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Ioh. 1.16.

He that beleeveth not God, hạth made.God a lyar; make that i)0n5.10. breach in the holy chain or knot of Gods attributes and all fail for truth is the girdle of them all; To make him a-fyar, and make hiin unwise, impotent, cruel, profane, all evil.

Abraham strengthened in the Faith, gave glory to God. 2.No grace to us more profitable; for it is not said of any of all Rom. 4.10 the other vertues & graces that we do live by any,by all of them; but only by faith, because faith doth unite us withChrist in whom we are knit to God for all fulnesse dwelleth in him, and of his ful. neffe we receive grace and grace. And by faith only Christ dwelleth in our hearts.

Eph. 3.17: By faith we are reconciled to God in Christ, whom God hath fet ferth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his Rom3.25 righteousnelle for the remision of Sins that are past through the for bearance of God; by faith we are juftified Therefore we canclude that

Verf. 28. a man is justified by faith wirhout the deeds of the law. By faith we are fanétified. For God doth purifie ony bearts by faith, A&S 15.9

By faith we are saved, for by grace je, are fayedihrough faith, Eph. 2. 8. andikat not of your felves, it is the gift of God.

Faith bringeth peace of conscience in che aflyrapce of all this, Rom.5.1,
For being justified by faitke me have Peace with God through our
Lord Jesus Chrift.

By faith we have accesse so God into the grace wherein we stand, Vetlo za and rejoyce in hope of the glory of God .

By faith,me.glory in tribulations, kuoming that tribulation work- Verl. 3. eth patience, patience fxperience, experience hope and hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of Godis sed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given us.

And thus the Church of the Jews is comforted against the oppressions of the Chaldægas by faith.

Lastly faich is commended to us for a fhield, by which we de- Eph 6.16. fend our selves against the fiery darts of Satan. Therefore to make the necessary doctrine of faith profitable

for us.

let us conGder, 1. How faich may be gotten. S2. How it may be praxed 3. How it may be preserved. 4. How it may be used. Dd 2

1. How



1. How faith



Herein we must needs observe two things, 1. The Author,

2. The Meaos.
r. The Author.
We must go to him from whom every good and perfect gift
doth proceed, to seek faith.

Here I must admonish you that faith is given without seeking at first; for it is a free gile, and it is the glory of God; I am found of them that fought me nst.

Do not think thac che gift of faith is acquired; that is freely given; but the encrease of our faith is acquired by means, I prove it thus.

The fpiric of God is given in the wombe, it is given to infants; fore therefore faich is also given; for the spirit is never unfruitful, and fini faich is one of the fruits of the spirit.

And the Apostles said unto the Lord;" encreale our faith. The grace

of God which moveth in the generation of them that fear the Lord, is the seed of all vertues, and first of faith the mother vertue which iffueth all the rest; char is given early. And the gift ca of faith doth lo lie hid in the Ele&t of God, that themselves know not of it, till God be pleased not to put his fonne into them, but to reveal his Sonne in them.

This magnifiech the free grace of God, and teachcth us to say,

It is so father because thy good pleasure is fuch. v And this excludech all boasting on our part, seeing we have it of meer and free gift." And it ascribech the glory of all to God:

3. The means to get faich. These as I have said do not lay the foundation of faith in as, that is the free :ift of God, but these means do advance che building, they do help to encreale. Our faith.

I will referre you to one place to declare to

on of more faith. A&.16.14. Anda certain woman named Lydia, a Seller of Purple of the city af Thyatyra, which worshipped God, heard us; whole heart Godopen

. Verf is

ed that she attended unto the things that were spoken of Pauli

And when she was baptized and her houshald sie befought us, saying, if ye have judged me faithful to the Lord, &c.

Observe the whole passage.

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3. 4.

ro.Here was a woman living in an honest and lawful' voca-1 tion. She was a seller of Purple.

2. Here were some beginnings of faith in her; For se mora { Sipped God.

.The outward means to increase her faith. She beard us.
The inward means: The Lord opened her heart, after
which followech.
1. More attention to Paul.
2. Baptism.
3. A Desire to be esteemed faithful.

4. Hospicality: she welcomed her teachers.
So that for the encreasing of faith she heard the word;and the
more she believed, the more attentively she heard, and for con-
firming of faith she was baptized. Faith cometh by hearing; for
hovo shall they believe on him of whom they have not heard? Here lec
me admonish you ;

1. But when I lay by the word with the Apostle,I do understand, and would be understood to speak of the Word, not as it is the voice of a mortal man, nor as it is a dead lecter, but as the spirit doth speak to us in the Word.

