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Prov. 16. And Solomon faith, Tbe Throne is establifted by righteousneffe.

di jal Therefore where justice faileth, Gods Ordinance is made ani instrument of cruelty, and the Kings Throne is fer la a flippery. place, as we find ic exemplified in this Kingdome of the Iews,

whereof Zephaniah complaineth, Her Princes within her are Żeph. 3.3. roaring Lyons, ber Judges are evening Wolves.

And Micah. Tibey build up Sion with blood,ånd Ierusalem with. Mic. 3.10 iniquity.

6:7 : Verse 12. · The Heads thereof judge for reward. "

Therefore fall Sion for your fakes be plowed as a field, and lerusalem Ball become heaps, and the mountain of the house, as the bigh-places of the forrest.

For God cannot long endure that his iword shall he drawn against his Peopleand that his gods (for he giveth Iudges his own title should become lyons, and bears, and buls, and wolves; and devils, amongst the sheep of his pasture. - He did the Government then a great honour; who bore in his field he picture of Justice, having in one hand the sword; in. the other the states, with this word.

Dum illai evincami

But when Tribunaliamay be called Tributalia, where Iudg. ment is given according to the gifts and rewards that are given, or where corrupt affection servech its own turn any way from the way of Iustice. ... God seeth it, and is angry that there is no judgment, et qui videt requiret.

»: tt 2. Corruption of Justice is a figne of a .drooping Common 2 Reaf wealth, because it not only is contrary to Religion, and the

written Law of God, buc it is contracy co the Law of God writden in the heart of man.

For as well. Devin. Ing. Radix Juftitiæ & omne

fundamentum, aquitatis eft illud, vide ftit,

me facias ulli quod pati nolis. This Counsel is good.

Transfer in alterius perfonam quod de sentisin twam quod de altero judicus. u

And if this law of nature mof bind all men to do Iuftice one to another, much morcmust it oblige those to whom the office


of administration of justice is committed, let them make it thcir GWACafe, and so mo-wrong judgement shaiłgo forth.irsiswa

For this same Jus naturale israe' toancain of all justice, which Religion hach lo enlighraed, that God having planted acne Religion in bis Chureb, che Prophet faith He tooked for judgments" The proper applicacion of this textvisto che Magistrate, to

Isay 5:7' admonish nim to exccute the judgements of God juftly, chat 1. Vlr. neither the People may have caules: poicomplain of wrongs but may know where to have right done themy neither the topbots of God may have caufe to awake the justice of God agaloft those that manage the sword of it any way corruptly.

115.inili I But I have none fuch in this audience to admonish, and there fore I omit that exhortation as unproper for chis hearing

... : For us, if we hear the cry and complaint of our brechten, or 2. Oseu feel the smart of oppression in our felves, we fee the danger of it to the State in which we live, threatbing it with ruine, and it ought to stirre us up as the Apostle doth admonish, to pray to God for his help .. 9

issue os jexhorn therefore that firft of all Supplications, Prayers, Inter

Tim, ceffionsand giving of thanks be made for all menn

2. For Kings, and all that are in authority,' shat we may lead a quiet and peaceable

life in all godline fe and honesty, 3. For this is good and acceptable in the fight of Gød our San viour, ;.

c. 163-9762? 10.1.liv... Insurrection against the Magistrare, and deposition of Kings, and violence offered to their persons even unto death, is a Presbyterian doctrine. Buchanan the Scottish Chronicler our Kings first Schoolmaster in his book de jure regni, was the first broacher hereof; who makech Kings to derive their authority from the People, and giveth power to the People to take away the same if he govern not justly.

Against this we have Gods own word, faying Tonch not mine annointed, where he calleth Kings his annointed by a special title, not given to any other Perfons,

but such as exercise regal Authority all the Scripture through ; And if they may not be couched, much lesk may they be deposed for their Persons violated. And chis title is aot only given to Dividbut to Cyrus. Thus


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Lib. Si

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Ilay 43.1. fuidh rbe. Lard na Gymuis mine annointid. For as Ingoins faith, ix?

Inde illis parestas unde Spiritus For loshe Apostle The papers ers that briarę ordained of Godonzi slavaisnaf meio :07

Therefore the Presbytery and Papaay like Herad and Pilates are friends to do a fhrewd turn, when they both put power on

che People to rightchemselves againlt Kings that do not exe☺, cute judgement. 212.95 91 m), 30 min

The Apostle is a bettorguide, he bids, pray for them; 1 and if you consider what Kings thon raigned, you will say, there could not be worfeu 32 M Tiia O: uj ". I vam bo to 4. I must therefore with the Apostle admonish, det every fool submit ic felfe; Let no man, let not a confederacie of men sedi, tiously and maliciously advance themselves against the Lords annointed : hand off, offer him no violence: 'use nor the congue to curse him; use not che pen against him to libet him: Curse him got in thiy heartj couch him no poxious and offensive way: and if subordinate Magilirates do let wrong judgemepc pro ceed, appeal from them to bim chat Grreth on the Throne of

Justice, who doth drive away all evil with his eyes i roibido .: If he will not do chec right, go in the Propaer Habakkuks

way,wrastle wich. God by thy prayers, and make thy complaing

to him. He beareth sbe complaint of the poore. 2001 Vid. fup.

