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landich manners, oppression, that' Tyrus and Sidon will appeare more innocent then Chorazin and Bethfaida: and Sodom and Gom morra are like to make a better reckoning in the day of audit then Cabernam.

Therfore try your wayes, and make your paths even and strait, before he come qui justitias judicabit. If your righteousnesse be not right, the light that in them is darknesse, and then quante te

nebra ? how great is that darknesse ? Caution. 2. ; 2. When you have examined your righteousnesse, and finde it

to be a sincere reddition of due to God and man, cake heed that you trust not in it.

When facob came to a new Covenant with Laban for wages,

he said co him, do this, Gen.30. Sosball my rigbteousnesse answer for me in time to come, for my

bire before thy face.

Our uprighe dealing with men may justifie us to the face of man;but our righteousneffe in the court of heaven is a poor plea; let no man reicine it for an Advocate to answer there for him it will be speechleffe in that presence.

so much ofic as is ours is foul, and immerent, deserving ao fayour at the hand of God.

We have two things to do. . I. A debt co pay to God.

2. A Kingdom to be purchased in heaven,

We are broken for the debt; our righteousnesse cometh nothing near the clearing of the debt; and can we hope of doing any thing toward the purchase ?

Nacure it telfcannot with them more unhappy then they are, that trust in their own righteoufaefle; for the reed they lean up.

on will first wound them, and then break-under them. Caution.3. 3. Yet let it go for a caution too, do not to under-value thg

righteousnesse, as to think there is neither need nor use of it, because it mericeth nothing ac the hands of God; for God is gracious to accept from us that which delervech no fuch good liking from him.

Thus be accepted che humiliation of Abub, and he rewarded it; thus he accepted the ropentance of Niniveh, and the chiefe upon the crose that confesied Christ, and fhortly after died, re


Verf. 3.

Open ge the

ceived a promise to be with Christ in Paradise.

Chrilt speakech comfortably; Him that cometh to me, I will in no mise cas out.

Joh. 6..371 Righteousnesfe is the way to him: This is the song and Jubilation of the Church, we have a ftrong 16.26. City, Salvation will God appoint for wals and bulwarks.

the gates that the righteous nation which keeperb tho truth may enter in.

For God keepeth a book of remembrance , such as Malacji Mal.3.16. faich, A book of remembrance was written before him, for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name ; for the Lord low veth the righteous; and verily there is a reward for the righteous. Pf.58.11.

Yea beloved, I dare go so farre, and I am sure that I tread on ground that will carry me through, it is not faich, it is sin, it is prefumption to trast in the righteousnesse of Jesus Christ onely, without a care and conscience, and practise of righteousneffe in our felves.

For Christ redeemech us, not to idleneffe, but to work out our falvation, we are delivered from the hands of our enemies, ut (erviamus ei; that we might serve him ; redemption doth not destroy, but renew our creation; and we were created to good works, and we are called to holineste.

Let no man think that Christ needeth the help of our righteousnesle to fatisfie his Father; but we do nced our righteousnesle to declare our faith in Christ, and to make application of the right eousnelle of God to our felves.

Though the full strength of Scripture be bent against merit of righteousnesse, there is no ground there for idlene fe co stand upon; we must not cast all upon Christ, and make him who came to redeeme us from the punishment of our evil works, a redeemer of us from the necessity of good works :

Our very union with him is enough to neceffitate operative; righteousnes for he faith, My Father worketh as yet,& ego operor, and I work; and it is his word, thus muft we fulfil all righteonsnesó

. <“ Therefore that Christ may see he paid the debe for such as would have paid it if they could, and did their beft to pay all let us not negle&t our own righteousnesle in our quest of salvatior; but being only by Jefus Christ delivered from che hands of


.7 ر؟

our enemies, let us serve him in righteousnesse anď holynese be

fore him all the days of our life. 4: Caution.

Let it go also for a cautions that seeing the necessity of righteousnesse, we do look well to the integrity chereof, as the A

postle admonishech us in his testimony of the Corinthians, 1 Cor. i. That in every thing ye ure enriched by him, so that he come behind .

in nogist.

It is noted of the Saints of God in glory chat they do weare iiL long white robs; these be the garmenes of righteonsneffe: there

is our ficut in Cælo, we must not wear our righteousnesfe like a Ihørt garment; it must be entire, covering the whole body to the foot, that is the integrity of the whole man. For, whosuever maketh conscience of his righteousnesle in some things, and not in all, is but a hypocrite:that man makes conscience of nothing at all.

That professor thac for his profit will do any thing contrary to the revealed Will of God, or if for pleasure, or for revenge he will go out of the way of Gods Law, that mans righte. ousnesse is, but vain. Fors: James saith,

Whosoever fall keep the whole Law and yet faileth in one point is Jam. 2.10. guilty of all,

Sione is like leaven, a liçcle of ic fowreth the whole lump of righteousnesse.

