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cannot discern it, yet may we discern in our felves our love of God, and of such as love God; and this proves Gods love to us; for we could not love him, except he loved us firft.

4. Faith maketh us sincere; for it is the notation of our faith, it is called faith uufained, and Christ faith, Blessed be the pure in heart; faith purifieth the heart, as the Apostle faith.

These are not the generation of them that are pure in their own eyes, of which Solomon spake, but the other of which David his father fpake, Hæc est generatio quarentium faciem tuam.

Secing there cannot be perfectio operis, the perfection of works, God is pleased if there be puritas cordis, purity of heart, which z Cor. . the Apostle callech Simplicitie, and godly purenesie.

And that is known by these lignes. i. If a man be humbled in true contrition for fins which he knoweth himself guilty of, and hath no peace in his heart till he hath comfort in his conscience that God hath forgiven them.

2.If he consider his own weaknesse so farre as to acknowledge that he commirreth many sins that he knoweth not, and prayech earnestly, and often with Davidà secretis meis munda me,cleante me from my secret fins.

3. If he finde in his heart a present strife of his spirit against the Aesh, wraftling with his own corruptions, and not fuffering fin to reign in bis mortal body, leading bim captive to the Law of finne.

4. If he finde him watchful to prayer and fafting, and watching, and all exercises of mortification, striving to bring his body in fubjection to the law of God.

5. If he be willing to hide the word of God in his heart,to arme him against Sacans temptations, as Christ did with scriptum eft it is written. 6.If he finde a desire of perseverance therein to the end,

which is discerned by his spiritual growth from grace to grace, bringing forth more fruit even in age, as Christ teftifiech of thc Church of Thyalira,more ac the last then at the first,For be that beleeveth Rev, 2.19. in me, out of his belly fall flow rivers of the water of life.

Thefe be fure proofs of fincere faith, which though ic be weak, yet it will gather strength; and being able to figte, will in the end be made able to overcome all our enemies.

John 7.38.

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3. How faith may be preserved.
This seemeth a needlefie question, becaute we have cleare evi,
dence of Scripture, that sincere faith cannot be lost.

True; it cannot finally be loft,ic is assured to God;but we must
preserve it, so as that in temptations and afflictions we may not
be cast down with fear that it is loft.

Neither that we do bear our felves too bold upon it fo farre as to presume.

Therefore we are bound to the use of all thofe means ordained by God to preserve faith.

If it be an hypocritical or a temporary Faith, it may be loft; if it be a true Faith, this is one certain sign of it.

The same means that breede Faith in us, the fame means do nourish it: therefore

If thou st andest by Faith, be not high minded, but fear.

It is a Tenet of the Church of Rome, and it is now revived of late by the Anabaptists in a book of the last yeer, that a man may finally fall away from saving grace;

And many fall hewes are made out of Scriptures not rightly understood, to maintain this heresie.

Ilay no more, but as the Apostle doth,

Let him that thinketh he standelh, uke heed left he fall. 1 Cor. 10.

He that is once allured of his standing,cannot fall, because the same Spirit which witnesset b to our spirits that we are the sonnes of God, doth also teach us all things, and bring all things to our remembrance, which Chrift hath taught us.

The means are
The Word, the Sacraments, Prayer.

1. The Word; for as we are born anew by the immor: I feed of the Word, so we must as new born babes desire the sincere milk of the Word, that we muy grow thereby.

2.The Sacraments of Baptiline and the Lords Supper;for these also serve to strengthen Faith.

1. By visible representations to the sense of the inward graces of Gods spirit, chat walking here by Faith and not by light, we may have something to fasten our eye opon, which may be to us as the brazen serpent lifced up

2. By the vertue of consignacion, because these Sacraments are

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the Seals of Gods Covenanc of grace, obliging God the giver to continue his love to us, and reciprocally binding us to return duty and love and obedience to him.

3. By the efficacy of mediation, because they be the means in the Ordinance of God, whereby he doth convey his spiritual graacs to us, to that Baptism is called the cover of regeneration, and by Baptism Christ is put on.

The Supper of Christ presenteth Christ to us our spiritual food, and therein we do eat and drink his body and blood.

This admonisheth us to be swift to hear, and to neglect no opportunity for the fame.

To renew our Baptism by often repentance, to frequent thç Table of the Lord, as the feast of our souls.