For this the Apostle biddech us, Be Swift to hear it concerns us“ much: buc that you may see that faich is not begotten in us by hearing; bearing doth us no good without faith, and we must have a grain of faith to season our hcaring, orelse our hearing will adde nothing to our faith.

The wordpreached did nor profit thems, not being mixed with faith Hcbr.4i 25 in them that heard it.

So do we see fome at first poure water into a Pumpe, to set it a work, that it may yield water plenteoully; for faith poured inco our hearing doin make our hearing bring forth more faich.

And to in Prayer. Fulgentius faith of faith,
Incipit infundi ut incipiat polci

A man cannot bave faith without asking, neither can be aske
it without faith.
. 2. When I name the word for a means to beget an increase
of faith, I mean the written word, to exclude all unwritten
tradicions and all written legends which the tel-cale Church of
Rome; hath gull the swallowing credulity of the misa

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led ignorants; that is, the books of Canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testament of which the Apostle faith, They are able 10. make a man wife ta faluation, and perfect, throughly perfect to every good work.

3. When I name the word means of faith, I must mean the Word understood by us; for the Eunuch learns, nothing of l. Jaiah the Prophet by reading him without understanding,

And I wonder that ever the Church of Rome could so be. fool and infatuate the judgements of men, to believe chat either hearing a forme of service, or praying in a strange congue, could carry any validity in them, excepe they did conceive, or do believe that such hearing and praying have power of incantation.

Therefore thereis required

A transacion of the word into our Natural language, or fome other that we understand, if we understand not the ori. gioal.

And herein I must stirre you up to a thankful consideracion of their profitable labours, who have taken paios to translate the Bible to English for the common benefit of you all,that you may read the Scriptures and exercise your felves in the study of them, and examine the doctrines that you hear by them.

Blessed be the Lord God of our fathers, who put such a thing

this into the heart of our Kings Majesty, to fet this work foor and to see it finished,

Herein alío I must commend unto you the easineste and per. spicuity of Scriprure; for if God had not left the way of falvati. on open, but had shut it up in such clouds of obscurity, that we mult needs have a guide to lighe us the way to the lantborn, why would David have called the Word ic felfe A Lantborne 10 om feet?

Therefore let no man be discouraged from his own private studying of Scriptures, for feare of their hardneffe. It is no betó ter then idlenefle and shuffling to say the Scriptures are too deep for me, I will not meddle with them.

Christ commandech, Search the Scriptures: is he not Antichrist that faith, do not, thou shalt not search?

I say and believe that the Word only read over by us or cows, without the help of any comment, or sermon, of Exposition of



át is a L'anthorne, and giveth light to che fimple.

Much more the Word with good Commentaries and written

Much more che Word preached by learned and judicious Preachers, which know how to divide the same aright; thote be called' fellow, labourers with God, Angels of God, the sale of the earch, the light of the world, and even Savioprs of men, and because of their labour in the Word, and oversight of the People, honour, double honour is allowed to them by the Apostle Sainc

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- This point is of great use.

1. To us that are Ministers of the Word; for it layech a neceflity upon us, and wo be to us if we preach not che Gospel.

I am sure the Apostle pucceth ic home co Timothy;

I charge thee before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who fall a judge the quick and dead ar his appearing and his kingdome:

Preach the Word, be instant in seulon and out of seafon, reprove; rebnke, exhort, with all long-Iuffering and doctrines.

God hath given and committed to us the Ministry of the che Word of faith, by which we must live ; and if we be not found

faichful in the dispensation thereof, our souls shall answer for the changes fins of ihe People, which are committed by our negligence, and for want of our giving warning.

2. To you it is a provocation of you to be swift to hear, to

take heed how you heare, to heare with meekoeffe, to hear willile lingly, to hear attentively, to medicate in the Word that you

bear, to search the Scriptures, to believe the word ipoken, to be obedient to the forme of doctrine delivered, not to defpise him that speakech in our ministry; it is faid of Lydia that fie

This was the outward means of her faith. This had never done: good alone; for he chat plantech is nothing, and he (that watereth is nothing, but God that giveth the increase.

He is nothing, faith the Apostle, that planteth, that is the Mini-
Iter of the Word is nothing.

There were two things much amiffe amongst the Corinthians
at that time.
Ii, One was. they did too much depend upon their Ministers,


heard us.

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