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liberabit ? Who shall deliver me?

And herein the law doth us a favour; for it is our Schoolmafter to bring us to Christ, whica is the next point which the spi. rit revealeth.

The Remedy; wherein consider,
$1. How the law doth show us the remedy.
22. How the Gospel doch declare it.

1. The Law is our Schoolmaster. so faich the Apostle, Wherefore the law was our SchoolGal. 3.24.

master to Chrift. In the schoole of God there are three formes.
1. Incipientes, beginners, in the lowest forme, for the most part
taught by their fellows;such were they before che law, taught by
their fellow creatures, reading and learning both the glory of
God in the speculation of the works of God, and finding the
use of their life in the conftant obedience of the creatures to
the Ordinance of God,
2. Proficientes, Proficients, taught by the Usher of the school

, that is Moses and the Prophets.

3. Perfe&ti, Perfed, taught by the chief Schoolmaster, that is, Christ.

The Law is our Usher, and makes us come fit to come into the uppermost forme; and that two ways.

1. By representing Christ in figures and types, in facrifices and ceremonies. This is the Ceremonial.

2. By thewing us our mifery, chat in our felves there is nothing but matter and merit of condemnation : 1o the law is a sharp fchoolmaster, and doth severely correct us. And no map comech to Christ that hath not lived under the rod of the law, and been truly humbled in his soule with the consideration of his fins; in such measure that he despaireth of his falvation in himself, and findeth himself in his own ways hacefulco God; as fob, Therefore I abhorre my self. This done;

2. The Gospel revealech to us the full remedy of our mifery in Chrift, saying,

Unto you is borne a Saviour, which is Chrift the Lord. God fent Gal. 4. 4.

bis Sonne made of a woman, and made subječt to the law, that he might redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive she adoption of Sans,



Against our ignorance, Christ is made our Wisedom.
Against our guilcinesse, he is made our righteousnelle.
Against the infection of sinne, our Sanctification.
Against the punishment of fin, our

The remedy thus sufficient, Christ, God and man, is a person
able to satisfie the law.

And being without linne, able to recover us the favour of God.

And being victor of all our enemies, able to open Paradise

to us.

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Thus farre in the work of faith che spirit of God worketh upon our undertanding; and there can be no faith in us except we be rightly informed in thele three things;

Our excellent Creation, our miserable Fall, and the comfortable remedy. 2. To settle us in the faith, the spirit of God must also work

Vid. divis, the upon our will : that is,

sup. 1. In respect of the glorious Creation of man, to move us to Ehree duties;

1. Ofthanksgiving to God for it.
2. Of sorrow for our fall from it.

3. Of holy desire again to recover it.
2. In respect of our misery,ic moveth us,

1. To know it by searching and trying our ways. :
To deplore it with godly forow; the effects of which

sorrow are named by the Apostle.
1. Carefulnesse, 2. Clearing our (elves.

2 Cor. 7 3. Indignation, 4. Fear, 5. Desire.

6. Zeal, 7. Revenge.
3. In respeå of the Remedy, it moveth us,

1. To know it.
2. Hunger and thirst after it.
3. To endeavour both all our time, and with all our

strength to accaip ic. it's
4. Toule all the means to procure it. 3:13
And howfoever we find our felves molt miserable in our
selves;yet muft we not fo farre undervalúe as to think our selves
unworthy of eternal life.




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Ff 2

Aas 7.50 The Jews are charged that they refifted the Holy Ghost, and

would not admit the gracious fuggestions thereof, they would not hear the voice behind them whispering in their eare a return from their evil ways.

Papland Barnabas telschem. It was necessary that the Word of A&.13.46

God should first have been spoken to you : but seeing ge put it from you, and judge your felves unworthy of life everlasting ; Lo We

turne to ihe Gentiles. Queft. But are we not all unworthy of eternal life » Ænspoo True; but it is one thing by our evil deeds to give sentence a

gainst our felves that we are unworthy;

Another thing it is, out of the conscience of Ginne to confeffe our felves unworthy. ..? * Yer in this Confeffion and Contrition there is hope, that though in our felves we be both unworthy and uncapable of hea venty life, yet having an eye to the remedy of our misery, we de. spaic not in him, because we hold upon sure and precious promises; which are precious.

1. In regard of the promiser, whose power and love doth make bim able and willing to perform all good to us.

2. In regard of the motive that moved God to promise, exa prest by the Apostle to be his own goodnesse, the good pleasure of his will so free.

