persons they beare, and be careful to speak according to their instructions.

1. This as it is a direction to us to limit our Ministry, that ofe. we may not do more or lesse then our erand;

2. So it is a rule for you to whom we are sent, to receive or refusc our Ministry, accordingly as you shall justifie our Preachings by the Will of God, revealed in the sacred Canon of Scripture; searching the Scriptures as the men of Berea did, whether those things which we teach be fo or not,

And if any shall in the name of God broach or vent the do-
Strines of men, you may say to him as Nehemiah did to Sana
There are no fucb things as thon says, but thou feineft them out

Nehem. 6. of thine open heart.

But take heed you exceed not this example of Nehemiah; for he did not charge sanballat chas, till he perceived that God had not sent him, but that he pronounced this prophecy.

For many hearers are lo seasoned with prejudice against their Teachers, that if any thing found not to the just tune of their


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own fancies, they will suddenly quarrelic. Yet as Gamaliel faith, If the Counsel be of God, it will stand, wbofoever oppose it.

3. This reproveth those forward intruders into the Lords harvelt, who come unfent, and bring not their Sickle with them, they will work without tools, and they will ccach before they have learnt.

Like the foolish Virgins, they would spend of the wise Virgins oyle, they do sapere ex Commentario, and take their Sermons upon rut, hearkning what God hach said to others, and not tarrying till God speak to chem.

It is no wonder if these Merchants do break who set up wich. out a stock: they be but broken Cisterns,chough some water run through them they hold none.

The faithful Minister must not only observe quid dicit domi. Kus what the Lord faith, but quid dicit mihi, what he saith to me: he must have the wariant of his own mission from a special illumination of his own understanding, or else his.Trumpet will never give a certain sound..

This bindech the hearer to affe&ion, For if the spirit speakech to the Churches,then qui habet aures audiendi audiat ; he that hach,ears let him hear: Eft Deus in. 40bis, God is in us; they do not flatter us as they did Herod, and wa shall never die of the wormes for receiviag that teftimony of our Ministry, if we deal faithfully, that say of our preaching;The voice of God and not of man; for Saint Paul testifieth of the

Thessalonians; I Thez. For this cause also thank we God, because when ge received the 13 Word of God which gee heard of us, yee received it not as the Word

of men, but as it is in truth the Word of God, which effeltually Worketh also on you that believe.

Beloved, it is true that we that are now the winesses of God, have not that open accesle to him, that the Prophet had to re. ceive immediate instructions from his own mouch: But Chrift faith,

Sicut mifit me Pater: ita & ego mitto vos, as the Father fend me, fo send I you.

And he tellech his Father howbe hath provided for bisCharch till his second coming


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I have given them rhe Word which thou gavest me, and they lohn,17,8 have received them; and having so done, he said unto them, Ite e docete, Go and teach. · When thou comest then to Church and hearest Mofes and the Prophers, and the Psalms,which was the Manna wherwich God fed the fathers before the incarnation of Christ, when the Veile of the Temple was up: remember what Abraham said to the rich man, Habent Molen & Prophet as, audiant eos, They have Moses and the Prophets, let them hear them; that is the way to keep out of hell.

When thou heareft the voice of the Sonae of God in the Gora pel, the Veile of the Temple being torn from the top to the boto tome, Chrilt now reveiled to thee with open face,

Take heed thou despise not him that speakech to thee in the Ministry of a mortal man : this is a treasure which is brought un. to you in earchen vessels; value the vessels at their own worth in themselves, but yet regard them above their worth for their use, for they bring you the treasures of

wisedome and knowledge; Enough to make you wise unto salvacion, sufficient to beget faith in you, by which you may overcome the world; enough to make you perfe&t, throughly perfect to all good works.

This is done by our Ministry,if you will hear God in us; and what would you desire more then to be taught how to become wise and honeft? for such are not afraid of the Parliament': and lay witir Saint Pauli

with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you, or 1 Cor.4.3: of mans judgement.

2. The vigilancy of the Prophet, I will stand upon the watch.

Amongst the great titles of honour and service that are giveni to the Ministers of the Word in Scripture this is one ; they are called Watchmen ; It is Gods word to Ezechiel, Ezek 3. 17.