Knowing the necessity of this righteonsneffe, and che, conş Caution. tinual use of it, and that our whole life is a perpetual warfare

here on tärch, we must know that this righteoulnesse must never
beput off or laid aside all our life long;it must not beworne in our
colours ad pompam, but in our armour ad pugnam, to the fight..
1. This righteousnesse is nog for shew, but for service.

There be fome temptations that take their aime at us and
come forth to assault us; there be others that are shot at random,
yet may

bit us. As he that killed Shab directed not his aim at hims fo a man sometime by occafion fallech into temptation. İfa man at those times have not his righteousnesle to seek, but that he wear it as a brest-plate, it may preferye him. Had Da vid received cwo fuch mortal wounds in the body of his Religion, and fear of God, if he had kept on his righteousnelle? Vrias wife was not more naked. These be Sachans advantages, for keeping watch as he doch; no


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sooner are we disarmed, but fulmina mittit. But as Elibu

told 7ab,

am moniti.

If there be a messenger with him, an interpreter, one among a job 33.23. thousand to shew unto man his uprightnesse:

Then he is gracious unto him, and faith, Deliver him from going Verf. 24 down into the pit, I have found a ransome.

That is then the use of our Ministery, to be as Noah was to the world, præcones justitie , Preachers of righteousnesse, co lhew men which way they thall walk uprighily; he that is fit for this service, must have the warrant of a Minister, A Messenger : and he must have the learning of an Interpreter; and such a man is a rare man, one of a thousand; and his lecture is, Discite justiti,

Lose no time from it, for only righteousnelle hath the blessing of this promise : juftus ex fide vivit, the just doch live by his faith, see what rate you will set upon life, so much it concerneth you to be righteous.

2. Faith, when the Apostle doth come to this point concerning Faith; he faith évi adol

Eph. 6 19. Above all things take the sheild of Faith,

As Solomon faith, keep the beart above all keepin's: for in.
deed there is no Doârine lo necessary to salvation as the Do.
Arine of Faith. ...
You remember in the Acts of the Apostles, when S. Panl

A&. 19. 8 came to Ephesus, and continued there three moneths, both difa puting and perswading the things that concerne the Kingdom of God, but after many oppoticions, yet hc abode chere two Verf. 10,

His preaching had so put the gods of the Heathen out of countenance, and had so advanced the glory of the true God; thac Demetrius a silversmith which made silver shrines for 'Diana, called the workmen of his trade, together and said: Sirs; ge know that Verl, 25. by this craft we have our wealth; and

So that our craft is in danger to be set at naught.

And presently upon it there was a great cry, Magna. Diana, great is Diana.

Beloved, look well about you, and you shall see that by faith we have our welfare, we get our being by is, both here and in




Vers, 27.

heavens therefore let us jäyn in the cry, to cry up Faith, Mage
na eft fidei Christianorum, grcat is the faith of Chrillian:..

1. Great is the good that it is,
2. Great is the good that it does.

1. In that it is.
Faith is a certain periwalion wrought in the heart of man of
the truth of all Gods promiles; and a confidenc application of
them is made to the beleiver, both which are wrought in the
beleiver by the Spirit of God.

1.So it is great in respect of the Author of it in us;for it is not avromutov, growing of ic felf. This is a feed which che Lord hath sowen, a plant which Gods own right hand hath planted; for Faith is the gift of God.

2. Great is the Object; forit aimeth at the promises of God, which are Yea, and Amen.

3.Great in the Extent, for it spreadeth to all the promises of God, and all the benefits that do arise to us from him as Wiredom, Righteousnesse, Sanctification, Redemption, Salvation.

4. Great in the Operation, because it layeth hand upon all those, and chalengech a right to chem , saying, Hæc meafunt, these are mine.

5. We may adde also this to the excellency of Faith; that it is a mother grace, the root of all other graces ; fór from Faich

they do derive themselves.. Aa. 15.9.

1. Repentance, For by Faith God purifieth the beart.
2. Love, For Faith Worketh by love..

3. Fear, that feare which is the beginning of wisdome; for if wc. did not beleive the truth of Gods Word and Promises, and com. minacions, we would not so much stand in awe of God, or fear and distrust our felves.

4. Obedience ; for knowing that we have no fubfiftence in the favour of God, but by Christ,chat swayeth all our obfervance chal

way, and biddech us hear him. Heb, J 1,6 And without Faith it is impossible to please God.

2. For that it doch ic is great. 11. No grace of God in ius doth more honou. to God then or Faith doth; for none but the beleever doth confeffe God arighe:

He for as the Apostle faiche:

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