3. In regard of the fulneffe of his favour, Far God who is rich Eph. 2. 4. in mercy, hath promised. Abundant in goodneffe.' Ex. 34. 6.

4. In regard of the excent : gaudium quod erit omni populo, joy Luke 2,jo.. unto all People; for this brazen serpent is lifted up, that whosoever lookech thereon may have help.

What then should keep thee from this remedy 2 1. Consider that there is no man in better case then thoue by nature: for all have linned and are deprived of the glory of God.

2. Confider that this remedy is without chy felf; if ic were of thy self, thou hadft caule to distaste itz, but it is the free offer of Gods grace to chee. 11 00012 3:13: in sul! ug. Consider that the giver of the Remedy, is the giver of faith allo, by which the remedy

is apprehended and applyed; and if thou do not feel chis faith in thy felf, do not judge thy felf voids



1. Pet:1.79

of it; for there may be and is faith often, where is no feeling thereof,

4. Tarry the Lords leafure, as before, wait; for the vision will not lye. How long lay the poore man at the Poole of Bethelda? and though still hindered, yet was he not without hope.

We must not part the truth of God and his justice and mercy: for the truth of God bindech both the threatnings of his judgement, and the truth of his mercy. Thus is the faith of the Elect given and nourished in us.

2. How our faith may be proved. Because there may be a shew and seeming of faith, where the true substance thereof is wanting, the best way to try our faith, is by the true touchstone: for as gold is tried by the touch, so faith which is much more precious then gold that perisheth, hach a proper couchstone to try it;

1. That is the conscience of man within; for that doth declare to himself his faith.

2. That is good conversation and godly life; for that doth declare our faith to men.

1. A good Conscience. For being justified by faith we have peace toward God. This Rom. 5 peace a wicked man cannot have; Non est pax impio, saith God, No peace to the wicked.

Against this is a double objection. 1. Many wicked men have quiet hearts and aile nothing, they Object. are not humbled like other men, they are not poured from vefselco veflel : therefore their sent remaineth in them.

The effect of true peace is joy in the Holy Ghost. The wicked Solo mans joy is not such; it is but a fah; ic is neither found, for when any tryal cometh ic failech ; neither is it lasting, forit perishéch in time ; neither is it growing and increasing, neither is it excusing

2. Many of the best of Gods servants have their minds troubled, and suffer great distresses in their conscience for finne;. yea

Object.2: such a winter there is upon their souls, that they feel noc'any-life of grace-at all in them. A True;but observe from whence this ariseth, even from the warre Sale of the spirit against the fleld, the world, and the devil, in which


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conflict often times the spirie is daunted and dismayed for a sea-
son ; but there is ever joy in tribulations, and joy arising and
growing out of sorrowess whereas the hears of them that have
not Faith, dye in them.

And this firc is from heaven; the covering of it with oppressons doth make it burn so much the hotter; and the strring of it up with temptations, doth make it shine the clearer; so that peace of conscience is a sure signe of a good Faith.

2. Another couch-stone for this gold, this Faith is an evidence of godly conversation, to approve our selves to God and man, both by doing all the duties of a godly life, and avoyding the contrary.

This is the only work of Faith in us.

1. The pit whence we draw this water of life, is deep; the bucket by which we fetch it up, is Faith; for whatsoever desire or ftrength we have, or endeavour to live godly, it is an extractie on drawn by our Faith from Jesus Christ.

I live by Faith in the fame God.

2. Faith only doth affure to us the loving kindness of God; God so loved the world, that be gave his only begotten (on, c.

Ecce quantam charitatem, what eye shall behold this, but the eye of Faith

3. Faith worketh love, that is, it brcedeth a correspondence between Christ and us; for the beleeving foul assured of Christs love to it, doth cast about within itself,quid reperdam? and finding nothing to recompence that love, it secketh how God may be pleased,

and walkech in that way so neer as he can. So it is said of the faithful, thar they walk with God, and they answer every temptation to evill, as Joseph did; Hom shall I do this and fin against God?

Or if by infirmity they fall, they cry God mercy, and they groan and grieve within themselves that they cannot performe

better service to God. 1 Joh.4.19 Thus we love God, because he loved us first. Luk, 7 47• And Christ said, Many fins are forgiven her, quia dilexit mula

tum. This is a fruit of the Holy Ghost shed abroad in qur hearts by faith.

Observe it, when faith doch lie conccaled in us,that our felves


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