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For that which 1 do 1 allow not;for what I would do that I do not; Rom.7.15 but what I hate that do I. - If then I do that which I would not, I conlent unto the land that Vers. 16.

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Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.
I delight in the law of Godin the inward man.

Here yrā OEAUTOV, krow, if chou be an ele& child of God, cbon confiftest of a double man so long as thou livest here on earth.

1. There is in thee an outward man, that is, the unregenerate part of thee.

2. There is an inward man, that is, the regenerate part. For we must know and confefle, that we are not capable in this life of a total and full regeneration, which is an ucter abolition of the body of fin.

There is Corpus peccati,the body of sin:there is lex membrorum a law of the members, there is Concupiscence which doch care ry usinto the evil which we know in our understandings to be agaiost the law of God,and our conscience tremblech at ic; this is an inward man,which in Peter is called aguatès tíls xapdias are Ascenos,

So that the inward man which keepeth che law, is the underftanding and conscience; and the outward man that breakech the law,is the will and the appetite, and the instruments thereof in the act of Gin.

So then I shall now describe to you whom the Prophet here meanech by the just man, even him who in bis understanding apprehendech the good and perfect Will of God, and maketh con. science of obeying it according to the measure of grace given to him ; for chis is an Evangelical righteousnesse..

The uie of it is great; for the Prophet saith of Christ Jesus,that he

put on righteousnelle as a Brest-plate. He that came to loose the works of Satan, and therefore to bid him battel, did not come into this life, which is militia super terram, a warfare upon earth unarmed; he is the General of Gods forces, against che Kingdome of darkneffe; against the Prince that ruleth in the ayr against the god of this world, against Principalities and Powers, and no fooner was he baptized and began to appear co his Сс


If. 59.17


employment, but the spirit led him into the field to a duel with
Satan for fourty days together, where this Brest-place of proofe
was a fufficient wall about his vical parts, and did preserve him
against Sacans fury and force.
And we that are his souldiers, who must ambulare ficut ille

, walk as he, we are taught by the A poft le, both to get and past ona tbis righteousneffe as a Brest plate.

The benefits that this righteousne fle doth bring with it, are



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1. Ic is a proofe against temptations; for howsoever our af1. Benefit. fections do receive fome titillations from the outward sepies to

affect chem with evil, our understanding like Gossen will always see the Sunne, although the rest of our Ægypt be benighted.

Howsoever our Will may be corrupted for a time, our conscience will continue zealous of good works.

In our minds we shall serve the law of God, and this will keep our heads always above water, that though we be put to it co ftrive and labour hard for life in the deep waters, boch of temptations and afflictions, yet through many dangers and painful struglings, we shall at length recover the shore.

The diftreft conscience troubled with the terrour of fin, though it cannot escape Sarans Gifting, and buffeting,and wounding, yet can it not fall into final despair, because this righteoulnelle cannot be loft.

2. This maketh our calling and election füre; for if we bę truly regenerate, we shall be saved certainly; and this righteousnelle is

a full aflurance of our regeneration as the Apostle faith, Iloh.2,29 Te know that every one trbich doch rightoonsnefse is born af bim

So that rigbtcoulnesse is the earnest of our salvation, it is fa las in semine, salvation in the seed here; it is falus in Melle, in che harvestzhereafter;for St. James faith,

Tbe fruit of righteousnese is sown in peace.

For where righteousnesse is once rooted, there is peace and Iam.3.18,

affurance both of grace and glory.

3. This righteousacfle doth honour God in this world; for 3. Benefit, where men live in the conscience of their ways and in che holy

fear of God, abstaining from evilall they can,doing all the good they can, rather suffering and forgiving then doing and revenging

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injuries, striving to bear themselves uprightly before God and
men, our Saviour faith, Others seeing their good works will glorifie
their father that is in heaven.

4. This righteousnesse is the only witnesse of our Gocerity in che love and service of our God; for let no uorighteous man fay he loveth God or serveth God;the proud, the covetous, the wan

4. Benefit, ton, the breaker of che Sabbath, the drunkard, let them come to Church,& hear and receive the Sacrament now and then let them not deceive themselves; without this righteousnes no m 20 shall please God,

Neither shall the Church efteem such as members of the body of Chrift; for we are taughe, that no adulterers, fornicators, covetous persons, &c. shall inherit the Kingdome of heaven.

But (an&tifie the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the bope 1 Pet.3.15 that is in you with meeknesse and fear.

Having a good conscience, that whereas they Speak evill of you verf. 16. as of evil doers, they may be aloumed that fallly accuse your good Convulation in Christ.

