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Verf. 12.

ing his armour, sending out for auxiliaries to refilt this armée

, Or instead offending a messenger to treat of peace to divert the enemy, and to prevent war,

Jehoshaphat lets the enemy come on;

Jehoshaphat feared, and set himself to seek the Lord, and proclaimed å fast throughout all Juda, he goes to Church and prayes;

o osr God, wili thoni nor judgeihem? for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us ; neither know we what to do: but qur eyes are upon thee.

In the very diftreffe to which this remedy is applied, God hath threarned the Jews with an invafion by the Chaldeans; he hath declared the enemy insolent, and violent; what shall the Jews do in the misery? Obferve,

God takes no care of the wicked, Teс him sin, let the Chaldean do his worst to him; but The just man fhall live by his Faith.

For he shall poffefse his soul in patience.

Beloved; we hear of distresses abroad; if we do but crosse che water, the sword is drawen against ébe proféffours of the Gospel : of Jesus Christ, and they that have armes puc them on to save their lives, and stand upon their guard.

The bloody Iesuits cry to the French King of our Religion, Rafe it, Rafe it. ticis God may visit us hereafter, when the light of Israel shall be quenched ; although there go over neitheir mon normony to relieve the distresses of our own mothers children, filios ecclefia, children of the Church; such consultations are far above us; yet let us pray for them to God, that God

them Faith
them all live by that Faith.

There is an example nearer kinne to this land, the daughter of great Britaine and her root and branches; for whom many a loyall heart in this Kingdom aketh, in 'whole quarrel the honou. rable house of Parliament have in the name of the Commons offered to unlock all the treasurès, to put on armes, and to ad. venture the lives of all faithful Patriots in the just cause of resto sing them to their rightful inheritance, and all such honours as

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their just claime shall challenge. In their distresse I know no 0ther comfort but my Text, The just shall live by Faith.

In a word, where chele three great and crying fins do raigne, which in this Prophecy are threatned;

That is corruption of conversation, when there is no honcfty nor cruth left amongst men, but that every man studyeth the building of his owa house, he cares not where he hath che brick and che inorter.

Corruption of Religion, that schisme and heresie do carrie'it from peace and truth.

Corruption of justice, that honours, places of service in the Common wealth', and justice it self are sold for mony'; good mèn punished, evil men rewarded. Comfort : Juftus ex fide fua vivet, the just shall live by his Faith.

2. Faith Furnisheth us with Hope. That also

1. Ia Prosperity.

2. In Adversity. We have hope through Faith that God will continue his 10ving kindnesse to us, and not take away from us the light of his countenance. So David; Surely goodnesse and mercy Jhall follow me all the

Pral, 23.6 dayes of my life, and I will dwell in the bouse of the Lord for

Oblerve in Davids hope two things. 1. The ground of it, Faith in Gods protégion, for that is the point of the whole Psalme. The Lord is my Shepheard, he shall feed me, he restoreth my soul: In the valley of the foaidow of death thou art with me; Thou preparest may table, thon anoynteft my head Wish oyle, my cup runneth over.

2. The means by him used to continue the assurance thereof, even by dwelling in the house of God continually; that is by consecrating his whole life to Gods service and worship.

2. In Adversitie. We have hope that either God will strengthen us to bear it, or give illuc out of it. This is grounded upon that promise of God to his Church. I



will not leave thee nor forsake thee, Rom.8.25 And if we bope for that we see not, we do with patience waite

for it.

There is no such comfort in the sorrows and distresses of life, as reading the holy Scriptures for the support of our hope. For,

They are written for our learning, that we through patience and Rom.15.4 comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. This hope keeps the

heart from breaking; for building upon the truth of Ged it can, not be shaken,

2. How Faith must be used in the Spirituall life, 1. For this the Apostle doth call it the sheild of Faith; and it serveth for defence against the fiery darts of Sathan, to keep off the evil that is yet without us, either in temptation or provocation.

2. It serveth also to purify our hearts from that evil which we do bear about us in the infection thereof.

3. It servech for a provocacion to stirre us up, to resist the 1, Pet, 5,8 power of the enemy; For so Saint Peter saich, Though Sathan

go about like a roaring lyon, seeking whom he may devour,

wbom refift stedfast in the faith.

