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Hieron. I am weary to beare them. Laboravi sustinens, So the Prophet

Malachie complaineth.

Ye have wearied the Lord with your words : yet ye say, wherein have we wearied him? when yeelay, every one that doth co vill is good in the sight of the Lord, and be delighteth in them, or where is the God of judgement? Three things weary God.

1. When we multiply our own sins,
2. When we tender God service continuing in fin.
3. When we justifie finners, and flatter them in their fins as

though God had accepted them.
2.Peccatum onus est bominibus, Sin is a burthen to men.
Christ calleth none to him but such as are weary of this bur-
then of finne; to such he promiseth refreshing

Ask the first sinners if they found not their lin cheir burthen, when they hid themselves from the presence of God.

Ask the first murtherer, if any place were safe for him, who thought and said that whosoever met him would kill him.

They chat think that Lamech kild Cain, read the text : occidi hominem in vulnus meum.

Ask Iosephs brethren, when they saw their fad constraine in Ægypt, both at their first coming to buy corne, and after the death of their facher , if the trespasse against their brother lo seph did not lie heavy upon then..

Ask the tender conscience of any of Gods children, if a. ny weight or burthen be like unto that of the body of finne, and if he do not cry with Paul, Quis liberabit me? who shall deliver

Till we come to this, to feele the burthen of finne; and to be
weary of it, we are the sons of wrath, and every man may
call himself Tanásawpor, A wreiched man.

Here is pride and vanity cloathing of us, here is gluttony and drunkenneffe feeding of us, here is the mouth full of evil words, the hands of violence or bribes, giving or taking; the day, the night, the yeare, spent in pleaiure and recreations; Gods Sabbath is neglected, Gods Word not regarded, the time terved, the humours of finful men observed, and when these things are no



burthen to the bearers chereof, there is wrath gone forth from the Lord against them : and if timely repencance do not stand in the gap, it will break in upon them thar do luca ching“; like a flood, and no man shall :escape that is pursued by this judge


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Let me therefore entreat you to hear a word of exhortation, Give not the members of your bodyes servants to sinne.

Give not; for indeed, whát have you to give , seeing you brought nothing with you into the world? and what have yee that you have not received? or if you will needs be giving, hands off, give not the members of your body, for your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost ,'or should be, if you would give so comfortable a guest welcome; or if you will give your bodies away, do them not the wrong 10 pur chem out to service; for they are bought with a price, the deareft pennyworth that was ever bought; their liberty cost the binding, their ianitie the breaking , their case the smarç and aķing, their life the death of the holiest body that ever lived upon earth,

Or if you will needs give your body a servant,let it not be to lin, for that is ponderous in the weight,noyfom in the stinch, bitter in the smarc; the burthen of finne is the wrach of God.

Here let me awake your thankful hearcs to an acknowledging consideration of that great redemption performed by Jesus Christ to his Church; who came to take this burthen upou him, and to ease us of it; Agnus qui tollit peccata, the Lamb that taketh away fins from us, chat he might wash us in his bloud: upon himself he bore our infirmities, and God made the iniquitie of us all to meet on him.

He did not rob us as Israel did the Egyptians, of our jewels of filver, and jewels of gold; he only took ourinfirmities and our fins from us; and whereas once we might have said with Caffiodorey is

Quantitas delicti menfura eft repudii,the quantity of the fault is the measure of the judgment; for by our fins we might have taken mealüre of the wrath and judgment of God; now there is an uns aled height, an unfounded depth, anupbounded bredth of love which hach laid to the Church of the whole burthen of

B. 3


1. Homini,


lin, Cantantes ut eamus, ego hoc te fafcellevabo, let us fing as we go, I will eafe thee of this barthen.

2 The punishment here threatncd is a burthen to man,

Ifacher under his double burchen, laith; that rest is good, he found rest amongst his burthens.

Bat there is no peace to the wicked man;a finner that hach any sense of fin will say as David, Non eft pax offibus meis.propter peccatum; I bere is no rest in my bonessbecuuse of my fime, he was so overcharged with the fear of Gods judgments, chat sometimes he doubted chat God had forgotten co be mercifull, and that he would be no more intreated.

who can stand in thy right wben thou art angry

I can tell you who could not ftand; not the Angels that kept not their first estate, heaven; was too hot for them, God cast them down, ejecit, conjecit, dejecit, rejecit, fubjecit ; and chat anger is yet their burthen and shall be for ever.