Let men bunt for fame and reputation in the way or huvu and high place, in un way of great dependance, or of riches: if they bc ungodly and want this righteousnesle, they want the falt that thould pickle them is keep; the just shall be in everlafting remembrance, their candle duth not go out by night:cheir Dame shall be like to precious unguent : But let the ungodly do what chey can, the name of the wicked Bull rot.

s. This righreousnes upon a death-bed wil comfort, when nei- s.Benefit.
ther meat nor medicine will down with us; for chere follows
after righteousnelle a gracious craine, a comfortable sequence.

The Kingdome of God is righteousnese and Peace, and joy in the Rom. 14.
Holy Ghost.

Mark'ebe upright man, and observe the juft, for the end of that Pr 37.37. man is. Peace.

What a joy of heart was it to Hezekiab? he did notfay, I have reigned a King over thine inheritance so many years: I have gotten so much riches and treasure, I have subdued fo many enemies, but, Remember Lord I beseech thee now box 1 bave walked 11.38. 3. before thee in truth, and with a perfe&t heart, c.


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Thus having learnt what this righteousnesse is,and having for. veyed the benefits that accend it, let us take a few neceffary caulo

tions to order and regulare both our judgement and our life, i Caution, 1. Let us not take that for righteoutnesse which is no fuch

matter; for all that glisterech is not gold; Satan hath good skill in varnishing, and guilding, and painting, to make things chac are not seem as though they were.

I do not think but the Pharisees thought themselves juft men, and that opinion was held of them abroad;and chat Christ teemed a Arange Preacher, that cold the People,

Except your righteousneffe exceed the righteousnesse of the Scribes

and Pharisees &c. for Saint Paul doth call their sect ixtiBase' Ada 26.5

την αιρεσι:

We must exceed that or else no salvation; yet if that righteoui. nesse which consisted in great chaltilement of the flesh, in great austerity of life, in so many real acts of devotion, would not serve:

Beloved, that cheap, and soft, and tender Religion, that eats and drinks of the best, and wears soft garments, and liar calily: and

sy lickring much, and knowing something, calking of good things, and an outww.u formal representation of goodnesse, will never palle for righteousnefle before God. This doth not come near the righteousnesfe of the Scribes and Pharisees.

Their Doctors were never out of Moses chair, they were faich. ful and painful in teaching the law. Alas, many of our labourers loyter.

Their audicors were frequent and attentive; when they knew of the sitcing of their Rabbies, they would tell one another, and call one another to it, as ferom faith, saying,

dicómol deuteção«. The wife repeat; And they would haften thither. They compasse lea and land co make Proselytes to their feet; We by our evill Conversation lose many from our Congregations.

It is the complaint of them of the separation, that our evill life is one great cause of their forsaking of us; and though that do not excuse them, yet it doth accuse us, and we cannot plead not guilty to chat endicement.


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They gave God a quarter of their life in prayer. Let every mans own conscience speak within him how farre he out-goeth them in this

. They read, they studied, they repeated, they carried 2bout them alwayes some part of the Law, and were expert in the understanding of it.

And do not Pamphlets of newes, vaine Poems, and such like froth of human brains devour much of the time the holy Bible should have bestowed upon it.

Beloved, the righteousnesle that should be in us to fill us with true love of God and our neighboar,is wanging in most; it is im. perfect in the best, in too many it is but seeming.

In Religion zeale is gone; lome falle fires there are yet in the Church, that boast themselves to be zeal, and are good for nothing but to finde faults and pick quarrels; crue devotion which had use to Thew it felf in all ourward holineste and reve. rence is so retired, that many are more homely at Church in presence of God and the holy congregacion, then they dare to be in the private hanses of many that are here presenc.

Qui heads are grown fo tender, that even boyes must be co.
vered at Church; In prayer our knees are too stiffe to bend; we
grow drousie in hearing; the very face of Religion hath lost the
complexion that it had, when knowledge was yet but coming
out, as if we would revive chat Romish fancy, that ignorance is
the mother of devotion,

In civil conversation how is righteousnesse turned into a cry?
the words once past,of our forefathers, though ignorant,were fa-
fter eyes then bonds, recognizances, statutes, oaths now are: Ic
was once the imputation of one Nation, as Tully chargeth the
Greeks, Da mihi manuum teftimonium;It was once Romes shame,
omnia Roma venalia; Templa, sacerdotes altaria. It was once the
Grecians infamy,
Κρήτις αι ψεύσαι, κανα θηρία, γαστρες αραι.

Titus uz There have been many National Gns which one Country hath upbraided another withál.

But how is it that since the light of the Goípel in our Land, we have made prize of the fins of all Nations, and made them free Denisons amongst us Schisme in the Church, corruption of justice, bribes, gluccony, drunkennefle, contention, pride, out


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