4. It tervetá for victory. This is the victory by which we overo come the world, even our Faith.

5. Many that recurne out of the field viorious, yet may bring home fome dangerous wound that they have received in the battaile; and there is another good use of Faith, to cure and heal all the wounds. For our Faith maketh us whole


1. Hearing . 6. It serveth for the effectuating the means. 2. Sacraments.

23. Prayer.

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3. For our eternall life. 1 Tim.4.8 Faith is profitable unto all things wbich bath the Promise of the

life present, and of that which is to come.

The manner how it worketh this assurance, is, 1. It allureth us that there is a life eternal, for that is an arcicle of Christian Faith, the close and sweet conclusion of our Creed. 2. It affureth us, that we are they who shall by the free gift


of God, be made beirs of this heavenly Kingdom : reposita est mibi corona juftitie.

3. It applieth all the promises of God to those several graces in us. Thus, Imourne, therefore I shall be comforted : I am pure in heart being washed in the blood of Christ, Therefore I îhall fee God: Í hunger after righteousneffe ergo satisfied: I love God; ergo, all things work together for my good : Ibeieive, ergo, I shall be faved.

4. It assureth our perseverance to the end in our love and obedience ; yea Faith aflureth our faith to us; For beleiving in the Author, is beleiving in the finisher of our Faith.

5. It stayeth us in expectation of the fruit of our Faith, that though the Villion do carry , yet we think it not long to waite for the performance of it.

Having heard of the excellent use of Faith, you camot but observe the reason why Sachan doch aime all his fiery darts at our Faith, because all our obedience, and righteousneffe, and holinesse, is quickened and strengthened by Faith, without which it is impossible to please God.

There is nothing in a Christian man that so much provokech Sa. than against him, as his Faich.

For Faith keepeth us from being devoured of this roaring Lyon.

Therefore two affault we must provide for : 1. Sathans labour to keep us from getting this sheild of Faith. 2. His sound care when we have gotten ir, to rob and spoil us of ir.

I. Assault. Sathan knowing that our Faith makes us too strong for him, and quencheth all his fiery darts . doth therefore all he can to keep us from the means by which Faich is increaled in us.

That is, from hearing the Word and receiving the Sacrament, from meditation, from prayer; and as often as you find your selves tempted co neglect these, knowic to be Sathans malice a gainst you to keep you from Faich.

The breft-plate of righteousnesse without a sheild of Faich, is not iufficient to keep off the fiery darts of Sathan from wounding us, but Faith quencheth them.



They cherefore that live in the love and in the use of those means, may comfort themselves that Sachan shall not be able to hịnder them from obtaining a comfortable vegetacion and grow. ing up in Faith.

2. Alfault. And whereas he laboureth to wrest our Faith from us, we shalt find that both his cunning and strength will fail þim, for iaving Faichi cannot be lost.

To establish our Faith, let us know that imperfe& Faich may be a sound and çrue Faith; for we cannot attain to perfection in

this life; but if we have a good conscience in all things, willing Heb.13.28

to live honestly, we may have boldnelle wich God. For as Christ prayed for Peter that his Faich might not fail; so he pray

eth for his whole Church, even for all that shall beleive in him Joh 17.26 through his Word, that the love wherewith the Father hith

loved him, may be in them and he in chem: Which love will keep us that we fall not off quite from him.

We are not denyed the use of riches, bonours or lawful pleafures; these be ornaments and comforts of life, but we cannot live by them, they perish in the using of chem.

Our obedience and good works are the fruits of Faith, we live by Faith, Faith lives in obedience, for without works Faith is dead : Did we but know the unvaluable price of Faith , we

would seek it more then all other things, and like the Merchant Mat.13.44 in the Parable, we would part with all we have to purchase

Faith. I conclude with S. Bern.

Dicamus fidem vitem , virintes palmites, Botrum opus, de visa tionem vinum.

Our wineyarder halb bestowed much diggingand planting,and composing, and fer.cing ypon çhis Vine; lec ic pục forth, and let the clusters call it fruitful, and let the Vine please boch God and men.

Now that we have searched this gracious mịne of comfort, and found the xich vein which makech us able to live both berc and hereafter: Let me admonish you what is objected against the Doctrine der livered out of this place.

Ribera a learned Iesuite, when he cometh to chis Texc in his


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