This advanceth our ministry of these by which this Serpent is lifted up on high, and set on a pole for all that defire health to look upon it.

They that are carelesle and negligent in these things will soon make shipwrack of that temporary faith that they seem to have; for chey tharlive in the neglect of these things, do forsake their own mercy, and declare plainly that their Faith is not found and fincere, but their whole righteousnese is like the morning dew,

3. Praper, 1. for that shewes of whom we hold, not of our selves, but of God.

2. That bringeth us into Gods acquaintance and familiar conversation wbereby we do more perceive Gods love to us and declare our love to God.

4. How Faich must be used. The handling of this

of this point draweth in the third word of my text, which is life.

The juft mall live by Faith. The right use of Faith is to live by it , as I have shewed in the exposition of the words.

1. There is use of it in the naturallife.
2. In the spiritual life.
3. For the eternal life.

1. In the natural life; for

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Sr. In prosperity. there is use of it.
12. In adversity

1. In prosperity.
1. Faith is a shield to bear oft all the factering temptations of
the flesh, the world, the Devil; so it is said of Moses, By Faith
Moses When he was come to yeers, refused to be called the Sonne of
Pharaohs daughter.

And by Faich fofeph when he was tempted by his unchaste mistris,whore offer cendered him all sensual delight, refused her; and would not sin against God.

2. Faich is the contentment of the righteous in those things that they pofleffe; they beleeve them to be the gifts of God, and they are satisfied with his allowance; so by Faith Daniel was content with his pulse, and refused the Kings meat; they char da beleeve that God knows better then they what is good and sufficient for them, are content with what they have.

3. Faith is the acknowledgment of all our good from God,

for chanksgiving is a work of Faich, and giveth God his due. Pfal. 16.5. 4. Faith dependech upon God for the time to come, as David

faith, thou maintainest my lot. Pfal. 16.8.

I have set the Lord alwayes before me, he is at my right band, I shall not be moved.

Upon which ground the faithful do build things hoped for, and commit their wayes to the Lord.

They cast all their care upon God, for he careth for them. And surely it is for want of Faith that the filii faculi hujus, the men of this world do rise so early, and go so late to bed, and eate the bread of carefulnesse, robbing God of his service, and breaking the Sabbath, and often doing wrong to their brother to build up themselves, it is a signe that they dạre not trust God,

A trange inference.
1, Forwe brought nothing with us into the world.

2.We cannot deny but that whatsoever we have or possesse in the world, it is the gift of God; for aperiente manum de implet omnia; we have no interest in any thing, being born in fin,che right is in him, the gift from him.

3. We must confesse chat very liccie will ferve our necessities whileft we do live in the world,


20, 21.

4. We shall carry nothing away with us, and why should we discruciate ourselves with cares for others, seeing that is the care of God? our children also are his inheritance.

I know and beleeve that our children are under the Covenant and Promise of grace, Ero Deus tuus & feminis tui. Let us study to breed them to the love and service of God, let us not waste unthriftly, what we may spare from our own necessities, and for the charge of their education; Let us use all honest and lawfull means to provide for them.

Thus are we discharged of our duty', permitte Deo Cætera, leave che rest to God; Faith now doth all that remains to be done.

By Faith Isaak blessed Jacob, and Efau concerning things to Heb. 11:

By Faith Jacob when hee was, dying blejjed both the Sonnes of Joseph.

2. In adversity.

1. Patience.

2. Hope. 1. With Patience, to bear the present distresse without mura muring at God.

David is a notable and a full example of this Faith. I shall thew you him in distresse.

For when the Amalekites had burnt Ziklag, and had carried 1 Sam. 30 away captives all the people therein, and amongst them Davids two wives, Abinoam, and Abigael,

David was greatly disrest, 1o were all the people.
They lift up their voice and wept, untill they had no more power

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Thus it ferveth to furnish us with {

to weep.

David beside this forrow of his loffc, and compassion of the losse of his people, c. Feared.

For the people speak of stoning him, because the souls of all the people were greived, every man for his sons and his daughters.

1 Sam 32
No remedy against all this sorrow but Faith.
But Disid encouraged himlelf in the Lord his God.
The like example of Jehosaphat;

When some came and cold the King of an army coming a.
gainst him to invade him; instead of mustering his med, survey-


2 Chor. 20

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