2. He complaineth and chidech with God for Thewing him P:36.

all this iniquity and violence. From whence we are caught, Doetr. It is lawful in our Prayers to expostulate and contest with


Habakkuk goeth farre in this you have heard. ferome faith,
Nullus Prophetarum anfus eft; tam audaci voçe Deum proyocare.

Yet we shall find that others have gone very farre Athis way,
David for one.

My God, my God, why haft thou forfaken met moliy dirtithom
So farre from helping me, and from the words of my soningen 2017

o may God, I cry in the day, but thou heareft me not, and in the

night sealon I am not filent. And be profeffech Pfal. 42.9. I will say unto God, My rock pohybovalt thou forgotten me mby

go la mourving, because of sebe.oppreffion of the eneming? ! ils un

David is very frequcocin rafgexpostulations, só is holy:fob, fo is feremis, and böchekesc are very much overgoncin pallion,


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Pfal.22. 1.


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and therefore examples rather of weaknesse whish;we must decline, then rules of dire&ion coimitatc. inuidi, hi!

Se Paal doth give as good warman for this wastling with God, it is his tery,pbrale 2 papildarch for brashrap for the Rom. 15; Lord Jesum Christs fakes and for the deve igf the Spirit oisihan yg 30. Arive together with me in your prayers to God. He usech a word that signesh fuck friving as isi in crging of mastery, who shall have the bello unit 5.0 svglebo 10 tim SIT

And Jacob is a type hereof who wrestled with rhe-Angel cią the break of the day, and though he got a lameneffe by Ariving with his over-match, yet would he not let him go cill be had gotten a blefling. I E o lori 15) II

Representing the fervent petitioners that come to God in the name of Thrift, as the woman of Canaandid før her daughter, neither the Disciples nor Christ could make her torne aside of be silent.

But here is a: Quare : for the Apostle doth says-Qumar who Quero art thou that replyef against God? When once God hath de- Rom.9.20 clared himself in any thing, how dare we call him to accompt, and aske bin a realon for any thing he doch auf die

And again ihe - Prophet Ifay saithi, Wue unto him that ftriveth.poith his Maker.233

...71981971.pus. Further, is it not contrarie to that petition in the Lords Praye er? Fiat voluntas tua: For doch not the Propher declare here ædifike of that which God did, as seeming to with it bad been otherwise, when he askech, why doft ihon boom me juiquitys and make me to behold violencesi

Gior airly The best way to clear this doubt, isitg behold this passion in Soli fome chosen servant of God,

and lee what he makes of it; We will cake David for our example, and let us hear him, first complaining, and then answering for himself, his complaint is paflio

Will the Lord cast off for ever?' and will be be favourable Pfal.77.7. no more? Is his meray

, olean gone for emer? doth his promise fuil fons Verf. 8. evermoreiz.

Hath Godforgotten to be gracions i bash ke in anger shut up his Vers, & tender mercies?




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Verf. 10.


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He/recové reth bimfélf, saying, dini se visos
And I said, this is mine infirmity but I will remember the years

of theright hand of the most high. og en sigue
I was sa Surely there be infirmittes in the Saints of God, and this ex
* postulation with

God is an effect of infirmicy: Yet shall yousee that it is lawfulltonnen the doctrine before delivered,

The informities of Gods servants are of two forts: 1. Na. turall: / 2. Sinfull.ogin

We must so destinguish, for when Christ took our nature into the unity of his person; with it he took upon him all our infirmicies, but not our sinfull ones. For he was like man in all things but fin. 300

129 onnisde 19191901 **Three-especially are noted in the story

of the Gospel juhatis ko say, a wins Bilsromboni.')

in Sli'nd: use
Sorrow: Fear: Anger :
11. Sorrow, for he wept and mourned.: ok

2: Fear, for he was heard in that he feared.
2313??Anger, for he did often chide, and reprove, il arrib113

Thele affe&tions be naturall, and so long as they be affections;
they are without blame when they exubrate, and grow into per-
turbations, then they are faulty. For there is ndes which is the
inclination and there - is nodio which is the inflammation
of nature. b Dilqu 19991701300 101 :1'1ulos

God who'in creation' gavệ chiese affe&tions to nature;' hack
not denyed us the wfe of them, yea he hathordained them as
excellent helps for his work of grace in us.
1: Therefore we find' fearmingled wich faith to keep it from
fwelling into prefumption, that feat is not a fin in the Blect, as
fome weak consciences ignorântly failtake it; but it is Cós fidei,
the whetstone of faithy to give hit the more edge.

As in that complaint of David, My God, my God, why haft roti thor forsaken me. Where the first part of that complaint is vox

fidei, the voice of faith ,My God my God: the second is vox ti'moris, the voice of tear, qurore me direliquifti: and we fay, fear

is a good keeper,it makes us lay so much the faster holdon God
، ،

by faith;. Ycaic is a warning to us to avoyd any thing that may
do us hurt,

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