The first tenants of Paradise could not; they fled from the face of God, and che curse of God lay heavie upon them.

Cain confest, his punishment more then be could bear; che old World all but eight persons sunk under this wrath, and were drowned in the great deep.

The transgressing Çitics fuffered the confuming and cor

mencing fames of fire and brimione. Pfal. 18. I be very earth trembled and shake, the foundations also of

the mountains move and quaked, because here toros angry; fmoake wont out at his noftbrils, and consuming fire one of his month,

Beloved, let me tell you what I fear; never any cimes did more puc almighty God to it to reveal his anger from heaven, and to raine down burchens upon the fons of men for the clearer che light of the Gospel shinech, the more his expectation is of walking in the lighe; but our knowledge is rather floating in the braine then working in the obedience of our life.

Chrilt laith, It shall be eafier for Sodom and Gombrnabin tbe blay of the Lord,then for those of that generation to whom the light appeared in his Ministery so clear and glorious; and yet they love durknesse better then light, because their works were evill

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Great is the weight of a milftone hanged about our neck, and wee cast therewith into the bottome of the sea : yet the burchen of Gods wrách: hee fayech, is much heavier then. chat.

And yet we make no care nor conscience, and live without fear of this anger; we do this and that great wickednesle, and lin against God, and provoke him to anger with our actions and inven: ions, as if the Lord saw. not this, as if there were no knowledge in the most High; As if he could not plack

his hand out of his bosome; as if we had itollen away his sword, and his quiver full of deadly ar


I bescech:you my brethren; do not so wickedly; your oachs and blfälphemies, your pride and vanities, yooc cruelcie and oppressions, your frauds and circumventions , your abuse of Gods good creatures in excelle and wantonneffe, they are all gone up: to beaven, and awake vengeance and chaleng the God of mercy to declare his justice.

Doth not some part of the Church now in the Palatinate and in Bohemia groan, under the burchen of warce, wherein the : goods, the liberties, the lives of men, Christian men, professours: of the same faith, with us do lie at the stake,and bloud.coucheth bloud.

Doth not our neighbour Church in France tremble forfeare of a new maffacre? hath not the sword of violence tasted already of Protestant blood? do not the Jesuices the incendiaries of the Christian world, blow the coal and incenie the King thereof co: grassation and destruction of all that have not the marke of the beast,either openly in their forebeads or secretly in their hands? and dare we anger our God who gives us the early and the latter main, who crownes our land with peace, and the daughter of peace plenty!

Shall we flatter our felves, and say chat although we do wickedly, this burchen shall not fall upon us ? let us pray for them, and amend our own lives, and fin no more least Tome worse judgment do failupon us; for we fhall elle finde too late that the wrath and judgment of God is too heavie a burthen for us to bear.

2. The

2, Deo.

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9 The wrath and judgments of God, they are a burthen to God, he profeffeth it.

As I live faith the Lord, I delight not in the death of a finner: he callech upon his "Ifrael, why will yee perish 0 house of Ifrael?

When he punished his people, how heavy was the burthen of their punishment upon him?

He smarted under his own rod; the burthens that he put upon

his people wearied bim. Ilayo I. so why should you be stricken any more? The whole head is ficke

and the whole heart is faint ?

From the foal of the foot to the head, there is no soundneffe in

Truly God doth bear with us in a double scnse; for he doth forbear our punishment in expectation of our amendmenc, and he doth suffer with us in our fufferings ; he is our father and

every stripe he layeth on us- smartech upon him..

O greive not the Spirit of God by whom you are sealed up to the
day of your redemption.

3 The word of God threatning fin is a burthen.
a $ 1 To God.

2. To che Prophet.

3. To the People.
It is a burthen to God to threaten judgment he loves to speak
us faite and to speak and treat kindly with us, to draw us with
the cords of med, and with the bands of love, to be as one that
cakech off the yokke ;--for he knoweth whereof we be made, for he
made us and not we our

felves: he will allure and perswade Japher
to dwell in the tents of Shem.''1

If Adam do cranigreffe his one commandment given to him
in Pa adise, he carrieth expealing when Adam will come to him
to acknowledge his fault, and cast himself ac his feet to feek
mercy; if Adam' will not, he will come to him; but it shall be
the cool of the day first, , and he will call him to accompt, but

t so'facherly that he
the Gosnel; he cannot banish him the earthly Paradisecil he have
opened to him an heavenly.


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