Sonne of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Ilrael: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me, which is repeated in the same words, chapt. 33.7. as the Margent of the Kings Bible dire&tech you.

This correspondence must be between God and his Minister; for if God do make us watchmen over the house of Israel, therr with Habakkuk we must Atand upon the watch..


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Let not us plead the trust of God committed co us, except we can plead our faithfulnesse in che discharge of that trust.

This is indeed an honour done to the Prophets and Ministers of the Church, to commit the Church of God co our care; but the burthen of this care to keep watch is exceeding great.

A necesity is laid upon me, and wo be to me if I preach not the Gospel.

Here be two things in this office.

1. To watch, 2. To give warning. 1. Some can watch, but they can give no warning. Ministers of good and preaching lives, but not apt to teach, which Saint Paul requires in his Miniters, of whom Saint Hierome faith, Innocens fine Sermone Conversatio,quantum prodeft exemplo,tantum non Cet filentio,

2. Some will sometimes give warning, but they cannot always watch, Preach learnedly when they preach, but they have not learnt out all their lesson of the Apostle: Cave tibi dotrine: in his Perfta iwijage Continue in these things, it requires incumbency as the Law Calleth it.

3, Buc if we will do our duties; we must do both; some would fain do both, and cannot get a watchmans place, there is none void. For beche People never so empty, yer Ecclefia eft plena, che Church is full..

All is not well that way the Church complains; and they that have laboured abundantly, to enable themselves for this watch, are too much searched, and examined too Darrowly for their gifts.

Others have a watch, but they do not with the Prophet stand upon it; either they fit at eale, or they seep it out foundly: this Prophet promiseth to stand in readineffe for action and execucion of his charge.

Beloved, many will not belecve it, but we feel it, if we make conscienceof our duties in our calling that our vocation is laboriqus;this watching in all weathers, and this robbing of our tema ples of their timely reft,to attend the watch over your souls

, as chose chat must give an account to God for our felys and for you, is an honourable burthen, risikeres, Who is sufficiene:

1. Vigila: hoftis, The enemy watcheth, he compaffeth the earth

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to and again, he goeth about like a roaring 'yon ; he is ever either reaching out an Apple of temptation, as io Eve; or stretching out an arme of provocation, as to the blefled Virgin : gladin w portranfibit animam tuam.

We most keep you waking, that he bring not upon you the spirit of flumber; we must awake you, if you sleep in fin, that be turpite you not.

Cuftos Ifraelis non dormit, the keeper of Israel fiumbreth not. Alexander lies down to sleep without fear,because he leaves Para menio bis faithful counsellor waking. David will lay him down in peace, and take his reft, feeing God doch make him dwell in fafety.

Dominus dat dile&tis fuis fomnum.

Yer let us observe two things concerning our sleep , for the Apostle faith, Therefore tet us not sleep as do others, as on normal, as 1Thess.6 unbeleevers, Lyranus, qui sunt increduliz dvand, fuch as are left out of the Church, and out of Gods fold to the world, let us not fleep fo: how then?

1. Before our sleep let us take 'Davids example for our Donec until. I will not give feep to mine eyes', nor flumber to mine eyelids untill I finde ont a place for the Lord; that is, faith Augustine Pf. 138. Donec inveniam locum Deo meo in me, till. I finde a place for God 4, s. in me; for God doth delight to dwell with the bamble, and fuch I lag 66, as are of a contrite heart. And Christ faith, Behold, I stand at the doore and knock; if any

I'mill come into bimo vas In the letter, David sweareth to take no rest till he have found out a place for the building of chic Temple; that was Davids

This is our Donec, antill; till we have done our especial fervice to God, which concernes us in our Calling; let us not think of sleep till we have consecrated our felves as temples for the Holy Ghost to dwellin.

2. Let us in ficep take the example of the Church, 1 fieep, but my heart waketh, it is the voyce of my beloved, saying, open to me.

Cant: 5.2 That is, let our sleep be moderate, lo sanctified by our prayer, that we may lay with the Church.By night on my bed I fought him Canc.3.1. Whom my foul loveth.


man open

to me,


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